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Federal Premium Adds to Lineup of American Eagle Rifle Ammunition

Sunday, April 15th, 2018

ANOKA, Minnesota – April 12, 2018 – Federal Premium is pleased to announce it has added new calibers and grain weights to its full line of American Eagle rifle ammunition. Shipments are being delivered to dealers.

American Eagle rifle ammunition offers consistent, accurate performance at a price that’s perfect for high-volume shooting. The already expansive line has grown for 2018, adding some of the most popular calibers on the market, including the all-new, Federal Premium-designed 224 Valkyrie, as well as 6.5 Creedmoor and 223 Rem. All feature quality bullets, reloadable brass cases and dependable primers.

Features & Benefits

• New 224 Valkyrie load produces extreme long-range accuracy from the MSR 15 platform and short-action bolt rifles

• New 6.5 Creedmoor and 223 Rem. offerings

• Accurate bullets

• Reloadable brass

• Consistent primers

• Reliable feeding and function

• Priced for high-volume shooting

Part No. / Description / MSRP

AE223T75 / 223 Rem. 75-grain FMJ / $12.95

AE224VLK1 / 224 Valkyrie 75-grain FMJ / $13.95

AE65CRD2 / 6.5 Creedmoor 120-grain BTHP / $26.95

Federal Premium is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. For more information on Federal Premium, go to

Federal Premium Ammunition Rejoins National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

ANOKA, Minnesota – April 10, 2018 – Federal Premium Ammunition is pleased to announce the company has renewed its membership in the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) and will attend the group’s 2018 Expo and Annual Meeting October 16-19 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Our commitment to NASGW supports the association’s mission to unite shooting sports industry members in promoting their common interests and strengthening the supply chain that delivers high-quality ammunition, firearms, optics and accessories to consumers,” said Jim Bruno, Federal Premium’s Senior Vice President of Ammunition Sales.

Incorporated in 1954, NASGW organizes and sponsors the Expo and Annual Meeting which provides educational, marketing and communications opportunities for hunting and shooting sports wholesalers, manufacturers and sales professionals. The association also encourages high standards of manufacturing and merchandising, distributes information critical to industry members, and serves as a liaison with other trade, advocacy and firearms rights organizations. For details, visit:

“We look forward to productive meetings with our wholesale customers at the upcoming Expo,” Bruno continued. “The show allows Federal Premium to work with our customers to plan 2019 marketing campaigns, present new products and devise creative selling strategies to reinforce and expand our share of a competitive market. Ultimately, these collaborative efforts provide end users with the best products, services and shooting experiences possible.”

Remington is Now Shipping Golden Saber Black Belt Ammunition Featuring a New Belted Bullet Design

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Madison, NC –  Engineered in conjunction with law enforcement professionals, for law enforcement professionals, the new Golden Saber Black Belt load is now available.  GSBB 9mm and 40 S&W offerings are shipping now.

In tests measuring terminal performance through ordinance gelatin as well as ordinance gelatin with additional barriers such as heavy clothing, steel, wall board, glass and plywood, Remington Golden Saber Black Belt ammunition dominated in head-to-head competition. At the heart of the new line of ammunition is the ground-breaking Black Belt bullet—developed utilizing the stringent FBI Barrier Test Protocol for optimal performance.

Like the venerable Golden Saber, the Black Belt bullet is constructed of a brass jacket and hollow point cavity with spiral nose cuts. Additionally, this new product features the innovative Mechani-Lokt™ belt and hourglass shape that firmly locks the core and jacket together at the mid- and rear sections. A double measure to prevent core and jacket separation for high weight retention and predictable penetration even when encountering the toughest barriers. These key characteristics collectively provide consistent expansion, penetration and weight retention for absolute predictable terminal performance. Finally, the driving band located at the rear of the bullet insures proper alignment in the bore for maximum accuracy.

Additional benefits and features of Golden Saber Black Belt ammunition include:

• Optimized primer for consistent ignition and reduced muzzle flash

• Corrosion resistant nickel-plated cases for reliable feed and function

• Flash suppressed powder for minimal muzzle flash

• Waterproof seal at neck and primer pocket for added reliability

Initial offerings include loads for 9mm Luger (standard and +P), 40 S&W and 45 Auto cartridges.

SIG SAUER Introduces 6.5 Creedmoor SIG HT Hunting Ammunition

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

Newington, NH (April 3, 2018) – SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to add a 6.5 Creedmoor round to its line of SIG HT™ premium-grade, copper hunting ammunition.  Like all SIG HT Elite Performance Ammunition offerings, the 6.5 Creedmoor features an all-copper bullet that delivers deep penetration and consistent 1.8x diameter expansion.  The 120gr 6.5 Creedmoor bullet has a muzzle velocity of 2,825 fps with muzzle energy of 2,126 ft-lbs, making it an excellent load for medium-sized game such as deer and antelope.

“The 6.5 Creedmoor is one of the hottest loads on the market and is increasingly popular with hunters due to its high ballistic coefficient which allows it to push through wind with less drag, delivering a flat trajectory and minimal recoil,” said Bud Fini, Executive Vice President of the SIG SAUER Ammunition Division and Special Projects.  “In addition to the SIG HT hunting round, SIG SAUER also offers a 6.5 Creedmoor Match Grade OTM load featuring a140gr Sierra MatchKing® bullet.”

SIG HT premium-grade, copper hunting ammunition is now available in five calibers: 300BLK, 223 Rem, 308 Win, 300 Win Mag and 6.5 Creedmoor.

SIG HT cartridges are made with premium nickel-plated shell cases, and flash-reduced propellant is used to minimize visible signature while shooting in low-light situations.  Premium quality primers are also used to minimize variations in velocity.

The SIG HT ammunition is produced on state-of-the-art loading equipment with electromechanical monitoring for charge weight consistency and geometric conformity.   All SIG SAUER Elite Performance Ammunition is manufactured by SIG SAUER at its new ammunition manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Arkansas to the same exacting standards as the company’s premium pistols and rifles.  For more  information, visit

USSOCOM Adopts 6.5 Creedmoor

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Last Spring, USSOCOM undertook a study of 6.5 family cartridges to determine a path forward for Precision Intermediate Caliber Ammunition. Over the last year, USASOC, the primary driver of this initiative, narrowed it down to 260 Remington and 6.5 Creemoor. Testing indicated that the two calibers performed very closely.

Last month, the command conducted a reliability test, using two incumbent weapons, currently in US service; the FN SCAR Heavy and KAC M110. Two weapons of each type were used, one was in 260 Remington and the other in 6.5 CM. What they found is that both weapons performed just as well and were just as reliable in either caliber.

As both cartridges were similarly accurate and reliable, the determining factor for selection of 6.5 CM would end up being trade space. The prevailing attitude is that there was more room with the 6.5 CM to further develop projectiles and loads.

I don’t expect a major announcement, or any fanfare with this decision. Instead, you’ll begin to see small movements toward configuring weapons to utilize this round.

At the USASOC Sniper Competition, there were several weapons in 6.5 CM. Yesterday, we gave a little tease on Instagram of a Knight’s Armament Co M110 in 6.5 CM.


Today, I fired a FN Mk20 in 6.5 CM which was configured as a demonstrator for new features, such as a non-reciprocating charging handle and AR-style stock. Shooting a SCAR Heavy is like taming a beast, but with 6.5 CM, the recoil impulse was negligible.


Briefings last year indicated that SOCOM was interested in looking at an intermediate cartridge family gas gun and light machine gun. However, the lay Of the land is a little different now. I do not expect a full and open competition for a new car being in 6.5 CM. Rather, I expect them to modify the 7.62 rifles they already own. Additionally, there has been no recent talk of looking at a light machine gun in that caliber.

Federal Receives Five-Year Duty Ammunition Contract from Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

ANOKA, Minnesota – March 15, 2018 – Federal Premium is proud to have secured a significant ammunition contract with the Swedish Police Authority, Danish National Police and Norwegian Police. These forces have committed to a five-year contract beginning in 2018 for the delivery of 223 Rem./5.56x45mm Tactical Bonded and 308 Win. Tactical Bonded Tip ammunition for use in all duty rifles.

“Police in Norway, Sweden and Denmark will now be relying on Federal Premium in their duty rifles to keep their residents safe and protected,” said Federal Premium President Jason Vanderbrink. “We’re extremely proud of this important contract. Our Tactical Bonded ammunition was chosen for its reliability, accuracy, terminal performance and ability to defeat barriers.”

Designed to penetrate the toughest barriers while maintaining terminal performance, both rounds have quickly become the choice for some of the most intense duty situations. The 308 Win. load in particular achieves accuracy and terminal performance unmatched by other ammunition.

Federal Premium is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. For more information on Federal Premium, go to

CCI Adds to Mini-Mag Product Line with Segmented Hollow Point

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

LEWISTON, Idaho – March 13, 2018 – CCI Ammunition is pleased to announce an addition to its popular Mini-Mag rimfire product line. New Mini-Mag Segmented Hollow Point combines all of what made the original a favorite with a bullet engineered to split into three equal-size parts on impact, creating three distinct wound channels that quickly take down small game and varmints. Shipments are being delivered to dealers.

Mini-Mag remains one of CCI’s most popular 22 LR lines, offering unbeatable accuracy, high velocities, flat trajectories and superior reliability. New Mini-Mag Segmented Hollow Point also features CCI’s extremely reliable priming and specialized powders for clean, consistent ignition.

Features & Benefits

• Segmented Hollow Point bullet

• Bullet design splits into three equal size parts on impact

• Flat shooting and highly accurate to maximize effective range

• Reliable feeding

• Clean-burning powder causes significantly less barrel fouling

• Consistent CCI priming

Part No. / Description / MSRP

36CC / Mini-Mag 22 LR 40-grain SHP / $9.95

CCI is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. For more information on CCI Ammunition, go to

Reaper Ammunition Partners with SEAL 1 CLP Plus and Lehigh Defense

Friday, March 16th, 2018

“Reaper Ammunition” have partnered up with SEAL 1 “CLP Plus” and Lehigh Defense. What better way to have a partnership. Reaper Controlled Chaos, dirties the weapon and SEAL 1 Cleans the weapon. Its a match made for each other. The ying to the yang.

The partnership works like this, Reaper Outdoors is going to sell SEAL 1 products on their E commerce. and SEAL 1 is going to distribute and be a fulfillment center for the New England States. SEAL 1 is Headquartered out of the state of Maine. This will open up many New England Stores because of the lower cost of shipping. Reaper Ammunition is currently owened and operated by Navy SEAL Ron Bellan, Host of the show “ Survive the Hunt”. Reaper Ammo is taking the lead no the net generation of bullets, using brass and copper projectiles from Lehigh Defense.

Ron Bellan, call sign, Reaper 01 has this to say, “If i am making bullets for the next generation, then we will be around a long time, All the companies I have partnered up with, SEAL 1 and Lehigh Defense not only to make the best bullets, projectiles and weapons cleaning products, we give back. All the Reaper packaging has the SOWW logo printed, Special Operations Wounded Warriors Charity.

All three companies donate a annual check to the charity. We do this so the customer doesn’t have to and we want to give back to those who have sacrificed and served our country. My brothers and sisters in arms deserve it. When people purchase a Reaper Product they are not only getting a very high quality product, but are giving back to a great organization thats doing great things for great people. I am proud and blessed to have SEAL 1 and Lehigh defense as partners.”