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RSR Introduces ‘The Noner’

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

RAR is well known for shooting targets and they have introduced the Noner, a collaboration with Special Operations Veteran Mike Pannone which features RSR’s new reduced USPSA silhouette. You may also notice the logo of Pannone’s CTT Solutions on the target.

The target is 13.5” high and 7.5” wide with a 4” head area cut out of the top. This leaves the shooter with 90 square inches of target area which is big enough to shoot with rifles standing at 100 yards, yet still very useful for shorter range pistol training (think 7-50 yards). For reference the rectangular A-zone of a USPSA target is 6”x11” or 66 square inches”. The Noner target is 1/3 larger than an A-zone but is still a size that is easily adaptable for either speed or accuracy shooting given the distance. Pannone has found this size to be the optimal size for training where you are balancing speed and accuracy with handguns and at distances over 100 yards they become an ever more challenging rifle target.

The Noner package includes AR500 Steel Target, Steel Brackets, and Steel Base. The RSR cap and tongue mount makes it simple, robust and compatible with any existing 2×4 capable base. The articulating mount also makes them safe to shoot at 10 yards and extends the lifecycle of the target itself by redirecting instead of absorbing all the delivered energy from the projectile.

the Noner is also offered in a combo with a head target.

Kyle Raisbeck Joins Alias Training & Security Services

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Alias Training is proud to announce Kyle Raisbeck as our newest instructor. Kyle will be teaching all our Medical courses from now on. Kyle has a tremendous amount of teaching experience and an impeccable resume. Already well known and highly regarded throughout the Special Operations community his experience and teaching ability will now be readily available for all our customers. We could not be more proud to add Kyle to our team.

Kyle’s Bio;

Kyle Raisbeck is a former operational member of the 75th Ranger Regiment and 1st Special Forces Regiment. He has served multiple combat tours including the forced entry parachute assault into Rio Hato Panama during Operation Just Cause and combat operations in Iraq during the surge with a specialized assault element. He is school trained as an airborne infantryman (Ranger) and Special Forces medic to include Paramedic and diving medical technician. His final assignment was as a marksmanship and tactics instructor at the Army Special Forces premier training facility for advanced skills in Ft Bragg.

See Kyle’s Training Class Schedule at

Thank you,

Alias Staff

MDFI – Training Passport

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Michigan Defensive Force Institute has developed a Training Passport to keep track of attendance at their entire course catalog.


The spiral bound logbook features hard plastic covers that will protect the waterproof pages. That’s right, the pages are printed on Rite-in-the-Rain paper. You can write on it but it won’t turn to mush if it gets wet.  


As you can see, the pages are well laid out and include plenty of room for notes.


They’ve even included blank pages for attendance at courses presented by other instructors.



Panteao Announces New Instructor

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

Columbia, SC, April 19, 2016 – Panteao is pleased to announce an addition to the Panteao instructor lineup. Panteao will be introducing new videos with instructor Aaron Barruga starting with “Make Ready with Aaron Barruga: Small Unit Tactics”.

Aaron joined the US Army because of 9/11 and served in Special Forces. He was deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Pacific Theater of Operations. Aaron left the military in 2013 and formed Guerrilla Approach.

“I’m very happy that we were introduced to Aaron. His no nonsense approach to training and the way he helps students to assess and solve problems will be a great addition to our training lineup,” said Fernando Coelho, President of Panteao Productions.

The first titles from Aaron are currently in pre-production and are scheduled to be filmed in September. For more info on Aaron and his company Guerrilla Approach, you can visit his website at www.guerrillaapproach.com. You can find his page on the Panteao website here: panteao.com/instructors/aaron-barruga

Follow Through Consulting – Weapon Grip For Rapid Movement

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

This week I got to spend some time out in Utah with Buck Doyle, owner of Follow Through Consulting. Buck is very well known and respected in the Marine Reconnaissance and MARSOC communities, as well as industry. I expected to learn a lot from him and he did not disappoint.

One quick takeaway I picked up during the scoped carbine course he presented for hosts Proof Research, Erathr3, Leupold and Surefire, was this weapon grip for fast movement. I thought it was a great, quick share because anyone can easily adopt it on their own.

In the Army, I was taught to carry my rifle in a modified port arms by wrapping the fingers of my firing hand around the pistol grip with my trigger finger extended along the lower receiver above the trigger. Alternatively, I’ve seen guys extend their finger across the trigger with their fingertip resting on the magwell, as seen above. Additionally, I was taught to position my support hand under the forearm with my finger and thumb holding it securely.

Buck was taught the same thing in the Marine Corps. But the realities of combat taught him to modify this grip. Twice, he injured his trigger finger during falls in combat while rushing from one position to another. The first time he dislocated his finger and on the second, he sprained it. He said the sprain was worse because it took longer to heal. Once Buck started wrapping all of his fingers around the pistol grip, he didn’t injure it again.

I told Buck, “That makes sense for the firing hand, but what gives with the upside down grip on the support hand?” He told me that this method of carry served two functions. First, it serves the four rules of firearms safery quite well. It forces the muzzle down in a safe direction during movements. If you stumble, you won’t bring your muzzle up in the air like you would with the more tradtional port-style carry. Second, you can more naturally pull the weapon down into yourself in a full fall.

An important note. Buck adopted this technique for moving rapidly (ie running) while in combat. He fully acknowledges that you will have to transition your grip to shoot your weapon.

One of the things I find most refreshing about Buck Doyle is that there’s no BS. I talked to him about the grip and asked him what he called it. Unlike many tactical trainers, he didn’t have some fancy, trademarked name for it. For Buck, this wasn’t some theory-based technique he had dreamed up, but was based on years of actual combat as a Marine. It’s just an adaptation of a long-standing technique for use in certain circumstances. That’s the kind of thing you take away.

For those curious, the rifle is by Erathr3 with a PROOF Research barrel. The scope is Leupold and furniture by Magpul. More on all of that soon, but yes, I was hitting steel at 1164 meters with this 5.56mm package.

If you’re interested in learning more about Follow Through Consulting, visit www.followthroughconsulting.com.

TNVC Offering Open Enrollment Night Fighter Course In Las Vegas

Monday, April 18th, 2016

Night vision systems and associated auming devices have come way down in price as well as much easier to get ahold of. What’s not easy to access is the training on how to use it.

TNVC is conducting an Open Enrollment Nightfighter course at the Pro Gun Club in Las Vegas, NV June 3-4. Limited slots in this class.

NIGHT FIGHTER: Level 1 is designed to arm students with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of night vision operation and usage techniques. Beginning with gear choice and setup, the class provides students the tools for learning to safely / effectively move, shoot, and communicate in low-light / no-light environments. Students will participate in a variety of movement, stalking, and live-fire exercises aimed at producing a core competency with night vision goggles, lasers, and white light.

No NVGs? No problem! Plus, rental fee can be applied toward purchase of your own gear from TNVC.


Los Alamos National Laboratory – Science in 60 Seconds: Training the Explosives Experts

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Military Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technicians have a tough job. Their lives—and others’ lives too—depend on their knowledge of explosive materials and the correct procedures for identifying and dismantling homemade explosives. During the Advanced Homemade Explosives training course at Los Alamos National Laboratory, lab scientists use their expertise to teach EOD techs from the U.S. Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy how to recognize homemade explosives labs and the raw ingredients commonly used to make IEDs and other bombs. Techs also learn safety measures, get hands-on experience synthesizing the materials, and study the sensitivity and performance characteristics of those materials. This science and hands-on training is critical for keeping EOD techs safe and helping them save lives.

Marine South – The National Target Company Inc / Rite In The Rain Introduce New Target

Thursday, April 7th, 2016


Rite in the Rain had a new target from The National Target Company which is printed on their waterproof paper. The 19.5″x40″ target is pretty straigh forward. It’s waterproof so it won’t become mush in the rain. You can write on it, even when the surface is damp. Available in the full rectangular version here or a die cut version of just the outline of the target with no margin.

Contact guy@nationaltarget.com.