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Energizer Unveils Helmet Light

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

How serendipitous. Just as we publish our review of the Hard Case Tactical light Energizer releases two new lights. This is just a peek. We will have more details after our visit to Modern Day Marine.

Energizer Helmet Light

We took a look at this new light today and we are very excited. There will be a much more in depth article very soon but here are a few facts to whet your appetite.

Four light modes:
– High-intensity White LED (35 lumens)
– Dedicated on/off switch
– High/Medium/Low settings
– Blue LED for light-discipline and medical applications
– Dedicated on/off switch
– High/Medium/Low settings
– Infrared (IR) light for use with night-vision devices
– 880 nanometer rating
– IR strobe flashes for Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) capability
– Blink rate is two per second

Helmet mount does not protrude below rim of helmet; allowing helmet to lay flat when not being worn

The Science of Nothing – The Story of WL Gore’s New Camo Pattern

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Gore Optifade Concealment Technology – remember that name. It will probably be one of the biggest things at SHOT show this year but you can find out all about it now. Optifade has been developed specifically for the hunting and outdoor market but the information on the website is fantastic. It is presented in a Discovery Channel-style documentary format and I suggest everyone check it out for themselves. Of particular interest is the interview with Tim ONeil.

For more information check out Optifade. Not only do they discuss the science behind the camo, they also show behind the scenes at WL Gore.

Energizer Hard Case Tactical Light

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Energizer Hard Case Tactical Light
Its been almost two months since I attended the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. One of the many companies I met with was Energizer. And so I am sure the first thing out of your mouth is, “Energizer?”. And well, quite frankly, my answer is, “of course”. Not only have they been in the battery business for over a century, they have been making flashlights as well. They sent me a Hard Case Tactical light right after the show and I have been using it in a variety of environments. Initially, I was a bit concerned over the light’s size. However, my assessment is that it is beefy but not heavy and in my opinion the perfect replacement for the old GI Anglehead Flashlight (MX-993/U).
Energizer Hard Case Tactical LightUS GI Anglehead Flashlight
Sure, they resemble each other; somewhat. They both have an angle head, the capacity for color filtered light, and both have a clip to attach the light to equipment but that is pretty much where the similarities end. In fact, you can’t even truly say that the Hard Case Tactical has an angled head since it swivels a good 125 degrees up and down. This comes in handy since the base of the light is flat and you can swivel the head down to illuminate a work space (or card game).

Energizer Hard Case Tactical LightEnergizer Hard Case Tactical Light

Whereas, the old Anglehead light used two D-cells, the new Hard Case Tactical uses two AA batteries and throws more light. The Hard Case utilizes four LEDs; the main white light lamp, a red LED, blue LED and IR (strobe) LED.

Hard Case Battery Compartment

Due to the use of AA batteries and LED lamps the light only weighs 8 ounces and that’s with the batteries.

Hard Case IR Light Control

I only have one real complaint with the light and that would be the switches. You have to rotate the base to control the IR light. Now rotating the base for the IR light isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it mitigates NDs for the IR light which can be at the best of times embarrassing and the worst of times deadly if a foe is equipped with NODs. My other gripe is that the main switch is on the bottom, but does at least feature a momentary switch. Unfortunately, due to its location, it isn’t exactly handy if you need momentary control of the light. I really like the momentary switches for the blue and red ancillary lights located right at your trigger finger. Additionally, they are all silent switches, designed to last the lifetime of the light.

Hard Case MOLLE Clip
The light is molded in Black and OD ABS plastic with rubberized panels to protect the light and ensure a positive grip in wet conditions. The MOLLE clip and side panels are manufactured from Black-coated stainless steel. The MOLLE clip will attach to most anything but was designed dimensionally for use with PALS webbing.

Overall, it’s a great light.

BattleLab Optics Bags with or without Laptop Insert

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Over the past few months we have published articles on equipment designed for reconnaissance and surveillance operations. This type of work generally requires quite a bit of communications and electronics that can be vulnerable to environmental conditions if not stored properly. Diamondback Tactical’s BattleLab division has a couple of pack inserts designed specifically for this mission set called the Optics Bag and it comes with or without a laptop insert. One is for optics only, the second for optics with the addition of a padded computer sleeve.

DBT BattleLab Optics Bag

The Optics Bags are padded bags and constructed of 1000D nylon with YKK brand zippers. Modular in design, the user can configure the bag to fit his specific equipment such as laptops, night vision systems, telephoto lenses and cameras or optical recording devices. The lid features four zippered pockets including a utility pocket, a large mesh pocket for storing small objects and two clear plastic pouches for storing items that need extra protection. The Optics Bag is also available with an external padded computer sleeve on the lid.

Each insert is specifically designed to fit into a BattleLab SOF Assault Pack or the BattleLab Jumpable Backpack but can also be used as a stand alone bag. The insert features a grab handle to facilitate movement.

To order go to Diamondback Tactical.

Photo courtesy of Diamondback Tactical.

Trekker Tactical Pen from Fisher Space Pen

Saturday, September 27th, 2008


About a month ago we wrote about Fisher Space Pens. The new Tactical Black version of the Trekker is now available and comes with a D Ring and Neck Cord. I really like the way Space Pens write and I am looking forward to getting one. But the feature that I find most handy is the ability to tie it down. There is nothing worse than losing your writing utensil when you have to constantly take notes.

Trekker Tactical Pen

For more information contact Fisher Space Pens.

Bates Wins Special Operations Forces Contract to Manufacture High Performance Tactical Combat Boot

Friday, September 26th, 2008

SOF Lightweight Combat Boot

Bates developed the Tactical Combat Boot specifically to provide enhanced durability, stability, and traction in urban and field operations. The Vibram® Mutant outsole creates superior traction on wet and dry surfaces, while the direct-attach construction provides superior cushioning and durability. The anti-bacterial, abrasion-resistant Dri-Lex® Camo lining delivers enhanced moisture management and ensures soldiers’ feet remain cool, dry and comfortable.

“Bates is committed to being the leader in providing footwear solutions for all branches of the US Military – We intend to achieve this goal by leveraging a wide range of technologies and development expertise throughout Wolverine World Wide’s array of footwear brands such as Merrell and Wolverine Brand,” said Ron Woznick, Vice President and General Manager of Bates Footwear. “We feel privileged to provide yet another new footwear solution for our nation’s elite combat forces needs.”

The Special Forces Tactical Combat Boot joins the Chem Bio Protective Overboot and the Tora Bora(TM) Alpine Combat Boot as the mission footwear of choice for the Special Forces. All three products are manufactured with 100% domestic materials at Bates facilities in Big Rapids, Michigan and Jonesboro, Arkansas, maintaining the company’s commitment to manufacturing in the United States.

Bates is a leading supplier of uniform footwear to all branches of the U.S. military and has been building a reputation for uncompromising performance in uniform footwear for more than 120 years. Engineered advancements such as Bates DuraShocks® comfort system, Ultra-Lites® technology and Bates Individual Comfort System combine to set the brand apart and cement its status as the gold standard in uniform footwear. For more information and to view product lines, visit

With a commitment to service and product excellence, Wolverine World Wide, Inc. is one of the world’s leading marketers of branded casual, active lifestyle, work, outdoor sport, uniform footwear and apparel. Wolverine’s portfolio of highly recognized brands includes: Bates®, Hush Puppies®, HYTEST®, Merrell®, Sebago® and Wolverine®. The Company is also the exclusive footwear licensee of popular brands including CAT®, Harley- Davidson® and Patagonia®. The Company’s products are carried by leading retailers in the U.S. and globally in nearly 200 countries.

Klymit Insulation

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Klymit is an Ogden Utah based small business dedicated to revolutionary insulation technologies for the outdoor industry. Most recently, they have developed a Noble gas based insulation. Adapting air-based insulation systems, they developed a valve and storage system for noble-gases which are far more stable than the standard air that we breathe. This means no frozen condensation or leaks. The system is lighter, loftier, and more compactable than fabric insulation. What’s more, the wearer can control the amount of insulation utilizing the valve. The Noble gasses used in the Klymit system are eco-friendly as well as non-toxic, colorless, orderless, and 100% safe. The gas required for the system comes in small cartridges similar to those used for a CO2 airgun.

Klymit has several prototype garments including jackets, pants, ski boots, and gloves. Companies interested in licensing the technology should contact Klymit here.

How Klymit Insulation is Made

For more information check out their website.

All graphics courtesy of Klymit.

Off-Duty: Oakley 10th Mountain Line

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Oakley has recently unveiled a new line of products that pay homage to the 10th Mountain Division. Continuing their trend for military inspired clothing and eye wear, this new line of products includes a watch, pants, as well as several shirts and jackets.

Check out the entire line here.