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The South African Counter Tracking Boot

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

boot 1

While instructing our TÝR Group Combat Tracking Classes I am frequently asked about special footwear that is specifically produced to deceive a tracker or aid in counter tracking. Although there are many ways that a soldier can attempt to deceive a tracker one example I give them are boots that were produced during the South African Border War from 1966 to 1989. To keep from being detected by their enemy, some South African and South West African special operations were issued boots designed to deceive the enemy or villagers who might come in contact with their tracks.

boot 2

These boots were produced with smooth soles so when impressions were made in the soft South African soil the footprint impressions would appear older than what they actually were. However depending on terrain and weather, these boots could either be an advantage or a disadvantage based on the smooth sole, especially in wet or humid environments.

boot 3

By John Hurth, President of TÝR Group LLC and author of “Combat Tracking Guide” published by Stackpole Books.


Gunfighter Moment – Pat McNamara

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

I occasionally get push back or skepticism during courses when I have guys utilize the rifle’s safety while doing mag changes up close at say…7-10 yards. So I present them with this situation; you and I are fighting side by side from behind cover. The fight is mid-range. The cover is small. This is close quarters. I am within inches of you while performing a magazine change, or while moving around you to better my position. At times my muzzle may be oriented over your bow. Do you want me to use my rifle’s safety? I’m thinking your answer will be “Yes”.

If we are fighting together in close quarters, not only do I want you to use your safety while working alongside of me, but I am hoping that your safety manipulation is spontaneous.

Push back comes from those too lazy to perform the appropriate amount of meaningful repetitions until safety manipulation becomes an intuitive task or until one can perform this at a subconscious level.

If you can’t think to ‘Safe it’ at seven, what makes you think…you can think to do it instinctively, in close quarters?

Patrick McNamara
SGM, US Army (Ret)

Patrick McNamara spent twenty-two years in the United States Army in a myriad of special operations units. When he worked in the premier Special Missions Unit, he became an impeccable marksman, shooting with accurate, lethal results and tactical effectiveness. McNamara has trained tactical applications of shooting to people of all levels of marksmanship, from varsity level soldiers, and police officers who work the streets to civilians with little to no time behind the trigger.

His military experience quickly taught him that there is more to tactical marksmanship than merely squeezing the trigger. Utilizing his years of experience, McNamara developed a training methodology that is safe, effective and combat relevant and encourages a continuous thought process. This methodology teaches how to maintain safety at all times and choose targets that force accountability, as well as provides courses covering several categories, including individual, collective, on line and standards.

While serving as his Unit’s Marksmanship NCO, he developed his own marksmanship club with NRA, CMP, and USPSA affiliations. Mac ran monthly IPSC matches and ran semi annual military marksmanship championships to encourage marksmanship fundamentals and competitiveness throughout the Army.

He retired from the Army’s premier hostage rescue unit as a Sergeant Major and is the author of T.A.P.S. (Tactical Application of Practical Shooting). He also served as the Principle of TMACS Inc.

Gunfighter Moment is a weekly feature brought to you by Alias Training & Security Services. Each week Alias brings us a different Trainer and in turn they offer some words of wisdom.

Actor Tom Hardy Trains for New Role in LBT Combatives Suit

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

British actor Tom Hardy is working on a new role as the infamous Kray twins; London gangsters from the 1950s and ’60s. Naturally, there’s going to be some good old fashioned brawling in the film and Tom Hardy has been keen to train for the part.

Mike Newman, of Hot Shots Calendar and Edgar Brothers fame, knows Tom and sent him this LBT Combatives suit. As you can see, it works quite well, and that Tom Hardy can sure take a beating.

Be sure to check out Tom’s exploits on his blog: tomhardydotorg.tumblr.com

Don’t Feel Bad, They Didn’t Like Go Fast Boots In My Day Either

Friday, May 30th, 2014

This slide has been making the rounds, generally briefed by the fun police aka an overly gleeful Sergeant Major or First Sergeant. It points out that some of the most popular boots worn by Soldiers are not authorized under AR 670-1. The worst part? It’s true.


Awesome Deal on Smith Elite Lockwoods in Kryptek from Tactical Distributors

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Kryptek Lockwood

Every time I wear my Kryptek Highlander Lockwood eyepro by Smith Elite, people ask me where I got them. Considering they were a limited run item I’d say that this daily deal from Tactical Distributors is one to jump on. They feature a mil-spec Brown polarized lens and good looks.


Murdock Webbing Unveils Kryptek Line

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Murdock Webbing is now officially licensed to offer jacquard woven webbing in the popular Kryptek family of camouflage patterns and they look great.

Murdock Webbing 1

Murdock uses specialized jacquard looms that weaves the camouflage pattern directly into the webbing. This not only provides a durable, double-sided product in the webbing, but also meets or surpasses all performance requirements for A-A-55301 Berry Compliant mil-spec webbing.

Murdock Kryptek

Murdock Webbing’s jacquard webbing can be ordered in standard widths of .75″, 1″, 1.5″, and 2″, with custom widths and weights available upon request. Highlander and Mandrake webbing are currently available, with Typhon and Yeti colorways in development, and to be released soon.


London Bridge Trading – UCP / ABU Sale

Friday, May 30th, 2014


London Bridge Trading is holding a massive 70% off sale on select products in both UCP and ABU camouflages. The sale lasts as long as the supply does, so take advantage while you can.


Sneak Peek – Hodge Defense Universal Bag

Friday, May 30th, 2014

The Hodge Defense Universal Bag was developed by Mayflower Research & Consulting who also created a new sling for use with the Hodge Defense AU-Mod 1.


HD 1

It works as a rifle case for carbines with 16” barrels or shorter when have both sides closed or you can open one side and carry a longer rifle. It also works as a case for optics or any other elongated piece of kit (antennas, tripods, etc.)

HD 3


When folded flat it also serves as a work station at the range; if you’ve got $2500-3500 in a carbine and good glass, you don’t want to lay it on the ground. This bag has got you covered.

HD 2