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SOF Week 23 – Crye Precision G4 Aviation Uniforms

Monday, May 15th, 2023

Although Crye Precision‘s new G4 Aviation Uniforms were unveiled during SHOT Show, they’ve been working on them for awhile. In fact, they’ve already started delivering them to the SOF aviation unit they developed them for. Like with all things Crye, once other units saw them, they had to have them as well meaning these are becoming quite popular.

Since the uniform is intended to be worn for flight duties, it’s made from the same FR Commando Twill used in the FR G4 uniforms.

While outwardly looking like the G4 uniforms they are based on, you’ll find some aviation unique features like dual entry shoulder pockets, center front zipper and loop placement to accommodate ID. The pants also have a double seat, oversized patch pocket on the calf, zipper pulls, vertical zippered entry on thigh pockets, and a multi-tool pocket.

The G4 Aviation Uniform is offered in both Combat and Field cuts in male and female fits, in MultiCam, Black, and Ranger Green.

SOF Week 23 – DefendTex DRONE40 Update

Monday, May 15th, 2023

I first wrote about the DRONE40 during SOFIC 2019. Since then Australian manufacturer DefendTex has continued development.

Above is the latest version. Although it is designed to be launched from a side opening grenade launcher like the M320, it can also be hand launched after delpoying the four rotors which keep it aloft via an internal battery (10W). Playloads include ISR as well as kinetic options.

Below is the original model I mentioned in 2019. As you can see, the updated model is a bit longer.

It weighs around 190 grams depending on payload. Max loitering time is up to 30 minutes with a max flight distance of 20km and a max dash speed of 20m/s. It can be controlled via various apps on an EUD along with ISR downlink. However, it also offers autonomous flight characteristics (GPS-based) which also allow use of swarm tactics. Although there are explosive payload options, the DRONE40 can be reused for distraction, ISR, and EW missions. Below is the new stored form factor for safe transport.

DefendTex also developed a cassette launcher for the DRONE40 called HIVE, for up to six systems, which can be deployed as a stand-alone launcher or mounted to other platforms like the BANSHEE I wrote about during last fall’s Land Forces exhibition in Brisbane, Australia.

First Look – Aimpoint FCS14

Friday, May 12th, 2023

Aimpoint unveiled the latest iteration of their Fire Control System line of sights for use with crew served weapons at SOF Week in Tampa, Florida.

The FCS14 Dynamic Universal Reflex Sight (DURS) is designed to be used on multiple weapon platforms such as M240, M2, Mk19 and even M3 Carl Gustav as well as future systems.

FCS14 is a Direct View Optic which and incorporates a laser range finder and can be used in concert with helmet mounted Image Intensification (I2) night vision systems for low light work. However, you may notice something new on the FCS14 not seen on previous models and that is the Dual Sensor Attachment mounted to the top which is a thermal and CMOS day camera unit. The DSA is powered by FCS14. The DSA offers optical zoom and ranging and firing reticles based on the system’s ballistic calculations. This firing solution compensates for speed, tilt, terrain angle, target range, atmospheric pressure / temperature, and propellant temperature.

SOF Week 23 – Ghost Robotics Vision QUGV-60 Complex Terrain Demo

Thursday, May 11th, 2023

I’ve heard a lot of questions about the ability of the Ghost Robotics Quadruped Unmanned Ground Vehicle (Vision 60) to negotiate complex terrain like stairs. I asked the operator at SOF Week to give me a short demo of its capability.

The operator simply gave it a direction command and the Vision-60 analyzed the path with visual and force feedback cues.

SOF Week 23 – Mini Claymore from Benchmade Knives

Thursday, May 11th, 2023

Benchmade has released a smaller version of their Claymore Automatic Opener knife.

Seen here above the original model, the Mini Claymore features an oversized knurled push-button, integrated red-dot safety, ball-bearing matrix texturing, and 3″ CPM-D2 blade.

Sneak Peek – Reptilia Magclip 2.0

Thursday, May 11th, 2023

Working under license from Crye Precision, Reptilia is developing the Magclip 2.0 for use with the Magpul PMAG, Magpul Glock magazine and the OEM Glock Magazine.

The MagClip 2.0 is a polymer, user add-on to the magazine which allows it to be directly attached to a belt or PALS channel.

Coming soonish.

SOF Week 23 – DNS Alpha Undersuit

Wednesday, May 10th, 2023

Germany’s DNS Alpha is exhibiting with Mountain Horse Solutions. They showed the final version of their Einteiler or One Piece, a GORE-TEX coverall which is worn as an Undersuit leaving the BDU or combat uniform as the outer garment.

This seam taped garment incorporates a drop seat and relief zipper.

Additionally, the cuffs are neoprene and there’s an internal gaiter at the hem.

SOF Week 23 – Mini Quick Saw from Integrity Tactical Solutions

Wednesday, May 10th, 2023

Integrity Tactical Solutions is exhibiting in the ADS booth and showing off their Mini Quick Saw.

Weighing 3.9 kg, it is a cordless cutoff machine with a 230mm cutting wheel for wet cutting. It can be used indoor or outdoor fur cuts up to 70mm in delete. It features a water connection with ball valve and hose coupling, spindle lock, and maintenance-free belt drive.