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S.O. Tech Hellcat Tenth Anniversary Sale

Thursday, August 8th, 2013


S.O. Tech is celebrating the tenth anniversary of their Hellcat chest rig by having a sale. The Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3 Hellcats are selling for $40 from their usual price of $150. Additionally, the Medical Assault Chest Harness System and Warrior Medical Chest Harness are also offered at deep discounts. Supplies are limited, in-stock items only.

S.O.Tech Go Bag Summer Sale

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

download – Go Bag Summer Sale

SO Tech to Revise Expanding SERE Pack

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

SO Tech’s original ESP (expanding SERE pack) was originally released back around 2001. Things have changed though, notice the slots for the ALICE clips!


They’ve been messing around with some designs and different fabrics and tell us they almost have it locked in.

S.O.Tech Needs Your Help! Click On The Link And Vote!

Friday, April 5th, 2013

SO Tech

If you’re not familiar with the Green Vets LA program, it’s a Veteran run program in the VA hospital setup by S.O.Tech. By giving projects, such as the Battle Bears to Green Vets program, it helps Veterans by keeping them safe from the dangers of living on the streets and employed.

By winning this grant, California Greenworks will buy $100,000 worth of bags from the Green Vets LA program. Keeping Veterans safe and employed. Please take a few moments of your time to vote and share this.

Help our Vets!

Solar Panel Adapter from SOTech

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

SOTech has developed a MOLLE/PALS solar panel adapter for use with packs. Additionally, they are now carrying Goal Zero solar products.

Solar-Panel Adapter

SOTech Announces Collaboration with Tyler Grey

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Tyler Grey is an old friend of mine but I haven’t known him nearly as long as I’ve known the folks at SOTech (Jim Cragg introduced us) and I have good things to say about both. That’s why I was very happy to hear that they were collaborating on a new signature series of tactical equipment. Tyler was badly wounded downrange and his recovery has been heroic. He has been advising on video games and Hollywood sets over the last couple years while setting up a firearms training program. He has also been advising SOTech on their designs for awhile so they decided to make it official and launch a signature line.


Look for the new “Go to Hell” bag at SHOT Show.

New for SHOT Show – SOTech Range System

Sunday, January 13th, 2013


Considering every step from the gun safe to the firing line, SOTech designed a modular range bag system for handgun shooters. Multiple pull out pistol cases Velcro against the wall in most gun safes. These padded pistol cases accept most large frame handguns. On the outer face is a pouch with slots for 3-5 magazines and a box of pistol rounds. On the flap there is ample Velcro for a nametape identifying the pistol inside, and the name of the owner for identification on the range. The shooter chooses his pistols and drops them into the range pack. The pack also has pockets for 4 boxes of pistol ammunition, paper targets, markers, a staple gun, first aid kit, eye protection and ear protection. Because of the padded sling strap, the bag can rotate around for quick access to range ID and log books, and for gun checking at the range office. On the firing line, the pack rests on its side on the shooting bench behind the firing points or at the firing point. The pistol case modules can be removed and carried to the line with eyes and ears hanging from hang straps on the lockable pistol cases. After shooting, the pistol cases return to the pack and the cleaning case can be opened exposing a fold-out light colored rimmed cleaning tray with slots for brushes, rods, patches and oil bottles. The individual pistol cases and range bag lock for transport home, and the pistol cases extract for insertion back into the safe. The pack also has a concealed back slot for carry of a hydration reservoir or a defensive weapon. The main pack can also be emptied and used as a briefcase or a Police patrolman’s warbag. Check out the system at SHOT at SOTech booth #20113. Bag will be available March 2013 at

SOTech Debuts Road Warrior Bag at SHOT Show

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

SOTech’s Jim Cragg showed me the Road Warrior at last month’s SOMA conference in Tampa. He developed the bag because he’s always on the road and was looking for a bag that he could keep packed with the all of the essentials between trips. He described it as being “For the traveler who is living from trip to trip.”


It has pockets for passport/tickets and a travel wallet, power strip and electronics chargers, first aid and road survival items and hygiene items. External Velcro for patches, clear slot for business cards and ID, and MOLLE/PALS for shock cording on a travel towel or attaching pouches for cameras or other chosen travel items. This bag can sit in a sock drawer waiting for the next trip. Just grab the bag with some clean clothes, throw them into a day pack and you are on the road (or you are sitting in the truck waiting for your less organized buddies searching for their travel toothbrush and passport). Its also great when you have to check out of hotels and all of your gear has a designated pocket for easy ID of missing items. Check out this SOTECH innovation out at booth 20113 at SHOT.