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Rifle Dynamics Bolt On Upgrade Package for the AK

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013


Rifle Dynamics is offering a bolt on package that allows you to easily upgrade your AK without the help from a gunsmith. Does not fit all variants.

The kit includes:
-(1) Ultimak M1-b rail
-(1) RD AK M4 stock adapter
-(1) Mil-spec buffer tube
-(1) Castle nut
-(1) End plate (standard or QD)
-(1) B5 System stock
-(1) US Palm grip


Rifle Dynamics’ Billy Cho Reviews the HSP D3 Chest Rig

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

Billy Cho from Rifle Dynamics goes over the Haley Strategic D3 Chest Rig.

Rifle Dynamics Warrior Angel Patches

Sunday, March 17th, 2013


Rifle Dynamics specializes in the AK platform. Their rubberized warrior angel patches are 3″ in height. Available in Red and Green.

Steel Flame Takes It Up a Notch

Friday, September 7th, 2012

You may remember Steel Flame’s rail mounted skull from Tactical Fanboy’s SHOT Show coverage. It’s just a little something to give your range gun some bling. Now, they’ve taken in up a notch with this new creation seen here on this Rifle Dynamics AK.

If I could describe Steel Flame in one word it would be “passion”. A Native of Southern California, founder Derrick Obatake is a Master Jeweler and Graduate Gemologist with over 32 years experience. After many successful years in the jewelry game he decided to launch Steel Flame. It is the ultimate culmination of his passions, his meticulous talent and his restless imagination. I had the honor of meeting Derrick during a recent trip to the LA area and let me tell you, this guys is awesome! He didn’t know me from Adam and brought my family and me in for a visit. We toured the shop and I can tell that he has found his niche. What’s more, Derrick is humble. He regularly uses his talent to work behind the scenes to raise money for LE and military causes. He is also an avid shooter and knife collector. This guy is our kind of people. His work is not cheap, but when you look at the detail, it’s worth every penny to someone who values innovation and craftsmanship.

Like them on Facebook and visit to learn more.

Choosing an AK

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Rifle Dynamics‘ Jim Fuller gives some great pointers for those purchasing an AK series rifle in this Panteao Productions video presented by Tactical Weapons..

Rifle Dynamics AK Triangle Stock Pouches Now Available

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012


Designed by Rifle Dynamics and manufactured by High Speed Gear Inc, the AK triangle stock pouch is designed to fit Russian and Bulgarian side folding AK stocks. It features a small zippered pouch that will fit tools or NFA paperwork. It also serves to protect your cheek from the steel stock.


Available now in Coyote, Smoke Green, and Gray. The prototype color seen above is not currently available.


Billy Cho’s War Belt Configuration

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Billy Cho of Rifle Dynamics goes over his war belt in this video. He’s a big fan of High Speed Gear’s kit and uses it as the basis for most of what he has going on. This includes Taco mag pouches, belt and pad, as well as a dump pouch. He also uses a G-Code holster with a Rapid Transition Interface wheel. Additionally, he has included a Leatherman MUT and an ITS Tactical ETA Trauma Kit Pouch. It’s a great set up for his needs and it’s simple, yet functional.

Haley Strategic Partners – Disruptive Industries Day Three

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Disruptive Industries is a unique, invitation-only event bringing together industry, military, and law enforcement. It is designed to teach, inspire, build relationships, open communications and create new channels for innovation in the defense sector. Every experience has been devised to accomplish each of these tasks in one way or another, from training classes to meals as well as other organized social events.

We’ve already experienced two days of shooting, physical conditioning, and associated tactical training. Oddly enough, day 3 kicked off much like day 2, with another ass kicking from former Russian Spetznaz operator Saulius “Sonny” Puzikas. Except, this time, he really did kick our asses. During the various demonstrations of Systema hand to hand, pretty much every one of us got a chance to take a blow or two from Sonny. Naturally, we got to knock each other around a little as well. The training was no nonsense and focused on staying out of a grapple and incapacitating your aggressor. All in all, it was fantastic.

Next up were classes on surreptitious entry and restraint escape by Bryan Black of ITS Tactical. After lunch we ran through various room clearing drills. Scenarios focused on PSD work but the lessons could be applied to multiple scenarios.

As I mentioned earlier, D1 is very much about fostering innovation and relationships. One of the best things about Disruptive Industries is the opportunity to network and cross-talk. This includes all participants. Everyone has learned from our esteemed instructors and I’d hazard to guess that they have picked up a few things from us as well. Additionally, Mil and LE have been able to compare notes and share experiences with each other as well as interact with the industry reps. For the industry folks, this experience has been invaluable. In some cases, different companies have been able to discuss collaborations and, in every case, industry has gained knowledge from the interaction with military and LE attendees.

It’s been great working with the military and LE members as well as HSP’s industry partners HSGI, G-Code Holsters, Impact Weapons Components, Arc’teryx LEAF, Outdoor Research, US Palm, B5 Systems, Emissive Energy/Inforce, UTM, Rifle Dynamics, Dark Mountain Research, PNW Ammunition and Kill Cliff as well as media reps from ITS Tactical.

Don’t forget, ITS Tactical is also on hand so make sure you visit their site for additional photos. Look for the simultaneous release of an AAR from both of us soon. Until then, enjoy our serialized look at HSP’s Disruptive Industries.