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Federal Premium to Introduce New Ammunition at SHOT Show

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017


ANOKA, Minnesota – January 10, 2017 – Federal Premium Ammunition is proud to introduce a suite of new products at the 2017 SHOT Show that continues the company’s long tradition of craftsmanship while promising to change the face of shooting. The introductions include the game-changing Edge TLR all-range rifle loads, 38 Special +P HST Micro, Hunter Match 22 Long Rifle, Gold Medal Grand, redesigned Black Cloud with FLITECONTROL FLEX, and much more. Attendees are encouraged to visit booth 14551 during the show in Las Vegas, Jan. 17-20 to see the entire new product lineup.

Unlike other so-called long-range projectiles that can fail to perform at lower velocities, the Federal Premium Edge TLR uses an exclusive Slipstream polymer tip to trigger expansion at long range. On closer targets, the copper shank and bonded lead core retain weight for consistent, lethal penetration. Ballistics are likewise flawless. Credit the Edge TLR bullet’s sleek boat-tail design, secant ogive and unique AccuChannel grooving, which trim drag to an absolute minimum. Available in 308 Win., 30-06 Spring., 300 Win. Magnum and 300 Win. Short Magnum.

New Federal Premium Hunter Match 22 Long Rifle raises the bar in rimfire, delivering impeccable long-range accuracy and terminal performance. The hollow-point lead bullet is tuned for optimum penetration and expansion out to 100 yards. Plus, high-velocity loading flattens trajectories while packing ample energy to take down any target. A nickel-plated case ensures seamless extraction and inhibits corrosion.

Federal Premium’s Personal Defense HST Micro products provide superior expansion, penetration and terminal performance, with bullet weights and propellants optimized for cycling and accuracy in subcompact concealed-carry handguns. For 2017, the line expands to include a 38 Special +P load with a deeply seated 130-grain bullet that eliminates casing air space for ultra-consistent velocities.

After a decade-long reign as waterfowling’s deadliest load, Federal Premium’s Black Cloud is even better than ever. The new FLITECONTROL FLEX wad improves pattern density and consistency through ported and standard waterfowl chokes, while FLITESTOPPER Steel pellets create massive wound channels. The Catalyst lead-free primer and clean-burning, temperature-stable propellant decrease residue and yield consistent velocities in all hunting conditions. Available in 25 new 12- and 20-gauge loads, including Black Cloud High Velocity and Close Range.


SIG SAUER Introduces 300 Win Mag Match Grade Elite Performance Ammunition

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

ewington, NH (January 2, 2017) – SIG SAUER, Inc. continues to expand its Match Grade Elite Performance Ammunition line for rifles with the addition of 300 Win Mag Open Tip Match (OTM) rounds. Featuring a 190gr Sierra MatchKing® bullet, this new 300 Win Mag load has a muzzle velocity of 2,850 fps and muzzle energy of 3,426 ft-lbs.

Engineered to excel in today’s precision rifles, SIG SAUER Match Grade Elite Performance Ammunition features a temperature-stable propellant that delivers consistent muzzle velocity in all weather conditions. Premium-quality primers ensure minimum velocity variations, and the shell case metallurgy is optimized in the SIG Match Grade OTM cartridge to yield consistent bullet retention round to round. All SIG SAUER rifle ammunition is precision loaded on state-of-the-art equipment that is 100% electromechanically monitored to ensure geometric conformity and charge weight consistency.

“The exceptional quality of our SIG SAUER Match Grade loads makes this line a top choice for professional, competition and recreational shooters alike,” said Dan Powers, president of the SIG SAUER Ammunition Division.

All Elite Performance Ammunition is manufactured in the United States by SIG SAUER to the same exacting standards as the company’s premium pistols and rifles. For more information, visit www.sigammo.com.

DDupleks Launches US Subsidiary

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

With their patented, cutting-edge technology, DDupleks non-toxic shotgun slugs have become the new gold standard for terminal ballistic slug performance in over 30 countries. In response to the surging demand for DDupleks slug ammunition in the North American market, the company has established a subsidiary company in the U.S.A.

The new DDupleks-USA sales office and warehouse/distribution center is located in Hoopston, IL., a central shipping point from where the new company can provide timely, efficient and reliable service to all accounts. DDupleks-USA will be the sole importer of DDupleks products for North America.

DDupleks-USA is actively planning to expand their North American distribution network using a team of American sales professionals. If you are interested in DDupleks products, please contact the DDupleks- USA sales office at (217) 283-4867 and request a sales representative contact you with information on pricing, sales programs, and inventory.

For 2017, the DDupleks-USA product line will include four, competitively-priced 12-ga. 2 3?4 inch slug loads in two brands. The “Steelhead ” brand is loaded with a solid steel ”Monolit” slug in 1 oz. or 1 1/8oz. weights. The ”Broadhead” brand is offered with an expanding steel slug of 1 oz. ”Dupo” type or 1 1/8 oz. “Hexolit” design. In the future, DDupleks will add slug loads in additional gauges and lengths as well as new slug designs.

All DDupleks ammunition is loaded to established industry standards in high-density plastic hulls, a high brass metal head and a No. 209 shotshell primer. Customers will find DDupleks shot shells packed in familiar 5-round paper packets in shipping cases of 250 rounds.

For more information on DDupleks shot shell slug ammunition including product specifications, videos and hunting reports, log on to: www.ddupleks-usa.com.

Berger Bullets Joins Nammo Group

Friday, October 14th, 2016

Earlier this week, Berger Bullets President Eric Stecker posted this statement to their website. The official press release is available here.

Dear Fellow Shooter,

Rarely does an announcement contain information that impacts the shooting community and industry to far greater extent than simple words can adequately express. This is such an announcement.
We take great pride and tremendous pleasure in announcing that Berger Bullets has joined forces with the Nammo Group. This Norwegian/Finnish corporation is the home of a power house of premium brands including SK Rimfire Ammunition, Vihtavuori Powder and Lapua Bullets and Cases.

The joining of Berger Bullets with these world renowned, premium brands ushers in a new era of quality, performance and product availability for the discerning shooter.

First, we’ll provide a refresher on the ownership history of Berger. We have been making bullets for over 60 years. Berger was founded in 1955 and owned by Walt Berger for 45 years (Walt continues to work at Berger). In 2000, Spiveco Inc., maker of the J4 bullet jackets, purchased Berger from Walt. In 2002, Spiveco Inc. sold Berger to the Sheeks family who are the present owners. Today, under Nammo Group ownership, we join three other brands that share a strong passion and commitment to precision shooting performance.

These three brands are Lapua, Vihtavuori and SK. Every discerning rifle shooter uses the premium quality Lapua products. You also know the high quality and performance of the Vihtavuori powders. Vihtavuori joined the Nammo Group in 2014. Under Nammo Group support, Vihtavuori has produced a significant improvement in availability. SK Ammunition is also a brand within the Nammo Group that is well-known for producing quality rimfire ammunition. We are very excited to become one with these premium quality brands and proven to be committed to precision and quality.

The Nammo Group brings a level of support to Berger Bullets that is rivaled by few and bested by none.

Nammo will support us in many areas including production capability expansion, advanced engineering, innovative product development, and the opportunity to share technology between all of these top quality brands.

Our immediate goal is to significantly improve the availability of Berger products. Throughout our history the demand for Berger Bullets has exceeded our capacity even as we’ve grown our output capabilities over the last few decades. Our first obligation to our customers is to improve the availability while we remain committed to our highest level of quality in the industry.

Much of what has made Berger Bullets successful will remain unchanged. Bryan Litz is developing more great bullets for Berger and our technicians will still be answering your emails and calls. The changes to Berger as time moves on will come in the form of improvements born from collaborations with our new family of premium brands.

Our website will remain at www.bergerbullets.com and all methods of contacts will remain the same. As we run across any changes, we’ll make sure we keep you updated on our website and through email. So please, keep your information current on your email subscription and we promise to keep you posted.

Upcoming events Berger will sponsor and attend:

2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV (January 2017) – We’ll be there in the Berger booth (Booth #1405). Please come see us if you are at the show to get the latest on this exciting development!

2017 SW Nationals at the Ben Avery Range in Phoenix (February 2017) – See some of the Berger crew and our friends at Lapua/Vihtavuori.

2017 Cactus Classic (March 2017) – Join Walt Berger and Eric Stecker at this historic bench rest match hosted by the Arizona Bench Rest Shooters.

The entire Berger team appreciates your past business and we look forward to continuing to serve you and your precision bullet needs.

Eric Stecker
President – Berger Bullets, LLC

SIG SAUER 9mm V-Crown Ammunition Named ‘Ammunition of the Year’ at the 1st Annual Firearms Industry Choice Awards

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Newington, NH (July 27, 2016) – SIG SAUER® 124gr 9mm V-Crown® Elite Performance Ammunition was named ‘Ammunition of the Year’ at the 1st Annual Firearms Industry Choice Awards held July 21-23, 2016 at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky. Category winners were selected after a comprehensive live-fire test and evaluation process involving more than 65 firearms and firearms-related products. On May 23–25, 2016, a panel of 20 independent evaluators was assembled at the Rockcastle Shooting Center to test and assess the “Products of the Year” in seven different firearms-related categories. The evaluation team was selected based on their unbiased, extensive experience in a variety of shooting-related fields including law enforcement, military, gunsmithing, reloading, competition shooting, shooting instruction, retail, distribution, hunting and media.

In the ammunition category, the SIG SAUER 124gr 9mm V-Crown Elite Performance Ammunition ranked number one out of the 21 different brands and calibers that were tested head-to-head over three days. The evaluation team shot 2,000 rounds of the Elite Performance Ammunition through multiple guns and found it to the best of the best in the test. They judged each product on how well it fits into the product category position in the marketplace, loading, chambering and cycling, manufacturing consistency, performance, durability, and market appeal. Testers cited the SIG V-Crown’s smooth cycling, reliability, and consistency in addition to its attractive packaging and pricing.

The Firearms Industry Choice Awards is the brainchild of the management team at Rockcastle Shooting Center and David Power, who serves as vice president of sales at Oneida Molded Plastics.

“We felt the need to develop a more in-depth product testing process for firearms and firearm-related products and wanted to conduct the most comprehensive, unbiased product evaluation the industry has ever seen,” said Nathan Noble, co-owner/ co-founder of the Rockcastle Shooting Center. “The experts who willingly gave of their time to be on the test panel and numerous manufacturers who submitted product indicate they concur, and the results will help guide consumers as they assess future product purchases, and just as importantly, help guide the manufacturers in what is driving the purchase of their products.”

The evaluation team for the 2016 Firearms Industry Choice Awards collectively has:
– 151 years of military and law enforcement experience
– 138 years as instructor / rangemaster / coach
– 67 years of gunsmith and related experience
– 64 years of retail, retail services and distribution
– 24 years as media
– 346 years of recreational hunting and shooting
– 288 years of participation in competitive shooting sports

Each phase of the Industry Choice Awards including the evaluation, the Inaugural Firearms Industry Team Challenge, and the Industry Choice Awards Banquet and Celebration was covered extensively by Recoil magazine and Down Range TV with Michael Bane. Future issues and episodes of each will feature details of the Industry Choice Awards and the products chosen as Products of the Year.

“We are truly honored to have the SIG 9mm V-Crown ammunition recognized as the best ammunition of the year by this team of industry professionals,” said Dan Powers, president of the SIG SAUER Ammunition Division. “Every caliber we make – whether for personal defense, hunting, competition or target shooting – goes through our rigorous testing process to ensure the highest quality and reliability. The SIG V-Crown personal defense ammunition was designed for ultimate stopping power thanks to its consistent, controlled expansion with exceptional on-target energy, maximum weight retention and superior penetration. We deeply appreciate the time the evaluation team took to test the SIG V-Crown ammunition and are glad they had a chance to experience its reliability and performance firsthand.”

All Elite Performance Ammunition is manufactured in the United States by SIG SAUER to the same exacting standards as the company’s premium pistols and rifles. For more information, visit www.sigammo.com.

Follow SIG SAUER on social media, including Facebook at www.facebook.com/sigsauerinc, Instagram at www.instagram.com/sigsauerinc, and YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/sigsauerinc.

Warrior East – BFG SAW Drum Pouch

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Blue Force Gear is constantly developing new products. This is a pouch for the 200 rd SAW Drum. It’s a simple, straight forward design but their material selections always takes their gear to the next level in both appearance and performance.

As you can see, the ULTRAcomp material extends over the top of the lid to makes SR buckle loop.

The rear incorporates BFG’s Helium Whisper attachment system.


Gorilla Ammunition Pro Shooter Nick Atkinson Wins Texas 3Gun Championship

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

In Marble Falls Texas this past weekend Nick Atkinson placed 1st in the Tactical Optics division of the Texas 3Gun Championship

Vero Beach, FL, – April 11, 2016 – Just this past weekend, under a blanket of clouds, battling the wind and dust Nick Atkinson was dominating the competition at the Texas 3Gun Championship Marble Falls, Texas. Nick placed 1st in the Tactical Optics division, defeating over 180 competitors.

“The Texas 3Gun Championship was a great match with tough competition. I was a few points behind going into the final stage, but my Gorilla match ammo helped me secure a stage win, going 1 for 1 on all the long range targets and I finished the match taking 1st place. Gorilla made the difference between 1st and 2nd place for me this weekend. I have been shooting Gorilla 69 grain match ammo for over a year, so I knew I could count on it to cut the wind on all the long range shots” said Nick Atkinson

“We are very proud of Nick’s early 2016 season win and can’t wait to see his performances throughout the season. Nick has been working really hard on his skills and we are elated to be a part of his success,” said Jay Duncan, Gorilla Ammunition’s Director Sales & Marketing.


Winchester Ammunition Offers ‘Series of Five’, Custom Built, Cartridge-Firearm Boards to Celebrate 150th Anniversary

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016


EAST ALTON, Ill.—In celebration of its 150th anniversary, Winchester introduces five, custom-built, collectible cartridge-firearm boards, offered to various industry-conservation organizations in support of the shooting sports and hunting heritage.

“In a milestone year for Winchester, we are extremely proud to offer this very limited, once-in-a-lifetime series of five cartridge-firearm boards, which truly represent legacy and innovation,” said Brett Flaugher, Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Strategy. “A lot of time and meticulous work goes into building these boards … they are remarkable pieces of art.”


Each exclusive Winchester framed collectible board features historic ammunition cartridges, nostalgic packaging and the Winchester 150th anniversary medallion. The five collectible firearms featured in each cartridge board embody the rich Winchester heritage respected by sportsmen and women across the world. The lineup includes:

Model 1866 Yellow Boy Chambered in 44 Rimfire
Model 12, 20 Gauge
Model 1873 .38-40 Cal. Made in 1882
Model 1894 Lever Action Rifle in .30 WCF
Model 70 (pre-1964) .30-06

More details on this commemorative lineup of bullet boards will be available throughout 2016 on Winchester.com and communicated through Winchester Ammunition social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.