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Dark Angel Medical – Direct Action Response Training At Über Group

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016


Dark Angel Medical is holding an upcoming Direct Action Response Training course at Über Group headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, October 22nd through 23rd. The course is designed to introduce students, particularly those with little to no medical training or background, to classroom and practical instruction in on-scene medical treatment. Students will be provided with a Dark Angel D.A.R.K. Medical Kit of their choice, the materials in which are referenced within the instruction of the course. Additionally, proceeds from the course will be donated to the Special Operations Care Fund (SOC-F).

Check out the link below for more info, and to sign up.

Today’s Instagram, Tomorrow’s Doctrine

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Today’s Instagram, Tomorrow’s Doctrine
June 27th, 2016
Aaron Barruga

Our attention spans are garbage. I can’t remember the last time I waited for an Uber to arrive and decided not to spend the downtime thumbing through Facebook and Instagram. As a millennial, I am guilty of forfeiting periods of self-reflection in exchange for the external stimulus provided by social media.

But is this dynamic something to be concerned with? In small doses, probably not, but my default to social media extends beyond waiting for Ubers to running errands, coffee lines, and as a work distraction (current piece included). The result, I am continuously seeking new content that reinforces “my” point of view.

The visual medium is powerful and a fifteen second Instagram video can easily accomplish what 1500 words cannot. However, substituting visuals for text comes at the deterioration of our deep focus and willingness to thoroughly examine arguments. We forgo substantiating our own beliefs with evidence (or dare I say experience), and instead reinforce our superficial expertise by simply watching a video.

Accompanying our echo chamber is the perception that we are capable, rational, and intelligent individuals; and that anyone who disagrees with us is both wrong and delusional. Our deep attention and focus already eroded by the brevity of social media, we also lose our patience for curiosity when confronted with opposing views.

Rather than first attempting to understand how our opposition arrived at their point of view, and then afterwards engaging in debate. We instead fill cognitive sandbags and entrench in our own belief system. But how are we so sure we are right? Because everyday (and for some every hour) we are bombarded with new content on social media that reinforces our point of view.

Although social media is a powerful tool that has built a community and united shooters on unprecedented levels, it is also the platform that allows for the rapid decay of objective knowledge, because we (millenials) are conditioned to constantly seek something new, and upon discovery will associate new with better.

Millenials are now more representative of average adults in America. Born between 1980 and 2000, millenials number 83 million and represent one quarter of the US population. For today’s military and law enforcement leadership, a majority of mid-level and soon to be senior leadership embodies the tech savvy, social media oriented demographic of twenty to thirty year olds.

This group of leaders will decide in the next decade what becomes doctrine for both the future of military and law enforcement training. Like it or not, social media will be a key influencer in this process. Current and soon to be training supervisors already connect with the training narratives created in fifteen second Instagram videos. This dual edged sword allows for greater access to information, but also allows for deviation away from lessons learned in the real world.

From lessons learned we build doctrine and standard operating procedures. Unfortunately, this process involves losing brothers and sisters in the line of duty. Learning from their mistakes and shortcomings, we attempt to find new and better techniques for engaging dangerous situations. However, we must exercise a healthy dose of caution in this process, and recognize that new techniques in their infancy must first survive critique and peer review before being endorsed as acceptable. Unfortunately, social media encourages us to shortcut the validation process and sanction incomplete or weak arguments simply because they are new.

Many tactical training schools made popular by social media have done an enthusiastic job of training organizations and individuals, but for the most part they have not prepared tactical shooters with judgment for the real world. Consequently, a lot of flat range training is suitable for use only on the flat range.

In twenty years, the next generation of tactical shooters will adapt our current social media influenced doctrine to address new threats, technologies, and radical ideology. It is uncertain whether platforms such as Instagram will exist in the future and how integrated they will be in our day-to-day lives. For now, social media’s inaugural authority on the advancement of doctrine can either become a platform for knowledge, or devolve into a medium through which companies exploit the naive, and users scream at each other in comment threads with pitchfork outrage.

Aaron is a Special Forces Veteran and founder at Guerrilla Approach LLC.

Autonomous Alloys – Digital Steel Smart Target System

Monday, June 27th, 2016

New high Tech Shooting Target Inspired by Video Game Mechanics Brings the Virtual World to the Real World

Interactive High-Tech Steel Shooting Targets Use First-ever Magnetic Reset and Embedded LED Backlit Illumination to Reproduce Classic FPS Game Mechanics

Autonomous Alloys’ Digital Steel smart target system represents a huge leap forward in shooting target technology for the most common caliber ever made, the .22 LR.

Virtually all shooting targets become static and dull – paper can seen, but can’t be heard; steel can be heard, but can’t be seen. And even “reactive” targets tend to get monotonous after time. Autonomous Alloys has set out to redefine what a target is capable of and in doing so, created the world’s first electronic steel pop up target system that uses traditional first-person (FPS) video game modes to inspire it’s experience, and bring fun and training with interactive, multisensory shooting targets.


Powered by a lightening-fast electromagnet to control pop-up resets and a multi-colored backlit light bar for game feedback, Digital Steel targets combine visual and audio feedback in an extra-ordinary way – every target hit is a satisfying hit. And when wirelessly connected to other targets on the field, something extraordinary happens – game modes that were traditionally only available in video games can now be played down range with live fire. Fan favorites like Free-for-All and Domination from games like Doom, Halo, and Call of Duty, can be played in single player, co-op, and head-to-head modes. Training drills and run and gun modes provide real-world high-adrenaline scenarios and test everything from your double tap and reload skills, to speed and endurance.


Fast paced, intuitive, and fun for shooters of all ages, Digital Steel Smart Targets bring several new features never-before-seen in targets:

  • 20+ Game and training modes at launch and more just a download away
  • Training drills that include custom time-trials and double-tap requirements
  • Virtually unlimited number of wirelessly connected targets down range
  • iOS/Android Apps enable fast and intuitive game starts
  • Up to 4 players for head-to-head or co-op battles
  • Bullet proof! LED illumination is shielded with replaceable polycarbonate bullet resistant polymer; the target popper is cut out of AR450 ballistic steel while the whole chassis is protected by a downward canted AR500 steel shield
  • Solid-state with no moving parts but the popper itself. Onboard embedded processor controls magnetic reset, LED feedback, and wireless communication for lightning-fast responses across the field
  • “Digital Steel Smart Targets are designed to be fun,” said Michael Campbell, co-founder of Autonomous alloys. “Casual and competitive players alike love the system for the charged feedback and action. It’s unlike any other live fire target shooting experience.”

    Combat Strength Training Launches New Web Site/ Training Platform

    Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

    Most SSD readers know Patrick “Mac” McNamara from his series of Gunfighter Moments he has shared on behalf of Alias Training & Security Services. Now, Mac has launched a new website for his Combat Strength Training (CST) methodology. CST is a fitness training methodology Mac developed as a result of his time spent in the US Army Special Operations community during his twenty-two year career there. The approach retrofits the Combat Chassis (a.k.a. the body) so that it performs with maximum efficiency at maximum capacity.

    In addition to a new layout, the new site offers five (5) new training modules for members. 

    1. Explainer/ How-To videos: In process of building an expansive library of explainer videos to break down the CST exercise movements to help you get the most out of your workouts. Pat also goes into detail regarding “why we do this” in the context of its tactical application in the combat / real-world environment.

    2. Workout Program Templates (a.k.a. Chassis Guides): Initially a 4-week on-ramp workout program template for each of the four (4) Combat Chassis Types will be released. These on-ramp workout programs were developed in conjunction with an elite strength and conditioning coach based on the CST methodology and will jump start your training for your Combat Chassis upgrade.

    3. Members Blog: This is not some half-baked corporate-sounding blog with weak and generic content. Every week the cadre of expert contributors will be opening up the CST toolbox of premium articles to help you keep your Combat Chassis tuned up. Some articles are free to the public.

    4. Full-Length CST Seminar: The full-day CST Seminar (4+ hours of instruction) taught by Pat is now available on streaming video. This is for those who want to go behind the scenes of CST and get a ton of new content never released publicly until now.

    5. Live Monthly Webinars with Pat: Participate in a live Q&A Webinar with Pat every month. In these hour-long webinars multiple topics will be discussed related to: combat applications of CST, performance-based training methodology, mindset, the various Combat Chassis types, programming, nutrition, prehab/ injury prevention, preparation for various military selection programs, and much more!

    To learn more about these new training modules and the CST methodology, go to

    Action Target Opens Registration for 2016 Law Enforcement Training Camp

    Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

    PROVO, Utah – June 7, 2016 – Action Target Inc., the leading manufacturer of shooting ranges, today announces the opening of registration for their highly anticipated annual Law Enforcement Training Camp (LETC), which will be held September 12–16, 2016.

    Now in its 24th year, LETC brings world-class instructors and a superior training curriculum to over 140 firearms trainers at a week-long, fast paced, high volume shooting camp. LETC is designed to aid firearms instructors from across the country in their training effectiveness allowing them to pass those skills along to officers in their respective agencies. 

    “LETC is a way for Action Target to give back to the LE community. It is extremely rewarding to hear the high praise and positive feedback from LETC attendees each year. LETC intensifies our commitment to continuously improve our training programs and products,” said Kevin Tomaszewski Action Target V.P. of Engineering and Marketing.

    LETC instructors are some of the best in the industry. Instructors are hand picked from some of the most respected training institutions in the world and courses are chosen and developed to address the current needs of modern law enforcement agencies.

    This year’s curriculum includes the following courses:

      Shoot Fast and Move with Kyle Schmidt
      Reactive Shooting with Todd Haller
      Rapid Deployment Patrol Rifle with Steve Horsman
      Master Pistol Instructor with Tony Caspers
      LE Bullets & Vehicles with Tony Caspers
      Low Light Tactics & Force on Force with Wes Doss
      Shoot House Instructor with Neil Honkala
      Ultimate Shotgun with Brian Hoffner
      LE Precision Rifle, instructor TBA

    “What separates LETC from other schools and courses is the depth of skill, knowledge, and passion for learning and teaching that comes together each year at LETC” said Seth Ercanbrack, Marketing Communications Manager at Action Target.

    With new and improved course curriculums and the introduction of vendor demonstrations, this year promises to be better than ever. The range at LETC is equipped with the latest advanced target systems by Action Target allowing participants to train on world class facilities including a shoot house, reactive steel bobber range, turning targets, runners, and the worlds best portable steel targets. LETC has built a long-standing reputation for great training, great people, great food, and the best value anywhere.

    Participants will also have the opportunity to put their skills to the test in the annual Cory Wride Memorial Match for a chance to win prizes and bragging rights.

    Agencies and trainers who would like to attend LETC are encouraged to register quickly to ensure space is available in desired courses. Attendance is capped at 140 participants and sells out quickly each year. Full course descriptions and registration information can be found at

    Alpha Bravo Creations – Kids Tactical Hand Signals

    Friday, May 27th, 2016


    Looking to teach your offspring some tactical hand signals, for operations such as capture the flag, king of the hill, or overthrowing a third world dictatorship? Then you might want to pick up Alpha Bravo Creations’ Kids Tactical Hand Signals set. It consists of fifty (50) 4″ x 3″ black and white cards, featuring hand signals from the U.S. Army’s Arm-and-Hand Field Signal paired with signs from American Sign Language. The cards come complete in a tuck box, for easy storage.

    You can pick them up at

    NRA – Barrel Blok

    Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

    Barrel Blok is a firearms safety device, designed to allow the use of standard firearms in close quarter training situations such as grappling and arrest procedures. It is inserted into the chamber and out through the barrel and completely blocks the chamber. Additionally, there is a cap for the magazine so that no rounds can be inserted.

    Although the Barrel Blok comes in a long length, the plastic, flexible rod construction is intended to extend 1/2″ past the end of the barrel once fully seated in the chamber. The user clips the end of the Barrel Blok based on the firearm it is used with. This length allows it to be used with most any holster. The high visibility orange color also makes it easy to verify by instructors as well as other trainees that the barrel is blocked.  

    Additionally, the device has other features that facilitate realistic training.  It is designed to engage the pistol’s extractor so the slide must be sufficiently racked and the material works as a firing pin strike face.  

    They’ve also just launched a version for rifles.

    The design is the same, it’s longer to accommodate the increased barrel length, although, it’s important to mention that Barrel Bloks are not one-size-fits-all. Rather, they are offered in different calibers do that you get a sealed chamber.  In the image below, the Barrel Blok is not seated completely.

    Vertx Announces Victory First as a Preferred Training Provider

    Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

    Cincinnati, Ohio, May 18, 2016 – Vertx®, a premier tactical and outdoor brand of apparel and gear, announced today its expanded partnership with Victory First, a leader in law enforcement, firearms training and consulting. The partnership will focus on utilization of Victory First’s expertise in tactics and training, while incorporating the Vertx line of concealed carry bags and packs for real world use. Additionally, Victory First will conduct training classes for Vertx, which will include relevant tactical applications.

    “We’re excited to expand our business relationship with Matt Jacques and Victory First as a preferred training provider for Vertx’s EDC line of bags and packs,” says Darrell Morrow, Vice President of Vertx. “Matt brings a wealth of professional and industry knowledge that is essential for today’s prepared professional. His leadership through Victory First will help us ensure that all of our customers have access to the most relevant, useful training that complements the Vertx line of products.”

    The Vertx line of EDC bags and packs is feature-rich and specifically designed to accommodate concealed carry in everyday life application. As a design consultant on all of the bags, Matt has intimate knowledge of their use in the field, and in everyday life when proper training and tactics are coupled with the right products.

    “I believe in the products that Vertx brings to market, and I have been proud to have been involved as a consultant, so partnering with them from a training standpoint was a natural fit,” says Matt Jacques, Victory First Owner. “I am extremely picky about the products I use; and professional end users will tell you that having training with the right products can be the difference in a win or lose situation. The training we offer through Victory First will help our customers become more efficient and confidently reliant on the products they trust.”

    Victory First will also manage a Train-The-Trainer program for Vertx that will help educate its sales force, dealer network and key customer groups on the design potential and benefits of training with Vertx products.