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UF PRO Introduces Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat

Monday, June 11th, 2018

• Designed to protect you against the sun, allow air circulation and break the silhouette and camouflage you with the surroundings
• Holds up to abuse, packs very easy and gives great 360 degree sun protection
• Comes in Flecktarn, PenCott™ GreenZone and MultiCam®, and SloCam, as well as brown grey


07.06.2018, Trzin, Slovenia: While outside operationally or at the range when the sun is shining bright, it is important to keep your eyes and face protected. Boonie hats have become an essential apparel for the Special Forces operator, infantry soldier, law enforcement SWAT team member, as well as military and tactical enthusiasts.


UF PRO®, developer and producer of high quality high-performance tactical clothing for special police and military units worldwide, welcomes Summer 2018 with its brand-new Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat, designed to protect you against the sun, allow air circulation and break the silhouette and camouflage you with the surroundings.

The new Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat holds up well to abuse, packs easily and gives great 360-degree sun protection. Made of a lightweight, yet durable 35% Polyester, 65% Cotton Ripstop fabric in Flecktarn; 50% Nylon, 50% Cotton Ripstop in PenCott™ GreenZone and MultiCam®; and 67% Polyester, 33% Cotton Ripstop in Brown Grey, SloCam, it features a Mesh sweatband to create maximum airflow to help you keep a cool head.


To further keep your temperature down as the heat index rises, the UF PRO® Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat includes two mesh ventilation openings in the front and the back to allow for air circulation. The adjustable chin strap, made of Paracord, provides a secure fit and can be used (the chord goes through the hat’s brim) to adjust the circumference of the hat by the intuitive secure toggle in the back.


UF PRO®’s Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat features a wide brim that can be moulded so that it fits your head perfectly, allowing you to adjust it as you see fit. The hatband offers two rows of straps with loops for threading pieces of foliage as natural camouflage to further break up the outline of the wearer, helping them blend into their surroundings. These are also constructed of the company’s high-performance Polyester, Cotton Ripstop blend. As there are never enough pockets, UF PRO® integrated an ingenious mesh pocket on the inside of the hat for those very important documents (concealing a thin, flat object like an ID card or plans for your secret mission) and three Velcro pads for attaching ID patches.

The lightweight Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat is engineered to help you stay cool, comfortable and provides visual concealment, coming in the popular Flecktarn, PenCott™ GreenZone and MultiCam®, and SloCam patterns, as well as in brown grey for those in an urban environment.


This is the ultimate hot environment hat, offering floating brims, mesh venting holes and a Paracord chin strap to prevent chafing. The fit, workmanship, pattern and features are all outstanding.


“By listening to our customers, we came up with this new design, giving them a hat that is easy to wear and breaks up the outline of the wearer’s head, thereby assisting with concealment. The brim also provides a measure of comfort against rain and hot sun,” says Armin Wagner, UF PRO® Head of Product Development.

Boonie hats have become synonymous with the special operations soldier, law enforcement SWAT team and military/tactical enthusiast. The evolution of the boonie over the past few years has arrived at UF PRO®’s new advanced design.

Whether you are a tactical enthusiast, private contractor, or member of a law enforcement or military unit, UF PRO®’s Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat will keep your noggin cool and camouflaged.

Find out more about the Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat here.

UF PRO Presents – SIGMA, Latvia’s Border Guards

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

UF PRO presents this video on SIGMA, Latvia’s Border Guards. People, drugs and other contraband, such as tobacco and fuel are being routinely smuggled to Latvia and throughout Europe. More than 2,600 Latvian border guards keep a constant watch over domestic borders. Take a look SIGMA operates.


UF PRO – Two Man Fire-team Tactics

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

The second installment of UF Pro Presents : The Pro’s Guide To Tactical Shooting is Team Shooting.


In this scenario, you’ll learn how to react when ambushed and how you and a teammate can work your way out of it.


UF Pro Presents : The Pro’s Guide To Tactical Shooting

Friday, March 16th, 2018

This video covers DRILL No. 1: Protect VIP in a Vehicle.

In this scenario, a car carrying a VIP and 3 bodyguards is frontally attacked. The driver is KIA and the car rolls along uncontrolled until it comes to a stop, leaving the 2 surviving bodyguards no choice but to evacuate the VIP and protect him until support arrives. Learn how to shoot behind cover while protecting a VIP.


UF PRO Bracing for a Crowd at Its Enforce Tac, IWA Booths Thanks to Advanced Products and A Cool Prize Drawing

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

NUREMBERG, GERMANY (7 March 2018)—Military and law-enforcement personnel who stop at the UF PRO® booth during Enforce Tac or IWA OutdoorClassics this week will get an up-close look at the latest in advanced tactical clothing designed to help wearers be comfortable enough to stay fully focused on their mission regardless of terrain harshness and weather severity.

While at the UF PRO® exhibit, they also can quench their thirst with some of the Slovenia-based company’s favorite homeland beers, completely free. Visitors to the UF PRO® booth will as well be eligible to enter a drawing to be held later this month for 300€ worth of in-demand UF PRO® gear.

Enforce Tac begins on Wednesday (7 March 2018) and ends one day later. IWA OutdoorClassics begins Friday (9 March 2018) and continues until Monday.

Both events will take place at the Exhibition Centre located at Bertolt-Brecht-Strasse 30 in Nuremberg

At Enforce Tac, the UF PRO® booth will be located in Hall 10.1, Stand 831.

At IWA OutdoorClassics, the UF PRO® booth will be located in Hall 9, Stand 301.

Important Events

Enforce Tac is billed as a discreet international trade fair for command, control, and operational equipment used by security agencies. Event-goers are able to explore the latest trends in law enforcement, particularly police equipment, security gear, and tactical solutions.

IWA OutdoorClassics is touted as the leading international trade fair for hunting and shooting sports, outdoor equipment and equipment for use in civil and regulatory security. Attendees come to scrutinize

high-quality weapons and outdoor products, plus experience the newest in lightweight materials, comfort and enhanced features – such as those slated to be on display at the UF PRO® booth.

“We expect to cause quite a stir at the two back-to-back fairs with our latest tactical clothing innovations,” said Armin Wagner, UF PRO® head of product development. Among these innovations will be camoshield™, a state-of-the-art fabric technology that hides near-infrared and thermal infrared signatures by bringing the wearer’s surface temperature down to as little as 10 °C without compromising comfort.

Other UF PRO® favorites that will be exhibited include the company’s fire-and-forget Striker Combat gear range, P-40 combat pants collection, Delta cold-weather gear, Monsoon rain gear, Urban tactical clothing line, and an acclaimed group of pocket, pad, and strap systems.

“Everything you’ll see at our booth at both these outstanding fairs is built to perform under the toughest environmental conditions,” said Wagner. “Our products use world-class materials combined with innovative technologies. And, they are one and all made in Europe – a fact we are extremely proud of.”

Prize Drawing Forecast to Be a Hit

Wagner added that the shopping giveaway is also predicted to be a huge hit with attendees.

“To participate, attendees need only stop by our booth and fill out the short entry form,”

he said. “ One lucky contestant’s name will be picked at random just a little over a week after IWA,” he continued. “The winner will receive a special code to purchase free 300€ worth of UF PRO® gear at our online store.” Wagner said the UF PRO® team looks forward to these two vital trade fairs. “We wouldn’t miss them for the world,” he enthused.

For more information, visit UF PRO online at ufpro.com

UF PRO Presents the Pro’s Guide to Tactical Shooting

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Here’s the preview:

To sign up for updates, visit ufpro.com/tactical_shooting

UF PRO – AcE Winter Combat Shirts Now Available For Order

Saturday, December 9th, 2017


The arm sections of UF PRO’s AcE Winter Combat Shirt are insulated with GLOFT thermal insulation while the torso is made from a wind proof and water repellant material. Venitilation is provided by underarm and an asymmetric front zippers. Additionally, the zippered mid-chest pockets offer ventilation as well. Since it’s UF PRO, they’ve also incorporated their AirPac inserts at the shoulders and a cool watch window at the wristlet cuffs.


UF PRO Launches The AcE Combat Shirt

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

UF PRO® AcE Winter Combat Shirt Coming Soon; Optimal Warmth Lets Wearer Focus on Mission, Not on How Cold the Weather Is

The AcE Winter Combat Shirt uses high-tech materials in a special hybrid design
structure to supply the right amount of warmth for the upper half of the body in
low-temperature environments.

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (29 Nov. 2017) – UF PRO®, maker of innovative clothing for military and law enforcement personnel, today announced it will begin selling a frigid-weather combat shirt offering optimal upper body warmth and dryness.


Called the AcE Winter Combat Shirt, the new product is meant to supply comfort enough to allow wearers to stay focused on the mission and not be distracted by the cold climate, UF PRO said.

The AcE Winter Combat Shirt soon will be available at the UF PRO online shop and at its brick-and-mortar retail counterpart in Trzin, the company revealed.

UF PRO added that it will send via email to subscribers of its e-newsletter an alert announcing the exact date of initial availability.

“Our newsletter subscribers will be the first to know,” UF PRO head of product development Armin Wagner assured.

Ideal Cold-Weather Wear Wagner hailed the AcE Winter Combat Shirt as the ideal piece of tactical wear for cold weather.


“It eliminates the problem of layering up to keep out the cold, only to then overheat, start sweating, and cause the shirt to become frozen,” Wagner explained.

Constructed with a windproof and water-repellent outer layer, the AcE Winter Combat Shirt achieves ideal interior temperatures with the help of a special high-performance, lightweight, and breathable thermal lining, he said.

“Importantly, the AcE Winter Combat Shirt is designed to expel sweat so the wearer feels dry at all times,” Wagner added.

The shirt’s superior comfort is due in part to air/pac® inserts fabricated into the shoulder and upper back. The air/pac inserts serve another purpose – according to Wagner, closing the supplied ventilation openings will cause air to become trapped, which then provides an extra source of insulation.

Wear It Alone or with Other Items
The AcE Winter Combat Shirt can be worn alone or with other gear, such as a hard-shell jacket, an additional thermal jacket, body armour, or a backpack, Wagner indicated.

“An angled front zipper improves its compatibility with additional layers,” said Wagner. “You can also add 8mm-thick air/pac mesh inserts to help distribute the weight of body armour or a heavy backpack.”

Meanwhile, front and side zippers control the flow of air between insulation layers and regulate how much of that flow directly traverses the wearer’s abdomen and back, he said.


Another valuable feature is openings in the shirt’s wrist-warmers. “They let you easily check your watch,” he relayed. “Also, there’s a collar adjuster to prevent blowing snow from finding its way down the shirt.”

Because elbows invariably are subjected to the harshest abuse in the field, UF PRO crafted that area of the shirt with Cordura® reinforcement.”This makes the elbows exceptionally durable,”Wagner said.


As for colour choices, Wagner reported that the AcE Winter Combat Shirt will be available in Frost-Grey, Black, Brown-Grey, and MultiCam.

For more information about the AcE Winter Combat Shirt and other outstanding UF PRO
products, or to subscribe to the UF PRO e-newsletter and be on the list to receive first word of the AcE Winter Combat Shirt’s initial availability, please visit the company’s website.