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Rampart International To Carry XGO Clothing In Canada

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

XGO has recently joined forces with Rampart International to expand its offerings into Canada.

“We are honored to have aligned ourselves with great people and a great organization. We look forward to providing both Non FR base layer and FR base layer solutions to the Canadian Military and Law Enforcement communities. XGO’s strategic partnership with Rampart will help grow our brand and help us reach our customers and friends to the North,” related Aloysius Donovan, Director of Sales at XGO.

“We are thrilled to welcome the XGO brand to Rampart’s expanding lineup of the world’s best operational equipment,” said Mike Klein, President of Rampart International Corp. “XGO’s American made line of performance clothing and FR protective garments offer the quality, functionality and protection our end users require. XGO products will be more accessible and affordable than ever before in Canada and we are excited to get the brand into the hands of our customers,” Klein continued.

From now until May 24th Rampart is offering 20% off retail pricing for all MIL/LE/Agency purchases in Canada. 

Email [email protected] for more information.

XGO Power Skins Compression Clothing

Friday, April 1st, 2016


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Power Skins is XGO’s latest compression clothing, constructed of 77% Acclimate Dry polyester and 23% Lycra spandex.

The listed benefits of compression clothing include:


  • Reduces muscle vibration to lessen fatigue and maintain power output
  • Keeps muscles aligned to increase repetitive muscle power and efficiency
  • Comfort

  • Features Acclimate Dry Fabric for increased moisture-wicking
  • Wicks moisture at a rate of 3” in 3 minutes or better
  • Recovery

  • Enhances muscle and circulatory system healing to reduce swelling and decrease exertion soreness
  • Don’t forget, XGO has offered a very generous discount to SSD readers by using discount code “SSD50” for 50% off everything on their site except clearance (not stackable) items. This offer ends 2 April at COB.

    XGO Montana Wool

    Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

    I didn’t know that XGO offered wool garments so it came as a quite a surprise when we were discussing their line last week. Apparently, they offered wool briefly in 2008, but they’ve reintroduced it for Spring 2016.

    The issue has long been access to American wool that is on par with the famed Merino sheep of New Zealand. It’s happening and XGO has access to it.

    The advantages of wool are well known. Its inherent no-melt, no-drip and odor resistant properties as well as excellent warmth, even when wet, are all great reasons to use this natural fiber. XGO has also enhanced the wool’s performance with their AG-47 anti-microbial silver treatment.

    Don’t forget, XGO has offered a very generous discount to SSD readers by using discount code “SSD50” for 50% off everything on their site except clearance (not stackable) items. This offer ends 2 April at COB.

    Welcome To Our Newest Advertiser, XGO

    Thursday, March 17th, 2016

    I’ve written about XGO many times over the years and I’ve got to tell you, I love their stuff. In fact, it’s an honor to welcome them as an advertiser. I actually became familiar with the Polarmax brand while I was still on active duty, before they split the military side of the business off as XGO. Over the years, XGO has done a great job working with end users to provide some very functional and comfortable knit garments. The secret is in the fabrics which are made to their specifications, including performance anti-microbial as well as FR blends. They even offer wool blends.

    Longworth Industries, Inc., parent company of XGO® and Polarmax® next-to-skin active apparel. Longworth Industries, Inc. is a vertically integrated manufacturer and our products are manufactured exclusively in the United States and distributed to select domestic and global markets. XGO® also has a complete line of next-to-skin FR products. Our FR products are made up of our patented blend of Modacrylic and FR Rayon.

    XGO is a small business right outside of Fort Bragg, in Southern Pines, North Carolina. This company makes Berry Compliant base and mid-layers as well as PT clothing. In fact, almost all of the work, from the milling to the dying and sewing are all done within a 100 miles or so of their headquarters. Only the raw fibers are sourced from outside of the Carolinas.


    One of their shirts you might want to check out is the new PHASE 1 Lightweight Technical Mesh Shirt. You can look at the photo and realize that the mesh is a tight weave that won’t look out of place in uniform.  In fact, it’s offered in the Army’s new Tan 499 for compatility with the OCP ACU. This relaxed fit T-shirt is made from XGO’s 4 ounce ACCLIMATE DRY polyester which wicks moisture vertically at a rate of 3” in 3 minutes, providing exceptional dry times. This shirt is also finished with their Ag 47TM. As you know, silver has great anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. As moisture is moved through the fabric, the Ag 47TM attacks the bacteria contained in the perspiration and effectively eliminates odor and harmful bacteria-improving overall hygiene.

    To celebrate their aponsorship of Soldier Systems Daily, XGO has extended an awesome deal to SSD readers. Use discount code “SSD50” for 50% off everything on their site except clearance (not stackable) items. This generous discount runs through 3/17-4/2 at COB.


    MDM – XGO

    Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

    XGO is introducing a new, proprietary treatment for their fabrics called XGAC for Xover Gear Advanced Cooling.  It’s a cooling treatment that increases comfort the more you sweat, and will be incorporated into their moisture wicking fabric (Phase I).   It will result in a 2-5 degree difference in actual skin temperature.  


    Darley Defense Days – XGO 

    Thursday, June 4th, 2015

    XGO is offering a compression sleeve and its received a lot of interest. In addition to its intended use as a compression garment, it has a little bit of nap on the inside for cooler weather. They’ve sold quite a few to motorcycle and mounted Police Officers as well as to a company that has been hiring Vets in order to cover sleeve tattoos in some applications.  


    Available in any color as long as it’s Black.

    SHOT Show – XGO

    Friday, January 23rd, 2015

    XGO has quite a few new items but is like to share two with you.

    The Montana Wool 1.0 is made from wool sheared in, you guessed it, Montana. It is 100% Merino wool meaning natural no melt / no drip, anti-microbial, and at 152 grams warm when wet. It is anatomically cut with clean seam for comfort. In addition to drop shoulders it has two extra inches in length to remain tucked in. Seen below is Treebark with Blaxk and Desert as and also coming late March, early April.


    The Hybrid is meant for workouts and incorporates their Phase 1 fabric with the FR rib, vented fabric. Oddly enough, the FR fabric used in this garment is highly stretchable and breathable and both fabrics are highly durable. Available in Desert Sand.


    New XGO Flame Retardant Mesh Hybrid At SHOT Show Booth #20326

    Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

    Southern Pines, NC (December, 30 2014) – Made in the USA brand, XGO®, will be adding a new FR Hybrid shirt to their 2015 Flame Retardant collection. This shirt combines the XGO® FR Phase 1 material with Flame Retardant Mesh panels in order to increase breathability, comfort, and stretch.


    “Since our Flame Retardant Mesh debuted in 2012, we have had requests from various military branches to combine our two bestselling FR fabrics in order to create a shirt that provides a more breathable FR alternative with the same level of protection, “said Sherry Lyons, XGO® Director of Global Sales.

    All XGO® Flame Retardant products, including the new Hybrid, are moisture-wicking and contain an AG-47 silver anti-microbial to help control odor causing bacteria. It will be available for Spring 2015 in Desert Sand through select retailers and online at MSRP $60.00.


    The new Hybrid shirt will be on display at XGO SHOT Show Booth #20326.