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Bianchi Introduces PREVADER Concealment Holster at SHOT Show

Saturday, January 19th, 2019

Slim, low-profile design features Pinch retention in a multi-fit open-top holster


ONTARIO, California – Bianchi®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, announced today the release of the Model 4585 Prevader™ Concealment Holster. This ballistic weave model features the exclusive Pinch® Retention Device (PRD™) which secures the holstered firearm by gripping both sides of the trigger guard when the gun is fully seated.

“By incorporating Bianchi’s PRD retention, this model offers a super slim holster body and added security with an instinctive draw,” said James Dawson, category director. “The growing concealed carry market with the demand for quality yet cost-effective holsters with retention capabilities led us to expand upon our hugely popular ballistic weave Evader™ model. The new Prevader holster does just that.”

The Bianchi Prevader holster features a low profile making it highly concealable and comfortable for everyday carry. The internal Pinch Retention Device is formed of a durable high-tech polymer and allows the user to feel when the handgun is fully seated in the holster. The Prevader holster rides high and close to the body for comfort and the open top design has a reinforced opening, making one-handed reholstering easy and efficient.

The Prevader model features a durable trilaminate construction of a 1050-denier ballistic weave exterior, a closed-cell foam center and a nylon lining for a smooth draw. The closed-cell foam allows the holster shape to “set” in the holster providing a confident fit for a variety of pistols. Once the firearm is removed for a day, the holster resumes its natural shape, allowing for a good fit with a different handgun model. The holster attaches to a belt with dual snaps for easy on/off access and fits up to 1.75 in. (45mm) belt widths. The Prevader is offered in three sizes to fit a variety of Glock and S&W M&P models, as well as the Colt Commander, Ruger SR9/SR40 and the FN FNS 9mm, .40. It comes in black and has an MSRP of $38.00.

The Model 4585 Prevader Concealment Holster will be on display at The Safariland Group booth, #12762, throughout SHOT Show 2019 from January 22-25. For more information, please visit

Safariland Introduces the Vertical Universal Belt Loop (VUBL) for Efficient Holster Height Adjustment

Friday, January 18th, 2019

Enables users to instantly adjust holster height while in the field without tools

ONTARIO, California – Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, today introduced the adjustable Vertical Universal Belt Loop (VUBL). The VUBL is the first of its kind belt loop enabling users to raise or lower their duty holster to one of three height positions while the holster is on the belt. This new design offers instant adjustment, especially convenient when officers go from field to vehicle to desk.

Safariland_Vertical Univ Belt Loop (VUBL)

“We developed the Vertical Universal Belt Loop in response to the need expressed by patrol officers to have the ability to raise and lower their holster in the field and with ease,” said James Dawson, category director, Safariland. “Comfort is the biggest challenge for officers when wearing a duty rig and getting in and out of patrol cars is a common occurrence for the need to adjust the ride height of the holster. The VUBL lets officers switch the height level almost instantly, allowing them to keep their gear intact.”

The VUBL passes the Safariland retention pull test and is compatible with Safariland’s Quick Locking System (QLS) and all Safariland three-hole pattern duty holsters. The VUBL offers three different heights, allowing adjustability , while the holster is threaded through the duty belt and without the need for tools. Designed for comfort, the VUBL will not pinch or add pressure to the hip bone.

The durable VUBL is made of Dupont™ Zytel® nylon. It slides on to equipment belts and is available for belt widths of 2” or 2.25”. Offered in Black, the VUBL may also be ordered in FDE, OD Green, Coyote Brown or Foliage Green with a minimum order of 1000 units. It will be available February 2019 at an MSRP of $48.00.

The VUBL will be on display at the 2019 SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor and Trade) Show, January 22-25, booth #12762. For more information, please visit

Safariland Introduces Ergonomic Shooters’ Range Backpack And Slim Fits for 575 GLS Pro-Fit Concealment Holster

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

New slim model 575 available for popular subcompact handgunsConvenient backpack design provides ergonomic solution for carrying range gear

ONTARIO, California – Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, today introduced its Safariland Shooters’ Range Backpack (Model 4559) with an ergonomic weight distribution design. Also announced – a super slim 575 GLS™ Pro-Fit™ Inside-the-Waistband holster for popular subcompact handguns.

“Our Shooters’ Range Backpack takes the typical range bag to another level, converting it into an easy-to-carry backpack with lots of pockets and storage,” said James Dawson, category director for Safariland. “It’s the perfect grab and go pack for several shooting activities with its great organization options and exceptional comfort.”


Safariland’s Shooters’ Range Backpack offers an ergonomic carry with its thickly padded, curved shoulder straps, which help to evenly distribute the weight of the backpack across the upper torso, alleviating strain felt from bags carried on only one side of the body. The pack features assorted compartments on the interior and five separate zippered compartments on the pack’s exterior – one on top, three on one side and another large compartment on the other. The internal dividers allow storage and organization of a variety of shooting accessories.

With heavy-duty lockable zippers throughout, the pack has a reinforced large lower compartment for heavy ammunition, and a removable dual pistol sleeve for carrying multiple handguns. Constructed of ruggedly durable ballistic pack cloth, it comes with an all-weather cover and is available February 1 in either black, tan or gray. The MSRP is $195.00.

Safariland_575_GLS_Pro Fit_Slim

Safariland also now offers a new slim fit in its 575 GLS™ Pro-Fit™ IWB Concealment Holster. The 575 is now available for several subcompact handguns including the Glock 43, Springfield XDS and Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm, .40, .45. The 575 incorporates Safariland’s GLS retention in an open top design with a slimmer, low-cut and compact body, allowing for a comfortable, smaller footprint over comparable models when wearing inside the waistband. The proprietary GLS secures the firearm once holstered, and retention is deactivated with the middle finger upon acquiring a standard shooting grip.

The holster body is comprised of SafariSeven™, a proprietary nylon blend, non-abrasive to the firearm’s finish and is fully functional in very high heat and extreme cold environments. Available
now, it comes in SafariSeven™ Plain Black and has an MSRP of $55.00.

Safariland also released a re-designed Enhanced 3-Gu Bag with an overall longer structure to fit longer firearms. New additional pockets have been added for extra storage. Also available February 1, the MSRP is $240.00.

The slim GLS Pro-Fit IWB Concealment Holster, Shooters’ Range Backpack and Enhanced 3-Gun Bag will be on display at The Safariland Group booth, #12762, throughout SHOT Show 2019 from January 22-25. For more information, please visit,

New Paddle Attachments Now Available from Bravo Concealment

Sunday, January 13th, 2019

Bravo Concealment, has just announced their NEW Product Release making Concealed Carry soooo much easier.

Polymer Injection Molded Paddle Attachments:
These attachments convert your OWB gun holster and magazine pouches into a quick “on and off” paddle holster. Imagine not having to thread your belt through the holster belt loops anymore. Just slip your gun holster over your belt, it’s that simple. These Paddle Attachments hold on to dear life and will not let go until you decide otherwise. Comfortable to wear all day long, these attachments make your everyday concealed carry lifestyle easy. 

Made out of a robust polymer blend, these attachments are tough and durable for long lasting and are lightweight for extreme comfort. 

Easily attaches to your gun holster or magazine pouches by swapping out the standard belt loops and installing the Paddle Attachments with a regular Philips screw driver.

• Sold in pairs
• Hardware Included
• Accommodates belt sizes: 1.25″ and 1.50″
• Accommodates to all 3.0 and second-generation gun holsters
• Accommodates to Bravo Concealment mag pouches.

• Paddle Attachment Dimensions in Inches:
(Length: 4.375 = 4 3/8) (Width: 1.625 = 1 5/8) (Height: 0.875 = 7/8)
• Hole Spacing: 0.625″

As always, our Paddle Attachments come with an ULIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY, 30-day Monday Back Guarantee, all while offering Free Shipping.

The Paddle Attachments are available now with a MSRP of $23.89. Get yours NOW as they pulled price down to $19.89 with an introductory special!

Comp-Tac Releases Holster Fits for New Glock 48

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

1/8/19 – Houston, TX – Comp-Tac® a leader in high quality holsters for competition, concealed carry, and duty use, has expanded many of their holsters to fit the new Glock 48 including: The MTAC™, The eV2™ and The Warrior™.


The MTAC™ Holster is hybrid holster with two layer leather backing and Kydex shell making this a comfortable concealed carry choice. The MTAC™ is tuckable allowing the user to tuck their shirt in over the gun. With interchangeable shells, customers who already own and MTAC™ holster can upgrade just the shell for their new Glock 48.

The eV2™ is an appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) holster that is designed for casual EDC as well as deep concealment applications. The Glock 48’s slim design will work well with the eV2™’s kick which will hide the grip by pushing it into the body.

The Warrior™ holster is a slim pancake style outside the waistband (OWB) holster. Designed to fit close to the body for easy hiding, the Warrior is also very accessible for a quick draw. The Warrior™ holster is also optics ready and open ended for threaded barrel use.

“The beginning of the year is always an exciting time for gun owners as all the new guns are being released. We were very excited to obtain one of the new Glock 48s so early and get our holster options up and running. It is great to get a new gun, even better to get a gun and a holster to use right away.” said Gordon Carrell, General Manager of Comp-Tac®

For more information please visit

Raven Concealment Systems Opens Pre-Orders For Perun, Morrigan, and VanGuard 2 Holsters For GLOCK Slimline Pistols

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

Raven Concealment Systems is currently taking pre-orders for a variety of holsters to support the new “Slimline” series of pistols recently announced by Glock.  

RCS will be releasing Perun, Morrigan, and VanGuard 2 holsters in support of the brand new Glock 43X and Glock 48 pistols.  These pre-ordered holsters will ship by February 1st, which means that the “Slimline” pistols will have holster support as soon as they hit the market.

Currently, the pre-order has two options: 

The first option is for the Perun (outside-the-waistband holster) for the Glock 48

The second option is a three-pack of holsters, including the Perun, the Morrigan (inside-the-waistband holster), and the VanGuard 2 (an appendix carry inside-the-waistband holster).  In addition to being a comprehensive carry package, this three-pack is priced at a $30 discount for the pre-order.

The pre-order ends at 5PM EST on Friday, 11 January.

Order here.

2018 IDPA National Championships – Seven Years Running

Monday, December 17th, 2018

HOUSTON, Texas – Comp-Tac Victory Gear® remains the top holster choice among IDPA members, according to the results of the equipment survey conducted by the International Defensive Pistol Association during their 2018 National Championship this past September. This is the Seventh year in a row that Comp-Tac® was named the number one holster brand in the competition holster category.

The survey found that more than one third, (33%), of the 261 holsters reported by competitors were manufactured by Comp-Tac®.

In addition to being the top holster for competition, the Comp-Tac® Armadillo™ vest was the 2nd most popular concealment garment in the match, used by 26% of the 205 responses. The Armadillo™ brand was second most popular concealment garment by only 2%.

“The Comp-Tac® customers use our gear for a wide range of uses; include law enforcement gear, military equipment, every day carry and competitive shooting. The IDPA Nationals survey is an excellent barometer of what gear gun enthusiasts and users are purchasing. It helps us know what customers want and need in their gear and gives us the opportunity to serve our customers better,” explained Gordon Carrell, General Manager and Comp-Tac Team member.

The 2018 IDPA National Championship equipment survey was conducted among the 355 competitors with 261 indicating a competition holster preference and 205 indicating a concealed garment preference. For a full report of the IDPA National results please visit – IDPA Tactical Journal Webpage.

Bravo Concealment Introduces NEW Torsion 3.0 IWB Holster

Saturday, December 8th, 2018

Bravo Concealment, holster manufacturer known for their popular holster models has just announced their NEW Torsion 3.0 model.

The new Torsion 3.0 has the same features that makes their iconic Torsion model so comfortable and concealable. This 3.0, however kicks up the design to a new level.

Switching design material from kydex to a diversified Polymer plastic, allows for a more rigid, strong and capable holster that will protect your firearm at all times. In addition to this new material, they have added an adjustable retention screw, allowing for the end user to find their desired retention. They have also eliminated material by reducing their overall original footprint of the design, allowing for a more minimalist design.

The Torsion 3.0 still has their integrated 10-degree inward cant allowing for greater concealment.  The holster does come standard with threaded barrel clearance, RMR cut-out, and tall sights clearance up to .355 inches.

Statement from Bravo Concealment: “The NEW Torsion 3.0 Gun Holster is just as good as its predecessor while inheriting a little flair to it.

Go check them out at They offer an unlimited lifetime warranty, 30-day money day back guarantee, and free shipping!

The new Torsion 3.0 IWB Holster is shipping out now with a MSRP of $49.99