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Chris Costa’s Out Of Town Bag

Saturday, September 27th, 2014


Chris Costa shared some photos of the bag he uses for times he finds himself more than an hour away from home, as well as its contents.


The bag itself is a Costa Ludus x MAP System by London Bridge Trading. The equipment come from the following sources:
Carbine – War Sport Industries, LLC
Pistol – Salient Arms International
Lights – SureFire, LLC
Holster – Raven Concealment Systems
IFAK – Dark Angel Medical, LLC
Survival Kit – Solkoa
Light Accessory Loop – Thyrm


LBX Tactical / Chris Costa MAP System Now Available To Order

Friday, July 18th, 2014



LBX Tactical Announces New Venture With Chris Costa – MAP System

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Here’s a first look at LBX Tactical’s new project with Chris Costa, the Mission Adaptive Panel System.


Costa RVET Course AAR

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Nightlife in Wyoming:


Training in low-light/no-light is a logistical nightmare for the average training company. Range hours, noise ordinances, and liability issues all conspire against night courses. Considering how rare they are, when Costa Ludus (www.costaludus.com) invited us to attend his Restricted Visibility Elements Theory (RVET) course in Wyoming we had our tickets bought, bags packed, and guns shipped faster than Senator Yee can make an illegal arms deal.

2photo by Weaponcraft LLC

Despite being a small populace, flying into Jackson Hole is easy enough thanks to its proximity to Yellowstone National Park and world class ski resorts. You get both barrels of the Grand Tetons the minute your head pops out of the aircraft door and the scenery doesn’t stop all the way into downtown Jackson. The city itself has maintained an old west’ feel through the decades but mostly now with boardwalks and saloon doors. The brothels, gambling houses, and open sewers are long gone… for better or worse.

3Photo by Weaponcraft LLC

A ridiculously scenic hour drive south from Jackson puts you in Freedom, WY: It’s here, at the Northern end of the Star Valley, that Costa and his team built their headquarters aimed squarely at hosting students before and after full days of firearms instruction. Courses range from basic handgun marksmanship (HET1) to more advanced and specific offerings such as Vehicle Elements Theory (VET).

4photo by Costa Ludus

The Costa Ludus HQ loft, finished just prior to the first Premier course, looks like a well-lit Cabela’s man cave replete with flat screens, overstuffed leather couches, full kitchen, and fully-stocked Yeti coolers. The concept here is that students get extensive time to dig into Costa’s personal experience with gear, tactics, and 90’s era action movies- review the classics if you want to keep up. Extended question and answer sessions easily wove through the casual conversations during meals and prior to range time.


Salient Arms Introduces LUDUS Package for GLOCK

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Based on a partnership with Chris Costa, Salient International has introduced a LUDUS package of GLOCK mods based on his preferences.

SAI Ludus Model

(photo by Black Wire Studio)

The LUDUS package includes GLOCK 17/19 exclusive slide with full-wrap front serrations coated in LUDUS gray and Salient Flat-Faced trigger. Further options include Recessed RMR Cut/Sight and DLC coated box-flute/matched-fit barrel. Customers can supply any GLOCK model number to have this package applied.

Contact Salient Arms for details. Their Facebook page is a great resource as well.

LanTac USA And Chris Costa Collaboration

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

This is an announcement from LanTac USA detailing their partnership with Chris Costa of Costa Ludus..


We are very pleased to announce our collaboration with Chris Costa of Costa Ludus in the USA. Chris is coming on board to assist with development of new products and lending us his vast amount of experience. His invaluable input into future LANTAC products will assist us in delivering the absolute best to our customers around the world.

LanTac CL Press Release

Chris has an extensive background in the firearms industry; while he was President of Magpul Dynamics he worked directly with Magpul on their “Theory Based” product line. Chris has also consulted on several projects including; LaRue Rifle system, NightHawk 1911’s, Salient Arms International, and many others. And now he has brought he’s expertise in and consulted with us on our growing product line.

Chris’s reaction to our first US offering the DGN556B Dragon Muzzle Brake was outstanding, so much so that we have now done a limited co-branded version that will be available exclusively through Costa Ludus. It features the ‘COSTA’ Trademark and Trident, Shield logo, together with the LANTAC logo on the front.

We would like to thank Chris for his dedication and time to our ongoing projects.

Limited Number Available, Purchase here:- http://www.costaludusgear.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=61&product_id=108


DEFCON Presents – Chris Costa Running SAI

Friday, November 29th, 2013

DEFCON Group produced this video of Chris Costa running a Salient Arms International Benelli M4 and GLOCK Tier 2.

BFG Releases Hive 2.0 in New Colorway

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

This latest run of Hive discreet carry packs is made in Three Color Desert (with burnt orange accents). The pack is water resistant and constructed with a combination o CORDURA and Tweave fabric offering a unique look that doesn’t scream “gun!”

HIVE-2 3

The Hive was developed in conjunction with Chris Costa in order to satisfy the need for a convenient way to tote a larger handgun in the event you can’t concealed carry. When it was designed, the team also considered the use of a submachine gun. In fact, it will accommodate a folding stock UZI variants, MP7, MP5K, and B+T MP9 as well as other small SMGs.


Another main concern was easy access and the Hive offers simple, one handed retrieval. BFG added a bonus making it Dapper compatible by lining it with loop fabric so that it can be configured in a wide variety of ways. Additionally, it is ambidextrous with the shoulder strap and accessory pocket, which fits most common handguns as well as other items, can be switched from left to right. Finally, the main compartment incorporates a stiffened frame that helps protect the contents from printing as well as damage and the dual zippers can be opened one at a time or in tandem.

HIVE-2 1

Remember, the Hive is manufactured in unique batches of 300 so if you want a specific color (or one from each run) you will need to get it while it is available and the price is low. Like all things Blue Force Gear, it’s made with pride in the USA.