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M16/M4 Handbook

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

M16/M4 Handbook–an Operational Guide to the Standard U.S. Military Assault Rifle

Mike Pannone’s excellent handbook, “M16/M4 Handbook–an Operational Guide to the Standard U.S. Military Assault Rifle” has been on the market for several months now but we don’t feel it has been given all of the exposure it deserves. In our opinion, it should be issued to every member of the military the day they arrive at Basic Training, regardless of branch of service. In fact, to echo one reviewer’s comments, issue of the handbook shouldn’t be limited to military members but to law enforcement as well as anyone who employs the M16 or M4. It is filled with the pertinent facts required to properly operate and maintain the M16 family of weapons. Notice it is a handbook. It’s compact size means that you can keep it handy when training.

Mike Pannone began his service in the Marines serving in Recon. Later he transferred to the Army and served in it’s Special Operations Forces. He has also served as a defense contractor and currently serves as an instructor. To put it lightly, Mike Pannone knows his way around a carbine.

At $19.95 look at it as an investment. The handbook is available from Blackheart International.

Logan Coffey

Monday, August 25th, 2008

As many of you know, longtime friend and all around good guy Logan Coffey was killed on April 20th, 2008. He started by sewing in his barracks room and went on to found Tactical Tailor. Among his many achievements was the invention of MALICE clip.

Tactical Tailor has revamped their website and added a small section Logan. You can see it here.

Support Tactical Tailor.

Mystery Ranch Overkill NICE Frame

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Mystery Ranch

Designed to haul extreme loads up to 200 lbs, the Overkill frame from Mystery Ranch was the next logical step in development of their NICE technology which was designed to carry loads of up to 120 lbs. Unfortunately, some career fields regularly find themselves carrying packs weighing in excess of 100 lbs and this is exactly the application that the Overkill frame was designed for; sustained heavy loads. So what makes the Overkill different than the standard NICE frame? It features the new Overkill Futura yoke that is two inches wider than the yoke on the NICE frame and it is also reinforced by an additional (two total) full-length aluminum stays for stability. Additionally, the Overkill incorporates MR’s 5 Segmented Lumbar Wrap which has a hard shell.

Mystery Ranch NICE Overkill Frame

Naturally, adaptability is the key and the the Overkill frame can be used either in conjunction with a multitude of specialized pack bags (Mystery Ranch has five) or alone as a pack frame to move irregular loads.

Mystery Ranch NICE Overkill Frame

A great accessory for any NICE frame is the Straps ‘N’ Flaps which is designed to mate an ALICE pack to the NICE frame.

Mystery Ranch Straps ‘N’ Flaps

The NICE and Overkill NICE frames are available in Coyote and Foliage.

For more information contact Mystery Ranch.

All photos property of Mystery Ranch.

Off-Duty: LeoAdventures

Sunday, August 24th, 2008


When I was still served in the military I joined an interesting organization named LeoAdventures. They are a service organization designed to honor and serve those in Government, they are essentially a buying club but with a very exclusive membership. Membership is reserved for Government employees. They collect an annual membership fee of $19.99. This and LeoAdventures negotiating discounts for their members allows Public Servants to avoid receiving special gifts or gratuities which would violate ethics regulations.

Although I was familiar with the program I spoke with President Leslie Mellott at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. She is there every show looking for new vendors to add the the program. A wife of a long-serving Government employee, Leslie knows not only the risks her husband takes but also the sacrifices the entire family makes for their life of service. I really appreciate what she does.

One important point about this program is that it is for serving Public Safety and Military members. I feel that it is important to recognize these individuals whenever we can and I can remember how hard it was to raise a family and give them those extras on a military salary. The discounts provided through LeoAdventures membership do both. They honor our heroes and help them provide a better quality of life for themselves and their families. If you serve your community or nation I recommend you join. If you are like me and are a retiree or a supporter of our Nation’s finest then I urge to contact LeoAdventures and purchase a gift membership for someone you know.

The Brands LeoAdventures has agreements with:
Blue Seventy
Brooks Running
Carey & Company
Dell Computer
Flyfishing Benefactors
Horny Toad
ISIS for Women
MH Bertucci
Nuun Hydration
Rudy Project
Sherpani alpina
SOG Specialty Knives
Working Advantage
Zeal Optics

They can be reached at LeoAdventures.

Writing for Soldier Systems Blog

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

If you want to write for Soldier Systems Blog its pretty simple. Contact the Editor with your article idea. Generally, we want an article that is a couple of paragraphs long and answers the basic who, what, where, when, and why. Pictures are also helpful but make sure you have permission of the owners. We are happy to give you a by-line but since this is a non-wealth generating pursuit there will be no payment. However, so far everyone has wanted to keep it anonymous.

Interested parties can contact Soldier Systems Blog at [email protected].

The admin stuff:

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Otte Gear – Follow Up

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Otte Gear Alpine Jacket

The editor has been messing around with an Otte Alpine jacket for about 2 weeks now. Impressions? Comfy…Snug but not tight. Well designed; accommodates full range of motion. Its very well done and as we stated before, the fit is right on with military sizing. So what makes the Otte Gear Alpine jacket so special? Design and materials. They use a treated softshell fabric that sheds wind and rain as well as stains and abrasion and it breathes; breathes very well.

This technical stretch woven jacket is a great choice for movements in cool conditions. Its alpine cut fits well with climbing harnesses, packs, as well as armor and the hood is designed to be worn with a helmet. The chest pockets are well placed and the sleeve pockets are very generous but did not get in the way even when fully stuffed. Plus the jacket is made in the USA.

Colors include Black, Foliage, Coyote and Multicam. Available in Small – 2 XL.
The Alpine Jacket can be purchased from OTTE.

All photos used with permission of OTTE Gear LLC.

Kifaru PackLock Clothing

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Kifaru, makers of some of the finest military packs on the face of the earth have hit another home run. Last year they tackled sleep systems with the Regulator Sleeping Bag System. Their Woobie is the best thing to happen to the Soldier since well, the poncho liner. Kifaru took teh Regulator technology one step further and created a 24/7 climate control system of clothing. Mel at Kifaru has been keeping us updated on the progress of this project and we have been anxiously awaiting its release after trying on some of the samples at SHOT 08 in Las Vegas.

They developed a system to literally lock the back of your garments into the packs suspension. It isn’t going to creep no matter how long you carry your pack.

I absolutely recommend that you check it out for yourself. For more info contact Kifaru.

Fisher Trekker Space Pen

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Fisher Space Pen logo

I’ve been using Fisher Space pens for quite some time but one of its major shortcomings is that everyone who sees me using it wants one too. Obviously, this means I’ve “given” lots of them away over the years. At the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, I stopped by the Fisher booth to ask about the cool camo finish I had seen on some space pens. Unfortunately, they told me that the multi-layered finishes were difficult to deal with and the thickness kept the caps from being placed on the end when writing. However, there was some good news. They plan on a tan variant of the bullet pen soon. I related my tail of woe over constantly losing my pens and they showed me the Trekker. It has a ring for a lanyard so you can tie it down. I am currently on the lookout for a Trekker.

Fisher Space Pen Trekker

For more information contact Fisher Space Pens.