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TAD Gear Bandoleer

Monday, June 30th, 2008

A few weeks ago we mentioned that Triple Aught Designs had begun to develop a line of niche load carrying solutions. They recently introduced the Bandoleer. Designed as a versatile, grab and go platform, the Bandoleer is as useful at work as it is at play. A friend sent us this photo of him using the Bandoleer during a recent fishing trip and he told us, “The fish never saw me coming”.

Bandoleer at Play

The Bandoleer can be configured for right or left handed carry and is quickly donned and an anti-sway strap keeps the Bandoleer stable during strenuous activity. Worn like a sash, the padded Cordura panels are lined with Coolmax for comfort and the shoulder pad features a no-slip surface to keep it where it belongs. Fully compatible with MOLLE pouches, the Bandoleer also accommodates the ever expanding range of specialized TAD pouches which utilize the 2TIBS attaching system. The Bandoleer is an excellent foundation for a Bug Out Kit, especially for mounted troops or Law Enforcement professionals who find themselves constantly in the confined space of a vehicle.

TAD Gear BandoleerBandoleer with Pouches and Holster

We have already seen similar versions from their competitors but this one is the original. The Bandoleer is available in Black, Foliage Green, and Multicam and can be purchased from TAD or authorized dealers.

Team Soldier Certified Gear – Update

Monday, June 30th, 2008

When we posted the recent article on the Army’s plan to test and certify commercial Soldier Systems items we inadvertently omitted this briefing. It contains some additional details and if you are interested in this subject we highly suggest your read it.

Off-Duty Part 2 – Pacsafe Travel Security

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Pacsafe Logo

Most of our readers travel and many of them often find themselves in some pretty seedy locations. Theft of one’s property is always a concern. Continuing our weekly focus on off duty wear, this week’s feature introduces you to Pacsafe, a company who produces luggage with security of the contents in mind. No use having all of those Gucci suits and safari wear if they are going to be pilfered on the ride from the airport to the resort. We have known for years about their steel mesh bags designed to secure the contents of a pack but I recently received an education on Pacsafe’s security features and want to pass on what we learned to you.

Ant-Theft Bag and Backpack Protector

Pacsafe engineers several unique features into their designs to help ensure the safety of your valuables.


eXomesh® Slashguard panels
Pacsafe has developed slashproof panels by discretely hiding a layer of eXomesh® between two layers of fabric. These lightweight slashguards are placed in vulnerable sections of the bag, giving protection against a bag slasher’s knives and blades.

Slashproof Belts/Cables/Straps

Slashproof belts/straps/cables
It only takes a split second to cut through a conventional belt or strap. Pacsafe belts and straps are embedded with slashproof, high-tensile stainless steel wire. All Pacsafe securing cables are made from heavy duty steel wire.

Snatchproof Security Clip

Snatchproof security clips/locks
In an instant, someone can take your bag without you knowing. That’s why Pacsafe has designed bags with snatchproof metal clips on slashproof belts, straps, cables or chains. These can be unfastened at one end allowing you to loop and anchor your bag to any secure fixture, such as the arm of your chair, bus seat or poolside lounger.

Snatchproof Lock

For extra security, Pacsafe has designed products which offer an additional snatchproof locking system. This system enables you to not only anchor your bag to a secure fixture but lock it safely there as well.

Tamperproof Zipper

Tamperproof zippers/compartments
Subways, busy traffic intersections, and crowded markets are prime pickpocket locations. Pacsafe products have tamperproof solutions to thwart pickpockets, including zippers that lock closed or latch to a spring-loaded metal clip. Pacsafe bags with flap-covered compartments offer hidden safety hooks for extra security to keep prying hands out.

They have an entire line of luggage for everything from your laptop to a rucksack. For information on their entire line go to Pacsafe.

All graphics supplied by Pacsafe.

OTB Sneak Peak

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

OTB Footwear LLC

Not being a company that rests on its laurels, OTB Footwear LLC is at it again. Three new styles will be released this summer.


The Thor TC was designed with feedback from the SOF community. It is available in Camel/Brown/Black as shown or in an all black configuration.

OTB Ferdelance

The Ferdelance is designed for use as a uniform boot for those that prefer the styling and comfort of OTB. It is available in Desert Tan as well as Black.

OTB Bushmaster

The Bushmaster is a rugged, mid height desert boot. It is also available in Desert Tan as well as Black.

Check out their current styles at OTB Boots.

Tron, Part II

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Apparently my post from last week on Tron has created quite a buzz. Some folks are “getting” it and can see the utility of the system.

For anyone what wants even more background data here is a great story from Air Force Research Laboratory: AFRL develops friend versus foe identification system.

The manufacturer is Lumitex.

Tron is available to qualified Government customers through GSA.

Issue Compression Sacks from Cascade Designs

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Cascade Designs is no stranger to the Soldier Systems market. Several of their items have been type classified and are on issue including water purifiers and sleeping pads. This report highlights two of their latest offerings.

Cascade Designs MACS Waterproof Compression Bag

Marine Compression Stuff Sack (MACS Sack)

The MACS Sack features a new hands-free, one-way purge valve that offers increased compressibility and is flexible as well as flush to prevent snagging. It also boasts an improved roll-down closure for a watertight seal, and a heavy-duty round bottom that lasts long, maximizes storage capacity, and stands upright to make packing easier than ever. This bag is made of tough, lightweight nylon. Its great for use in a pack, or on its own to organize your gear.

Cascade Designs ILBE Waterproof Compression Bags

Marine Compression ILBE PackLiner

The Marine Corps ILBE Pack consists of a 4,500-cubic-inch Main ruck or pack, and a 1,500-cubic-inch Assault pack. Neither pack is water proof so the Marines sourced bag liners to provide waterproof storage in the pack. The Cascade Designs ILBE PackLiner has flush mounted purge valves to make the bags compression stuff sacks. These bags are tough enough to survive outside the pack, but are best employed as a PackLiner to give the Marine a submergible waterproof pack. The easy to use roll top closure has directions on sealing which insure the bags get closed properly each time.

The Assault bag liner, which is smaller, has an orange interior to function as a signal panel. In order to help make the bag “Marine proof”, the roll top closure has directions on sealing to help ensure the bags get closed properly each time.

Cascade Part Number Name NSN

02195 MACS Sack 8465-01-542-7688

02177 USMC ILBE Waterproof Main Pack Liner 8465-01-559-5404

02197 USMC ILBE Waterproof Assault Pack Liner 8465-01-560-6727

Arc’teryx Mossy Oak Bibs

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Mossy Oak Bibs

There are a lot of very well designed foul weather jackets on the market. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for trousers. They tend to be ill-fitting or the pockets aren’t well suited to the mission. Oftentimes, the wearer suffers from a sagging waist or blown out seams. But Arc’teryx has come to the rescue. They worked with a small user community to develop a purpose built pair of trousers for wet and cold environments. Arc’teryx designers incorporated features into the design normally found in combat clothing. The bib’s anatomical styling was chosen so that the garment moves with the wearer as well as protect the wearer’s lower back from exposure in extreme weather. The elastic shoulder straps keep the waist up where it belongs, even when the pockets are stuffed with equipment. The bibs also feature two roomy sets of pockets on the front of the thighs and shins.

Arc’teryx Mossy Oak Bib Thigh PocketArc’teryx Mossy Oak Bib Shin Pocket

Even more unique than the design is the material. It is a brushed face Gore-tex fabric that reduces both the noise and shine usually associated with commercial waterproof breathable clothing making it more suitable for military applications. The non-standard Mossy Oak camo blends in well with many environments and the design also features side-zips for rapid donning and doffing as well as reinforced cuffs to protect the bib’s legs from abrasion.

Arc’teryx Mossy Oak Bib Side Zip

Arc’teryx currently has some remaining inventory from this program and is available until supplies run out. Get them before they are gone forever.

Qualified personnel can purchase them here

EOTAC Clothing Spy Photos

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

EOTAC Pants, Shirt, and Vest

I was just slipped some photos from a recent Elite Operator Tactical promotional shoot. These have not been released yet but it looks like EOTAC is poised to unleash their new line. I know a lot of people have been waiting to see this and we are all anxious to find out what they have come up with. If anyone has any first hand experience with the EOTAC line please contact me so we can get your impressions out to everyone. Based on the history of what happened and how EOTAC formed, this is the most anticipated releases this year.

EOTAC Trousers

Perhaps there are a few surprises in store for us. It appears from this photo that they also have tactical or concealable denim jeans in the works. I believe the black jacket is the Algerian that they were working on last year.


The new shirt looks roomy and just as professional whether untucked or tucked in.