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Once Uncommon, AOR Camo Patterns Showing Up In The Darndest Places

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017


Double Tap Surplus was recently on a trip overseas when they ran across these AOR camouflage carrying cases for the Phantom series drone in manufacturer, DJI’s store.

MilSpec Monkey – MSM Grey Hoodie Raw

Thursday, February 16th, 2017


MilSpec Monkey is now offering their Hoodie Raw in MSM Grey, an ‘urban grey’ color developed after extensive research made by Monkey himself. MSM Grey looks green when compared to more “cool” greys, such as Wolf Grey, but matches well with urban concrete colors.



Fibrotex – Personal Modular Camouflage

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

This is Personal, Modular, Multispectral, Multifunctional Camouflage (UV-VIS-NIR-TIR- RADAR … and more) from Isreal’s Fibrotex.


Click to view .pdf

The concept is to have a single system that will be carried on each and every Soldier in the battlefield, could be used in many operational uses by itself or to be connected easily to each other creating a non limited size of 2D, Reversible, Multispectral camouflage system.

The system is very light in weight at less than 1 kg and very small in size (Rolled ~60 cm length X 10 cm diameter, unrolled ~1.8m X 2.5m).

On top of the 2D reversible multispectral personal net Fibrotex has now added the following operational functions:
-Standalone post (soft or harden edges); either as a wall or a standing screen, or on the ground as an individual OP
-Connected to each other with a quick connection system and create a camouflage system as big as needed
-Backpack cover – the system is designed to be used on the backpack/equipment as a camo cover if desired – as seen in the pictures
-Emergency stretcher – by using the loops, one could be carried on the net surface used as an emergency soft stretcher

As with other Fibrotex systems, the pattern could be chosen individually and create the Mix-and-Match requested.


This Still Cracks Me Up

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

SHOT Show 17 – Marina Trans Jungle Camo Pattern

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Marina Trans Jungle formally known as US4CES resurfaces during Shot Show via Naval Infantry of Mexico with a few images of the pattern in various environments. The pattern was on display in the ADSinc booth with a few other patterns from developer Guy Cramer of Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp.

The pattern was spotted at the LBTINC booth as well, full combat uniform with matching kit and accessories.

Word is that end users are quite happy with the move to Marina Trans Jungle as it has outperformed their old camouflage pattern in their operational environment.

Kryptek Launches Pouch Line

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Today, Kryptek is formally launching a line of load carriage pouches.

There’s a wide variety of pouches available, with the photo depicting just a few examples. They are PALS compatible and offered in Highlander, Mandrake and Typhon. 


More On The Netherlands Fractal Pattern

Monday, January 30th, 2017

We recently mentioned the Dutch Arm’s Smart Tactical Vest which featured the equipment variant of the Netherlands Fractal Pattern.


Not long ago, there was a meeting where testing of new C4I and personal equipment was discussed. A platoon had tested the equipment (from Elbit and Marom Dolphin) and direct feedback was offered, along with the opportunity to ask questions directly from the program lead and business representatives.


There was a mix of the woodland and desert versions of NFP on hand. Noteworthy, is that some of the armored vests incorporated the T-belt system which acts as a spine, transfering the weight of the vest to the hips. It was mentioned that this system will probably be issued. Also, a backpack included a hinge system allowing it to use the hip belt while carrying an armored vest.


Implementation should start near the end of 2017.

SHOT Show 17 – Kryptek Fleece Anorak

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Kryptek had quite a few new items for 2017 but by the time I was able to check them out, they had already shipped the tactical clothing home. However, I did see this Fleece Anorak and I love anoraks. Insulated with PrimaLoft, it’s water and wind proof and incorporates a chest mounted hand warmer pocket along with drawstring waist and hem.  Looking forward to picking one up.