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SORD Field Uniform

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Australian firm SORD has just released a new field uniform. Options include jacket and pants as well as a lightweight jacket.

SORD jacket

SORD pants

The uniforms will be available in a wide variety of colors including Tan, Bulldust (Similar to Coyote), Brown, Black, Fusion 3D camo, and Police Cam (AUSCAM Variant). Initial sizes and quantities are limited so you need to jump on these quick. To order visit SORD or here in the States, contact SORDUSA.

BTS Files Patent for High Gear System

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Blauer Tactical Systems USA, LLC, recently filed a U.S. patent application for innovations associated with its popular HIGH GEARâ„¢ training suit. BTS is one of the world’s leading consulting companies specializing in the research and development of close quarter tactics & scenario-based training for law enforcement, military and professional self-defense instructors.

BTS High Gear

BTS is world renowned for their scenario-based training programs that employ a proprietary and revolutionary training suit. The suit can be used with multiple methods of scenario-based training (marking-cartridge training, DT, combatives, self-defense, etc.). The suit is lightweight, provides full mobility, and uses a unique impact reduction design, allowing role-players to engage in realistic and integrated scenarios. Military units, SWAT teams, law enforcement agencies and martial art and MMA schools around the world currently use the HIGH GEARâ„¢ system.

“Our focus, our mission and our path have not wavered since we began teaching real-world self-defense in 1979,” said Tony Blauer, President. “We always seek to maintain our position as a leader in reality-based training for the self-defense world and obtaining a patent helps to recognize and affirm that leadership.”

Nicholas Horbaczewski, Blauer’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “We are proud of our innovative designs and features with our HIGH GEAR™ system, which we continue to improve. Seeking protection for our latest evolutionary enhancements allows us to continue as the exclusive provider of the best training suit on the market today.”

For further information, please visit Blauer’s website at

Weapons Retention from 215 Gear

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

The Multi-Mission Weapon Retention from 215 Gear is a new look at the weapons catch.

215 Gear Multi-Mission Weapon Retention

215 Gear’s unique design allows for a low footprint mount on the PALS grid on your armor or vest, rather than the belt mount found on other catches. It also allows for fast access to your weapon after a manual breach or fastrope and the no drag design doesn’t catch on objects if left unfastened, unlike some homemade options, and falls to the rear. It is easily closed by making a sweeping movement with your hand from rear to front which will bring the buckle to your hand. Made from heavy shock cord, the Weapons Retention is mounted to equipment via a aluminum fitting that only takes up one channel of PALS. Made in the USA with Mil-spec materials.

215 Gear Weapons Retention

Available now in Khaki or Black from Grey Group.

Dapper of the Week – Medical Coverage

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Ever since Blue Force Gear released the Denied Area Pattern line, folks have been coming up with new and innovative ways to combine the Dappers to support different mission sets. The Medical Coverage kit is the first in a series of articles.

BFG Medical DAPBFG Medical DAP

To build the Medical Coverage DAP, you need the following items:
DAP Pack
Zipper Utility Pouch x 2
Extension Wing
Ten Speed Triple M4
Zippered Admin Panel
Small Accessory Loops x 2
Medium Accessory Loops x 2
Large Accessory Loops x 2

Blue Force Gear Medical Coverage DAP Components

What’s even cooler is that Blue Force Gear packages the entire kit for you and offers it at a 5% discount over MSRP.

Check it out at Blue Force Gear.

NVG Counterweight Pouch

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Tidewater Tactical now offers this innovative NVG Counterweight Pouch for helmets. Designed to affix via Velcro to the rear of a helmet equipped with Night Vision Goggles, the counterweight pouch features a flexible design that allows the simple addition or subtraction of weight.

NVG Counterweight Pouch

The slim design and flexible lead weights means the NVG Counterweight Pouch will conform to any helmet. Additionally, the rear of the pouch features a large Velcro pile patch that can be used to affix IR markers. The hook Velcro wings on the pouch can be trimmed for best fit and the mesh body allows sand, water, dirt, and other debris to easily drain.

It comes with optional flexible lead weights coated in rubber for better resilience in extreme conditions. Additionally, they offer enhanced noise discipline. Each of the three lead weight bars included with the pouch weighs approximately six ounces for a total of just over a pound. Additional weights are available if needed. The lead weights store inside the envelope formed by the pouch. This envelope can be accessed through a Velcro closure allowing you to carry not only the lead weights included with the pouch but other essentials, such as spare batteries. Additionally, most unit produced “duck weights and tape” will fit inside the pouch.

Available in Coyote, Tan, Black, and Foliage. To order, visit

Mayflower Sneak Peek

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Mayflower Research and Consulting will soon be releasing their “Recce Chest Rig” and the “UMP .45 Chest Rig” for open purchase. Heretofore restricted to a select clientele these two vests combine a no-nonsense design based on real-world experience with lightweight materials.

MRC Recce Vest (HK-417)MRC Recce Vest Side

The Recce Chest Rig is extremely versatile. Designed to carry up to six HK-417 magazines (three open and three in the front pouches), it will also accommodate six M4, AK, SR25 type mags (three open and three in the front pouches) or other similar types. The radio pouches were designed to carry an AN/PRC-148 or AN/PRC-152 with a BA-5590 or similar battery attached as the primary power source. The vest will carry two radios or one ambidextrously. It has antenna routing on the shoulders of the H-harness as well as remote antenna routing on the front underside. It is made with a combo of 500D and 1000D materials to accommodate the additional weight of the 7.62 ammo load. To top it off, the vest has small pockets for mini frags, bangs, firing systems, or other items.

Below you can see a HK-417 magazine to give you an idea of the odd shape. The pouches have to be a bit larger than for other magazines so they accommodate a wider range of options.
HK-417 Magazine

The UMP 45 Chest Rig is designed to carry 6 UMP 45 mags, single or double radios (AN/PRC-148 or AN/PRC-152) and two pistol mags (single or double stack).

Mayflower UMP Chest Rig

Available soon direct from Mayflower, Grey Group, among other fine retailers.

Scout Sniper Periscope Kit

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Periscope in Use in Iraq

U.S. Tactical Supply offers the Scout Sniper Periscope Kit (NSN 1240-01-571-5004). The kit is comprised of am anodized aluminum tripod mount handle with 1/4 20 threads, Desert Camo SwatScope 3M Camoclad Wrap Kit, aluminum hard case, belt hook, AN/PVS-14 Adapter, flashlight attachment, and a soft sling case. It’s everything you need to put the periscope immediately into action and can be used for a variety of observation applications in addition to use by a Sniper section.

Scout Sniper Periscope kit

The Scout Sniper Periscope Kit is available from U.S. Tactical Supply.

Chameleon Rapid Detection Kit

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Developed by Morphix Technologies under a grant from the United States Marine Corps to provide low-cost, disposable chemical detection, the Chameleon Rapid Detection Kit is designed to be passive and simple to use. It is an inexpensive option for military, first responders, or LE who may come operate around Clandestine Drug Labs or other HAZMAT.

Chameleon Rapid Detection Kit

Various kits are available but each contains 100 cassettes and at least one armband for hands-free detection of gases and vapors in the air. The armband comes in two sizes and can be worn on the forearm, upper arm, or lower leg. Additionally, the cassette housing can be removed from the armband and attached to any velcro panel.

Chameleon Rapid Detection Kit Cassettes

The Chameleon is field configurable from one to 10 cassettes which simply snap into place on the housing. Exposure detection is simple. If half of a cassette’s window changes color, the agent is present. Each cassette has a service life of 24 hours and can be immersed in fresh or salt water for up to an hour. A kit comes with 20 each of low pH (acid), high pH (base), chlorine/fluorine, phosgene, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, phosphine, iodine, or hydrogen sulfide. There is also a training kit available.

The Chameleon Rapid Detection Kit is available from Source One Distributors.