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Arktis M674 Covert Carry Rig

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Currently In Use with a Security Service who required Quick And Easy Access to Gear while Seated In Vehicles
Low Profile for wear under clothing
This Rig has special Mil-Spec elastic pouches to hold Three 30 or 20-round 5.56 or 5.45 magazines quietly and securely
Cross-draw Holster for any size Medium/Large Handgun
Holds Two Pistol Magazines
Pouch for Folding Knife
Pouch for Radio or Magazine or Cuffs
Large Internal Pouch for documents, First-Aid or Cuffs
It is fully adjustable, very comfortable, can be worn with or without body armor.
Mesh Backing for Ventilation
NOTE: Due to Design, Magazines and Handgun Do Protrude Some in Front depending Upon Body Size.
Available in Black

Arktis USA currently has them for sale via eBay.

AMABILIS – Premium Bags

Thursday, December 31st, 2015


SuperFabric’s ceramic armor plates, mil-spec hardware, burly YKK zippers and a full lining are just some of the reasons these load haulers will offer you a lifetime of reliability. Iconic design and military heritage completes the picture of these badass bags.

Meet the AMABILIS Tactical collection: The DAVE, The DAVE Jr and Stash Capsule

* For discount, enter promo code “exit63”

SPORTS – What To Do In A Jam

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

One of the common tasks for Soldiers taught in Basic Training’s Basic Rifle Marksmanship is how to clear a malfunction on the M16-series of rifles. Although the task was laid out in 1968’s comicbook-style DA PAM 750-30, it was still a lot of steps.


Acronyms and the military go together like peas and carrots. Doubly so if the acronym sounds like a cool word, so someone dreamed up SPORTS for Slap, Pull, Observe, Release, Tap, Squeeze. The Squeeze for “Squeeze” the trigger but was later changed to Shoot to include all of the methods of trigger control.

Broken down, here are the steps:
a. Slap upward on the magazine to make sure it is properly seated.
b. Pull the charging handle all the way back.
c. Observe the ejection of the case or cartridge. Look into the chamber and check for obstructions.
d. Release the charging handle to feed a new round in the chamber. Do not ride the charging handle.
e. Tap the forward assist.
f. Shoot. If the rifle still does not fire, inspect it to determine the cause of the stoppage or malfunction and take appropriate remedial action.

Out in the civilian world you’ll hear the much more simplified Tap, Rack, Bang which was originally intended for clearing a malfunction on pistols but works as a simplified process for rifles as well. 

Once again, broken down:
a. Tap the bottom of the magazine to ensure it is properly seated.
b. Rack the slide, or charging handle to the rear to attempt to feed a new round into the chamber.
c. Bang, as in shoot the weapon.

Repeat as needed until the gun either works or you have to transition to another means to reduce the threat.  

How many of you were taught SPORTS while learning to fire the M16 or one of its derivatives?

Team Comanche Debuts Mustang Survival’s New Ocean Racing Outerwear At Rolex Sydney Hobart 2015

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Training session on Sydney harbour for American boat Comanche owned by Jim Clarke and his wife Kristie Hinze-Clarke 23/12/2015 ph. Andrea Francolini

Training session on Sydney harbour for American boat Comanche owned by Jim Clarke and his wife Kristie Hinze-Clarke
ph. Andrea Francolini

Bellingham, Wash. – Mustang Survival announced today that Team Comanche will wear Mustang Survival’s new range of performance waterproof, breathable outwear at the Rolex Sydney Hobart race beginning December 26, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.

“Mustang Survival has been building leading dry solutions for the military, coast guard and water rescue professionals for decades,” said Jason Leggatt, VP commercial products. “This expertise, along with our access to ultra-premium ingredient technologies like military-grade GORE-TEX fabrics, has allowed us to build what we, and Team Comanche, feel is the world’s driest, toughest performance outerwear.”

A 100 ft. Supermaxi yacht, Comanche, was built with one thing in mind; compete in the world’s great ocean races and break open-ocean racing records. Everything counts in these demanding multi-day races and poor performing gear can rapidly deteriorate the athlete’s advantage. Team Comanche, skippered by Ken Read, will be fully outfitted in Mustang Survival’s new range of outerwear, which includes a dry suit, pro smock, spray smock and salopettes, and base layers.

“Working with Mustang Survival to develop the EP series of ocean racing gear led to what will be the new benchmark for serious sailors. When we put the gear on in our fit trials, we knew we had something special. Testing it over the run up to the race, we were very impressed by the performance of the gear,” said Tony Mutter, watch captain and twice-winner of the Volvo Ocean Race.

In addition to the technical outerwear debuting at Sydney Hobart 2015, Mustang Survival will be releasing additional products in the fall of 2016. These will integrate seamlessly with the EP Ocean Racing Series, including a new Fusion Merino base layer, ocean racing gloves and more. By designing and developing the range together, Mustang Survival engineered what will be the only series of ocean racing products built to work as a system.

Jared Rhind, head of design comments, “By ensuring our products integrate seamlessly with one another through fit, material selection, and function, the result is a sum greater than its parts; a system benefit that no other can offer.”

Mustang Survival’s EP Ocean Racing Series will launch in June 2016 at retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Treadswift Tactical – Light Weight Assaulters Ghillie

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

The Light Weight Assaulters Ghillie is a sniper design by Treadswift Tactical which is manufactured by Fighter Design. Quickly donned and doffed, it’s made from a combination of Omega Mesh with laser cut and RF welded Hypalon. This creates attachment points for Jute and other materials. The Hypalon shapes are cut randomly to enhance camouflage.

Available with optional front panel. Offered in MultiCam but other patterns available via special order.

LAPG New Year’s Sale – 15% Off Entire Order

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

LA Police Gear’s New Year’s Sale has started and you can get an additional 15% off your entire order! Use coupon code NYSale15.

Blue Force Gear – Limited Edition AK Sling V5

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Blue Force Gear has just released the Limited Edition AK Sling V5. It definitely has a DDR Cold War flavor but with modern parts.

This fifth variant of their popular Vickers Combat Assault Sling features silver nylon hardware, a leather pull tab and a never-before-seen sling attachment component (The ULoop).

Blur Media – EXFIL

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

Last year, we featured the visual concept video ‘End of Negotiation’ by Blur Media, in association with HHK (Hestehovkompaniet). They’ve released another video in the same vein, again in collaboration with HHK. Before anyone mentions it, yes, HHK are airsofters. However, they’re also all former or current soldiers, and the cinematography is cool, so don’t let that detract from the video.