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EOTAC Mother of All Giveaways

Thursday, December 25th, 2008


EOTAC has announced a phenomenal sweepstakes giveaway which includes:

– Bushmaster M4A3 in .223 OR a DPMS Panther LR-308C in .308
– A case of Remington Match Grade Ammo
– EOTAC Tactical Pant
– EOTAC Long Sleeve Shirt
– EOTAC Tactical Vest
– EOTAC Range Cap
– EOTAC Vickers Gloves
– EOTAC Pocket Organizer

The average retail value is either $1,998 or $2,199 depending on which rifle is selected.

EOTAC Sweepstakes

No purchase is necessary and the contest ends at 11:59:59 p.m. EST March 31, 2009. For a complete list of rules visit here.

To enter visit EOTAC.

Army Halts Use of Woundstat

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

According an AP article the Army has halted distribution of the recently adopted Woundstat. Apparently, in testing on swine use of Woundstat directly on blood vessels leads to dangerous clotting issues. According to Jack McDonnell, chairman and CEO of Bethesda, Maryland based TraumaCure, Inc there have been no reported incidents or adverse outcomes in humans. Additionally, Woundstat has been approved by the FDA and is in widespread use in US hospitals.

215 Gear’s Operator Retention Lanyards

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

215 Gear’s Operator Retention Lanyard (Frog Style)

215 Gear has developed a family of retention lanyards used to secure the wearer to a fixed point like say, a helicopter floor, and one of these new lanyards is like no other on the market. The Frog style utilizes a Frog carabiner which in the climbing world serves the same purpose as utilizing dual carabiners. Additionally, it is easier to use than a standard carabiner or pelican clip (snap shackle) because it closes automatically when in contact with an anchor point. The Frog style lanyard comes with one end fitted with a snap shackle and the other end with a Frog fitting. The snap shackle connects to the first line belt or harness and the Frog carabiner to the anchor point. Manufactured from Mil-Spec 1” tubular is rated to 4,000 lbs with eight, 42 stitch bartacks on each running end, the Frog is rated to 26 KN (approximately 5,850 lbs).

215 Gear’s Operator Retention Lanyard Frog

215’s retention lanyards currently come in four varieties to suit a wide range of requirements but they are already working on a specialist design for aircrewmen.

For more information contact 215 Gear or to order contact Grey Group Training.

BFG Releases Trauma Kit NOW!â„¢

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Blue Force Gear has been developing a fine line of new tactical nylon. Their latest release is the Trauma Kit NOW!â„¢. Designed to be used one-handed, you simple pull the tab located on the front of the pouch and the tapered insert slides free from the carrier. The insert keeps your medical supplies well organized. The side pouch holds any Benchmadeâ„¢ Rescue Hook and the top of the pouch has a velcro patch as well as loops for BFG’s Tourniquet NOW Strapâ„¢.

BFG Trauma Kit NOW!â„¢

BFG Trauma Kit NOW!â„¢

Available in Multicam, UCP, and Coyote from Blue Force Gear.

Photos from Blue Force Gear.

SOCOM Pack Program Winners – Update

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

While there still is no official announcement, Granite Gear and their partner Montgomery Marketing Inc have announced that they have captured at least some of the SOCOM Pack program. Two packs were out for competition and they have won the Patrol Pack category with their Chief Patrol and they will begin manufacturing within 60 days.

Granite Gear Tactical Chief Patrol

Mystery Ranch, long thought to be the leader in the large Recce Ruck category has won and will be offering a custom design based on their internal frame technology.

Congratulations to both Granite Tactical and Mystery Ranch!

The Granite Tactical Gear line is currently available from Extreme Outfitters. Mystery Ranch information can be accessed here.

Picture from Extreme Outfitters.

Off Duty: Vibram FiveFingers

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

We saw these at OR last summer and hadn’t really thought about them until recently. They are pretty cool and while they probably won’t have much of a direct application for most of us, they look like a great idea for something to throw on during the off-duty hours to let the dogs breathe. What sets the FiveFingers apart from similar footwear is their five toed “barefoot” design.

Vibram FiveFingers Flow in Grey Camo

The photo above depicts the FiveFingers Flow which serve as an excellent water sock as the upper is 1.2mm Neoprene. Additional models include the Classic‘s minimalist design with an anti-microbial foot bed and abrasion-resistant stretch polyamide upper. Additionally, the KSO designed to “Keep Stuff Out” with its higher top and fore and aft closure. And last but not least is the Sprint, featuring a low top and secure fit.

They are available in a variety of colors depending on the model including camo.

For more information check out the FiveFingers website. Photo from Vibram.

SOG Multi-Tools

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

SOG Knives

SOG Knives manufactures several models of multi-tools and I have been using the Black Oxide PowerLock EOD for several years. SOG’s multi-tools offer a variety of unique features. One of the smartest things they have done is position the cap crimper in the handle rather than the jaws of the pliers. This position combined with the compound pressure design allows you to apply plenty of pressure to the task of crimping.

SOG PowerLock EOD

Additionally, on the newer model the pliers are true needle nose. As you can see the tips of the needle nose now come to a definite point. SOG has also incorporated a hard wire cutter on each PowerLock.

SOG Pliers

The compound pressure feature seen below uses a set of gears to increase the leverage placed on the tool by your natural grip by two-fold.

SOG Power Lock

One of the greatest things about SOG Tools is that they are modular. Over time, you may need additional capabilities beyond your requirements when you first acquired your tool. By removing the hex head bolt that holds the individual tool heads in place you can swap out individual tools. This feature makes the SOG Tool a long-term investment. The array of tools available is incredible and grows regularly.

1/4″ Drive
1/4″ Socket Adapter
3″ 1/2 Serrated Blade
3″ Serrated Blade
3″ Straight Blade
Bottle Opener & Medium Screwdriver
C-4 Spike
Can Opener & Small Screwdriver
Double Tooth Saw
File (3 Sided)
Handle Covers
Phillips Screwdriver
Robertson Drive
Screwdriver (Large)
Serrated Line Cutter

SOG provides an excellent chart that correlates features with different models.

For more information check out SOG Knives.

Army Modular Boot

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

The Army is taking the lead for the development of a single set of boots for most environments. In fact they have already undergone testing. The main reason for the program is cost. A single footwear system could replace separate boots for every environment from desert to arctic and enhance readiness as each Soldier would not have to be issued specialty footwear prior to deployment.

Army Modular Boot System

The prototype manufactured by Belleville Show Manufacturing Co. could replace four types of boots in service now. The prototype was selected after a two-year effort to work with private companies to create the Modular Boot System.

According to Fred Coppola, deputy product manager for Clothing and Individual Equipment at PEO-Soldier, the Modular Boot System could begin fielding this coming calendar year pending approval of Building 4 at Ft Benning, Ga.

The prototype consists of a fire-resistant, desert-style hot-weather boot, plus inserts and an over-boot soldiers can use in cold temperatures.

“The intent of it is to go that whole temperature range between minus 20 degrees and 130 degrees” Fahrenheit with one boot and reduce the number of boots in the service’s inventory, said Lt. Col. John Lemondes, product manager for Clothing and Individual Equipment.

If adopted, the Modular Boot System would replace these and two other special-issue boots the Army stocks for colder weather — the Intermediate Cold/Wet Boot for wear down to zero degrees and the Cold Weather Boot for wear down to minus 20 degrees.

Removable inserts for added warmth and waterproofing can only be so thick before they affect the fit of the boot and over boots can be clunky and cause the wearer to stumble.

The prototype has two waterproof inserts; one without insulation for wear in temps above the freezing mark and an insulated insert for temps down to zero degrees. There is also a waterproof Cordura over-boot that is intended to be worn to temps down to minus 20. However, it works much more like a gaiter on that unlike traditional over boots for mountaineering, covers the boot’s upper but still uses the hot weather boot’s existing sole. The over boot closes with a Velcro strip in the back.

The Army also tested a prototype with a two-piece over-boot, made by Wellco Enterprises Inc., it consisted of a fully-treaded shoe that slipped over the hot-weather boot and a snap-on portion that covered the top of the foot and shin.

Even if the Modular Boot System isn’t adopted as is, spin-offs like the the over-boot and slip resistant soles could be modified and issued to soldiers to use with the current Hot Weather and Temperate Weather boots.