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MDM – Wilcox Industries – Exothermic Mini Cutting Torch

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014


The exothermic mini cutting torch features three key components:

-Hellboy torch handle will fit multiple size torch heads without altering the handle.

-Brand new 410 cu in bottle manufactured from spun carbon fiber.

-FirstSpear carrier will fit either 410 or 285 cu in bottles.


MDM – Wilcox Ind – Raptor Lite ES

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Wilcox Ind recently released the Raptor Lite ES.


It integrates a 300 lumen SureFire light as well as an eye-safe visible laser and dual IR laser and flood. All modes of operation (including visible light) are variable intensity with on-the-fly control.

Available now through all Wilcox dealers.


Wilcox Industries Upgrades RAPTAR-Lite ES With 300 Lumen SureFire Illumination Head

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Newington, NH – Wilcox Industries, manufacturer of tactical equipment, has upgraded the visible light head on their RAPTAR-Lite Eye Safe (ES) ™ laser aiming/illumination device. The upgraded 300 Lumen SureFire® illumination head provides increased capability and versatility for the operator, with seven selectable output-illumination levels.


The RAPTAR-Lite ES model accommodates Military, Law Enforcement and the Sportsman-Outdoor communities. It offers a visible red aiming laser, an infrared aiming laser, and a variable focus infrared illuminator, along with the updated visible illumination flashlight head. The unique wrap-around low profile design allows the operator an unimpeded view. An easy to read LED display indicates the selected modes of operation, active laser emission and low battery indication. The display is adjustable for both day and NVG conditions.

All of the features and functions of the RAPTAR-Lite ES are controlled by ergonomic buttons within the housing of the unit. Included with this unit is a remote pressure pad which mirrors the same button configuration as on the unit, allowing for a quick adjustments and a variety of mounting positions. The visible illuminator and IR flood intensity can be controlled “On the Fly” through either the remote pressure pad or through the unit itself. While compact and lightweight, the RAPTAR-Lite ES does not require the use of special tools for installation or removal. This system can be mounted two ways: directly onto the rail using the ¼”-20 screw or using the included rail interface. A single CR123 battery powers the RAPTAR-Lite ES. All lasers within the RAPTAR-Lite ES are co-aligned for easy bore-sighting and retention of zero.


As with all Wilcox products, it is easily maintained and designed to be repairable unlike any current system in the field. The body of the RAPTAR-Lite ES is manufactured from a high strength polymer for durability while also designed to be upgraded with emerging technology. For pricing and ordering information, contact Wilcox Industries at www.wilcoxind.com or 603-431-1331.

Wilcox’s Mounting System For The FLIR Recon M24 For Truly Hands Free Use

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Newington, NH – Designed specifically for the FLIR Recon M24 Thermal to provide hands free capability, the Wilcox FLIR Quick Detach Helmet Mount Adaptor enhances the capabilities of this very compact thermal. The ability to use the FLIR M24 Recon hands free is ideal for surveillance situations and adds to its versatility.


The Wilcox Quick Detach Mount Adaptor utilizes either a horn or dovetail interface, that is easily swapped without the needs of tools. The dovetail is attached utilizing the ¼-20 threaded screw insert on the thermal body and is able to remain attached without impeding the use of the M24 during handheld operation. The thermal can be detached effortlessly from the adaptor with the simple press of the lever or quickly re-attached when needed. When used with a Wilcox Helmet Mount and Shroud solution, the system creates a solid mounting platform with minimal movement. Several adjustment points are integrated into the mount to allow for precise eye alignment. Wilcox’s NVG helmet mount allows the system to be flipped up out of the way providing a very low profile. The system can be configured for use with either eye.


The Quick Detach Helmet Mount Adaptor has been engineered to Wilcox’s strict standards and features a lifetime warranty. The adaptor is manufactured from aerospace grade metals and a very strong polymer and is hard anodized for durability. The system weighs a minimal 2.5 ounces.

For pricing and ordering information contact Wilcox Industries at www.wilcoxind.com or 603-431-1331.

See The Wilcox Industries Dual Powered Aviation Mount at Warrior East

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

We originally mentioned the Dual Powered Aviation Mount during Warrior West. It will be on display at this week’s Warrior East so be sure to check it out.

Wilcox Industries Dual Powered Aviation Mount

Newington, NH-Wilcox has designed a Dual Powered Aviation Mount (DPAM) for use by Aviators, crewman and on-the-ground operators that offers an overall improvement to the current existing systems. The DPAM mount works with the ANVS-6/9, F4949, F5050 and GPNVG night vision goggles.

This mount fully integrates into the currently used external batteries utilizing a standard 4-pin Lemo connector or can run off an internal 123A lithium battery for up to eight hours. The internal backup battery provides power to the NVG even when removed from the mount. This completely eliminates the need for the snap on battery pack and the additional weight.

Unique features of the DPAM include a low-battery indicator light and a Power Mode selection that allows the operator to choose between the external and internal power supply without having to remove the helmet. The system has a switch guard that protects against accidental snags.


An NVG flip button allows the goggle to “flip up” into a stowed position when not in use. This enables the auto-off capabilities of the goggle helping to save battery life. The system has several adjustment points for a precise fit. An interface plate provides a stable mounting platform and helps with the fit. It also allows the DPAM to easily be removed from the shroud.

The mount is manufactured from lightweight aerospace grade metal and high strength polymer. A field replaceable ball detent insert provides the ability to set tolerances over the life of the mount. The mount fist into ballistic and non-ballistic helmets drilled with the standard one or three-hole pattern and when used with Wilcox’s line of NVG shrouds. The mount and shroud weigh a minimal 5.92 ounces. For ordering and pricing information contact Wilcox Industries at www.wilcoxind.com.

TNVC – Wilcox FLIR M24 Recon Helmet Mount Adapter

Saturday, May 24th, 2014


Wilcox Industries has developed a helmet mount adapter for the popular FLIR Recon M24 Thermal Monocular. Precision machined from lightweight aerospace aluminum, the FLIR Recon mount comes complete with interfaces for both dovetail and bayonet horn helmet mounts, which can be swapped without tools.

A dovetail shoe bolts to the 1/4-20 threaded insert in the FLIR M24, providing a low profile interface for the mount adapter. The adapter arm provides interpupillary adjustment, while the vertical, fore/aft, and tilt adjustment is handled by the helmet mount. The FLIR Recon mount can be assembled in either left or right eye configurations.


SOFIC 2014 – BAE’s Trace IR Integrates Wilcox RAPTAR-S With SkeetIR

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

BAE Systems‘ Oasys has developed a new software package that allows the popular SkeetIR, weapon mounted IR sight to work with the Wilcox Industries‘ RAPTAR-S Laser Range Finder. The software introduces a “disturbed reticle” unto the screen of the SkeetIR that incorporates data from the RAPTAR-S.


While the setup currently utilizes a cable to interface, Wilcox and BAE are working on a Bluetooth solution.

Warrior Expo – Wilcox Industries

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014


Dual Powered Aviation Mount or DPAM is the latest thing from Wilcox Ind. Designed as a replacement for the issue plastic ANVIS mount, it is manufactured from Aircraft grade aluminum and glass filled polymer. In addition to internal power it also offers a low power indicator option. Naturally, it can also connect to the issue rear mounted battery pack.


It connects via an adapter to standard NVG shrouds. Additionally, they have introduced a shroud for the HGU-56/P helmet.