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Barnes Expands its Precision Match Line with 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor and 260 Remington

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Mona, UT – Barnes Bullets developed Precision Match ammunition for the elite, technical shooters who demand uncompromising performance. Barnes Precision Match is now available in 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor and 260 Remington.

Precision Match Ammunition, engineered for precision at extreme distances, features exceptionally low standard deviations and extreme variations due to Barnes’ exacting manufacturing and quality standards. Precision Match rounds are loaded with a match grade OTM (Open Tip Match) BT projectile featuring a long boat tail and high B.C. As an additional bonus, scan the QR code located on the back of each box to view Doppler radar generated drop tables specific to each load.


SIG SAUER Introduces New 223 Rem and 308 Win SIG FMJ Rifle Ammunition

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

Newington, N.H. (July 30, 2018) – SIG SAUER continues to grow its Elite Performance line of rifle ammunition with the addition of 223 Rem and 308 Win full metal jacket (FMJ) rounds for training. SIG FMJ practice ammunition is ideal for those seeking cost-efficient, high-quality rounds for target practice. The 55gr 223 Rem load has muzzle velocity of 3,240 fps with muzzle energy of 1,282 ft-lbs, and the 150gr 308 Win has a muzzle velocity of 2,900 fps with muzzle energy of 2,802 ft-lbs.


“We have been inundated with requests for ball ammunition in these popular rifle calibers,” said Brad Criner, Senior Director, Brand Management and Business Development, SIG SAUER Ammunition. “This new SIG FMJ rifle ammunition fills a need for those who want to practice their shooting without paying match-grade prices for competition-level performance.”

All SIG SAUER Elite Performance Ammunition is manufactured by SIG SAUER at its new ammunition manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Arkansas to the same exacting standards as the company’s premium pistols and rifles. For more information, visit www.sigsauer.com/ammunition.

SIG SAUER Introduces Match Elite Pistol Competition Ammunition

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

NEWINGTON, N.H., (July 10, 2018) – SIG SAUER is pleased to introduce Match Elite pistol competition ammunition.   Available in 147gr 9mm Luger, the soft-shooting, low-recoil Match Elite load features coated nickel cases and fast, clean-burning powder for exceptional performance and shootability in fast-paced competitions. Velocities will range from approximately 860 to 900 fps, depending on the type of pistol used.  With a power factor between 126 and 132, these loads are legal for all USPSA competitions and the lower felt recoil allows competition shooters to stay on target, resulting in faster and more accurate shots.

“This is the most accurate competition load I have ever shot,” said Max Michel, Jr., Captain of Team SIG.  “The SIG SAUER Match Elite consistently delivers groupings of less than two inches at 25 yards versus four inches on average with other ammunition, making it the ideal choice for professional and everyday shooters who want to improve their performance.”


“SIG SAUER always strives to improve upon existing products and the new Match Elite pistol competition ammunition is another example of this,” said Brad Criner, Senior Director, Brand Management and Business Development, SIG SAUER Ammunition.  “This load was developed by SIG ammunition engineers, working very closely with Max Michel and Lena Miculek, to be the ultimate pistol competition load. The reduced charge weight delivers lower felt recoil, giving shooters an edge from a speed and accuracy standpoint.”

SIG SAUER Match Elite ammunition is only available online at sigsauer.com/store for $24.50 per box of 50 rounds.  Cases of 10 boxes are also available while supplies last.

All SIG SAUER Match Elite Ammunition is manufactured by SIG SAUER at its state-of-the-art ammunition manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Arkansas to the same exacting standards as the company’s premium pistols and rifles.  For more information, visit www.sigsauer.com/ammunition.

Federal Ammunition Unveils New Enhanced Mobile Ballistics App

Monday, July 9th, 2018

ANOKA, Minnesota – July 9, 2018 – Federal Ammunition’s new enhanced mobile app is a powerful tool to help hunters and shooters streamline and maximize all facets of the shooting experience.

“Technology drives everything at Federal Ammunition,” said Federal Senior Digital Marketing Manager Angie Sullivan. “This all-new app brings a range of advanced tools to one convenient place and allows you to access them even while offline.”

Compatible with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, the new ballistics app features updated ballistic calculator data and the ability to save ballistics, plus updated ammo recommendations and a fresh, new, user-friendly design.

“With the new Federal Ammunition app, hunters and shooters can quickly and easily determine the trajectory for any rifle or handgun load, and save the data for future reference,” Sullivan continued. “Plus, the app allows you to identify which ammunition to use in a variety of shooting situations, locate your closest Federal dealer and find a nearby shooting range where you can enjoy all the benefits of Federal’s industry leading products.”

The ballistics app also offers detailed information on the components and technology that set Federal Premium products apart from other ammunition.

Consumers can get the app through the iTunes Store or Google Play.

New Winchester WWII Victory Series Ammunition

Thursday, July 5th, 2018


Winchester Introduces its WWII Victory Series Ammunition, a One-of-a-Kind Collectible. Winchester pays honor to the anniversary of World War II with its Victory Series ammunition, specially packaged in collector’s cartons and wood boxes. All ammunition as part of the series will also include special head stamps and period correct load specifications.



Kit Badger – 8.6 Creedmoor & The Fix by Q

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

Kit Badger goes over the new 8.6 Creedmoor, essentially the big brother to the 300 Blackout. The platform is The Fix by Q.

To read the rest of the story, visit kitbadger.com/8-6-creedmoor-the-fix-by-q

Ammunition Depot Grab-and-Go Tactical Sling Packs

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Ammunition Depot Tactical Sling Packs come pre-loaded with a variety of ammo choices for anytime you need to grab and go!


Boca Raton, Fla. (June 2018) – Ammunition Depot introduces their Tactical Sling Pack, combining a rugged sling pack with a variety of ammunition choices for that grab and go situation. The sling packs can be easily slung over a shoulder or used as a pouch. The large zippered section features two internal pockets and the small zippered section with one internal pocket. A hook and loop patch on the front is perfect for placing patches and Ammunition Depot is placing their PVC Flag patch on every sling pack. Additionally, the sling pack has MOLLE straps on the front and sides for additional pouch attachments and on the back is a pouch for concealed carry. The sling pack measures 11″ H x 8″ W x 2″ D. The Tactical Sling Pack is available in Black, Coyote Tan and OD Green, Black Python and ACU.

“Our customers are busy people and when you ask them what they like about Ammunition Depot, besides the great service, pricing and variety, it’s convenience,” Scott Blick, managing partner of Ammunition Depot, explained. “Choose your favorite round and we’ll do the rest. We’ll pre-pack it in a convenient rugged tactical sling pack so all you have to do is grab your sling pack and hit the range. The pricing is so affordable, why just order one when you can have different packs already preloaded with different calibers?”

Whether its boxed or bagged ammo, Ammunition Depot’s Tactical Sling Pack stuffs each pack with your choice of .223, .380, .45 ACP, 9MM or 5.56 rounds for under $100 a pack. Summer is here, spend your time on the range instead of loading your ammo carriers.

US Army Seeks Manufacturer For 338 NM AP & 300 NM Ball Ammo

Friday, June 1st, 2018

Oh ye, of little faith. I know some of you still don’t believe that the US military is adopting 338 Norma Magnum and 300 NM for the Advanced Sniper Rifle System. But it’s true. In addition to US Special Operations Command, both the Army and Marine Corps are also in.

Consequently, the US Army Contracting Command – Picatinny Arsenal, NJ on behalf of the Project Manager, Soldier Weapons (PM-SW) has issued a sources sought notice for the manufacture and delivery of the following cartridges for precision sniper applications:

• .338 Norma Magnum (NM), XM1162, Armor Piercing (AP) Ammunition (DODIC: AC32)
• .300 Norma Magnum (NM), XM1163, Ball Ammunition. (DODIC: AC33)

The 338 NM AP and 300 NM will be produced to Government provided detailed specifications and accepted in Government specified test barrels.

The Government contemplates an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract for Fiscal Years (FY) 20-25 for this acquisition (five years from date of award). The estimated quantity to be procured for each fiscal year is up to 2M for .300 NM and up to 1.2M for .338 NM AP at a production rate of 150,000 per month per cartridge type. Award is planned to be made in 1QFY20.

All responsible and interested sources should submit their capabilities to produce .338 NM AP and .300 NM like cartridge configurations. The respondent must demonstrate and provide valid documentation that they have the ability to produce a minimum of 1M of each cartridge type, annually. If a source is not capable or interested in producing both cartridges, the respondent should state which cartridges they are capable of producing.

Once a determination has been made by the Government as to the capabilities of the interested sources, the Government will release the required performance requirements and/or the detailed specifications.

Visit www.fbo.gov if interested.