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USAF OCP Transition Update

Friday, March 16th, 2018

As you know, Airmen have been wearing Operational Camouflage Pattern and MultiCam for years. Unfortunately, it’s been based on either duty position or command of assignment. Everyone else has been saddled with that travesty of a camouflage pattern, Digital Tigerstripe, since 2006. Lately, I’ve been hearing lots of chatter from industry that an announcement of an Air Force-wide transition to OCP was imminent. These slides discuss the issue.






It looks like the long pole in the tent remains buying the Legacy ABU inventory from Defense Logistics Agency. They still don’t know how much it will cost or how they’ll pay for it. This same issue held up transition from Woodland/Desert to Digital Tigerstripe.

An interesting aside is that Airmen call ACUs.”, “OCPs” because they don’t understand the pattern is OCP while the uniform is the Army Combat Uniform. I guess they’ll have to refer to it as the Airman Combat Uniform.

Härkila Launches New Camo Pattern Developed By Hyperstealth At IWA

Saturday, March 10th, 2018


Hyperstealth announced a new pattern developed exclusively for Härkila, one of the top brands in hunting for the European market was released at the IWA in Nuremberg Germany and available to order July 2018.


IWA 18 – FibroTex Camouflage Kit Sophia

Friday, March 9th, 2018

This is a sneak peek of the new Kit Sophia, a completely new way of providing individual camouflage from FibroTex.


Each kit is 50cm x 50cm and comes loaded with a cartridge containing 30 running meters (3 meters wide) of mesh material.


It is a crushed 2D, reversible net which offers Viz, NIR and TIR concealment. Because it’s reversible, it can be used in two different environments. Because of the material’s flexibility, it can be used to camouflage individuals, fighting positions, static vehicles, sensors, supplies, etc.


Look for full details soon.


Enforce Tac 18 – 5.11 Tactical’s GEO7 Camouflage

Friday, March 9th, 2018

We got a better look at 5.11’s new GEO7 camouflage pattern which debuted at SHOT Show.


GEO7 Camo was developed in an exclusive partnership with Veil Camo. Debuting in Fall 18, the line will include Tactical Duty Uniform Shirts, Pants, Jackets, Hats, a Plate Carrier and Packs.


The pattern features a combination of macro and micro visual disruption and color palettes that work in tandem across light conditions and environments to give users a tactical time advantage in remaining concealed. The offerings will be available in two colorways, GEO7 Terrain and GEO7 Night.

Highlander Tactical To Offer Rhodesian Camouflage Kydex Products Exclusively Through Fireforce Ventures

Sunday, March 4th, 2018

Highlander Tactical has partnered with Fireforce Ventures as their exclusive dealer of kydex products in Rhodesian camo. You will not be able to get this print from us at their store, but solely through Fireforce.


SPARTANAT: New Camo from Germany – CONCAMO

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

Shortly before the IWA we are pleased to present the new CONCAMO. It comes from Germany and was developed by Matthias Bürgin. And it will land from now on: Leo Köhler produces clothing from this new camouflage print. Gear in CONCAMO will come from ZENTAURON.

concamo 1

As you can see, you hardly see anything. But someone is hiding in the middle.

concamo 2

The story behind Confusion Camoflage (CONCAMO): The developer of CONCAMO designed camouflage even as a 10 year old child. The basic idea for CONCAMO was born in 1992 when Matthias Bürgin designed the first three dimensional camouflage nets at the age of 17. During his service with a special military unit, he was able to deepen his knowledge about camouflage patterns and their effects. After his active service, he turned it into a hobby and continued to design patterns for a variety of purposes, from the urban to the high mountain pattern. The breakthrough came after he became familiar with perceptual psychology. CONCAMO effectively confuses the subconscious with a special patented pattern arrangement.

Concamo 4

Now is the time to release CONCAMO into the wild. At the IWA 2018 trade fair, the camouflage pattern CONCAMO green will be presented at Leo Köhler’s booth and starting May 2018, CONCAMO green will be on sale.

concamo 3

Here is a comparison with common patterns. We will definitely take a closer look at the camouflage pattern at the IWA 2018 in Nuremberg. More infos and high resolution pictures can be found on the homepage of CONCAMO.

CONCAMO: http://concamo.com

Leo Köhler: www.leokoehler.com

CONCAMO can be seen at Leo Köhler on IWA 2018 Halle 9, booth 9-343.

Spike’s Tactical Offers Limited Edition KRUS Line Of Firearms in Kryptek Camouflage

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

During SHOT Show Kryptek previewed their collaboration with Spike’s Tactical.

The project was the brainchild of three Former Longbow Apache Pilots, two from Kryptek and one from Spike’s Tactical. They added optics from Leupold to the mix, creating the KRUS line.

Offered in Rifle, SBR and Pistol configurations, they are each limited to 300 guns.

Look for different Kryptek patterns on the various KRUS models.


KLMK – The Soviets Did Digital Camouflage First

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Developed in 1968 and first issued to Soviet forces the next year, the Kamuflirovannyy Letniy Maskirovochnyy Kombinezon (KLMK), or in English, Camouflaged Summer Deceptive Coverall was meant to defeat night vision devices.


This lightweight garment is meant to wear over other clothing. It’s oversized design is reversible and incorprates a hood, simple flapped pockets and a drop seat with button flap. The pattern is two-tone (tan and pea green) which offers a rudimentary visual spectrum camouflage.


Interestingly enough, it is still in service and still in production.