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Victorinox Soldier

Friday, June 19th, 2009

The Swiss have only updated their issue pocket knife four times in 117 years. For this latest go around, seven firms provided candidates but Victorinox won with the Soldier.

Victorinox Soldier

The Soldier features a One-Hand Serrated Locking Blade, Phillips Screwdriver, Can Opener, Small Screwdriver, Bottle Opener, Large Locking Screwdriver, Wire Stripper, Reamer, Key Ring, and Wood Saw.

The Soldier is available directly from Victorinox at

EMDOM-MM Dump Pouch

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Military Morons has developed a new fixed dump pouch in conjunction with EMDOM USA. It is of medium volume and features a stiffened rim. Designed to affix to belts via two Tactical Tailor MALICE Clips, the drop panel is also stiffened.

The EMDOM-MM Dump Pouch

The pouch has ample room to accommodate M4 as well as AK series magazines. Additionally, two pleats along the body allow for expansion. Finally, the detachable half cover allows mags to go in but keeps them from coming out.

Dump Pouch accommodates M4 as well as AK mags

As you can see from the graphic below, the dump pouch is available in a variety of colors, some of which are a little non-traditional. For an excellent write up by the designer including numerous photos, visit

MM Dump Pouch Colors

The EMDOM-MM Dump Pouch is available from EMDOM USA.

KAC’s iPod Mount

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Knight’s Armaments is world renowned for their weapons and accessories. So naturally, the question goes, why would someone want to mount an iPod to a weapon? For long-time readers of Soldier Systems Daily, the answer is simple. KAC’s BulletFlight software runs on an iPod/iPhone platform.

KAC's BulletFlight

Up to now there has been a couple of expedient mounting solutions. The new engineered iPod Mount P/N: 25695 attaches directly to an Otter Box case and affixes the case to a Mil-Std 1913 rail.

BulletFlight Mount - Rear

Still, many who use the BulletFlight application choose to keep their iPod or iPhone separate from the weapon but KAC is finally poised to release the new mount for those who require it. To order visit KAC.

Tactical Research Kiowa in Multicam

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Here is a sneak peak of the Multicam variant of the new Kiowa boot from Belleville’s Tactical Research.

Tactical Research Kiowa in Multicam

I have seen the Multicam Kiowa in person and in sunlight the suede actually color matches the Olive in the Multicam pattern.

Available in the near future from Tactical Research.

Daniel Defense in Action

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Daniel Defense has revealed a new website dedicated to showing why their guns and accessories kick so much ass. There are currently videos on the DDM4, RIS II, L85 Rail, Omega Rail and a great trailer giving some background info on how Daniel Defense does their thing.


Joey Hydration System from Tactical Tailor

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Tactical Tailor has produced the new Joey Pouch to accommodate Source Hydration’ Kangaroo Bladder. It is the perfect replacement for the traditional canteen, but it is even better. It has a drinking tube like other hydration bladders but is much more compact.

Constructed from 1000D Cordura, the Joey features a dual-pull zipper and external PALS webbing. It attaches to PALS equipped platforms with two long MALICE CLIPS®. Additionally, it will accommodate a standard Nalgene bottle.

Tactical Tailor Joey-Open

The Joey is Made in the USA and available in UCP, Tan, and Black with or without bladder. However, the Black pouch is not available with bladder. Order from Tactical Tailor.

News Flash! DoD Has Research Labs

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

And even better, they award contracts! Thank you to Wired’s Danger Room who published the story today about Senator Roland Burris (Dem, IL) questioning of Zachary Lemnios, the Obama administration’s nominee to be the Director of Defense Research and Engineering.

What is even more interesting than the Senator’s complete lack of knowledge of the Department of Defense writ large was how quickly he keyed in on the fact that someone awards contracts to support those Research Labs. Can you say “set aside”? Of course we know of many companies who probably wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for a little help from their friends in Washington. At any rate, it will be interesting to watch the new Senator as he learns the ropes. We wonder what other discoveries he will make.

Read the entire transcript here or you can watch it here.

Congress Cares About Camo

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

It seems someone clued Congress in on the fact that the Universal Camouflage Pattern issued to troops fighting in Afghanistan is far from the ideal. So Congress has told the Army to issue something better. Well, the first word in UCP is after all “Universal” and that makes it a compromise since it has to blend in everywhere. Oddly, Afghanistan is not monochrome and there are a variety of environments to blend in with so ultimately a “Universal” camouflage is what is called for after all. Maybe it just needs to be tuned a bit.

Here is the wording from the Conference Committee Report.
“The conferees understand that soldiers deployed to Afghanistan have serious concerns about the current combat uniform which they indicate provides ineffective camouflage given the environment in Afghanistan. Accordingly, the conferees direct that within funding made available the Department of Defense take immediate action to provide combat uniforms to personnel deployed to Afghanistan with a camouflage pattern that is suited to the environment of Afghanistan.

The conferees further direct the Secretary of the Army to provide a report on the program plans and budgetary adjustments necessary to provide appropriate uniforms to deployed and deploying troops to Afghanistan. The report shall be submitted to the congressional defense committees by the end of fiscal year 2009.”

So Congress wants the Army to reprogram money “immediately” to provide an alternative camo pattern for forces in Afghanistan and report to the Armed Services Committees before the end of the fiscal year on it will be accomplished. Can you imagine how this went over when word reached PEO-Soldier? “The jig is up, they’re on to us”.

Now please remember, that this still isn’t law. The President hasn’t signed it YET but is expected to soon.

So how will this play out? Interesting question, considering when asked just weeks ago at the Soldier Systems APBI about the possibility of alternative camouflage patterns, PEO-Soldier officials gave a curt, “No”. However, it has come to our attention that the 173d Airborne Brigade has been granted approval to wear Multicam during their OEF rotation. So that option seems open…maybe. Alternatively, it is highly unlikely that any new SOCOM patterns will be used by general purpose forces. 3-color desert pattern is still available but was replaced by the “superior” UCP so institutional momentum may veto its use. Desert MARPAT is a possibility, if the Army can wade through the interservice rivalry issues. And finally, what about an entirely new pattern, or old for that matter? Several promising designs were tested by Natick in the 2003-2004 time frame before UCP was adopted virtually out of nowhere.

Ultimately, it is going to be about cost. It isn’t just uniforms. There are a variety of other equipage and accouterments that must also be produced in an alternative pattern. And all of this while the Army is still in the throes of a complete roll out of the UCP pattern. Who will foot the bill? Congress has essentially issued budgetary guidance to the Army to reprogram funds.