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Sons of Liberty Gun Works Carbine Series Match at The Ranch TX Private Shooting Club

Monday, June 29th, 2020

San Antonio Texas 29JUN2020 – Sons of Liberty Gun Works (SOLGW) is proud to announce the inaugural Sons of Liberty Gun Works Carbine Series Match at The Ranch TX Private Shooting Club.

The match will be run in two phases, with 12 challenging stages covering the 150-acre facility that also include a jungle run.   Participants will complete 6 stages each day. Match dates are November 7-8, with the staff and RO’s shooting on November 6.

The Match Director and Stage Designer will be Jeremy Reid, a 3-time United Shooting Sports Leagues (USSL) National Champion. There will be 6 divisions that shooters can select to compete in. Sons of Liberty Gun Works Carbine Series Match affiliation is with the United Rifle League, a division of the United Shooting Sports Leagues.

The SOLGW crew will be on-site, along with Pro Staffers Chuck Pressburg and Chris Woomer.

The Ranch TX Private Shooting Club will have other manufacturers and vendors on site on-site during the event, showcasing their items.  Upon match conclusion,  there will be a prize table at the end of the event, which will loaded with the best products in the industry.

Registration is limited to 150 shooters.

Register now on Practiscore: practiscore.com/the-sons-of-liberty-gun-works-carbine-series/register

Match fee is $175 which includes lunch on both days. 

For more information on the match or being a vendor/sponsor, visit:


50% Off Oakley at O P Tactical

Monday, June 29th, 2020

Get 50% off ALL Oakley Eyewear, Apparel, and Packs at O P Tactical! Everything from M Frame Alpha Ballistic Eyepro, Classic Holbrook sunglasses, LT Assault 2 Boots, Gloves, Packs and more are in stock and ready to ship. Use coupon code OAK50 for the discount. Once inventory is gone it will not be restocked, so don’t miss out on this awesome deal! Sale runs through 28 July.


TacJobs – NetSuite Administrator at Regulus Global

Monday, June 29th, 2020


The NetSuite Administrator is responsible for the continued growth of the NetSuite system, identifying opportunities to improve internal process efficiency, provide analytical insights and to support business growth of the organization’s needs.


• Identifies and assists with implementation of business/IT solutions; assists with testing of applications.

• Technical Support for all NetSuite Users including but not limited to the management of User access and the maintenance of system roles and rights.

• Works closely with Finance, Accounting and Regulus’ Certified NetSuite Partner in the configuration, maintenance, testing, migration and implementation of all NetSuite releases, modules, and upgrades.

• Leads, configures, tests, and deploys application customizations, and all new functionality.

• Assists Finance with the analysis of complex business scenarios, problems and, issues and assess how NetSuite can be modified to solve them.

• Assists Finance with data analysis, reporting and the optimized use of the NetSuite application and 3rd party addon applications.

• Identifies opportunities to utilize NetSuite to increase productivity, efficiency and quality of financial reporting.

• Creates documentation such as policies, procedures, workflows, and user guides including the translation of business requirements into user and functional requirements.

• Other duties as assigned.


• Bachelor’s degree in a business or technical discipline or equivalent experience in related field is preferred.

• Working knowledge of the most current technologies and products used in the industry.

• Extremely organized with great attention to detail.

• NetSuite Administrator Certification preferred.

• Three-to-five years of hands-on experience with NetSuite customizations and data migration.

• Fully efficient in custom record types, fields, forms, roles and permissions, page layouts, searches and reports, and NetSuite data model.

• Can demonstrate experience with CRM or ERP systems.

• The ability to support data import process and migration.

• The ability to maintain NetSuite updates.

• Can create configurations and customizations of NetSuite to meet the business needs.

• Can provide on-going systems and technical support for the NetSuite system.

• Is familiar with the NetSuite dashboard and can provide users with relevant reports and KPIs.

Send resumes to [email protected]

MATBOCK Monday Strap Claw

Monday, June 29th, 2020

Good morning and Happy MATBOCK Monday,

The Strap Claw set attaches to the MOLLE on the front of the plate carrier and holds the backpack straps for the operator without the need for a chest strap.  This allows for removal of the pack without having to undo an extra strap and keeping the motion of removing the pack exactly the same.  The Strap Claws also keep the shoulder area free and clear for proper rifle butt placement as well as alleviates pressure on the brachial artery preventing poor blood flow down the arms.  Each set comes in OD Green with MATBOCK Skins for MultiCam and Black in each package.

Don’t forget to tune in on Monday at 4:30 PM EST as we do a live demo of the Strap Claw and answer your questions!


BE Meyers & Co Appoints Mr Yong Lee As Chief Financial Officer

Monday, June 29th, 2020

June 29, 2020 (Redmond, WA) – B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. is proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Yong Lee to the role of Chief Financial Officer of the company. Mr. Lee previously served in various senior commercial and corporate banking roles with KeyBank®, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, and Wells Fargo in the greater Seattle region, where he provided debt capital and financing solutions for middle market and large public companies.  Mr. Lee takes on the role of CFO from Mr. Steven Oliver as part of his retirement. Mr. Oliver will transition to an advisory role as CFO Emeritus on the B.E. Meyers & Co. Board of Advisors.

In addition to his experience in commercial banking, Mr. Lee brings his military experience to the role, having served in the US Army in both Infantry and Special Forces leadership roles on active duty and later on as a member of the Washington State National Guard. Most recently, Mr. Lee served as the Executive Officer of Special Operations Detachment – Pacific (SOD-P), retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Mr. Lee received his commission from the United States Military Academy at West Point and received his MBA from the University of Washington Foster School of Business. He currently resides in Bellevue, WA with his wife and two young children.

“I have known Yong as a good friend and financial professional for several years, and we are proud to welcome him to the team,” said Matthew Meyers, CEO of B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. “Yong brings with him enhanced perspectives as a financial professional and also as a former end-user of our products, supporting our efforts to develop new technologies in support of the warfighter.”

For more information, please contact B.E. Meyers & Co. at [email protected].

You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

Monday, June 29th, 2020

An SSD reader sends greetings from Pula, Croatia.

Greetings from the amphitheater in Pula, Croatia, where ancient warriors had to fight animals and other gladiators.

Overcoming Adversity: How an Italian Became a Special Tactics Operator

Sunday, June 28th, 2020

Sometimes in order to achieve one’s goal in life, one has to overcome a great deal of adversity and life lessons to do so. No one appreciates this more than Master Sgt. Stefano Guadagnuolo, a Special Tactics operator assigned to the 125th Special Tactics Squadron, Portland Air National Guard Base, Ore. His teammates prefer to call him G for short.

G grew up in the town of Piacenza, Italy in an 80 person condominium, where there was an ‘army of kids’ for playing and snowball fights. Italians are used to being very social, it’s a cultural thing, said G. Every weekend is a celebration and you don’t have to walk far to be with friends and family.

He attended college in Parma and at the age of 18 he was drafted into the Italian Army as a Mountain’s Troop Officer, where he served for two and a half years. After going back to Parma for college, he decided it was time to venture out and try something new. He ended up in Costa Rica to be a diver, and from there travelled to Honduras for a year to become a Dive Master as an underwater tour guide. G met many American friends there vacationing who told him he should come to the states, so he sold all of his scuba gear and flew to Houston.

After arriving in the U.S., he toured the country for a while eventually ending up in San Diego, again as a Dive Master on a boat. He remembered how he always wanted to join the Air Force’s Combat Control career field because he learned about them during his time as an Italian officer, but he couldn’t get a security clearance at the time. Air Force recruiters told him to join the Marines or the Army to get jump and dive certified and then try again. He then joined the U.S. Army Airborne Infantry, and ended up with an Army Ranger contract.

“I had only been in the states for less than a year when I joined the Army, so I had to pick up English very quickly,” said G. “The American culture is very different from Italy, also. Everyone is so spread out and you have to make plans to see each other.”

Once he had gotten used to the culture, the Army realized there was a mix up with his security clearance, and as a result the Army sent G back to Italy where he was assigned to an Infantry Airborne Brigade. He served as a gunner in Vicenza, Italy for four years, but still dreamed of joining the Air Force. He decided to give it another try and called up an Air Force recruiter to apply to become a Special Tactics Combat Controller, but found out he would have to be stateside to apply for Active Duty. Once again G had to veer away from his goal and decided to re-enlist in the Army, as a Deep Sea Diver and was stationed in Virginia for four years. Eight years later, he still had hopes of joining the Air Force, and worked on his citizenship to do so.

“It felt like the target would keep moving past me, and I had to keep asking myself ‘should I do this,’ said G “…but I had already made it this far so I might as well keep going.”

The year he tried to get into the Combat Control pipeline, was also the year the 142nd stood up the 125th Special Tactics Squadron. The squadron saw his resume and concluded he had the qualifications to join, so G moved his family to Portland to take on the extremely difficult two-year pipeline at 35 years of age.

While his 20-year-old teammates were out on the town, he would be at home icing up and letting his body recover after long days of intense training.

Despite some difficulties he was already qualified in many of the required skills and was even named honor graduate at Combat Control School. Thanks to his hard work and determination, G was offered a full-time Active Guard Reserve position at the base. He now currently serves as the Squadron’s Superintendent 13 years later.

“Don’t stay comfortable in what you do,” said G. “Plan on trying new roles and career developments, and take on new challenges. Know your limits and stick to your goals.”

He enjoys what he does, so it made the challenges worth it. He stuck to his goal that he had his heart set on, but had to go through years of experience first to achieve it. Besides the challenges he’s faced in learning English, the cultural differences in the states, and joining the Army to reach his ultimate goal, he has also had to deal with challenges as a Special Tactics operator during conflicts in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The Air Force has a much better lifestyle than the Army he said. He now has an 18-year-old daughter, Kate Guadagnuolo, who wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and join the U.S. Air Force as well. Kate is scheduled to attend Basic Military Training by the end of the summer after she graduates high school.

“My dad has taught me to take life in strides and that’s how you venture through life and get through it,” said Kate.

G will be retiring in a year, but is proud of his daughter for wanting to follow in his Air Force footsteps and even more glad he stuck to his goal of becoming a Special Tactics Combat Controller by staying resilient, keeping his heart set on his goals, and overcoming the adversity he has faced in his career.

“I know she will be able to handle the military as she is mentally tough,” said G. “You have to be able to stay positive and resilient, but the rewards are worth it.”

She was able to meet his family in Italy and said that they are very intense, but sweet and are very family oriented. Kate enjoys playing in the water, like her dad, through water polo and said that he is goofy and likes to embarrass his kids.

She’s excited to join the Air Force and follow in her dad’s footsteps, but she will be going in to Public Affairs as a Photojournalist. She said G makes fun of her for not being able to run as fast as her old man, so she’ll have to work on that, but has told her that the military can offer her more opportunities for education and travel.

Story by Tech. Sgt. Emily Moon 

142nd Wing Public Affairs

SCUBAPRO Sunday – Operations Red Wings

Sunday, June 28th, 2020

On 28 June 2005, U.S. Special Operations suffered our its biggest loss since WWII.  Please take a moment today and think about the fallen and their families.   Long Live the Brotherhood 

SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team One, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.


Lt. (SEAL) Michael P. Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y.

Sonar Technician (Surface) 2nd Class (SEAL) Matthew G. Axelson, 29, of Cupertino, Calif.

Machinist Mate 2nd Class (SEAL) Eric S. Patton, 22, of Boulder City, Nev.

Senior Chief Information Systems Technician (SEAL) Daniel R. Healy, 36, of Exeter, N.H.

Quartermaster 2nd Class (SEAL) James Suh, 28, of Deerfield Beach, Fla.

SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team Two, Virginia Beach, Va.

Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class (SEAL) Danny P. Dietz, 25, of Littleton, Colo.

SEAL Team Ten, Virginia Beach, Va.

Chief Fire Controlman (SEAL) Jacques J. Fontan, 36, of New Orleans, La.

Lt. Cmdr. (SEAL) Erik S. Kristensen, 33, of San Diego, Calif.

Electronics Technician 1st Class (SEAL) Jeffery A. Lucas, 33, of Corbett, Ore.

Lt. (SEAL) Michael M. McGreevy Jr., 30, of Portville, N.Y.

Hospital Corpsman 1st Class (SEAL) Jeffrey S. Taylor, 30, of Midway, W.Va.

Army Night Stalkers


3rd Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), Hunter Army Airfield, Ga.

Staff Sgt. Shamus O. Goare, 29, of Danville, Ohio.

Chief Warrant Officer Corey J. Goodnature, 35, of Clarks Grove, Minn.

Sgt. Kip A. Jacoby, 21, of Pompano Beach, Fla.

Sgt. 1st Class Marcus V. Muralles, 33, of Shelbyville, Ind.

Maj. Stephen C. Reich, 34, of Washington Depot, Conn.

Sgt. 1st Class Michael L. Russell, 31, of Stafford, Va.

Chief Warrant Officer Chris J. Scherkenbach, 40, of Jacksonville, Fla.

HQ Company, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), Fort Campbell, Ky.

Master Sgt. James W. Ponder III, 36, of Franklin, Tenn.