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SOFIC 2014 – Revision Military

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Revision Military is debuting two new products at this year’s SOFIC, the Expanded Batlskin Head Protection System, and the Prowler Military dermoskeleton which was developed in collaboration with B-TEMIA Inc.


Batlskin Viper Front Mount

Revision’s Viper Front Mount features an interchangeable center piece system which allows the user to swap the receiver component and utilize various NVG interface plates. The Front Mount also acts as the MPAS platform, allowing integration of the full line of Batlskin Viper components such as the Interlocking Long Rails and Mandible Guards.


Batlskin Viper Interlocking Long Rails

Revision’s Viper Interlocking Long Rails attach to the Front Mount and allow for quick and easy attachment of cameras, lights, and other head borne accessories. The rails are sized specifically to fit small, medium, large, or extra-large helmets. Now available to order.


Batlskin Viper High Cut Helmets

Revision’s Viper A1 and P2 High Cut Helmets are designed for optimal compatibility with communications headsets. The ACH-shaped Viper A1 High Cut is now available in all sizes. The Viper P2 High Cut will be available in early Summer.


Batlskin Viper Three-Position Visor

Revision’s Viper Three-Position visor clips into the Front Mount with a simple, one-handed movement, and can be worn in three configurations: locked, vented, or up. The Visor features high-impact protection and maximum field-of-view while remaining scratch, fog, and chemical resistant. An optional gasket provides a seal between the Visor and helmet. The Viper Visor will be available in early June.


Batlskin Viper Mandible Guards

Revision’s updated Mandible Guard provides best-in-class lower-face protection in a strapless design that’s lightweight and quickly attaches to the Front Mount without the use of tools. The Guard is easily tilted downwards in varying degrees from improved sight compatibility, eating, and drinking. Pressing the mandible against the chest resets it to its original position. The Mandible Guard will be available in early Summer.


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Prowler Augmentation System

The B-TEMIA / Revision Prowler is a near skin, lower body motorized soldier protection device worn on both legs. It is designed to increase the metabolic energy reserve of soldiers while preventing short and long term musculoskeletal injuries. The Prowler distributes the load across the entire body from the upper body to the lower legs, circumventing the load around the knee joint which is proven to reduce applied stress to the knee by 1/3 under combat load conditions. The Prowler has been tested through the US Army NSRDEC Human Augmentation Program and SOCOM’s TALOS Program.

AUSA – Revision Prowler

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013


Revision is committed to developing next generation Soldier protection. Two key technology programs that were launched at AUSA this year are the ‘Advanced Head Protection System (AHPS)’ and the ‘Prowler Human Augmentation’ system.

The AHPS is a rifle round stopping helmet, with full maxillo facial protection, integrated electronics, integrated heads up display to Android, and pneumatic liner system that meets the new 14.1 fps impact requirement. The AHPS was developed in concert with the US Army Labs Natick.

The Prowler, is Revision’s Human Augmentation device. It increases a soldiers metabolic reserve while preventing short and long term injuries. The Prowler allows our soldiers to be more lethal on the objective while increasing deployability through reduced injury. The Prowler, has been tested by SOCOM and CANSOFCOM, and is under contract with the US Army Labs Natick. Shown to provide a 33% mechanical advantage, the Prowler proves to be the next human augmentation system.

Both systems are continuing to be innovated in support of several DoD and international programs as well as SOCOM’s TALOS program.

Danish Military Orders Additional Cobra Helmets From Revision Following Successful Use In Afghanistan

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Montreal, QC, Canada (August 29, 2013)- Revision Military, a world leader in protective soldier solutions, will provide the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) with an additional 3,000 Batlskin Cobra Helmets during Q4, 2013. As part of the 7-year contract with Revision an initial 4,335 helmets have been supplied to date. Helmets from those first deliveries were issued earlier this year to infantry and head-quarters troops deploying to Afghanistan.

Returning soldiers reported that the Revision Batlskin Cobra helmet, an ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene shell that includes a high-performance Modular Liner System, ergonomic Retention System and multipurpose Front Mount, delivered high satisfaction levels with the vast majority of soldiers reporting very positively on the weight, comfort and protection offered by their new helmets. The fact that the helmets are lighter in weight, with a very comfortable and adjustable lining system, while providing blunt force, blast and ballistic levels of protection higher than previous helmets, was seen as an advancement and advantage.

“Revision is proud to have delivered helmets that have performed very well during rigorous use in-theatre and is looking forward to supplying additional Danish troops with these lightweight, high-performance polyethylene helmets” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO of Revision. “The Danish military was among the very first to identify and realize the benefits that new materials and technology would bring to soldier protection, and the first to buy and deploy the Cobra polyethylene helmet system. Recognizing the Cobra helmet technology and performance would be under severe scrutiny during the Danish deployment, we are thrilled with the users’ positive reactions to their new equipment and ready to produce this next helmet order at Revision’s Composite Center of Excellence“.

Additional Danish troops will be recipients of the Batlskin Cobra polyethylene helmet with Revision’s adjustable retention system, high-performance modular liner, multi-purpose front mount, fitted helmet cover, and front rails for accessory attachment. With the Front Mount, the three-position Visor and high-threat Mandible Guard, components which were included in the initial contract award, can be used for additional facial protection.

Revision Wins Exclusive Contract To Supply Swiss Armed Forces With Sawfly Spectacle

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013


Revision Military, a world leader in protective soldier solutions, proudly announces a 5-year contract to supply the Swiss Armed Forces with its protective eyewear needs. Following extensive user trials and meeting stringent performance requirements, Revision’s Sawfly Eyewear was selected as the all-purpose ballistic spectacle of choice. Beginning January 2014, it will become the standard issue spectacle to all Swiss troops—to the tune of 290,000 Sawfly Military Eyewear kits plus additional accessories. This is Revision’s second eyewear contract with the Swiss Armed forces; in 2008 they were awarded a contract to supply 10,000 Desert Locust Military Goggles.

“Revision is proud to have been selected as the key supplier for the Swiss military’s protective eyewear needs,” States Jonathan Blanshay, CEO of Revision, “With this contract Switzerland joins the short list of countries that have made ballistic eye protection a priority for their soldiers and recognize that by recommending eye protection as an everyday item—like boots and helmets—soldier familiarity with the equipment once on the battlefield is ensured.”

In addition to Switzerland Revision exclusively supplies German, Canadian, British, Dutch, Belgian and Danish forces with their protective eyewear needs. The Revision Sawfly continues to be the most widely issued military spectacle amongst NATO nations, dominating the ballistic protective eyewear landscape worldwide.

The Sawfly Eyewear System features a lightweight frame, communications equipment-compatible arms and interchangeable ballistic protective lenses. It’s also prescription capable with Revision’s Rx Carrier, 95,000 of which were also included in this contract award. The Sawfly Spectacle provides superior ballistic protection, exceeding EN 166 and military ballistic impact requirements (MIL-PRF-31013, clause and MIL-DTL-43511D, clause 3.5.10); flawless optics for distortion-free vision; and rugged durability to protect and perform through all the rigors of combat.

Free Shipping Through Memorial Day from Revision

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013


Now through Memorial Day Revision is offering FREE ground shipping in the Revision online store for all U.S. and APO/FPO orders. Don’t forget to use the discount code FANS to receive 30% off all eyewear.

Notice Anything Special?

Thursday, February 21st, 2013


Maybe we need to zoom in a little.


Revision Introduces the StingerHawk Spectacle System at SHOT Show

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Revision StingerHawk Spectacle System

Revision is unveiling their new StingerHawk Spectacle System at SHOT Show It relies on a high-impact polycarbonate lenses provide full side impact protection while maintaining distortion-free vision and an unrestricted field-of-view.

“Revision has proven its leadership position as the standard-issue eyepro provider for multiple military forces worldwide” says Eric Hounchell, Vice President, Optics at Revision. “We bring the same best-in-class protection and performance to the sleek and more edgy StingerHawk spectacle design. This is a product that we are confident will become the modern eyepro of choice for discerning military personnel.”

Through the use of Finite Element Analysis during the design phase, Revision was able to predict the highest level of performance and protection to its users. Subsequent real-time testing proves the StingerHawk Spectacles exceed U.S. Military eyewear ballistic impact resistance requirements (MIL-PRF-31013, clause and MIL-DTL43511D, clause 3.5.10). The StingerHawk Spectacle System is virtually indestructible. The system’s interchangeable lenses are fog-, scratch- and chemical-resistant as well as providing 100% UV protection. Equipped with comms-compatible, ergonomically designed arms and a shock absorbing underframe, the StingerHawk features comfort and rugged durability packed into just 1.1 ounce (32 grams). The new StingerHawk also provides vision-correction capability through the addition of Revision’s Rx Carrier insert which is also compatible with Revision’s current eye protection line of spectacles and goggles.

A Special Holiday Offer from Revision

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Now through Friday, December 21st Revision Military is offering FREE ground shipping for all US and APO/FPO orders. And, don’t forget to use the code SOLSYS to get 30% off your order.