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Sneak Peak – SOTech Debuts Tactical Medical Belt System At SOMSA

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

This Tuesday through Thursday, SOTech will display its latest medical designs at the Special Operations Medical Association’s SOMSA conference. Spotlighted will be a tactical medical belt system designed for SOF medics.

It is based off SOTech’s next gen version of their contoured padded pistol belt. Included is a lower back comfort/support pad. It combines with a series of pouches including SOTech’s flat small of the back medical pouch designs, derivative of SOTech’s innovation the Viper Flat IFAK. It also includes combination magazine /medical pouches derivative of SOTech’s early Hellcat Chest Rig concepts. SOMSA will be held at the Charlotte (NC) Conference Center.


Thursday, December 11th, 2014

The new Piccolo pulley from CTOMS is super lightweight. It’s not just lightweight, it is 94% efficient at 42 grams with 27 kn of strength. It’s designed for TRACE systems (9mm or smaller rope) and can accept up to three carabiners!



SOMA – Combat Ready Tactical Body Tape

Thursday, December 11th, 2014


Designed to reduce range of motion injuries and support weak muscles, tactical body tape is 50% to 200% wider than commercially available tape. The precut tape pieces


Combat Ready Tape is sold in single-use, premade kits. There are five versions, with precut tape targeted at different body parts.


To learn more, visit www.combatreadytape.com.


Thursday, December 11th, 2014

One of the big problems with chest seals is that they come flat. The new FastBreathe Thoracic Seal (FTS) comes folded in the pack. Not only that, Ft Detrick says it’s the stickiest chest seal on the market.


It features a hard disc shaped vent and no matter what it vents to the side. The seal is also configured so that you can clear it with a syringe.

Available for agency and unit purchase from ADS Inc.


Wednesday, December 10th, 2014


We’ll break it right down to brass tacks:

– Rigid Litter
– Soft Litter that converts into a 69L bag
– 7.5 foot ladder (scaling & bridging)
– 15 foot extension pole

All for 12 lbs.

SOMA – Atlas Devices

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014


The Atlas Tactical Ladder system can be used as a Ladder, Litter and Bridge. Because it is collapsible, it can be jumped and you only need to carry the sections you require. The sections are removable and you can add sections to the 7′ standard length to bring it out to 15′. It has a 350 lbs rating with a 2:1 safety factory, and that’s in the bridge mode!


In addition to integrated handholds the ATL RACC also has an integrated patient packaging harness and vertical/horizontal hoisting bridle.


The multi handle autolocks into various positions and can be used as a pool hook while in the Ladder mode or an offset handle in the Litter mode. You can also turn the litter into a table to get your patient off of the ground or to elevate head or feet.


The ATL RACC can be carried on the MSIG pack we showed you last year via speed clips. However, you can use the MSIG frame to package your patient’s torso and head.



SOMA – Phokus Research Group

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Phokus Research Group innovates again.


With the integration of Hook and Loop fastener directly to medical kit components, they can be attached directly in place as well to one another. Think of the possibilities.




Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

The Temba Pack from CTOMS was designed for military assault climbers but is quite adaptable to a wide range of applications including use as a medical kit container. As you can see, the top loading basic pack has very clean lines with no snag hazards. A year in the making, Chris K has gone through seven iterations of the Temba to get here.


Constructed from a combination of MultiCam LiteLok with 4-way stretch Softshell side panels. The rear of the pack worn against the back is Drilux for comfort.


The top flap features a simple envelope style pocket with a removable daisy chain which can be accessed even with the zipper closed.


The top has a helmet retention fly feature, made from 4-way stretch.


The hooks for the removable helmet fly are inset on the lid in small garages.


It’s the little features that count. For instance, rather than using grommets, they’re using small burn holes for drainage.


The pack comes with three removable compression straps that can be used to really crank the load down within the pack.


The side pocket panel loading zippers along both sides incorporate backup split at SR Buckles. These side pockets also have hydration bladder hangers as well as a port hose.


The Temba pack gains its internal structure from strategically placed sheets of HDPE and foam along each side, at the rear and along the bottom. The foam panels in the side pockets can be used as a moldable splint. Additionally, if you pull the foam panels from the pack, they can be inserted into a sleeve that can be used as a rudimentary casualty insulator, or a sleeping pad. Since this sleeve is also a pocket, you can stuff leaves or pinestraw into it for additional insulation.


There are handles on all four edges of the back of the pack which also features the suspension. The pads are removable and can be replaced with a developmental pad sets that better accommodates the wearing of rear armor plates. There are also cable routing ports.


The bottom of the pack has a flat pocket that fits a new Sil Tarp for shelter building or other expedient uses.


One thing I love about the Temba is that you can remove the waist belt. It is padded and clips on, attaching at three separate points and can be released from any one of those points if you find yourself fouled in some way and need to jettison the pack. Additionally, the pack is configured to allow you to use a trouser or warbelt for the pack when used with Surface Mounted SR Buckles.


The shoulder straps, while simple to use, incorporate a lot of thought. To begin with, the removable sternum strap has a small, removable admin pouch with Velcro front.



The shoulder straps can be worn alone and are also compatible with CTOMS’ Pack to Armor Rapid Integration System which allows you to connect this pack directly to your armor carrier with quick donning and doffing capability. This really frees up the motion in your shoulders.



The entire inside of the Temba is Velcro compatible and will accept the pockets from CTOMS line of second line packs. Items such as the TRaCE kit will mount for easy access right to the top row of PALs webbing.


The Temba opens completely for full access to the contents. It opens so much that you can place a casualty into the bag and use it as a littler to extract a casualty by using the handles found inside both side pockets.



There are currently three piggyback panels available. The first is the Alpine panel which accepts a shovel, probe, crampons and two ice axes.


Next, is a PALS panel.


Finally, there’s an accessory pocket piggyback panel.


There’s also a pack cover in MultiCam Alpine pattern coming.

Update: here’s the cover.



Although CTOMS is a Canadian company, the Temba is Made in USA.

Learn more at www.ctoms.ca.