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5.11 Comes to the Tidewater

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

A new 5.11 Signature Store celebrates its grand opening this Saturday in Virginia Beach. The second of its kind in the nation and the first on the east coast, it is owned and operated by Tidewater Tactical. Think of it as a franchise. The store is locally owned and operated but all of the content is 5.11.

Truly a catalog come to life, you could walk into the store naked and walk out, equipped head to toe to perform most LE or associated tactical functions. Not to mention, they make a great pair of pants that are well suited for use by those in construction, utilities, and transportation. In fact, if you are hard on your clothes while at work or play, 5.11 is a good choice. Additionally, 5.11 offers a great deal of product for use by military personnel in addition to their new Fire/EMS line. What’s more, they are constantly expanding their product offerings.

Everything you see in their catalog will be available in the store and it is exclusively 5.11. In fact, it’s 2000 square feet of 5.11. The big plus here is that it is in stock; all sizes, all colors and you aren’t going to see any other brands mixed in there.

Nobody what they do for a living, everybody wears shoes or boots. 5.11 has a great cross section of footwear choices that will fit most any need: casual, steel toe, or duty.

What I’ve said here isn’t just some ad. I mean what I say. I remember about seven years ago sitting down with Bob Denny to take a look at what 5.11 was up to. I was already familiar with the pants as I owned a pair or two that were made by Royal Robbins. What impressed me at the time was what this new 5.11 brand was doing to spearhead the development of what eventually became the tactical clothing market. Today, 5.11 continues to impress me as they refine their current of products and delve into new areas, always mindful of how the products will complement one another. They’ve put a lot into this industry and for that they have earned my respect. There are a lot of folks wearing 5.11 and that certainly says something.

The new store is centrally located at 375 Independence Blvd near Virginia Beach’s City Center district. It lies across the street from Pembroke Mall and is right down Independence from Little Creek NAB. Visitors will find easy access from the Independence exit from 264 which also makes it convenient for many local LE agencies.

5.11 Tactical is interested in opening stores in other areas. To learn more talk to your POC at 5.11.

Stop in for their grand opening this Saturday, 4 June and mention that you read about the store on SSD and you will receive a 10% discount. LE and Military receive a regular 5% discount which essentially pays the tax on your purchase.

3rd Annual NSW Foundation Golf Tournament

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

The 3rd Annual Naval Special Warfare Foundation Golf Tournament is coming 10 June, 2011 to the Virginia Beach National Golf Course. In addition to good times, players will vie for a variety of prizes based on skill such as hole in one.

There is still room for foursomes and they are still seeking sponsors. Interested parties should contact The Naval Special Warfare Foundation provides scholarships to the survivors of fallen NSW Operators.


Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

3M Peltor has just introduced the next generation in communications headsets, the COMTAC IV Hybrid.

The idea is pretty cool. The headset housing which resembles an upside down horseshoe contains all of the electronics which eliminates the need for a large, heavy external radio control box. Rather than bulky ear phones, the user will now wear small ear plugs that integrate communications, and hearing protection. The COMTACT IV also features the same ambient listening capabilities as the COMTAC ACH; external sound is amplified for situational awareness, but the system shuts out loud tactical noises. Peltor will provide various sizes of the flanged earplugs to ensure a proper fit. There is no learning curve since the system’s control interface is exactly the same as previous models. However, there is also a new ‘boost’ feature that allows the user to manually override the audio input to pump up the the volume for those times when a higher audio output is necessary. Thoughtfully, the Comtact IV uses a AAA battery as a power source.

Gel ear pads help stabilize the headset and are attached with a proprietary 3M product that holds a stronger bond than hook and pile tape.

What is really cool about the new COMTAC IV is that it is also compatible with the Ops-Core ARC Kit (Accessory Rail Connector) for use with FAST (Future Assault Shell Technology) Helmets just like its predecessor the COMTAC III. In addition to a conversion kit, models will also be offered with the ARC adapter integrated directly from the factory. With either version, a microphone can installed either right or left.

The COMTAC IV is available now for preorder from Tidewater Tactical with deliveries beginning in June.

Tidewater Tactical Updates Site & More

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Tidewater Tactical hasn’t just updated the look of their website, they have made some pretty major changes to how they do business. The new interface is fantastic and it is easy to find products but there is so much more happening here. In the past Tidewater limited sales to military and other government clients but with the launch of the new Tidewater Tactical website, anyone can order online from a wide variety of products. In fact, they are the only company we have found that offers the Peltor ARC Headset Kit, that was specially developed by Peltor in association with Ops-Core to integrate hearing protection directly with the Ops-Core FAST helmet.

As you can see in this photo, the headset integrates with the ARC rail. The headphones can be pulled up and away from the ear when they are not needed and there is no issue with a headband interfering with padding inside the helmet. All in all, it’s the way to go if you are running a FAST helmet and need active comms/hearing protection.

Tidewater Tactical – Standing Vigilant 365 Days a Year

Friday, September 17th, 2010

For Tidewater Tactical September 30th is just like they every other day of the year. They will spend it answering calls and emails at any hour of the day in order to fill orders, answer questions, and assist customers. So, if you received last minute funding and need to obligate it before the end of the fiscal year, call or email Tidewater Tactical.

2nd Annual Naval Special Warfare Foundation Charity Golf Tournament

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

The 2nd Annual Naval Special Warfare Foundation Charity Golf Tournament will be held Saturday, June 12th at the Kiskiack Golf Club in Williamsburg, Virginia. Tidewater Tactical is once again organizing the event and it will feature golfing, prizes and lots of cold beer. There is still room for foursomes and they are still seeking sponsors for two holes. Interested parties should contact The Naval Special Warfare Foundation provides scholarships to the survivors of fallen NSW Operators.

2nd Annual Naval Special Warfare Foundation Charity Golf Tournament

Unleashed Tactical Equipment Announces US Distributor

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

UK-based Unleashed Tactical Equipment has just announced that Tidewater Tactical is their US Distributor. This is fantastic news for both companies and we are pretty excited about this announcement as they are both great companies. Neither should be strangers to Soldier Systems readers. We have published several articles on Unleashed over the last few months including their new IR suppression technology and Tidewater Tactical has been a long-time site sponsor. Not only do they provide support to military and Law Enforcement through various contract vehicles but they have also assembled an impressive line of product offerings.

NVG Counterweight Pouch

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Tidewater Tactical now offers this innovative NVG Counterweight Pouch for helmets. Designed to affix via Velcro to the rear of a helmet equipped with Night Vision Goggles, the counterweight pouch features a flexible design that allows the simple addition or subtraction of weight.

NVG Counterweight Pouch

The slim design and flexible lead weights means the NVG Counterweight Pouch will conform to any helmet. Additionally, the rear of the pouch features a large Velcro pile patch that can be used to affix IR markers. The hook Velcro wings on the pouch can be trimmed for best fit and the mesh body allows sand, water, dirt, and other debris to easily drain.

It comes with optional flexible lead weights coated in rubber for better resilience in extreme conditions. Additionally, they offer enhanced noise discipline. Each of the three lead weight bars included with the pouch weighs approximately six ounces for a total of just over a pound. Additional weights are available if needed. The lead weights store inside the envelope formed by the pouch. This envelope can be accessed through a Velcro closure allowing you to carry not only the lead weights included with the pouch but other essentials, such as spare batteries. Additionally, most unit produced “duck weights and tape” will fit inside the pouch.

Available in Coyote, Tan, Black, and Foliage. To order, visit