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SilencerCo Announces $20K ‘Conquest Kit’ With Limited Run

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Conquest Kit

WEST VALLEY CITY, UTAH – June 23, 2014 | Utah-based firearm silencer company SilencerCo began last week to take orders of what they’re calling “the greatest SilencerCo offer ever extended” – everything that they make in a custom hard case with unique serial numbers.

The Conquest Kit, as it has been dubbed, presents an opportunity to join a select class of customers. The kit contains every silencer (14) and accessory (47) the company makes within a laser-cut foam lined Pelican case with a SilencerCo logo. Benefits of the big-ticket collection are many, including one-on-one coaching from a SilencerCo employee upon receipt, the ability to choose custom serial numbers, and early access to future new products by joining the SilencerCo inner circle.

“We built the Conquest Kit because customers and dealers at live fire demos asked about having every silencer and accessory we make in one place — like our sales reps have,” noted Joshua Waldron, SilencerCo’s CEO. “We made the kit even better by putting it all in an awesome case, adding in the custom serial number option, and even including individual training after receipt.”

As part of this limited-time offer, SilencerCo is sweetening the deal by offering to pay the tax and transfer of each silencer, as required for all regulated NFA items by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BAFTE). This alone could save the customer over $3,500.

In its relatively short history, SilencerCo has elicited intense loyalty from an expanding customer base by regularly releasing innovative products of top-tier quality. Purchasing the Conquest Kit will guarantee advance notice and first-chance buys on any future releases of this nature. For more information, please visit

San Tan Gear – ExecPro Armored Laptop/Messenger Bag

Friday, June 27th, 2014

ExecPro Armored Bag

San Tan Gear has developed a computer bag with 2 concealed NIJ Level IIIA ballistic insert panels. The bag has a built-in hidden ambidextrous holster, two rear straps for use as a shield, and a flashing strobe for signaling. A tab strap under the carrying handle drops the rear ballistic panel, providing 270 square inches of shielding. The inserts have a 2″ overlap so bullets and fragments won’t pass through them. The ExecPro was designed for:

– Students or employees working in a firearm restricted area
– Judges, attorneys, bankers, and other high profile people
– Plain-Clothes Law Enforcement Officers
– Personal Security Details
– Everyday people who realize violence can happen anywhere

Made in the USA. Berry compliant.

Testing The 4.6mm Round With SMGLee

Friday, June 27th, 2014

During the filming of one of the Larry Vicker’s Tac-TV show in California, he left with me a few boxes of the L-Tech 4.6 rounds as souvenir. It really just sat on top of my safe collecting dust until recently my friend in firearm division of a local Metro PD mentioned to me that a certain division within the PD is looking into the MP7 platform as a support weapon to gap the pistol and the carbine, but he was worried about the stopping power of the 4.6 round. Lo and behold, I remember the L-Tech ammo sitting on top of my safe and told him about it.

The L-Tech 31gr 4.6 loaded with Barnes TSX a solid copper projectile is the heaviest 4.6 round available on the commercial market and the performance of the TSX in the Blackhill 5.56 brown tip is just simply phenomenal, the 5.56 TSX is also a cartridge being considered as their SWAT carbine. He started to do some research on L-Tech ammo all the while H&K also introduced L-Tech to the division looking to adapt the MP7 as a choice for the duty round. The firearms division conducted some serious testing and the rest is history.

Which bring us to this video. We had the pleasure to work with H&K along with the help of the metro PD that adopted the MP7, and the L-Tech 4.6 TSX round on this test just to see if the MP7 with the proper ammunition can as effective on target as some of the more popular cartridges the market as to offer. As of this time, the Metro PD have adapted this platform and they are now running the L-Tech 31gr 4.6mm round as their duty round (the same round we tested in this video).

Besides testing the L-Tech 4.6, we also ran it against some of the more popular rounds on the market in order to give you a look into the performance potential of the L-Tech 31gr TSX 4.6 round and the H&K MP7.

Testing notes

For each caliber, two batches of 10 rounds each were pulled from the same ammunition lot.

For one of the batches of ten, the bullets were pulled from the casings and weighed to obtain the highest, lowest, and average weight as well as standard deviation to check for weight consistency of the ammunition lot.

The second batch of ten rounds were fired through the chronograph to obtain the highest, lowest, average, and standard deviation of muzzle velocity of this ammunition lot.

We were unable to secure a proper gun rest for the gelatin testing. Instead, all weapons were measured for their heights from the ground and leveled as carefully as possible.

We fully conformed to the instructions for mixture and cooling of the test gelatin. Gelatin temperature was carefully controlled during its manufacture, storage, and transportation and the gelatin was measured again for proper temperature just before commencing our tests.

A pump action air rifle was used to test the gelatin for consistency. The air rifle was tested at 587ft/sec muzzle velocity and the BB projectile was able to penetrate the gelatin at approximately 3.3″. This test helped to determine that the gelatin block was of the correct consistency and temperature range for proper ballistic testing.

Disclaimer: This test was performed to give the viewer a general idea of the performance of the 4.6mm round against other established calibers and is for information purposes only. Do not base your requirements and adoption of the caliber based solely on this video.

This post was written by SMGLee –

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Das Ding

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Each week we focus on a different aspect of FirstSpear. This week, it’s once again my pleasure to discuss Das Ding. I originally wrote about it a little over a year ago, offering up the first photos of how it is employed. Das Ding is German for ‘The Thing’ and that’s a pretty apt description. It’s a thing that adapts to the mission and kind of reminds me of a money belt on steroids. I fell in love with it for low-viz and SERE application. I am a big fan and it is a great low profile carry option for the tools you need to get your job done. What you carry is really limited by your imagination.


Made from Tweave, Das Ding incorporates 11 sewn pockets that allow you to configure your load any way you like. Once you’ve got it loaded, you slightly stretch Das Ding when you put it on. Then you overlay the Velcro panels to close it around you like a cummerbund. There’s plenty of contact with a 4.5″ x 6″ hook panel that connects to an even larger loop panel for adjustability. Additionally, you can close it in front or rear based on where you want to carry your load. You may want a smooth front or perhaps you want to be able to reach inside your jacket to access something.

Das Ding Front

The softshell stretch fabric accommodates a variety of items and grip enhancement panels on the inside of the pockets and security stretch cords keep them in place.

FS_Das Radio

Although it’s not a purpose built holster, you can even carry a gun.

FS Das Ding

Grip enhancement panels on the inside of the pockets and security stretch cords are included and can be attached as required. this item can be worn empty under your load carriage platform and blouse. Available in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL), corresponding to the AGB. Offered in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam.

Order a Das Ding and FirstSpear will also ship a free FS Logo T-Shirt.

Sneak Peak – SureFire – Dual Switch For Scout Model Lights

Friday, June 27th, 2014



Available late Summer.

Rackety’s – Richmond Trouser Project

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

A reader recently contacted us regarding an ongoing project in the UK to develop specialty clothing for Military personnel recovering from leg injuries.

Richmond Trousers

Rackety’s is a UK-based manufacturer that makes specialty clothing for children and adults with disabilities. Working closely with the Ministry of Defence, they have developed a special pant that is designed to be worn over an external fixator frame, which aids in stabilizing shattered leg bones during recovery. Called ‘Richmond Trousers’, they are named after Colonel David Richmond who helped with their early development, as he had previously suffered a gunshot wound to the leg during operations. The pants aid in reducing the risk of infection while adding comfort and useability to the wearer. The Richmond Trousers have been trialed successfully, and are now being prepped to be sold on the market place.

Garin Lee Promoted to Suppressor Sales and Marketing Manager at SureFire

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

SureFire has just announced that Suppressor Marketing Manager Garin Lee has been promoted to also encompass the sales aspect of the division. Garin’s new position is a well deserved, Suppressor Sales and Marketing Manager.


Garin is an avid outdoorsman and shooter with many years of experience is both sales and marketing including previous experience if over a decade as the Outdoor Accounts Manager at Oakley.


O P Tactical – Clearance Sale

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

OP Tactical Clearance

O P Tactical has reduced the price of all clearance items by 50%. This includes pouches, carriers, electronics, weapons parts, and everything inbetween.

Additionally, 2013 versions of Arc’Teryx LEAF apparel are also subject to the discount!!!!!!!

All items are new and in limited quantities – first come, first serve – so take advantage while you can.