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Dutch Marine Corps Fields New Pulk Transport Sleds for Arctic

Thursday, December 17th, 2020

This release was provided by the Korps Mariniers or Dutch Marine Corps.

During the upcoming Joint Arctic Training on the Northflank in Norway, the first new Pulks will be deployed at the squadron level. Pulk is the English term for a short low-hanging small sleigh and is pronounced ?? pooluk” The Pulk offers good opportunities for Marines to take their equipment.


Marine Corps units take in arctic conditions a lot of equipment such as (extra) clothing, fuel and tents. They need these items to survive at low temperatures. As a result, Marines are now carrying a heavy backpack while moving on skis in snowy areas. An additional disadvantage of a complete package on the man is that the function of the worn clothing is not fully utilized (breathing capacity).


After various tests, during previous winter training with Pulks, 4 different types have been chosen. The 120 cm General Purpose Machine Gun Pulk is directly suitable as a weapons platform. The 135 cm is the operator Pulk and suitable for every sierra operator, a 150 cm Pulk for every MAG helper and a 170 cm variant for general use of the various troops of a squadron.

Cooperation and guarantee

In collaboration with the Weapons System Management (WSM) section of the Group Commander Operational Units Marines (GC-OEM), the Clothing and Equipment (KL & OUT), and the Assortments Manager, have now been purchased for a squadron Pulks. Next year two more extraditions will follow, so that a fully Marine Combat Group will be equipped with new Pulks from then on.

Brigantes Presents – ECW/Winter Warfare Series – Shelter

Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

In this series, Brigantes brings you key products that offer the complete solution when working in the colder parts of the world. This week it is Hilleberg Keron 4GT Tactical.

When working in Arctic environments shelter, in what is the only environment where sitting still for a short period of time can lead to serious injury or even death, is absolutely critical. The Keron 4GT tactical provides the perfect solution to this problem.  

The construction of the Keron 4GT, like other Hilleberg tents, has the ability to leave the inner connected to the outer this makes it much quicker to erect and drop. Internally it is set out to allow for four adults to sleep alongside each other as well as small features such as well position mesh pockets and a drying line enable a better living and working environment.

The large “porch area” (or vestibule) makes administration at the end of day and cooking within a tented environment, much easier. Provided that there is snow it also gives the user the ability to dig a cold trench, increasing the usable space, as well as increasing the warmth within the tent. The tactical version of the tent uses a light blocking fabric in order to maintain good light discipline and reduce signature whilst operating in a tactical environment. This also includes using black guy lines and with all reflective elements removed it is the best solution for this most challenging of environments.

The Hilleberg Keron 4GT is used extensively by Artic and Antactric explorers and has now been used by UK and the Scandinavian nations in the far north for several years now as their go to tactical tent.

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Eddie Bauer Centennial Collection Down Camp Suit

Thursday, November 12th, 2020

Eddie Bauer is 100 years old and in honor, they’ve introduced several limited edition items, like this Centennial Collection Down Camp Suit.

Dating from 1957, down filled auits were used by mountaineers and was used on the the first American expedition to summit Mt. Everest, in 1963. They’ve updated the design amd are using 650 fill Responsible Down Standard (RDS) down to keep you warm to about -20 F. It’s got a ribbed knit collar and cuffs, drop seat for relief and a cell phone pocket on the thigh.

Offered in Medium, Large and XLarge in Black with Yellow lining.

Construction of New Army Mountain Warfare School Facility Begins

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020

Jericho, Vt. – The Vermont National Guard will break ground on a new $27 million facility for the Army Mountain Warfare School on Thursday, Nov. 5 at Ethan Allen Firing Range in Jericho.

The socially-distanced ground-breaking ceremony is scheduled for 10:00 a.m.

“In my many conversations with the Secretary and the Chief of Staff of the Army, the Chief of the National Guard Bureau, and the Director of the Army National Guard, it was clear to me that replacing the facilities of the Army Mountain Warfare School allowed the Army to greatly expand and improve its capabilities,” said Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy. “As Appropriations Vice Chairman I was glad to be in a position to be able to ensure that it was funded, when the Army told me that despite the need it had not been included in the budget submission. I’m proud of the opportunity ahead of us for Vermonters to expand our ability to teach Soldiers and other members of our Armed Services how to not only survive, but to master and make the most of difficult terrain and cold climates.”

The 82,668 square foot facility will include educational space, billeting for 174 personnel, and a dining facility. The new schoolhouse will also offer students a unique four-story indoor climbing wall and will use a geothermal ground source system to provide heating and cooling. Space for the installation of photovoltaic panels will also be incorporated. Project completion is expected near April 2022.

“The Army Mountain Warfare School cadre are among the best and brightest in the field; this school is where students learn to become competent mountaineering professionals,” said Maj. Gen. Greg Knight, Vermont adjutant general. “This new facility is a testament to those Soldiers, and the thousands of graduates and cadre that have come through the school for nearly four decades.”

The Vermont National Guard has operated the only Army Mountain Warfare School in the country since 1983. They now instruct courses in basic, advanced, and specialty mountain warfare. They also provide additional mission specific training to United States and foreign military forces in a variety of countries.

“This new facility ensures the continuation of excellence in mountain warfare operations, and the lasting value this school brings to Vermont and the U.S. Army. Sincere thanks to Senator Leahy for his efforts in making this a reality,” said Knight.

Joint Force Headquarters, Vermont National Guard Public Affairs

Petzl Connect Adjust – Black is the New Orange!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

Helix Operations are excited to have the first and only stock of the new Petzl Connect Adjust lanyard in black. Designed for climbing and mountaineering, the Petzl Connect Adjust is a single positioning lanyard with an adjustable arm offering quick adjustment when required.

The Petzl Connect Adjust has proved to be a versatile piece of equipment with a multitude of uses and is an essential piece of equipment carried by Instructors and operators. It is micro adjustable, compatible with a wide range of connectors, and simply attaches via a larks foots onto the belay loop to keep the system light and reduces the metalwork carried.

The Petzl Connect Adjust meets the EU regulation 2016/425 on Personal Protective Equipment and the applicable standard: UIAA 109:2018.

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Black Diamond Traction Devices

Friday, October 9th, 2020

Introduced last year at Outdoor Retailer, Black Diamond’s three new traction devices for footwear are now available.

Designed in conjunction with their mountain athletes, these traction devices feature stainless steel spikes and are intended to be worn with approach/light hikers/mountain runners.

Distance Spike is a trail running traction device.

The Blitz Spike is an ultralight trail traction device at only 57 grams per device.

The Access Spike is a workhorse traction device, built for all-around trail performance, whether you’re on a winter training run in the mountains, or out for a summer alpine scramble in varied technical terrain.

All models are available in four sizes.

Brigantes Presents – The REBS Wire Ladder

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

The REBS Wire Ladders has been developed with input from professional users and have high-end features for superior performance in tenuous situations.

The rungs are diamond knurled and provide a durable high friction grip surface and every ladder is fitted with thimbles and proper connectors. Made from the highest quality components and materials, the wire rope has a diameter of 3mm, the thimbles are made from 316 stainless steel and the rungs are black anodised 6082 T6 aluminium. The rungs are fastened to the wire rope with an innovative and very strong mechanical bond which has been tested to 470kg on a single side without breaking. The REBS Wire Ladders are often used in combination with telescopic poles

The new design of the wire ladders has the highest strength to weight ratio of any wire ladder in the world. The wire ladders have been developed with input from professional users and have high-end features for superior performance in tenuous situations. The rungs are diamond knurled and provide a durable high friction grip surface and the ladder has a market-leading minimum breaking load (MBL) of 1200 kg.

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Brigantes Presents – Urban and Maritime Ladder Solutions

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

Whether for use directly from the ground or mounted from vehicles and operated from maritime craft, ladders play an important role in tactical intervention and emergency response operations. But with so many options, which one could be the best use of military budgets?

The Atlas Tactical Ladder (ATL)

The ATL system features a sophisticated design optimised for an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio. This allows for durability, versatility, and minimum weight (4.5kg) without sacrificing strength or height. The innovative patented locking joint design enables not just the ability to rapidly deploy and stow the ATL, but also the ability to separate the assembly into smaller sections to optimise load carry and length. This means that the ATL systems weight can be distributed among several people and rapidly reassembled on site. It can also be configured for shorter lengths or deployed as several ladders, making it a single solution for many different missions. The ATL can be joined to reach heights of 5-6m.

The Helix HQH LadCarb Maritime

The HQH Ladcarb Maritime ladder is a carbon fibre framed ladder for maritime operations. It is constructed from the most advanced axial fibre laying technology making it extremely light and strong.  The ladder is to be used alongside a dual titanium hook, replaceable stand-off devices, wire ladder connectors and lifting cone to create the ultimate access solution for vessel boarding. 

The ladder features slightly positive buoyancy whilst maintaining very good mechanical properties. All materials have been tested for use in marine environment and mechanical endurance tests show the ladder performing at + 60 degrees Celsius to – 40 degrees Celsius.

Threaded inserts in the ladder stiles allow installation of standard stand-off extenders and titanium anchoring eyes at the bottom end of stiles allow installation of a wire rope extending ladder. The 4.6m ladder consists of four sections which can be quickly and easily dismantled down to single parts for straightforward transportation and storage. 

REBS Carbon Multi Ladder (CML)

The REBS CML is a rigid, modular and multi-functional ladder system with a dual rail design. The system uses modular 90cm sections that can be locked together to create a ladder, stretcher or bridge. The CML can be used in multiple configurations such as being hung from an attachment point via a hook or hooks, leant against a wall, bridging a gap between buildings/containers or as a rigid stretcher with handles and a harness that holds the casualty securely. It is manufactured from carbon fibre for a combination of excellent rigidity and a light weight. The design was derived from the same advanced carbon fibre moulding techniques that are used to manufacture modern bike frames and optimizes carbon fibre properties to create a very strong monocoque frame where each 90cm section is moulded in one piece to minimise joins and weak spots. The ladder rungs are wide enough to easily get two boots onto a rung and all of the surfaces have a tough, high friction coating to make use as secure as possible. 

The REBS Wire Ladder

The new design of the wire ladders has the highest strength to weight ratio of any wire ladder in the world. The wire ladders have been developed with input from professional users and have high-end features for superior performance in tenuous situations. All ladders are delivered ready to use. The rungs are diamond knurled and provide a durable high friction grip surface. Wire ladders are often used in combination with telescopic poles. The ladders are strong and rugged, but also compact in size, exceptionally light weight, and pack compactly and easily. The ladder has a market-leading minimum breaking load (MBL) of 1200 kg. The wire ladder is made with the highest quality components and materials. The Ø3 mm (1/8 in) wire rope and thimble are made from 316 stainless steel and the rungs are black anodized 6082 T6 alluminium.

REBS – Ultralight pole ladder (UPL)

The Ultralight Pole Ladder (UPL) is REBS’s latest single stile ladder which is lighter, easier to stack and carry, and stronger.

Each UPL section is 1.7m and is molded using the latest in carbon fibre technology.  The system can reach up to 11m when the top adapter, five sections of 1.7m, an optional single step and 1.5m Wire Ladder are all connected. The quick connectors and modular design make the system safe, fast and easy to assemble. By attaching the 1.5m Wire Ladder, an extra 1.5m of height can be gained whilst also keeping the lowest step closer to the ground. In marine environments, the Wire Ladder also provides increased operational safety as the boarding craft will not be able to knock the ladder off its hold when riding on the waves. Climbing comfort and efficiency is taken into consideration with rubber tipped standoffs which provide good space for hands and feet.

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