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Tourniquet/GP Holder from 215 Gear

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Tourniquet/GP Holder from 215 Gear

Tourniquet/GP Holder from 215 Gear

215 Gear’s Tourniquet Holder was designed as an improvement over the rubber bands commonly in use. It is manufactured from molded plastic and elastic. In addition to tourniquets, the holder will keep many other items handy as well and come packaged two holders per bag.

The Tourniquet/GP Holder is available now from Extreme Outfitters and Grey Group Training. For more information from the manufacturer visit 215 Gear.

Photo from 215 Gear.

Contacting Soldier Systems Daily

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

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Tactical Impact TV on Youtube

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

User ADCOSteve has posted episodes of Tactical Impact on YouTube.

Camelbak’s New Direct Armor Attachment System

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

During OR we posted an short teaser about Camelbak’s new line of bladders designed to be fitted directly to armor vests. The Direct Armor Attachment System has been adapted to three new packs ArmorBak, ThermoBak, and the Ambush AB 500. They are designed to attach to the armor’s PALS webbing via a split bar side release buckle. Examples we saw at OR and AUSA were in UCP and Coyote. You should expect to see these hit shelves right after SHOT Show.

Camelbak Armorbak Camelbak Thermobak

Photos from Military Times.

TAG® Enhanced MTV Releasable Armor Carrier

Monday, December 29th, 2008


Tactical Assault Gear has announced a new carrier to fit Marines Corps MTV cut level IIIA soft armor, ESAPI ballistic plate system, neck, groin, and back down armor as an alternative to the issue system. The Marine Corps MTV issue armor system has been a sore subject since its inception and further procurements by the Marines were halted by Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. James Conway who said “I’m not quite sure how we got to where we are, but what I do know is it is not a winner.” The issues are varied, but one of the main concerns is not the actual armor, but the carrier itself. Marines find it cumbersome, heavy, and difficult to don and doff without assistance. General Conway also said, “It is heavier. It gives a little more protection — that is one of the net positives with it. We still need a lighter vest that gives us the same amount of protection”.

TAG® Enhanced MTV Releasable Armor Carrier - Front TAG® Enhanced MTV Releasable Armor Carrier - Rear TAG® Enhanced MTV Releasable Armor Carrier - Side

Armed with this information TAG® designed a new carrier system for the issued armor the Marine Corps and some Navy units are using. The carrier uses TAG’s® split-front opening, meaning you can leave one cummerbund attached at all times allowing the user to enter the carrier from the side and close it. The release system on TAG’s® Enhanced MTV carrier is the same patent pending design used on all of TAG’s® releasable armor carriers.

The Enhanced MTV carrier consists of single center pull pillow and cables that release both the shoulders & cummerbund at the same time. The pull pillow is designed to be pulled in any direction and work and the handle cannot be accidentally pulled because it is not a loop like the current one and can be pulled while sitting down as well. Additionally, the cummerbund includes removable pouches on the inside that accommodate the issued MTV soft armor inserts and side plates and locks in place and does not require stays to keep it from shifting while worn.

The most significant improvement is in the size adjustment options. The current MT’s sizing is a bit off so a Marine who should be wearing a medium is forced to wear a large for it to fit properly. The Enhanced MTV has slots in the side that fit the side plates. When the carrier is made smaller by the wearer the side plates will go into the vest. This allows for the armor in the vest to overlap on the sides increasing side protection.

The shoulders and upper torso section of the carrier are made with non slip rubberized nylon. This will ensure a solid platform when assuming different types of shooting positions as well as keep slings and pack straps from falling or slipping off the user’s shoulders. In addition it also eliminates the need for shoulder stops that currently come with the issued MTV.

This carrier is only available through TAG directly. The price is very reasonable at $369.95 for the carrier. For those attending SHOT Show in Orlando, they can check out the Enhanced MTV carrier at TAG’s® booth (number 9484).

Total Visibilityâ„¢ Tape from Cyalume

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Total Visibilityâ„¢ Tape from Cyalume

We recently ran across a little known product from Cyalume, makers of chem-lights called Total Visibility Tapeâ„¢. It is both reflective as well as glow in the dark. Naturally, you must charge it with white light before use. The tape is also self adhesive and can be used to mark pretty much anything.

Total Visibilityâ„¢ Tape Glow in the Dark

The part number for 1″ Total Visibilityâ„¢ tape is 9-30048 and for 2″ tape is 9-30075.

You can contact Cyalume for product and sales information, [email protected] or call us toll-free at 888-858-7881.

New Canadian Hot Weather Boots

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

As part of the Clothe The Soldier program the Canadian DND is procuring a new boot to replace their Hot Weather (Desert) Boot. Despite earlier experimental versions of boots with CADPAT uppers and soles, the new boot will be in a brown color.

Canadian Hot Weather Boot

The leather is a full grain nubuck with a dri-lex lining. Although considered a hot weather boot, it is completely leather and the Canadians take an interesting strategy to deal with heat build up. They have incorporated small ventilation holes in the leather above the ankle. While leather is generally more abrasion and puncture resistant than fabrics such as cordura, the fine powdery dust found in the Middle East will fill the boots with sand in no time.

Boot Upper

The outsole is Goodyear welted, but it’s a non-Vibram Canadian made sole unit, in a brown color. The photo depicts a non-issue black version of the sole used during testing.

New Sole

Amazingly, the DND has chosen to retain the ‘heel counter lining’ which is a piece of exposed 3mm rawhide leather around the ankle. This feature is found on the current Canadian Hot Weather (Desert) Boot, and the Boot, Combat, General Purpose which are notorious for blistering and chafing the wearer’s heel and Achilles tendon. The feature is usually found in footwear that lacks lacing such as cowboy boots in order to keep the shoe in place. However, when laces are also used, the result is generally friction.

Heel Counter Lining

Grip Pod

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Grip Pod Systems’ innovative Vertical Foregrip/Bipod has been well received by most troops for its ability to provide a stable shooting platform on a wide variety of surfaces. Mounted on a Picatinny Rail, users simply press a button in the top back of the grip and a spring-loaded bipod shoots out. To stow the legs, simply push them back up into the grip until they lock. Already, U.S. Tactical Supply is fulfilling a $6.9 million contract awarded in 2007 to supply 60,250 units Grip Pod Systems and they are providing a further 86,182 via an early 2008 contract. Additionally, the British Army is poised to begin receiving the item. In order to meet these demands, production is proceeding at 30,000 units per month.

Grip Pod

The Grip Pod currently comes in two models, one with aluminum legs at 11 oz. and one with polymer at 7oz. In addition, a Squad Designated Marksman version with longer legs allowing canting on uneven surfaces is arriving soon. A new accessory called the Grip Pod Light Rail involves one or two short Picatinny rails to be mounted with the grip allowing flashlights or other items to be manipulated by the thumb. Also, mounting a PEQ-4 laser designator in such close proximity eliminates any cord wrap issues.

One of the impressive features of the unit is that one can place the bipod on a thigh for rapid deployment even while slung. It also works well despite the use of MOLLE, Plates, etc.

Grip Pods are available from U.S. Tactical Supply.

-Story Submitted by Mike Perry