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Hyde Definition Announces The Launch Of

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015


29 June 2015


Designed and built in-house, is the new central, brand-hub for the PenCott® family of camouflage patterns from Hyde Definition Ltd.

This is the first time that the PenCott® pattern family has had its own dedicated website, and greatly expands and improves upon the PenCott® pattern content that has been previously held on the website.  Among other enhancements, the new site features an in-depth look at the development of the patterns, what makes them so effective and where the name ‘PenCott’ comes from. 


Another key highlight of the new site is the wide-ranging and ever growing gallery of submitted photographs showing the performance of the patterns in-the-field around the world.  There’s even an interactive map of the world that lets you select to see photos of the patterns in use by country (and by state in the US).

A useful section of the site for Makers is the page covering the range of different PenCott® pattern fabrics and materials that are now available – as well as links to sources where they can be bought.


Consumers will find the full, up-to-date listing of PenCott® garment and gear producers – with links off to their websites – an invaluable resource for getting kitted up in PenCott®.

Finally, the Blog section of the site will present all of the latest news related to the PenCott® patterns, as well as additional original content relating to the field of camouflage history, design and technologies.


With the launch of the separate site, the legacy site will be revamped and refocused to cover the consultancy services and other camouflage projects that Hyde Definition works on.

Check out today – and also don’t forget to follow PenCottCamo on Facebook and Instagram too.

Stuff I Like – Under Armour’s Fish Hunter Cargo Shorts

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

I’m a big fan of Tigerstripe so when I found these at a Sportsman’s Warehouse during a recent trip to Bozeman, I picked them up.  

Made from a DWR treated, 30+ UFP, Salt and Chlorine resistant fabric, the shorts are very comfortable. In fact, I’m wearing them right now. There’s a little bit of mechanical stretch. They are board short length and feature cargo pockets on either thigh with snap closures as well as mesh-lined front slash pockets and a single rear pocket. Very comfy. 

Plaid – The New Choice For Combat

Thursday, June 25th, 2015


This is Tu, the founder of Ronin Tactics, a great tactical company based at the Springs in Colorado. He is a real-deal, no kidding badass, and he wears plaid, a lot.  He doesn’t smile often though, so it looks like they caught him on a good day.  

Ivory Coast Gendarmerie Camo

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015


Thanks Emil!

Hill People Gear – Tarahumara and Ute Packs Now Available in ODG Lupus Pattern

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

We had preciously mentioned that Hill People Gear’s Tarahumara Pack is available in Orion Design Group‘s Lupus camouflage pattern. Now, they’ve added a Lupus version of the Ute Backpack.


The 2160 cu in Ute is designed for loads in the 20-60 lbs range. You can also mount several of HPG’s smaller packs including the Tarahumara to the Ute, as seen in the photo above.

-includes Prairie Belt
-500d, 1000d, and hypalon construction
-dual 7075 aluminum stays 1/8″x1″
-removable lightweight framesheet rides in internal hydration / framesheet pocket
-hydration port
-HPG original pulley compression that can be used with and without an external pocket. when used with an external pocket, the external pocket can be used as a free floating compression panel or locked in for “almost sewn” performance
-single main compartment
-3 heavily reinforced internal hang loops on inside suspension side of pack for hanging heavy items
-dual wand pockets
-zippered slot pocket on underside of top lid with PALS underneath
-HPG original pulley suspension for adjustable shoulder articulation
-$5 of the proceeds from every Ute pack sold goes to the Ute Tribal Scholarship Fund


Saturday, June 20th, 2015


Kryptek Camo Spotted In Jurassic World

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

It you haven’t seen Jurassic World yet, I suggest do. It’s a fun movie. You may just spot a few cool bits of kit.

Kryptek 1

InGen’s Asset Containment Unit of the recently released Jurassic World can be spotted wearing Kryptek pattern Vertx clothing. And through the pattern in the photos may look like Kryptek Typhon, it’s not!

Kryptek 2

As it turns out, Kryptek Typhon was too dark for the needs of the production crew, which is why a team of agers and dyers took Kryptek Mandrake pattern clothing instead and over-dyed it to look very close to Typhon. These teams also handle the tracking and replication of wear, tear, and battle damage to clothing.

Thanks to ‘MK’ for the tip!

Officially Licensed MultiCam Products Coming Out Of Brazil

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

UPDATE: Apparently, these items are made with genuine fabric but not under official license.  For example, some of the design features infringe on Crye Precision patents such as the kneepad interface.

FORHONOR is a Brazil-based tactical clothing company that has produced a line of combat uniforms, with patterns including MultiCam, MultiCam Black, and MultiCam Tropic, and are manufactured using US materials.


The combat shirt features a mandarin-style collar with a 1/4 zip. The sleeves are made from 50/50 NyCo ripstop, including bicep pockets and Velcro loop fields for ID and morale patches; the wrists also feature Velcro straps. The torso is composed of FAVO (Honeycomb) 528 fabric developed exclusively for FORHONOR, which facilitates moisture absorption and quick evaporation. This material also offers UVA and UVB protection, as well as being anti-odor and anti-bacterial.

Lamina forhonor calça multicam f3 frente 21x29,7 af

FORHONOR’s Tactical Operational Pant is made of 50/50 NyCo Ripstop fabric. It features 6 pockets: two front pockets, two hindquarters pockets, and two thigh side bellowing pockets. The knees are double reinforced, and accommodate removable kneepads. The waist features 5 belt loops with a 5cm opening, facilitating the use of a tactical belt.


Airstep Army, possibly under the same parent company as FORHONOR, has also produced a MultiCam Combat Boot. The boot features a MultiCam leather and 1000D cordura nylon upper, with a nylon aerated system lining, which enables internal cooling. The camouflaged sole is made of anti-slip rubber, with traction grip at the front and rear and a structure of ribs that prevent aquaplaning.

Credit for the discovery goes out to

Blade Show 2015 – MultiCam Is Coming Back to Triple Aught Design

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Two big surprises for me this Blade Show.  First, Triple Aught Design is exhibiting for the first time.  As I looked around their booth, out of the corner of my eye I spotted some MultCam which led to my second surprise.

For years, TAD fans have been asking for them to bring back MultiCam.  They are doing it, in limited runs, in three pant styles.  First up will be the Force 10s seen here followed by two as-yet-unnamed models.  Keep your eyes peeled and your credit card ready and be prepared to mash that ‘F5′ button.

Darley Defense Days – MMI Outdoor’s Naga Hood

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

In development for the past six years, MMI Outdoor’s Naga Hood is a Thermal and Visual Concealment Hood made from a laser cut mesh that has relief cuts to better resemble foliage in the visual spectrum.   
The two-sided Naga Hood is custom printed based on use requirements, they can apply self-developed or user-provided Camo patterns to either side.  It is set up to be attached to an Ops-Core helmet and draped over the wearer’s torso but it can be used a variety of ways thanks to various attachment loops including their hidden MOLLE points.  There are also points for attaching scrim or foliage directly to the Naga Hood which is 64″ long and 28″ wide.

In addition to the Naga Hood, MMI has also developed covers for HMMWVs, Quads and even Zodiac boats.