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Friday, January 18th, 2013

FirstSpear Media Range Day

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

FirstSpear, along with Renegade Armor, Wilcox, and Aimpoint, sponsored a media range day at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department firing range. Three ranges were set up, with the first two featuring rifles by H&K and LMT, and pistols by Nighthawk Custom and SIG Sauer. The third range featured something a bit more exotic: rifles by FERFRANS, who are known for their Delayed Sear Activation System. This system made the 7.5″ 5.56 SCW PDW very controllable when fired in full-auto. It’s also very likely this system was responsible for reducing the felt recoil of the 7.62 SOACR near 5.56 levels. Wilcox also had demonstrations of their breaching torch technology; seeing the torch used to melt through rebar as quickly as it did was impressive. Overall, it was a great media day that offered the chance to try out some truly fantastic firearms. And, I got to spend it with Tactical Fanboy who wrote this article from his perspective. BTW, the photo of him with the FERFRANS SOACR is a snapshot in time. There are no rounds in the gun and he has just been handed it by the RSO. Also, his finger isn’t on the trigger.

Heroes Camouflage Christmas Tree

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

As seen on


This 100% PVC material artificial Christmas tree features a somewhat woodland-esque “unconventional color scheme”.

Tree Classics – Heroes Camouflage Christmas Tree

Thanks to Javran on Facebook for the tip!

Giant Green Army Men

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

This originally appeared on Tactical Fanboy…great find.

This giant-sized Green Army Man is made from cold-cast resin and stands at one-and-a-half feet tall. Seam lines and injection mold rings were added to the figure to stay true to the appearance of the original plastic Army Men, although additional details such as buttons, shoelaces, hair, and a USA insignia were also added. A great nostalgia piece.

Bullets2Bandages Bullet Bottle Openers

Monday, November 12th, 2012

I’ve seen these things all over town and wondered what the deal was. Good thing Tactical Fanboy was on the case.

Bullets2Bandages takes the brass from once-fired military-grade ammunition and converts it into a bottle opener. Comes in either the .50 caliber BMG stand-alone version, or a 7.62x51mm that also doubles as a keychain. Custom engraving is also available.

Bullets2Bandages was founded in 2011 by two former Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal divers. They produce accessories and apparel that aim to honor those who have served the USA. B2B hires veterans, manufactures locally, and donates 15% of profits to veteran charities.

Tactical Walls

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Everything has to be ‘tactical’ these days but regardless, they seem to be an interesting concept. Kind of like a firearms version of a medicine cabinet. Thanks to Tactical Fanboy for finding these.

Tactical Walls are a great option for discreet and secure storage of your firearms and accessories. Tactical Walls install directly in the wall where they can easily be secured behind picture frames, mirrors, or in the back of a closet, and are optimized for installation with standard pine 2×4 construction which is framed 16 inches on center. They currently come in two sizes, the 1410, meant for handguns and other small accessories, and the 1440 (seen above), meant for rifles and shotguns and accompanying accessories. Both models are constructed from durable ABS plastic with foam rubber pads.

Please Don’t Do This At Home

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

If you are going to video yourself shooting someone in the armor in your spare room, at least button up your shirt. Tactical Fanboy recently ran this video of Italy’s B-Max demonstrating their armor plates.

A Video Game Inspired Product That You Can Buy

Monday, August 20th, 2012


Master leathersmith David Vigil has crafted this impressive gun holster for Vigilante Leather, inspired by the one used by Nathan Drake in the PS3-exclusive ‘Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception’. The design closely matches the in-game model in both metalwork and the dye job used to treat the leather; a model dyed in black with gunmetal-colored metalwork is also available upon request. 8 buckles, 2 to each strap, allow for easy fitting, with an option for custom fitting if required. Additionally, every holster is waterproofed and stress tested, insuring full functionality in any situation. Simply put, it’s a piece that’s usable for way more than just cosplay. 

Available in limited quantities from David Vigil on Etsy.

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