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Now Available – “US Marine Corps Recon and Special Operations Uniforms and Equipment 2000-15”

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Osprey’s latest, “US Marine Corps Recon and Special Operations Uniforms and Equipment 2000-15″by J. Kenneth Eweard is an excellent resource for the historian, collector and modeler. My copy arrived last week and it’s an excellent read, delving into not only the equipment selections but also who was involved. When you look at the acknowledgements, it’s a “who’s who” of government and industry giants. They offered not only insight but also photographs that really enhance the book’s content.

There’s a lot of information packed in these 64 pages and it’s very well researched. While the title takes us back to 2000, the book actually covers equipment from the 1990s.  The author/illustrator also wrote Osprey’s “US Marine Infantry Combat Uniforms and Equipment 2000–2012” which is also an excellent reference.

Looking Forward To This Osprey Title on Marine Recon Gear

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Coming November, 2015, US Marine Corps Recon and Special Operations Uniforms & Equipment 2000-15 (Elite) by J. Kenneth Eward, professor at the American Military University. you may remember his other, great Osprey book on Marine Infantry equipment.
Eward does excellent research and has spoken at length with the men who developed this equipment.

Coming Soon from Osprey – Russian Security and Paramilitary Forces Since 1991

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013


Set for an August, 2013 “Russian Security and Paramilitary Forces Since 1991” will be of interest to many SSD readers who strive to stay abreast of international military, paramilitary, and LE organizations. Of particular interest are the Russian paramilitary PMCs which have been formed during the Putin administrations and operate outside of direct government control.

Osprey Elite 190 – US Marine Infantry Combat Uniforms and Equipment 2000–12

Monday, October 8th, 2012


During a recent visit to my local Barnes & Noble I picked up a copy of “US Marine Infantry Combat Uniforms and Equipment 2000–12” from Osprey Publishing. Authored and illustrated by J Kenneth Eward it is very comprehensive. I really enjoy Eward’s style of illustrating which reminds me more of a photograph than a painting.

Eward has done an excellent job of cataloging the full gamut of Marine combat clothing and equipment. It’s all there, camouflage, utilities, armor and load carriage. Although, the Marine Pack System is still referred to as FILBERT, this slight oversight doesn’t detract at all from the book as the best reference guide yet to modern Marine equipment.

I was a bit surprised that they had titled the article through 12 considering the year wasn’t even over yet but the only thing I felt was missing was the woodland variant of the Combat Desert Jacket. The author did such a good job he even captured the Blackhawk Serpa holster adopted last year by the Marines as well as recent small arms developments such as the M27 IAR.

This is a must have for any one requiring a single source reference guide to modern Marine combat clothing and equipment.–12

Osprey Monopoly

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

This is the Osprey Monopoly you have heard about complete with description.

For nearly the last two years, we’ve kept the development of Osprey Monopoly a closely guarded secret, but we just can’t contain the excitement any longer!

Coming later this year, we’ll be releasing a limited-edition run of 1,000 sets. Along with the our exclusive Osprey board, featuring some of our greatest books, you also get our special decks of ‘Chance’ and ‘Ammo Chest’ cards, plastic bunker and fortress pieces to fortify your properties, and a set of our metal game tokens (there’s no hat, but there is a Humvee!).

While the game mostly follows the traditional Monopoly rules of moving around the board, buying properties and building on them, we have included a few special rules that make for a slightly more ‘explosive’ game. But I don’t want to give too much away.

Keep your eye on the blog for a chance to pre-order this limited-edition set, and be the envy of all your friends.

Osprey – Special Operations Patrol Vehicles Afghanistan and Iraq

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

The new title from Osprey Publishing, “Special Operations Patrol Vehicles Afghanistan and Iraq” (New Vanguard 179) is a great companion to author Leigh Neville’s other Osprey titles focusing on Coalition SOF in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The work does a good job of covering almost all of the vehicles used by SOF in the modern era. Unfortunately, it’s only in the text and not with photos. However, the book gives a great basic overview of the vehicles and serves to help the reader understand why there is a requirement for a purpose built SOF Ground Vehicle the so-called Ground Mobility Vehicle 1.1. Additionally, the artwork by Richard Chasemore is fantastic and should be sold as prints to men in the units who use these vehicles. They are very detailed and very accurate.

Osprey Luggage System

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

I need to start out by telling you that I am going to keep the article on the product level and also let you know that Osprey works and guys are using it.

So then, why Osprey? That’s a darned good question. There are a couple of successes we can talk about. It’s a privately held family business owned since 1974. Their business is solely focused on Packs and Luggage and according to “Leisure Trend” is the #1 manufacture of back packs in the outdoor industry. Finally, you can’t talk about Osprey without mentioning their Almighty Guarantee. It’s retroactive to day one of the company and applies to any product, whether or not you are the original owner. No lost registration cards. You send it back, Osprey repairs or replaces and ships it back to you. Now that’s a guarantee.

Now that we’ve gotten the why out of the way, let’s get down to the what. Osprey offers a lot of products but for this article we are going to talk luggage. If there was a de-facto “Osprey Tactical” it would be our friends at Outdoor Sports Marketing. They spend most of their time on the road talking to customers and based on this experience have packaged three civilian line products into a luggage system that they feel best suits the Warfighter or Government employee. It consists of the Shuttle 110, Porter 46, and Daylite. This gives the Traveler 1 bag under the plane, 1 bag over head, and 1 bag in hand. These bags can be purchased individually or as set. Additionally, they are intended to work in tandem. For example, the Daylite can also be attached to either the Shuttle 110 or the Porter 46. You get modularity, scalability and flexibility in one kit. Let’s take a look at each of the bags (photos not to scale with one another).

Available in Earth and Charcoal, the Shuttle 110 gets its name from the number of liters it can accommodate which translates to 6600 cu in. It also features a 16″ wide chassis with large protected wheels as well as plenty of pockets to organize gear of different shapes and sizes including main compartment, large base compartment, side pockets, top slash pocket, and a zippered side pocket. I got one of these last year and it great to travel with. It’s easy to maneuver and the wide stance of the wheels doesn’t teeter like cheapo luggage I’ve used in the past.

The Porter 46 is Maximum Legal Carry-on size and converts to a backpack using an easy-stow harness and fabric wing hipbelt. It can also be carried with a strap for over-the-shoulder carry. Once again, the 46 denotes the number of liters which equates to 2800 cu in. This makes for a great carry on bag. It’s a roomy, duffle-style bag with four carry handles that make it easy to manipulate. The Porter 46 comes in Earth, Crimson, and Charcoal.

The Daylite offers 750 cu in of load carrying capacity as well as a padded backpanel, a small zippered front pocket, open topped side pockets and a laced bungee. The Daylite can also be attached to the other bags in this article to facilitate movement. It’s available in Granite, Alpine, Tundra, Pepper, Salsa.

Inquiries for Tactical Distribution should be directed to Outdoor Sports Marketing at [email protected] or 866-893-8676.

Osprey Ground Assault Carrier Now for Sale

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Solo International, suppliers of the new Osprey Assault Armor Carrier have just put it up on their website for sale at a whopping £1000.00! Their website has a great deal of info on the new carrier that they claim is modular and scalable in nature, offering essentially three carriers for the price of one. Additionally, they confirm that the Osprey Assault carrier is manufactured overseas, “Designed By SOLO International in their own studios based in Hereford and manufactured overseas by SOLOHANDMADEPRODUCTS manufactures.”

Interested parties should contact Solo International directly via their website.