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Northern Red – 2017 Open Enrollment Schedule Now Available Online

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016


Northern Red’s open enrollment schedule for 2017 is online now. The Company continues to offer a marksmanship POI built around gunfighting as well as classes in hostage rescue + close quarters battle. Northern Red prepares students for real-world missions using an established professional standard based on decades of combined combat experience from the Company staff of US Army Special Operations combat veterans.

Operation Blue: Giving Back to Law Enforcement

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

Panteao Productions Hosts Free Law Enforcement Training in Swansea, SC

Columbia, SC, October 31, 2016 – This past weekend Panteao Productions hosted Operation Blue at the Panteao facility in Swansea, SC.

Operation Blue was started by Robert Keller from Gamut Resolutions. It is Robert’s way of giving back to law enforcement by providing them with free training in the use of their carbines and handguns. Supporters of the event included Daniel Defense, Ghost Inc, Freedom Munitions, Tactical Supplies 4 Less, and North American Rescue.

Officers representing Horry County Sheriff’s Dept., SLED, City of Columbia, SC Highway Patrol, Calhoun County Sheriff’s Dept., Lexington County Sheriff’s Dept., SC DNR, Kershaw County Sheriff’s Dept, Richland County Sheriff’s Dept., and the SC Criminal Justice Agency participated.

Robert Keller will be scheduling more Operation Blue free classes for law enforcement in the coming months. Companies interested in supporting the classes or even hosting a class should please contact Robert Keller at

Media Coverage of Operation Blue:

WACH Fox 57:
WLTX 19:

Security Devices International – Free Impact Munitions Instructor School

Thursday, October 27th, 2016


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Security Devices International is offering a free Impact Munitions Instructor School, on November 16th at the Paladin Center in Carmel, New York. For further details and to register, email or

RE Factor Tactical – The Essential Shooting Guide

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Designed to work on conjunction with RE Factor Tactical’s Essentials and Kill Zone Targets, the Essentials Shooting Guide starts with their Essentials Drill. This 150 round drill works on different aspects of shooting to include: basic marksmanship, drawing from the holster, reloads, target transitions, differing tigger manipulations and a combat focused shooting.

Upon completion of the drill you will diagnose areas that need improvement. The book then offers chapters of different drills that are used in conjunction with their Essentials Targets as well as areas to mark your improvement. RE Factor Tactical strongly recommend you use this book in conjunction with the Essentials Targets as the two items will offer a solid iteration of marksmanship.

BE Meyers & Company Announces MAWL Training Partnership With Presscheck Consulting & Training For LE

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

Over the weekend, MAWL manufacturer BE Meyers & Company announced a training partnership with Presscheck Consulting & Training for law enforcement customers. Look for more details soon.

Urban Operator – Weight Lifting Straps

Monday, October 10th, 2016

The owner of Urban Operator is a Retired Marine. He started out with the Tight360 brand but has expanded. Now, he’s offering these Unique Weight Lifting Straps which are made using Mil-Spec 2″inch and 1″ inch Nylon Webbing. The grip material remains durable while maintaining the superior grip throughout the life of the product. The Innovative Wrist Support ergonomically developed to promote circulation to the hand while eliminating nerve damage. The Wide Wrist Strap is sewn with a hook and loop closure for excellent wrist support. Finally, Adjustable wrist support keeps the wrist in the correct position while training.

Sold as pairs, Velcro fastening, One size fit all

Wrist Wrap length: 2″ inch wide, 16″ long

Lifting Wrap Length: 1.5″ inch wide , 10″ long (enough to wrap 2-3 times around a bar)

TYR Tactical Urban Gunfighter Course Supports Missouri Law Enforcement

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Recently, I had the opportunity to observe portions of a special training course presented by TYR Tactical for members of the Missouri Law Enforcement community. The lead instructor was Dan Brokos. He’s still on active duty, but has done some work for Viking Tactics over the past few years. You may have also heard of the Brokos Belt which was created by him. He’s very knowledgeable and very approachable.

It’s important to note that this is not an open enrollment course but rather presented at no cost to LE by TYR Tactical. Consequently, I’m not going to get into the details about what went on during the training. Instead, I’ll stick to generalities. Additionally, all of these men are currently on the job and I want to respect that. However, I will tell you that the training was hosted at the Camden County Sheriff’s Office Firing Range near Lake of the Ozarks. It’s beautiful country and a well maintained range complex, but with it situated in a bowl, the temps were in the upper 90s.

After a quick discussion about his background, along with that of his AI (I should be introducing him to all of you soon), Brokos went over range safety and particularly how it related to the upcoming two days of training. Day one was carbine and day two was pistol in the morning, with an afternoon wrapup of mixed pistol and carbine work. Dan Brokos will tell you that there’s no one way to do things, although he concentrates on sharing his 26 years of military experience and those proven techniques which have been honed by US SOF over the past 15 years. There are no fads here or questionable tactics. Everything he teaches has been validated on the two-way range. &

Interestingly, the attendees came from several agencies, with different backgrounds, and varying degrees of experience. Most were armed with .223 AR-15 type weapons from a variety of manufacturers, with one agency’s officers outfitted with MP-5s. Pistols were primarily GLOCKs with a mixture of .40 and 9mm. Naturally, their equipment was just as varied. As an aside, fallout from the Ferguson situation continues to set in. For example, there’s a push in Missouri, at least at the state level, to transition SWAT from MultiCam and OD to Black because it is less militaristic.

Next, Brooks talked about the advantages of a 50m zero and the class dove right in, getting it quickly out of the way. Next up was barricades. Brokos demonstrated each event and then had the students run through before introducing a competitive element, whether individual or team races against one another or the clock. While time is a factor, hits in the A-zone are what counts. He also insists students shoot from both strong and weak sides and reinforces effective use of barricades as shooting platforms in his drills.

One point I’ll share is that Brokos puts students in shooting positions, particularly during the vehicle phase, which will require most to shoot with one eye closed. Those same positions, which are variations of ‘brokeback’, require the student to consider how to best stabilize the weapon, be it carbine or pistol. His focus is on offensive action, delivering effective fire, and maneuver. Maneuver, that means moving.

Technically, the Urban Gunfighter Course is an extension of TYR’s Innovate or Die Tour. This means, in addition to the training, TYR brought out their mobile showroom to the range. This was great for several reasons. First off, it was hot and humid, so the showroom was a great spot to cool off during lunch. Second, it allowed students to check out the latest gear and ask questions of David Rice, a recently retired LEO and head of LE sales at TYR.

For those of you unfamiliar, the TYR Tactical Mobile Showroom is a custom 44’ trailer, designed to travel across the country for customer outreach. For the first time, customers have a hands-on experiences with TYR Tactical Pouches, Body Armor, Belts, Revere K9 Products and Huron Clothing and Packs. They also get a chance to view products before their release and provide feedback on existing products.

For upcoming TYR Tactical Innovate or Die Tour dates and locations visit:

Want to setup a tour stop or class for your department? Contact TYR’s Innovate or Die Tour Coordinator, Josh Jones. or call TYR Tactical HQ at 623-240-1400.

Tyler Grey Joins Aztec Training Services

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Aztec Training Services has announced that Tyler Grey has joined its roster of instructors. Tyler is a combat wounded Veteran who has served as an member of the US Army 75th Ranger Regiment as well as a Sniper and an Assaulter in the US Army’s premier special operations unit. He is engaged in various Veteran causes and is a highly sought after instructor as well as an entertainment industry consultant.  Plus, he’s an all around nice guy.

(yes, the gear is too clean because it was a studio shoot)