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Freedom Atlantic – Universal PD Cable

Tuesday, April 4th, 2023

Freedom Atlantic’s Universal PD Cable is designed to connect your EUD to your radio and be compatible with all radio configurations, keeping your radios alive longer.


• 5, 9 and 12V power to EUD (USB Power Delivery 3.0)

• 100mA to 2A configurable current output

• Adjust charge rates real-time using PD protocol messaging

• Real time power role swapping

• Reconfigurable USB Type C interface: swap between host and
peripheral modes

• *Peripheral connector options for legacy radios: Glenair 6-pin, Fischer, ODU

New Fischer KEYSTONE 6-port Hub Delivers Easy Connectivity and Efficient Power Management for Soldier-Worn Digital Equipment

Wednesday, March 29th, 2023

Fischer Connectors, the Swiss-based global leader in high-performance connectivity solutions, announces the launch of the Fischer KEYSTONE™ 6 wearable power and data hub for dismounted soldiers.

• The Fischer KEYSTONE™ power and data hub developed by Fischer Connectors is an innovative wearable solution to the tactical connectivity challenge.

• Fischer KEYSTONE™ allows dismounted soldiers to connect and manage multiple communications and digital devices through a single hub.

• Fischer KEYSTONE™ is designed to meet the requirements of soldier modernization programs and new soldier-worn digital systems.

The new tactical connectivity solution comprises a 6-port tactical hub, Fischer KEYSTONE™ 6, a power management app plug-in for the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK), and customized cable assemblies with connectors designed to meet Nett Warrior and NATO STANAG 4695 standards.

Fischer KEYSTONE™ is an easily deployable MIL-spec solution to the tactical connectivity challenge presented by digital modernization programs, i.e., more data, higher speeds, greater power and less weight in harsh environments.

Fischer KEYSTONE™ enables soldiers to connect and power their digital gear easily and reliably, and to efficiently manage the flows of data (USB 2.0 and SMBus) and power (100 W – 5 A max) through a single source controlled from an easy-to-use app on their EUD.

“The soldier is the center of the digital transformation in armed forces,” highlights Jonathan Brossard, CEO of Conextivity Group, parent of Fischer Connectors. “Our experts have tackled the soldier connectivity challenge with a Swiss-engineered hub which meets tough military standards. Soldiers already know how to use it – they wear it, connect it, and go.”

Fischer KEYSTONE™ provides military OEM integrators with a competitive solution comparable to the U.S. Army’s Next Generation Hub (NGH). Olivier Thormann, Fischer KEYSTONE™ Product Manager, explains: “Fischer KEYSTONE™ is a complete connectivity solution that meets the performance requirements of soldier modernization and digital transformation programs such as U.S. Army 2030.”

Fischer KEYSTONE™ is a complete connectivity solution. (Image: Fischer KEYSTONE™ brochure available on Fischer Connectors’ website)

Fischer KEYSTONE™ is Swiss-engineered for MIL-spec digital connectivity with Fischer Connectors’ world-renowned technologies in ruggedness, sealing, miniaturization and data transmission. Main technical specifications include:

Featured for tactical digital connectivity:

– Manages power (100 W – 5 A max) and data (USB 2.0 and SMBus)

– Meets MIL-STD 810 and 461

– Secure firmware

– ATAK plug-in

– USB-C bidirectional power delivery

Chosen for soldier modernization requirements:

– Connects to Nett Warrior / NATO STANAG 4695 standard components

– Simple operation with no training required

– No maintenance or repair parts

– Competitive multiport tactical hub

– Manages all digital equipment for soldiers

Fischer KEYSTONE™ features cable assemblies with Nett Warrior / NATO STANAG 4695 compatible Fischer UltiMate™ 80 connectors.

Full technical specifications in Fischer KEYSTONE™ Tactical Connectivity Solution.

Verken Group – KOMMANDO Mount

Tuesday, February 21st, 2023

With the proliferation of the various versions of the Tactical Awareness Kit, more and more personnel are carrying End User Devices.

The KOMMANDO Mount from Verken Group is a PALS compatible mounting solution for EUDs which keeps them handy, right at chest level for easy use and reference.

It is compatible with a wide range of EUDs using the included mount tether, or can be used with Kägwerks cases via Verken’s Mounting Clip.

Shadow Box Solutions Introduces Suite of Integrated TAK Situational Awareness Devices

Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Shadow Box Solutions announces updates to its turnkey TAK server, the SB Alpha TOC-in-a-Box, with the introduction of the SB Bravo Micro Encoder that allows video from devices like tactical Rovers and EO/IR cameras to be streamed anywhere. The Alpha was designed to support over 200 simultaneous users with TAK services and has the ability to receive and transmit radio calls through an ATAK enabled mobile phone from anywhere in the world, all in a highly mobile rugged package suitable for static installation or on the move applications. The Alpha integrates TAK, VOIP, ROIP, and video in one turnkey box. With the addition of the Bravo, users can now securely transmit video from a variety of sources to users across the globe through an encrypted video server onboard the Alpha.

SB Bravo Micro Video Encoder

SB Alpha TOC-in-a-Box

SB Charlie MUOS TAKServer

“We are delighted with the advancements in Shadow Box Solutions’ complement of integrated products that provide industry-best situational awareness chat, video, voice and data sharing on a common user platform” said Morgan Carey, a Shadow Box executive”, And with the release of the SB Charlie in late 2022, TAK services have been extended to MUOS SATCOM and TSM networks with ATO compliance for use on red networks”, she added.

SB Charlie employed with PRC-117G

Shadow Box Solutions is an industry leading products integrator developing C2 interoperability solutions to hundreds of government customers.  Shadow Box products have recently been featured during numerous named exercises, including USAF WSINT at Nellis AFB, NV. The company is reshaping the way teams communicate by bridging the voice, video, and data networks that provide critical communications, mapping, and situational awareness to enhance decision making and mission effectiveness across all levels of government.  Shadow Box Solutions was founded by SOF operators and communicators committed to delivering turnkey C2 solutions to the tactical edge.

Learn more about Shadow Box products at

Guerrilla Dynamics – GoTAK Lite 1 End User Device (BETA)

Friday, December 30th, 2022

Guerrilla Dynamics is a small business concerned with increasing access to Android Tactical Awareness Kit (ATAK). On of their initiatives is the GoTAK Lite 1 End User Device.

The goal of this BETA test device is to remove the difficulties for new users by coming pre-programmed latest version ATAK, ATAK Plugins, Mumble, Zerotier, Session as well as other tools and ready to use, right out of the box.


• 8000mah battery
• 16MP Camera
• MIL-STD-810G
• IP68/IP69K
• Waterproof, dustproof
• Works with gloves
• 1.5m drop proof
• 5.45″ HD display
• Built-in FM radio
• Programmable key

Available individually or as kits.

Just added, the EUD comes with six months of their GoTAK Cloud service.

Follow Guerrilla Dynamics on Instagram.

ATAK 4.7 Available Now

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK-CIV) is an open source app providing mission planning, geospatial, Full Motion Video (FMV), and system administrator tools that reduces the operational footprint from a tactical laptop, to a commercial mobile device. The geospatial engine and communications component support Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial sector standards. Extensibility of the core platform is supported by the Software Development Kit (, which enables any partner to develop mission-specific capability or contribute to the advancement of the baseline. Data can be pre-loaded into ATAK or downloaded from the network when available.

Civil use capabilities of ATAK-CIV include:

• Online and offline mapping (most standard formats), with a blazing fast rendering engine

• Support for very high-resolution imagery (sub 1 cm resolution)

• Collaborative mapping, including points, drawings, locations of interest

• Extensive and customizable set of Icons

• Overlay Manager which allows the Import and display of KML, KMZ, GPX overlays, maps and imagery including both online and offline sources with adjustable transparency. These overlays can be treated as Gridded Refrence Gaphics.

• Location marking, sharing, history

• Chat, file sharing, photo sharing, video sharing, streaming

• Navigation-walking/hiking, driving, also useful flying and air-ground coordination

• Elevation Tools, heat maps, computed contour maps, viewsheds, routes w/DTED, SRTM, including dynamic profiling

• Hashtags and Sticky tags

• Center on Self, Center on other objects (e.g. another person in the network)

• Range, bearing, and other measurement tools

• Network-aware geofences with triggers

• “Bloodhound” destination tracking, including on moving objects

• Team Emergency Beacons

• Customizable Toolbar

• Radio controls and Integration

• Photo to map capability (aka Rubber Sheeting)

• Casualty evacuation tool

• Icon support for a wide variety of First Responder missions with further extensible Icons

• 3D perspective and ability to display 3D geospatial models

• Useful for First Responders, Hunting, fishing, ornithology, wildlife site survey

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2022 TAK Offsite Registration Open

Saturday, June 18th, 2022

The 2022 TAK Offsite is a hybrid event with limited in-person attendance at a venue in Austin, TX. All others will attend virtually.

August 16, 2022 09:00 CDT to August 19, 2022 12:00 CDT

If you would like to present at the TAK Offsite, please reach out to

DroneShield Successfully Integrates with US Govt Team Awareness Kit (TAK)

Thursday, February 3rd, 2022

DroneShield (ASX:DRO), an Australian-U.S. global leader in Artificial Intelligence based platforms for protection against advanced threats such as drones and autonomous systems, has today announced that their Sensor and Command-and-Control platforms are now fully compliant with the U.S. Government’s Team Awareness Kit (TAK). The TAK system, originally developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), is used extensively throughout the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Allied forces.

This critical integration allows for operators in the field to receive detailed threat detection information to improve their situational awareness, in a common format compliant across a range of systems. DroneShield sensors including RfPatrol, RfOne and DroneSentry-X are now able to stream data directly to TAK servers providing both command Operations Centres and field operators access to the real-time sensor information and intelligence.

In addition, DroneShield’s Command-and-Control (C2) platform, DroneSentry-C2, which utilizes the latest in AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML) and Sensor Fusion technologies, is compliant with the TAK communication standard. This enables operators to take full advantage of DroneShield’s distributed sensor network, integrating data from multiple sensors and sensor modalities including radar, radio frequency (RF) and electro-optical (EO) and thermal recognition to provide a seamless and integrated picture of threat assessments onto their personal TAK device. Both DroneShield sensors and the C2 system have implemented the Cursor-on-Target (CoT) protocol as the means of sending information to TAK and interoperable systems. The CoT protocol is widely used amongst US prime contractor platforms and their U.S. DoD, Federal Law Enforcement, and Allied Forces customers.

DroneShield Chief Technology Officer, Angus Bean, commented, “Battlespace is rapidly evolving, and robotic platforms continue to be both a central capability and a threat to Allied forces. It is critical that DroneShield technology can meaningfully contribute to building this battlespace awareness. Common operating platforms such as TAK empower wide-ranging technologies and to generate a cross-compatible system of sensors and operating platforms.”

Additional information about the system can be found at