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10-8 Releases Aluminum Basepads for 1911 Mags

Monday, February 28th, 2011

10-8 Performance unveiled the new machined aluminum base pad for the 1911 at SHOT. The prototype pads shown above are bare aluminum, but the production units will be anodized black. The pads have the now classic 10-8 base pad features – scooped in the front for stripping a stuck mag, and 8 dimples on the bottom for numbering. You will also notice from the photos that the pad has a unique angled profile. This is derived from a concept developed by Chip McCormick and a member of 10-8 Performance, and gives you the best attributes of both low profile and extended base pads in one design. The pad is thin and low profile in the back where you don’t need the material, but is extended up front to provide a positive index in the hand during loading and manipulation. The pad allows you to fully seat the magazine with an extended magazine well, while providing a slim profile for carry. The front of the pad sticks out just enough to allow you to easily pull on it either for ensuring the mag is seated or for malfunction clearance. The pad is designed for the Chip McCormick Power Mag 8, but will also fit the Wilson 47D magazine. Based on info from 10-8 Performance, these should be available VERY soon.

TacPad from c2rfast

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Late last year, Level Peaks Associates was gracious enough to let us check out a couple of products from c2rfast.

We shot this quick look video of the TacPad Chest in order to give you an idea of how the technology works. We’ve seen other products in the past that rely on chemlights or even powered light but they don’t illuminate the entire surface like this. Powered by a CR123 battery, it provides a back lit writing surface for tactical applications. c2rfast has taken great care to develop multiple products to accommodate various applications of the technology.

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First-Light NV and TC3 Kits ADS

Monday, February 28th, 2011

First-Light USA makes a great medic light and this video does a great job of explaining its various points. One of our favorite features is the swappable Tomahawk Task Light for medics that can be configured as a Blue light for Fluorescein eye stain tests or UV light fluoresce certain fungal and bacterial infections. The rest of these light’s stats are nothing to sneeze at either.

For example, the Tomahawk TC3 features a proprietary mix of Red and Green LEDs that “highlight” blood. After much experimentation First-Light found the perfect mix of lights to make blood stand out from other colored fluids like petroleum which can mimic blood under blue light.

Additionally, the main white light is a 120 lumen LED that also has 3 brightness settings. It also features six IR LEDs that have 3 brightness settings and operate in a separate mode than any of the visible lights.

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More Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Used Batteries

Monday, February 28th, 2011

After we mentioned Phantom Light’s Vulture which is designed to attach to the BA-5590 battery and use its residual power several of our readers sent in links to their favorite battery scavenging accessories. Based on this input we found two products that do the same thing; combine a 5590-style battery plug with a female half of a 12v cigarette lighter adapter. With that you can attach any number of receptacles in order to power a variety of devices. Visit any big box or automotive store for ideas.

If you have experience with either one of these or any other similar products for that matter, please update us in the comments section.

ACR Eye Candy

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

This is the 2011 Bushmaster catalog. It features lots of Adaptive Combat Rifle goodness including new pricing. You will also find the ACR available in the A-TACS camouflage pattern. Make sure you hit page 46 for ACR accessories.

Bushmaster 2011 Catalog

Thanks to Marty for the heads up!

Phantom Lights Vulture Series

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Ever wanted to be able to scavenge the rest of the power from your partially depleted BA-5590s? If you’re deployed forward you probably have stacks of the things that have come back from patrol but you won’t send back out since they don’t have a full charge. But what to do with them? Some have crafted amazing Rube Goldberg contraptions to harvest whatever they can from the used cells. But now there is a dedicated solution. Phantom Lights has developed the Phantom Vulture, an LED light mounted on a flexible neck that attaches directly to a BA-5590. It straps into place and can run for weeks or months depending on the residual charge in the battery. Simple in design yet ingenious in inspiration. Well done! Now, come up with a way to power other 12v electronics from a 5590.

CamoScience App Coming in April

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Released at last week’s AUSA Winter Symposium in Orlando, FL, the CamoScience(tm) App from MW Research and Development, Inc will be relased in April. It is designed for use with smartphones and mobile touchscreens (including the upcoming iPad 2) and converts photos into camouflage designs.

CamoScienceâ„¢ is a photo application that turns site-specific photography into what its inventor calls “Photographic Camouflage.”

“‘Photographic Camouflage’ is the term I coined four years ago to describe any ‘camera-derived’ camo design,” said K. Dominic Cincotti, MW Research and Development President.

“Right now, we’re focused on special ops and first responders Apps,” Cincotti said. “They know what challenges they face and how quickly they want their problems solved. We also have our eyes on app developers who, like us, are interested in innovative problem solving. “If you’re in one of those categories, get in touch,” he said.

CamoScienceâ„¢ will also let users design Photographic Camouflage into a touch-screen grip for the iPad 2. Touchscreen grips provide functional, hand-traction grip to keep your iPad 2 safely in your grasp while mobile. This is accomplished with an extremely thin, adhesive graphic “skin,” with a unique frictional, micro-terrain.

We have almost no details about this technology other than their press release. We will update you as we get additional information.

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Garmont T4 GTX Now Available

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Extreme Outfitters just received their initial shipment of the much awaited T4 GTX. This lightweight assault hiker is Gore-tex lined and features a polyurethane midsole ride combined with a Vibram G3 outsole.

Available in Sand and Black in sizes 7-11.5 (half) and 12-14 (full). Order until 1 March and get the 25% off pre-order price.