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SHOT Show 18 – Vapour SD Jacket from Sitka Gear

Monday, January 29th, 2018

Sitka Gear has introduced a new featherweight jacket called the Vapour SD, made from WL Gore’s SHAKEDRY fabric.


SHAKEDRY is a waterproof breathable fabric featuring a durable water repellant surface. It’s very thin so these garments are intended for training, rather than field use. I use a SHAKEDRY jacket from a different manufacturer as an emergency rain jacket in my daypack because it packs up into a ball the size of my fist. Water literally beads on the surface. When you take it off shake it and the water flies off. It’s dry, just like the name says.


While the jacket isn’t intended for heavy use as an outer garment, the jacket can be worn under other clothing and will still keep you dry.

Due to the material, the only color available is Black.


SHOT Show Media Day – Sitka

Monday, January 16th, 2017

This is the new Subalpine pattern from Sitka Gear. Designed for use in more vegetated terrain, it will be up for pre-order in March.


IWA – Forest Ground, New Camo Pattern from Sitka Gear

Friday, March 4th, 2016

High end hunting clothier Sitka has introduced a new pattern exclusive to Europe.

The Forest Ground pattern is intended for use in Eastern Europe and Russia. Seen below are the Mountain Jacket and Pant.


Putin Wears Optifade

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

In this photo from the Huffington Post, Russian President Vladimir Putin sports (Hyperstealth Developed) Optifade Open Country camouflage during a recent fishing trip.


The garment, manufactured by Sitka Gear, is pretty high end stuff.

WL Gore Releases OPTIFADE Concealment – Forest

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Last year we introduced readers to WL Gore’s proprietary camouflage pattern OPTIFADE Open Country pattern. This year they have introduced a new pattern; Forest which is specifically designed for tree stand hunting in wooded environments. Like the Big Game/Open Country pattern, the new Big Game/Forest pattern is based on how deer see, both spatially and colorimetrically. Incorporating both micro and macro patterns, the unique micro-pattern considers the way a deer or other ungulate perceives color, the ratio of positive to negative space and other visual elements to create an effect that allows the hunter to blend with the animal’s perception of the environment. Whereas, the macro-pattern breaks up the symmetry of the human body so that if a hunter is detected, the animal will not be able to identify the hunter as a predator.

Sitka Incinerator Jacket with Gore OPTIFADE Forest Pattern GORE-TEX

As a bit of a side note, while WL Gore has shown the patterns at military trade shows to gauge interest they have been quite adamant that they are not for use by military forces and furthermore that they are not at work developing a military pattern. Interestingly, their partners in development of both of these patterns have been Guy Cramer and Lt Col Tim O’Neil both well known for the introduction of numerous military patterns into the market. Regardless, the science behind OPTIFADE is solid and now there are two options available for outdoorsmen depending on environment.

OPTIFADE clothing in both patterns is available from Sitka which was recently purchased by WL Gore. Packs in OPTIFADE can also be purchased from Mystery Ranch.

Sitka Gear Updates Website

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Outdoor clothing producer, Sitka Gear has updated their site to include the products released at SHOT show earlier this year. Of particular note are the additions to their Necessities line which include the Traverse Balaclava, Stormfront Gaiter, Bomber belt, as well as the Jetstream Hat, Beanie, and Gloves (seen below).

Sitka Gear Jetstream Glove

In addition to several solid colors and hunting patterns, Sitka was one of the first companies to incorporate W.L Gore’s Optifade pattern.

To check out their entire line visit them on the web.

Sitka Gear

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Sitka Gear

A combination of high tech fabrics and design features not found in other hunting brands garnered Sitka a “Field and Stream Best of the Best Award” for 2008. At SHOT Show they unveiled new designs.

What’s more, for 2009 they have integrated two innovative technologies into their product line; W.L. Gore’s Optifade Camo and Ardica’s Wearable Power and Heat.

One product that caught my eye is their softshell Celsius Vest. Unfortunately there don’t seem to be many options for decent tactical softshell vests but the Celsius looks like a good balance between simplicity and performance..

Sitka Gear Celsius Vest

While commercial camo patterns might not fit your use, aside from the currently available Realtree AP and Mothwing Mountain Mimicry, they also offer most styles in solid colors and often at a lower price point than their camo offerings.

Sitka Gear Color Chart
Sitka Gear 2008 Color Chart

For more information checkout Sitka Gear.