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Botl Sok

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

The Botl Sok from Java Sok is a neoprene for your 32oz Nalgene water bottle. It will also fit 48oz bottles, but obviously won’t cover as much of the bottle. It keeps the sweat at bay and helps keep your beverage cool.

Yep, this pseudo UCP pattern is the only camouflage they have, but maybe one day it will be cool, now that it’s just a bad memory. Otherwise, they’ve got a few other colors like Black and Hunter Green.

Rockstar Volumes Crash Couch

Sunday, October 11th, 2020

Ever use your climbing crash pad as dirtbag furniture? Rockstar Volumes makes a frame to make sitting a bit more comfortable.

The Crash Couch is an easy-to-assemble plywood couch frame that works with a tri-fold crash pad. Available in Small, Medium and Large sizes, you can add a pad if you need a new one.

Grayl – GeoPress Filter

Monday, September 21st, 2020

The Grayl GeoPress is a simple-to-use water filter, just fill and press.

It has a capacity of 24 ounces (710 ml) GeoPress protects from global waterborne pathogens (99.99% of viruses, 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.9% of protozoan cysts), pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, and even microplastics. In particular, Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, Norovirus, Giardiasis, Cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Cholera, Salmonella, and Dysentery.

Using ion exchange, ultra-powdered activated carbon, it filters at the rate of 5 liters per minute, meaning it takes just seconds to fill the onboard bottle with clean water. The filter is rated for 350 cycles (65 gal. / 250L), as “press time” reaches ~25 seconds (or three years have elapsed since first use) it’s time to replace the purifier cartridge. Cartridges boast a 10-year shelf life.

Offered in several colors.

Dasco Storage Solutions – Laptop Storage Cabinet

Thursday, September 10th, 2020

Dasco Storage Solutions’ Laptop Storage Cabinet is offered in two sizes.

The Single Wide accommodates up to 13 laptops and the Double Wide with up to 26.

Not only is this a great idea for military units to securely store their Tough Book Laptops and Tablets, it can be used by LE and correctional organizations for the same purposes as well in addition to other institutional customers who require secure storage.

The cabinets feature welded, all-steel construction with a durable, black Sandtex powder-coat finish. The bi-parting tambour doors are also steel with a multiple-point lock mechanism including a padlock hasp bar. Louvered sides allow air flow through to prevent overheating inside the cabinet and there’s an optional top-mounted 550 CFM fan helps draw warm air out of the cabinet.

The cabinets are configured to suit customer requirements. Here are the various components:

Powered laptop drawers

-Barrier-free for quick and convenient laptop/tough book access

-Individual power outlets for constant charging while stored

-Full suspension, easy-glide drawer hardware

Secure Powered Laptop Drawers

-Everything the powered laptop drawer features, plus a lockable lid for redundant security when the cabinet is open.

Bin Storage Drawer

-Deep drawer is perfect for securing all electronic accessories such as cameras, headsets, cords, cases and more

Cable Management Arms

-Convenient arms organize network cables and power cables to prevent crimping and damage

-Run from the laptop drawer to the cable management raceway

Cable Management Raceway

-Organize and protected cable management for laptop and devices that are being network cabled

-Compatible with RJ45, CAT5 and CAT6 cables

-Cable troughs have removable covers and flexible fingers to allow cables to easily enter and exit at any point in the raceway

Side mounted floor anchors are optional

Check them out at You can buy direct, or through their various dealers M1 Secure Storage Systems, Data-Link Sales Associates, and Secure Western Storage as well as the various TLS Vendors.

Sneak Peek – Heavy Cover Inc’s Mess Kit

Friday, September 4th, 2020

If you’re a fan of European-style mess kits like I am, you’ll love this new, upcoming addition to the Heavy Cover line.

This multi-piece design includes a single cover, with handles for each component.

The new mess kits are in currently production and they should have them available first week of October.

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Honors U.S. Military Teams for Excellence in Foodservice Operations

Monday, August 17th, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC – August 14, 2020 –  The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) announced today that it will honor the winners of this year’s Military Foodservice Awards with a Facebook Live virtual event presented by Computrition on Wednesday, September 16th at 1800 EDT (6 p.m. EDT). The Virtual Military Foodservice Awards (VMFA) is a key part of the NRAEF’s commitment to help members of the military, military spouses and veterans through training and post-duty opportunities.

This year’s keynote speaker is Leon Panetta, Former Director of the CIA and Former U.S. Secretary of Defense and Chairman of The Panetta Institute for Public Policy. During the live event, individuals and teams will be honored for their commitment to foodservice excellence in management effectiveness, force readiness support, food quality, employee and customer relations, resource conservation, training and safety awareness.

“We are honored welcome our U.S. service members and veterans into the restaurant industry each year,” said Rob Gifford, president of the NRAEF. “Typically, we celebrate the best of the best in military foodservice during the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, which was canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we miss hosting them in person we are just as excited to cheer them on virtually.”

Winners for these prestigious awards are chosen by distinguished judges from the NRAEF, the National Restaurant Association and the Society for Foodservice and Hospitality Management – judges who travel annually with military foodservice experts to installations around the globe to evaluate foodservice operations.

“As an executive for Sodexo, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s largest sponsor of military foodservice programming, and a member of the NRAEF Board of Trustees, I am in a unique position to see firsthand the tremendous impact the organization has on military foodservice professionals. I also served as a judge for this year’s award program, which gave me an even deeper appreciation for the talented service men and women being honored,” said Brett Ladd, CEO, Sodexo Government, North America. “I commend all military foodservice professionals for their unwavering dedication to both their country and their fellow service members and I congratulate those teams being recognized with Military Foodservice Awards. You are the best of the best and you make us proud!”
Sponsors of the Military Foodservice awards include Sodexo, Ecolab, Hormel, HMSHost Foundation, Computrition, Aramark, Sysco, BJ’s Restaurant, Butterball, Seaboard, PenFed Credit Union, SHFM Foundation, Sack Family Foundation, Hobart and Trinchero Family Estates.

For more information and to sign up for the virtual event, visit the NRAEF’s Facebook page.

BCB Ration Heating Kits Now In Production

Monday, August 17th, 2020

Survival equipment manufacturers, BCB International Ltd, have launched the production of their ration pack heating kits at their Cardiff Headquarters.

The new bespoke production line is the result of a significant investment. BCB’s heating kits are designed to be used with and go inside Military and Humanitarian Aid ration packs.

The compact ration kits include BCB’s FireDragon eco-friendy and non-toxic fuel. The 7g fuel capsules are made from aluminium which means they can double as a cooker by simply peeling the lid off and lighting the eco-friendly fuel. The fuel capsules will heat 300ml of water from 10°C to 55°C in under 5 minutes.

The capsules are supplied with an ingeniously designed folding stove. The stove is equipped with adjustable cup support wings and can withstand multiple folds and unfolds.

The contents of a standard BCB Ration Heating kit are:

1 x Folding Stove
1 x Gripping lever
6 x FireDragon Fuel tablets
1 x refuse bag
1 x book of matches (20 matches)
6 x water purifying tablets
3 x toothpicks

New Army Funded Solar Material Could Clean Drinking Water

Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. (July 13, 2020) – Providing clean water to Soldiers in the field and citizens around the world is essential, and yet one of the world’s greatest challenges. Now a new super-wicking and super-light-absorbing aluminum material developed with Army funding could change that.

With funding from the Army Research Office, an element of the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command’s Army Research Laboratory, researchers at the University of Rochester have developed a new aluminum panel that more efficiently concentrates solar energy to evaporate and purify contaminated water.

“The Army and its warfighters run on water, so there is particular interest in basic materials research that could lead to advanced technologies for generating drinking water,” said Dr. Evan Runnerstrom, program manager at ARO. “The combined super-wicking and light-absorbing properties of these aluminum surfaces may enable passive or low-power water purification to better sustain the warfighter in the field.”

The researchers developed a laser processing technology that turns regular aluminum pitch black, making it highly absorptive, as well as super-wicking (it wicks water uphill against gravity). They then applied this super absorptive and super-wicking aluminum for this solar water purification.

The technology featured in Nature Sustainability, uses a burst of femtosecond (ultrashort) laser pulses to etch the surface of a normal sheet of aluminum. When the aluminum panel is dipped in water at an angle facing the sun, it draws a thin film of water upwards over the metal’s surface. At the same time, the blackened surface retains nearly 100-percent of the energy it absorbs from the sun to quickly heat the water. Finally, the wicking surface structures change the inter-molecular bonds of the water, increasing the efficiency of the evaporation process even further.

“These three things together enable the technology to operate better than an ideal device at 100 percent efficiency,” said Professor Chunlei Guo, professor of optics at University of Rochester. “This is a simple, durable, inexpensive way to address the global water crisis, especially in developing nations.”

Experiments by the lab show that the method reduces the presence of all common contaminants, such as detergent, dyes, urine, heavy metals and glycerin, to safe levels for drinking.

The technology could also be useful in developed countries for relieving water shortages in drought-stricken areas, and for water desalinization projects, Guo said.

Using sunlight to boil has long been recognized as a way to eliminate microbial pathogens and reduce deaths from diarrheal infections, but boiling water does not eliminate heavy metals and other contaminants.

Solar-based water purification; however, can greatly reduce these contaminants because nearly all the impurities are left behind when the evaporating water becomes gaseous and then condenses and gets collected.

The most common method of solar-based water evaporation is volume heating, in which a large volume of water is heated but only the top layer can evaporate. This is obviously inefficient, Guo said, because only a small fraction of the heating energy gets used.

A more efficient approach, called interfacial heating, places floating, multi-layered absorbing and wicking materials on top of the water, so that only water near the surface needs to be heated. But the available materials all have to float horizontally on top of the water and cannot face the sun directly. Furthermore, the available wicking materials become quickly clogged with contaminants left behind after evaporation, requiring frequent replacement of the materials.

The aluminum panel the researchers developed avoids these difficulties by pulling a thin layer of water out of the reservoir and directly onto the solar absorber surface for heating and evaporation.

“Moreover, because we use an open-grooved surface, it is very easy to clean by simply spraying it,” Guo said. “The biggest advantage is that the angle of the panels can be continuously adjusted to directly face the sun as it rises and then moves across the sky before setting – maximizing energy absorption.”

The Army and Guo are exploring transition opportunities to further develop this technology within DOD laboratories and private industry.

In addition to the Army, this research received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Science Foundation.

By U.S. Army CCDC Army Research Laboratory Public Affairs

Photos courtesy of University of Rochester.