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Haley Strategic – Venti 100 Shot Wake Up Drill

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

In this video, Travis Haley goes over his warm up routine when at the range. It’s designed to help improve performance by focusing on fundamental processes and to prevent getting into training ruts.

88 Tactical Offers Civilian SERE Training

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

First off, I have to address their name. 88 Tactical isn’t some nefarious code for something that would turn my stomach. Started in 2009, it’s made up of guys with a history of public service in the military and law enforcement. They are based in Nebraska and you may have seen them on one of the “survival shelter” shows on cable.

Second, I’ll address what they do. Aside from the usual firearms and tactical training, the guys at 88 Tactical are working to make a name for themselves in the bushcraft and survival arenas. There is definitely a demand for Survival training in the civilian market. But, I’ll address a concern some of you will share with me. 88 Tactical offers what they refer to as SERE training (Survive, Endure, Respond, Excel) but some of their courses, which I won’t cover here, are offered to select LE and civilians only, so this isn’t all open enrollment training. You’ve got to have the credentials to get more in depth training.

Of their offerings, Intro to Survival Skills is a good starting point. It’s a one day course with some basic classroom followed by “dirt time” where you’ll get hands on experience in these areas:

Survival mindset
What to do in a wilderness emergency
Choosing the proper equipment
Personal Survival Kits (PSK)
First Aid Kit (FAK)
Choosing proper cutting tools
Man made fire starters
Safety considerations
Shelter construction
Building fires
Signaling rescuers
Procuring water

SERE Level 1 builds on those basic skills in a two-day course featuring an overnight in a shelter built using techniques taught in the course. Topics include:

Water procurement
Personal protection
Tool care
Land nav and making movement
Weather dependent skills

88 Tactical’s SERE 1, “Rural Ops” from 88 Tactical Group on Vimeo.

SERE Level 2 is an intermediate course that once again takes place in the field over a two-and-a-half period. You have to have completed their Level 1 course and the instruction goes into more depth in these subjects:

Personal Survival Kits (PSK)
First Aid Kit (FAK)
Choosing the proper cutting tools
Safety considerations
Sourcing food and water
Camp selection
Knife and saw use
Knots and hitches

This video, gives you an idea of what this course is about.

88 Tactical’s SERE 2, “Escape from Metropolis” from 88 Tactical Group on Vimeo.

New Instructor At Panteao Productions

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Columbia, SC, July 21, 2014 – Panteao introduces the latest instructor in the Panteao lineup, Freddie Blish from Patriot Products AZ.

Freddie Blish is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Marine Corps, where he served 24 years. He has served multiple combat tours and deployed globally in operational, instructional and advisory capacities. His tours include Iraq, Africa, Korea, Thailand, and Latin America. After his retirement from the Marine Corps, he served as the Director of Military Business Development for Aimpoint, Inc, where he developed an intensive training program on their use by the US Army Regional Training Center firearms instructors, US Army Mountain Warfare School, USAF Para-Rescue, and I Marine Expeditionary Force Advisory Training Teams. He has also worked for LaRue Tactical, and as a private contractor handling high-risk clients domestically and overseas.

Freddie is an Adjunct Instructor at Gunsite Academy, Inc. He has been providing high quality instruction to Military, Law Enforcement and the Private sector for over to twenty years. He has also been a technical advisor pertaining to military optics for several television shows and movies.

Freddie continues to work in the firearms industry as the General Manager for The ROBAR Companies, Inc. He is also the owner and CEO of Patriot Products AZ, LLC, the manufacturer of the Combat Optic Tool and the Combat Optic Tool – Optimized.

Panteao just completed the first title with Freddie on combat optics and it’s now in post-production.


Link to instructor page:

Panteao Productions – New Video With Nikki Turpeaux

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Columbia, SC, July 15, 2014 – Panteao introduces the third video title with Nikki Turpeaux: Survivor’s Mindset for Ladies.

Going to the range and learning how to accurately fire a pistol or revolver is only the first step in learning concealed carry. In Survivor’s Mindset for Ladies, Nikki Turpeaux walks you through other important considerations like situational awareness, maintaining an aware lifestyle, online hazards, kids and field trips, camps and school safety, survivor’s mindset and more. Nikki Turpeaux is the Owner/CEO of Archangel Tactical, LLC and Founder of the Get A GRIP™ Ladies Personal Defense & Firearms Training Program. Her training curriculum serves women, men, youth and families in the disciplines of defensive pistol, shotgun, carbine, OC, edged/improvised weapons and unarmed defense training. This is a straight forward lesson from Nikki to you that will get you thinking and help you be better prepared moving forward.

The DVD is available for pre-order. Panteao Subscribers can watch the video online now.

Nikki Turpeaux

Link to video:

Modern Defendo

Friday, July 4th, 2014

Modern Defendo is an unarmed combatives system evolved from Col. William Fairbairn’s system of Defendu. Defendu was a close quarters system taught to and used by the 1st Special Services Force, ‘The Devil’s Brigade’, as well as agents of the SOE and OSS during WWII.

The Modern Defendo program is led by Regimental Sergeant Major and Chief Warrant Officer (Ret.) Bill Wolfe. A former Canadian Forces Chief Unarmed Combat Instructor, Bill Wolfe has been teaching Modern Defendo to Soldiers and Law Enforcement the world over, including SF and police counter-terrorism teams. Described as “brutal”, “harsh”, “intense”, “effective”, “efficient”, and “deadly”, Modern Defendo covers both unarmed and armed methods of combat.

For more information on Modern Defendo, visit or email

Thanks to ‘JB’ for the tip!

Alias Goes International

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Alias Training and Security Services has teamed up with Elite Defense to introduce their lineup of instructors to the international community. Both companies have been working on this for some time in order to comply with US State Department ITAR regulations. They’re not only going international, but they’re doing it right.


For details, visit

Costa RVET Course AAR

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Nightlife in Wyoming:


Training in low-light/no-light is a logistical nightmare for the average training company. Range hours, noise ordinances, and liability issues all conspire against night courses. Considering how rare they are, when Costa Ludus ( invited us to attend his Restricted Visibility Elements Theory (RVET) course in Wyoming we had our tickets bought, bags packed, and guns shipped faster than Senator Yee can make an illegal arms deal.

2photo by Weaponcraft LLC

Despite being a small populace, flying into Jackson Hole is easy enough thanks to its proximity to Yellowstone National Park and world class ski resorts. You get both barrels of the Grand Tetons the minute your head pops out of the aircraft door and the scenery doesn’t stop all the way into downtown Jackson. The city itself has maintained an old west’ feel through the decades but mostly now with boardwalks and saloon doors. The brothels, gambling houses, and open sewers are long gone… for better or worse.

3Photo by Weaponcraft LLC

A ridiculously scenic hour drive south from Jackson puts you in Freedom, WY: It’s here, at the Northern end of the Star Valley, that Costa and his team built their headquarters aimed squarely at hosting students before and after full days of firearms instruction. Courses range from basic handgun marksmanship (HET1) to more advanced and specific offerings such as Vehicle Elements Theory (VET).

4photo by Costa Ludus

The Costa Ludus HQ loft, finished just prior to the first Premier course, looks like a well-lit Cabela’s man cave replete with flat screens, overstuffed leather couches, full kitchen, and fully-stocked Yeti coolers. The concept here is that students get extensive time to dig into Costa’s personal experience with gear, tactics, and 90’s era action movies- review the classics if you want to keep up. Extended question and answer sessions easily wove through the casual conversations during meals and prior to range time.


Syracuse University’s Newhouse School To Host Workshop For Active Duty Military Aug. 15 And 16

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

This is an announcement from Syracuse University regarding an upcoming two-day workshop available to all active duty military personnel.

The Military Visual Journalism program in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University will present a two-day workshop, “Managing Your Digital Arsenal,” Friday, Aug. 15 and Saturday, Aug. 16, on the Syracuse University campus. The workshop is open to all active duty military personnel. Follow on Twitter at #MVJ50.

August 15

The workshop will begin with a welcome from Newhouse Dean Lorraine Branham, followed by opening remarks from Ray Shepherd, director of Defense Media Activity; and a keynote by Steve Rubel, executive vice president for global strategy and insights at Edelman New York.

Sessions include:

From Still to Multimedia: Making the Transition,” led by Bruce Strong, chair of multimedia photography and design (MPD) at Newhouse

Sound Decisions: Making the Most of Your Audio,” led by Doug Quin, associate professor of MPD at Newhouse

Finish First: Mobile Video Reporting Skills,” led by Simon Perez, assistant professor of broadcast and digital journalism at Newhouse

The Language of Light: Seeing It, Creating It and Using It,” led by Gregory Heisler, distinguished professor of photography at Newhouse

Aug. 16

The second day will include remarks from internationally acclaimed photographer Joe McNally and multimedia adventure storyteller Corey Rich.

A screening of “The Hornet’s Nest” will be followed by a discussion with ABC News correspondent Mike Boettcher.

The day will conclude with a panel discussion featuring uniformed members of the military who work in communications.

All events will be held in the Joyce Hergenhan Auditorium in Newhouse 3. Registration fee is $75.

In addition, a dinner celebrating the Military Visual Journalism program’s 50th anniversary will be held Aug. 16 at 6:30 p.m. in the Hildegarde and J. Myer Schine Student Center’s Goldstein Auditorium. Cost is $50.

For more information or to register, see or contact Nancy Austin at or 315-443-4082.

Open Enrollment Courses For Northern Red At Grey Group Training

Monday, June 16th, 2014

This is an announcement from Grey Group Training regarding the availability of open enrollment courses with Northern Red.

Instructors are J.D. Potynsky and Tom Spooner, who are both BCM Gunfighters.

Northern Red stands ready to provide security solutions in high-threat environments — and develop others to do the same. Shaped by the toughest military training in the world, and forged in today’s hostile and war environments, the Northern Red team is considered to be part of what some define as “The American Warrior Class.”

Their goal is to create the security and stability, nationally and internationally, to help foster peace and economic growth. Northern Red proudly takes on dangerous, complex engagements that require courage, capability, as well as the ability to work independently, creatively and strategically.

In short, Northern Red delivers… Warrior-Class Security Solutions for an Unstable World.

Here is what Northern Red has to say about training and training with them:

“In a world growing more uncertain by the minute, we need all the well-developed professionals we can get. Northern Red offers experience-based security development and tactical training to candidates who possess the courage and capacity to mitigate a wide range of dangerous combatants, scenarios and environments.

Their development programs are designed based on a combination of our instructor’s personal experiences in war zones, and their experiences in many of the world’s elite military training programs.

There will be tests of skill, stamina, improvisation, memorization and how to remain lucid under chaotic circumstances. By the end of your training, you will have been educated and focused on performance, effectiveness and solutions — the same goals and skills required of the world’s very best warriors.”

The current instructor to student ratio is 1:9.

Contact Ramia Whitecotton at for more information and sign up for one of their courses at To stay up to date on Northern Red, feel free to visit their Facebook Page.

CROPS School Of Surveillance

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

Click to view .pdf
CROPS School

CROPS School of Surveillance has released a new booklet detailing their rural and urban surveillance course offerings. The courses last anywhere from 2 days to 10 days based on the content and level of training requested. CROPS prides itself on delivering enhanced and comprehensive training courses which hold nationally accredited qualifications. They welcome all training inquiries, whether they be in the United Kingdom or overseas.

If you have any questions regarding training, you can contact

This is also a good time to bring up ‘Covert Rural Surveillance’. As a reminder, it is a tradecraft manual on offer by CROPS dedicated to modern military techniques and covert tactics for rural surveillance operations.

Covert Rural Surveillance

With over 560 pages, in excess of 1500 color images and diagrams, ‘Covert Rural Surveillance’ offers unrivaled insight and quality to this unique subject. This manual has been designed, to enable the reader to carry it under the ‘top flap’ of their CROPS Bergen or other pack for immediate reference should it be required. It also contains a number of blank documents such as: Surveillance Logs / Reconnaissance Report Template / Replenishment Cards / Sketch Sheets and File Notes used on operations that can all be photocopied and used during your surveillance.

The rural environment is by far the most challenging, requiring the utmost of personal discipline and the aim of this manual, is to make your operations successful every time. The content of this manual has been taken directly from the author’s Covert Rural Surveillance Course syllabus.

Subjects covered:
• Introduction to surveillance
• Planning & Preparation
• Clothing & Equipment
• Rural communications
• Navigation
• Field Craft
• Patrol Skills
• Rural hide construction
• Logging & Reporting
• Triggers (static follow)
• Sketch Maps
• Panoramic Sketching
• Observation Skills & search
• Close Target Reconnaissance
• Methods of Resupply
• Digital Still & Video Imagery
• Deployment of Covert Camera Systems
• Eavesdropping
• Operating from Buildings
• Winter Operations
• Law & Legal Issues

Covert Rural Surveillance is a highly recommended tradecraft manual, which is currently been used by a number of overseas specialist units as the comprehensive training guild for this subject available anywhere.