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SHOT Show 17 – SIX12 Wood Stock Kit

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017


It’s a bit jarring given how ‘futuristic’ the SIX12 appears, but it also looks pretty slick. It’s also an officially offered accessory kit and not just a concept.


SHOT Show 17 – Crye Precision T-Shirt

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Each year Crye Precision offers a new T-shirt for sale, with proceeds to benefit various special operations charities. This is the 2017 shirt.

SHOT Show 17 – Crye Precision

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

A couple of years ago Crye Precision made the decision to not exhibit anything new at SHOT Show that wouldn’t be released on that same year. Consequently, there aren’t a lot of new items on display but they are definitely worth checking out.

Maritime JPC 2.0

The big story is the Maritime JPC 2.0. Using the basic construction of the JPC 2.0, including the rapid don/doff capability, this Maritime variant is manufactured from wayer shedding materials like mesh. Models available to accommodate SAPI and Swimmer Cut armor plates.

Maritime Pouches

Crye Precision created a suite of Maritime Pouches accompany the Maritime JPC 2.0. Using similar mesh construction of the Maritime JPC, the suite consists of Frag Pouch, GP Pouch 6x6x3, 5.56-7.62 Pouch, GP Pouch 9x7x3, 152/Bottle Pouch, amd Pack Zip-On Panel which are the most popular of the Smart Pouch Suite (SPS).

Maritime AVS

Similar to the Maritime JPC, this version of the AVS was developed for a special customer. They eliminated the foam in the back panel and incorporated printed mesh.

MOLLE Zip-On Panel 2.0

Updated version of the original, zip-on panel for Crye armor carriers. Incorporates bolt cutter/hydration pocket. All of the 2.0 zip-on panels are now available in just two sizes, S/M and L/XL rather than four sizes for the plate bags.  Fits many other brand vests.

Pack Zip-On Panel 2.0

This Top Loading zip-on pack panel incorprates bolt cutter/hydration pocket as well as two side access mag pockets. Fits many other brand vests.

Pouch Zip-On Panel 2.0

Like the others, this zip-on panel also attaches to the rear of an armor carrier. This one features the bolt cutter/hydration pocket as well as two side access mag pockets, but it also offers GP pouches which will accept the SPS inserts. Fits many other brand vests besides Crye.

Hitcoat Shoulders

Some customers wanted the molded armor protection of the Hitcoat shoulders but in a fashion which would attach to a more traditional armor vest.

Range Belt

The Range Belt is very similar to the LRB except that it offers an Austrialpin buckle for convenience as a more traditional belt and no hard loop. It’s not intended as a life support item.  Designed to be worn alone, inside the Modular Riggers Belt, or on top of the MRB Inner Belt, the Range Belt has inner Velcro to mate with the MRB Inner Belt. Additionally, it can be worn with other belt systems.

Contaminated Water Dive Suit

Developed for the Office of Naval Research, this dry suit attacked the problem of the interface of the suit to the full face mask which is where contaminants often infiltrate.

The Crye Precision solution was to move the interface away from the face as seen here.

One advantage is that facial hair doesn’t affect the seal. Additionally, this solution eliminates the head harness, long the source of headaches.


Crye Precision – Extendable Structural Kinetic Support System

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Crye Precision’s Structural Kinetic Support System (StKSS)™ allows a wearer to selectively transfer some or all of the weight of their armor vest to their hips. Their new EXTENDABLE StKSS™ allows the user some adjustability in ride height fir the vest. Additionally, the wearer’s shoulders and spinal column to be completely isolated from the weight being carried. Instead, the weight is transferred directly to the pelvis (hip bone) and legs.

Compatible with CPC™, Low Profile Blast Belt™, and AVS™ Belt. (Use Chassis™ StKSS™ Adapter for compatibility with Chassis™ and High Back Blast Belt™.)

Made in the US from US materials and offered in Black or Tan.


Crye Precision Compact Alpine Overwhites

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Winter is here and the CP Compact Alpine Overwhites, unveiled at SHOT Show, are now available.

Also available, the lightweight Alpine Pack Cover offered in Small and Large.


Crye Precision Founders Launch Vantage Arms, LLC Located in Tennesee To Manufacture Six12 Shotgun

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

Crye Precision founders Caleb Crye and Gregg Thompson have launched new brand Vantage Arms, LLC, to manufacture the Six12 Modular, Rotary Shotgun. They have located to the Nashville, Tennesee area where they will invest $5 million to move into a 22,000-square-foot facility at 1657 Murfreesboro Road.

Gregg Thompson told the Nashville Post, “We couldn’t be more excited to begin this new endeavor in Nashville, it’s absolutely critical to the success of the company that we have the right people at the helm and the right environment to grow. We’ve come to the clear conclusion that Tennessee, and Nashville specifically, offers a top-notch workforce and a climate that is unwavering in its support of innovation.”

The 12 guage Six12 uses a six round rotary magazines like a revolver but which can be removed for loading. The shotgun has been paired with the SilencerCo Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor as seen above. Originally envisioned as a breaching shotgun, the bullpup’s modular design allow it to be configured as a stand-alone weapon or attached to an M4 carbine.

Designed at Crye Precision’s home base at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the Six12 was unveiled several years ago. However, production at that location was problematic due to regulation. The move to Murfreesboro is a sound one where they plan to hire 100 employees. We wish them well in this new endeavor.

Crye Precision Releases EXP Pack Family

Monday, August 15th, 2016

At SHOT Show, Crye Precision introduced their EXP series of packs. Offered in 1500 (H: 18.75” (27.75” Extended) W: 12.5” D: 7.25” (11” Expanded)) and 2100 (H: 21” (29” Extended) W: 12.5” D: 9.25” (12.75” Expanded)) cu in sizes, the EXP series is a low profile option. It is a panel loader, with a generous zipper which extends beyond more than three sides in order to open the bag completely.  

As you’ll note from the dimensions, these are like Transformers, there’s more than meets the eye. Thanks to some well hidden zippers, the packs will expand in volume to accept larger loads.

-Full perimeter (lay-flat) opening allows easy access to contents and offers all the benefits of both a top-opening and side-opening bag
-Fleece lined pocket fits medium to small sized tablets (H: 11” W: 8”)
-Top access laptop storage (H: 12.25” W: 19.75”)
-EXP™ PACK MOLLE INSERT (sold separately) for attaching pouches and gear
-Integrated expansion feature adds 500 cubic inches of volume
-Extends to carry items up to 27” long (29″ for 2100 model)
-Molded back pad with integrated air channels
-Internal PALS webbing on inside walls
-Internal mesh divider separates front compartment and main compartment
-Convenient briefcase style side handle
-Removable sternum strap
-Removable 3D formed frame sheet
-Removable waist belt (2100 only)
-Radio/H2O port at top of bag (2100 only)

Offered in Black, Gray, Ranger Green and MultiCam.

Additionally, they’ve introduced a MOLLE Insert (mentioned above) which is a rigid skeletonized plastic frame that accepts PALS equipped pouches. It slips right into the pack’s main compartment and includes two lashing straps in case you want to lash something to it.

Made in USA from US materials.


Crye Precision Presents – “Into The Breach”

Monday, May 30th, 2016

“Into The Breach” remains just as poignant today as it was when Crye Precision presented this tribute to our fallen on Memorial Day 2013.