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Elite Defense Has Patagonia Clothing In Stock and Ready to Ship

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Elite Defense has informed us that they have the Patagonia tactical line in stock and ready to ship immediately with some items shipping within 10 days from their backup warehouse in Nevada. Items include the Jungle Uniform, PCU Level 9 and Level 3 Alpha Jacket. I already have a Jungle Uniform and it is awesome. Too bad it’s winter.


Remember, to purchase the Patagonia line from Elite Defense, you have to sign up for The PROgram. Here is the info:

What is The PROgram?
The Program was started by Elite Defense to give exclusive deals and offerings to our active Military and Law Enforcements professionals, this means full access to our Patagonia line. The Patagonia line are purpose built garments for our professional end users.

Who is qualified to be in The PROgram?
All members who are still actively serving in the Military (Reservist and Guardsman are eligible), all current law enforcement members, Federal Agents and Industry Professionals (selected on a case by case basis).

How do I apply to The PROgram?
It’s easy, go to www.EliteDefense.com and create your own account. Once your account is set up send an email to ThePROgram@EliteDefense.com to notify us of your submittal. Once the email is received we will review your account to authorize it for purchases. If you sign up using a .Gov or .Mil email account we can approve your account without further authentication. If you choose not to use your .Gov or .Mil email account we will have to verify an ID (via email, fax or in person). We understand that some information will need to be redacted for security reasons.

Are there additional benefits to The PROgram?
Yes, we will be offering a general discount on all products that we are authorized to resell. Depending on the product line, some discounts will vary; but please log in from time to time to check and see the new deals offered by The PROgram.

The PROgram Polices & Restrictions
Before you enroll yourself into the program, we would like you to be aware of these guidelines to make sure the integrity of The PROgram stands.

·The PROgram account you set up is for you; it is not for family or friends. IF they would like to be a part of The PROgram, please have them follow the same procedure you did to sign up.

·If your unit or department would like to buy in quantities, please have them send an email with any pertinent information to PCU@EliteDefense.com.

·These items are being sold to you; your purchases are forbidden to be resold outside of the bounds of The PROgram.


SHOT Show – Elite Defense / Patagonia

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014


In addition to the commercial PCU which includes Level 3A, Level 9 and the Jungle Uniform, Patagonia is also introducing a version of the M10 jacket and pant in Gore-Tex Light and Fast. Com medical PCU is offers in MultiCam, Black, Alpha Green and Retro Khaki.

It’s a very simple design intended for use while active. The jacket features a single chest pocket and stowable hood. Additionally, there is a two-piece overlap to protect the main zipper but you won’t find pit zips due to the breathability of the material.


The trousers also feature a simple design with full length side zips for donning and doffing as well as integrated, removable suspenders and waist belt. Additionally, the cuff will accommodate even larger size boots.


Look for this new garment late Spring.


Elite Defense to Hold Patagonia Line Reviews at SHOT Show

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Elite Defense will be hosting line reviews for the Patagonia line of Government product in their booth #32411. They are offering access to a team of SME’s representing Patagonia to review the entire line and take any questions. This will be a unique opportunity to walk through the entire product line and ask questions of those involved with the design and development of the line. The panel will cover all currently available products from the 3 Alpha jacket, with its revolutionary new high performance and light weight / packable material, to the Jungle Uniform, with its accelerated dry time and superb comfort, and the original Level 9 uniform with its distinct design features.


Please join them during one of these times:
Tuesday January 14th 10:00am-11:30am and2:00pm-3:30pm Wednesday January 15th10:00am-11:30am and 2:00pm-3:30pm Thursday January 16th 10:00am-11:30am and2:00pm-3:30pm Friday January 17th10:00am-11:30am and 2:00pm-3:30pm

(These will all be taking place the Elite Defense Booth, # 32411)


New Patagonia Trucker Hats

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013


If you’re into trucker hats, fishing, camouflage, or you just like Patagonia, then this hat’s for you.


Patagonia Jungle Uniform

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

I received a couple of questions about the new Patagonia Jungle Uniform so I thought I’d share a little more info. They were designed specifically for a SOF customer and are made from a 100% nylon fabric.


-Built specifically for the jungle environment.
-Lightweight, durable & quick-drying with a DWR finish and 50+ UPF sun protection.
-Mesh opening and gator designed to allow maximum airflow and protection from small jungle pests.
-Innovative pocket designs to allow for rapid drainage and maximum load carriage.
-Articulated knee panel with pocket that accepts the Versatile Integrated Knee Protection (VIKP) knee insert.
-Printed Quietloop
-Berry Compliant & Made in the USA.


DSEi – Patagonia

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Patagonia is on hand at the Elite Defense booth and the Europeans are eating it up! They are especially interested in the Jungle Uniform which I wasn’t sure would actually be released for sale due to US military demand.


Already available for Pre-order through Elite Defense, the graphic above shows you what is being offered. If you are looking for details on any of the items, visit the SSD archives at www.soldiersystems.net/tag/Patagonia.

Elite Defense Announces Distribution Partnership with Patagonia

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Patagonia Jungle Uniform

This is very exciting news from Patagonia and Elite Defense. For the past few years Patagonia has been responsible developing and producing USSOCOM’s Protective Combat Uniform, a 9 level ensemble of environmental and field clothing items. Every once in awhile pieces have become available on eBay or at surplus outlets but, outside of program, we haven’t been able to purchase these garments. Now, you’ll be able to get not only the Level 9 Combat Uniform but also a Jungle Uniform (seen above) as well in addition to other pieces such as the level 3a jacket just adopted by SOCOM. The Level 9 garment features an innovative kneepad system (below) we have written about in the past and offers both combat and field shirt options.

L9 Combat Knee Pad Sysyem

Elite Defense and Patagonia have the stage set for a January release of the Level 9 combat uniform and have targeted SHOT show 2013 as the location for its release for commercial sales.

Patagonia is a world leader in clothing design, protective garments and an industry pioneer in environmentalism. They have designed and developed numerous layers of clothing to protect our Warfighters, and now have a commercial global distribution channel through Elite Defense.

Bringing this large scale collaborative effort together was the 132 Group, lead by Founder and President William Jarvis. “We’re excited to launch the Patagonia L9 Combat Uniform commercially; there has been a lot of hard work and patience to pull this all together. We are prepared for an incredibly successful launch at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV.”

“Adding an internationally known brand like Patagonia to our portfolio is exciting; there has been a buzz about it since we started making all the right steps to pull this partnership together and bring it to market.” said Brett Westcott, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing at Elite Defense.

The level 9 combat uniform will be the first of many products that will be brought to commercial market space; the team anticipates a new jungle style uniform as well as a commercial variant of the PCU 3 Alpha Jacket to be ready for delivery in the second Quarter of calendar year 2013. All of the offerings are Berry Complaint to meet the needs of the US DoD and other domestic agencies. The distribution agreement includes a dealer network that is equipped to handle multiple Government contract mechanisms to support that customer base.

“Patagonia has been a go-to for top tier design and development services to the SOF community for over a decade, and has long supported the soldier” Says Eric Neuron, Patagonia’s Director of Strategic Product. “We are very excited to make available these innovative products commercially, and further that support. Elite Defense’s business model is unique in this trade area, and is exactly what Patagonia has been looking for.”

Elite Defense will be in Booth # 27411 displaying the NEW Patagonia Level 9 Uniform, Jungle Uniform, and 3 Alpha Jacket. For more information please visit www.EliteDefense.com.

SOCOM Adopts Polartec Alpha as Insulation for PCU Level 3a

Friday, January 11th, 2013

This isn’t the first time that we’ve mentioned SOCOM’s Block 2 PCU Level 3a or its use of Polartec’s materials. Polartec has a long history of providing innovative fabric solutions for not only SOCOM’s Protective Combat Uniform program but for all of DoD. What’s more, their manufacturing partner is Patagonia. They too have a long history of supporting SOF and other specialized units going back to the 80s. In 3ID LRS I was issued blue Patagonia polypropylene long underwear and pile jacket and overalls in Germany in the late 80s. Later, Patagonia developed the Military Advanced Regulator System. Now, they are responsible for the design and manufacture of PCU. Below is the press release on this new insulation technology option for USSOCOM.

Polartec and Patagonia Collaborate to Provide Breakthrough Fabric Technology to Every Special Forces Operator
Patagonia PCU L3aJanuary 8, 2013 – (Lawrence, Mass.) – Polartec, the developer, manufacturer, and marketer of Polartec performance fabrics, has worked closely with the U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) to develop Polartec®Alpha, a new synthetic insulation technology that creates the first-ever breathable “puffy” garments for active warmth. The Special Forces are the first adopters of this breakthrough fabric technology and are presently fielding Polartec Alpha jackets designed by Patagonia to all SOF operators.

POL_Alpha_smallUnlike down and existing synthetic insulations, Polartec Alpha provides active warmth that allows air exchange for breathability and comfort in more dynamic situations. It was developed to meet the specific performance requirements of the United States Military Special Operations Forces. The development brief required materials that are warm, wind resistant, highly durable, quick drying and more breathable than any existing insulation products. In field and lab testing, Polartec Alpha received the highest testing results of any Polartec product ever tested by the Special Operations Forces evaluation team. The garment will replace two to three layers, reducing costs, saving weight in the field and improving combat effectiveness.

In close collaboration with Polartec, Patagonia designed and developed the overall garment design for SOF. The company spent months maximizing the details of the design to take full advantage of the performance characteristics of Polartec Alpha. The final product is the SOF Protective Combat Uniform Level 3A Jacket, a standard issue piece fielded to every Special Forces Operator in the service.

“Polartec Alpha is a significant technical achievement that has created an entirely new class of fabric technology,” says David Costello, Polartec’s Military Business Manager. “This fabric innovation has been made possible due to our longstanding relationship with the Special Forces and has come to fruition in a final garment through the creativity and drive of the Patagonia design team. The demanding mission profile of the SOF operators requires absolute performance from every element of the operator’s ensemble. Polartec Alpha meets this test and has tremendous potential as a platform for future development.”

“Patagonia constantly works with suppliers to push the limits of what is possible. We have been pushing these limits with Polartec for several decades now; the result has been many groundbreaking products over the course of those years, culminating into this pinnacle innovation. This technology allows technical product designer/developers an interesting new challenge for the next several years; to ‘dial in’ the perfect CFM (or breathability) of a low loft garment,” says Eric Neuron, Patagonia’s Director of Strategic Product. “Without the demands and feedback from Special Forces Operators, this jacket and technology would not exist. We are very proud to support their needs. ”