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Industry, Here’s Your Opportunity To Do Business With USSOCOM

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Elements of USSOCOM are interested in establishing Cooperative Research and Development Agreements with industry for the following areas:

1. Breaching
2. Communications
3. Electronic Warfare
4. Fire Support
5. Information Technology
6. Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
7. Knowledge Management
8. Lighten the Load
9. Mobility
10. Scalable Effects Engagement/Non-Lethal
11. Power and Energy
12. Soldier Survival
13. Target Engagement
14. Visual Augmentation

A classified technology requirements list was released via classified channels in January. Your company must have a clearance to participate in this opportunity, or partner with a company that is cleared. To learn more, visit

TNVC Will Be Attending The NRA Annual Meeting 2015

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015


TNVC will be attending the NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits in Nashville, TN, April 10-12. If you’re attending, be sure to visit them at Booth 353.

Agilite Gear – K3-Keramon Plate Carrier

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015


Agilite has just released the brand new K3-Keramon Plate Carrier. Intended for IDF units, the K3 is designed to house the IDF-standard V3 “Hashmonai” plate.


The K3 is lightweight, with a selection of modular pouches that allow the end user to adapt the carrier to their equipment and mission. The minimalist design of the K3 decreases the overall weight, while increasing airflow. Additionally, a laser-cut Velcro front panel allows for the attachment of patches or hook-backed modular pouches.

Available exclusively in Israel.

Intelligent Armour – 1.5″ Range Belt

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015


The Intelligent Armour 1.5″ Range Belt is a lightweight, stiffened belt based on the popular Combat Holster Belt. Made of mil-w-17337 webbing sewn with type 69 nylon bonded thread, the 1.5″ Range Belt features an AustriAlpin 38mm Cobra Buckle, and is adjustable 2″ down and 3″ up.


Available in the following colors: Coyote Tan, Foliage Green, Olive Drab Green, MultiCam, MultiCam Black, Kryptek Highlander, and Kryptek Typhon. Sizes 28″ – 42″. Manufactured in Gloucestershire, England.

When You See It

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015


Tom Fuller Goes Over The Armageddon Gear Suppressor Mirage Cover

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Armageddon Gear honcho Tom Fuller goes over their suppressor cover. Designed to reduce and delay the vision obscuring mirage caused by a hot suppressor, the cover also provides visual camoflauge for the suppressor itself via a variety of optional patterns.

Rumor Has It – UQCP Postponed

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Word on the street is that the Army has postponed the Uniform Quality Control Program for boots planned for this Spring. The program has raised numerous questions from industry regarding how it would be implemented which resulted in hesitation in manufacturing Coyote Brown boots for the upcoming transition to the Operational Camouflage Pattern this Summer.

Had it gone on as planned, there would have been few footwear options available along with the new version of the ACU because no one wanted to be stuck with a warehouse full of uncertified boots. While issue boots are being procured through the Defense Logistics Agency, footwear manufacturers were waiting to begin making commercial options until after UQCP had completed its process. As it is, the delays caused by UQCP will most assuredly result in boot shortages during the initial transition as boot builders remain skeptical.

What’s more, it’s “caveat emptor” since there’s no guarantee the Coyote colored boots you purchase will eventually receive UQCP certification, nor that you’ll be allowed to wear them. Even though a boot model might earn UQCP certification, it’s still up to the chain of command whether it can be worn. The best bet is to look for boots that are AR 670-1 compliant and hope that your CoC will allow you to wear them.

The delay is currently estimated to be six to eight months but they plan to take it back up once the transition to OCP is under way.

BCM – BCMGUNFIGHTER Accessories Now Available In New Colors

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015


BCM has expanded the color options for the BcMGUNFIGHTER line of AR-15 accessories. The BCMGUNFIGHTER Stock, Gunfighter Pistol Grip, Vertical Grips, KAG, and Enhanced Trigger Guards are now available in Black, FDE, Foliage Green, and Urban wolf. Additionally, these color options will extend to BCM’s new KeyMod Rail Covers.