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Griffin Armament – BUSHWHACKER 46 (gen 2) Universal Suppressor

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

The Griffin team is proud to introduce the new Bushwhacker® 46 (gen 2) universal suppressor.  Many consumers are looking for a multi-function tool for a first suppressor.  The ability to use the product across pistols, rifles, and other firearms has been the major focus on product development in this market category.  Griffin recently re-designed the fan favorite Bushwhacker® 46 to be lighter, shorter, more durable, higher performance, and even more versatile.

“It’s a long list of upgrades, but they are real.” Said Austin Green, primary owner and lead engineer at Griffin. “The most notable improvements to the unit are the integration of a new baffle system that I have been working on for quite some time, and the Universal QD Piston System. Both of these improvements mark notable intellectual property improvements to the suppressor space, and I’m happy that we can provide them to our customers.”

The Bushwhacker now comes in shorter at 7.75”, lighter in all configurations, and boasts sound performance numbers 5-7db lower across calibers. The new silencer swaps titanium baffles for H900 heat treated 17-4 stainless steel ECO-FLOW™ baffles, which improve flow through the system, decrease back pressure, and drop sound pressure levels substantially.  The switch to stainless steel baffles also means better durability, and longer service life.  The patented Ratchet-Lok™ end cap system is unchanged from the previous version, allowing users to fully disassemble their suppressor for cleaning and maintenance.  The new gen 2 units are able to accommodate the new Universal QD Piston System, which is going to be released in more detail shortly.  

This system allows rapid and secure attachment to tilt barrel pistols by way of a 3 position QD interface. Users can select one of three, 120-degree separated attachment positions.  There are no false positives in the system like prior art examples of QD mechanisms of years past. There is also a taper in front of the device that interacts with and locks the suppressor (piston) in place ensuring that possible baffle strikes and end cap strikes, common to pistol suppressors are nearly eliminated. Griffin is also releasing a 1.375×24” A2 adapter alongside the Bushwhacker® 46, further showcasing its versatility for the AR community.

MSRP :  $999.00

The Bushwhacker® 46 is currently shipping nationwide to all Griffin Armament dealers and wholesalers.  For more information visit

AUSA – Medal of Honor Graphic Novel Series: Henry Johnson

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

On Tuesday, June 30, the Association of the United States Army is proud to announce the latest entry in the Medal of Honor graphic novel series: Medal of Honor: Henry Johnson.

Henry Johnson served on the Western Front of the First World War as member of the 369th Infantry Regiment, an African American unit that later became famous as the Harlem Hellfighters. While on sentry duty, Johnson fought off a German raiding party in hand-to-hand combat, despite being seriously injured. He was the first American to receive a Croix de Guerre with a golden palm, France’s highest award for bravery, and became a national hero back home.

The AUSA Book Program recognizes these remarkable acts of valor with Medal of Honor: Henry Johnson. This full-color digital graphic novel was created by a talented team of professionals:

Script: Chuck Dixon (Batman, The Punisher, The ‘Nam)

Pencils, Inks, Cover: PJ Holden (Judge Dredd, Battlefields, World of Tanks)

Colors: Peter Pantazis (Justice League, Superman, Wolverine)

Lettering: Troy Peteri (Spider-Man, Iron Man, X-Men)

The Association of the United States Army is a non-profit organization devoted to the US Army and Its Soldiers, and the book is being distributed free of charge as part of our educational mission. The new graphic novel is the first issue in the second volume of the Medal of Honor series, which launched October 2018 with Medal of Honor: Alvin York and continued with profiles of Roy Benavidez, Audie Murphy, and Sal Giunta. These graphic novels are available on Medal of Honor series page at

This year’s graphic novels, in addition to Henry Johnson, will highlight Sen. Daniel Inouye, who finished a World War II assault despite losing an arm; Dr. Mary Walker, a Civil War surgeon and the only woman to receive the Medal of Honor; and Cpl. Tibor Rubin, the Holocaust survivor who later fought in Korea.

To read Medal of Honor: Henry Johnson online or download a free copy, please visit  

US Army’s Project Inclusion to Cut Board Photos in Holistic Effort to Promote Diversity

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

WASHINGTON — Starting in August, photos will be eliminated from promotion and selection boards as the Army launches “Project Inclusion” to identify practices that inadvertently discriminate, senior leaders announced Thursday.

The project is a holistic effort to listen to Soldiers, civilians and family members and enact initiatives to promote diversity and equity, according to Secretary of the Army Ryan. D. McCarthy.

“A lot has to be done to address the symbolic challenges that we face that could create divisiveness within our ranks,” McCarthy told reporters.

Before deciding to eliminate photos from officer, enlisted and warrant officer promotion boards, leaders looked at a 2017-2018 study that determined, regardless of race or gender, people looking at photos will have an unconscious bias toward individuals with similar characteristics, G-1 officials said. Further, they said Department of the Army photos provide minimal information compared to the rest of a promotion board file.

During an experiment in the study, researchers ran two identical promotion boards: one that included photos and one without. In the one that did not contain photos, researchers found that the outcomes for women and minorities improved. The results contributed to the decision to remove the photos.

Project Inclusion

Project Inclusion will enact a series of initiatives in the next few months to help build a diverse, adaptive, and cohesive force, said Anselm Beach, the deputy assistant secretary of the Army for equity and inclusion.

“We, as a leadership team, recognize that we need to take a harder look at ourselves and make sure that we’re doing all that we can to have a holistic effort to listen to our Soldiers, our civilians and our families to enact initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion,” McCarthy said.

In the coming weeks, the Army inspector general and members of the Army Equity and Inclusion Agency will join Army senior leaders as they visit installations, said Under Secretary of the Army James McPherson.

During each visit, leaders will engage in an open and transparent conversation about race, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“We know that we have to do more,” McCarthy said. “We are going to have very hard and uncomfortable conversations.”

McPherson said that he wants to hear Soldiers’ thoughts about current events and listen to their ideas on inclusivity.

Each “listening session” will look to identify any impact to mission readiness caused by current social issues, Beach said.

“If a Soldier [or civilian] is distracted by an issue, then they are not fully present to accomplish the mission,” Beach said. “Understanding those impacts allow the Army to enhance mission readiness,” which can lead to new policy or adjustments to an operating environment.

Each session would create a “safe place” for Soldiers to express themselves without fear of reprisal. By creating an open dialogue, people will have a chance to understand and support each other, Beach added.

“This is about leadership,” said Gen. Joseph Martin, the vice chief of staff of the Army. “Leaders have to set conditions for these discussions to happen and be productive. They’ve got to create an environment where a Soldier feels safe. And it’s also an environment that’s free of disbelief.”

McCarthy said leaders will also examine racial disparities within the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The Army’s inspector general, Lt. Gen. Leslie Smith, and the Army’s judge advocate general, Lt. Gen. Charles Pede, will then evaluate findings after 60 days and attempt to address the causes of the disparities, McCarthy said.

Changes under Project Inclusion also include the reconstitution of the Army Diversity Council. Led by the secretary of the Army and chief of staff, the council will prioritize diversity programs throughout the Army, all while addressing symbolic and systemic issues, Beach said.

“Part of why we wanted [to host meetings with Soldiers] is to get out and invest exponentially more time engaging with Soldiers at every echelon about these unconscious biases that may exist,” McCarthy said. “We must have a better understanding [of] the challenges every day that ethnic minorities may face. Are there systemic flaws within the promotion system or are there things that may be of a symbolic nature that cause division within our ranks?”

The force is also making changes to the Army People Strategy with the addition of the “Expanding Diverse Talent of the Army Officer Corps Strategic Plan.”

The new plan will focus on diversity and inclusion initiatives to strengthen the Army’s ability to acquire, develop, employ current and future leaders. Similarly, the Army will continue to expand its outreach to Historically Black Colleges and Universities and other minority-serving institutions.

Military justice reform

Tied to the project is an evaluation of the military justice system to determine if any racial disparity or bias exists in the investigation or court-martial processes, McPherson said.

During the assessment, the Army judge advocate general, the Office of the General Counsel, inspector general, and provost marshal will partner and review a range of cases to include absence without leave, urinalysis, and sexual assault or sexual harassment cases.

The review will “compare the severity of punishments by race, and see if there is a disparity… in the result of unconscious bias,” McPherson said.

The Army is also working to determine if the military justice system is more likely to investigate a specific Soldier due to unconscious bias. However, accurately assessing the investigation process could be a challenge, as race and ethnicity information is rarely documented during this stage, he added.

The enduring effort will not only improve equality, but make the force stronger, said Army Chief of Staff Gen. James C. McConville.

“It’s really more about inclusion,” he said. “It’s not just about percentages. It’s not just about numbers. It’s about making people feel that they are a valued member of the team and that you recognize the importance of having different perspectives.”

By Devon L. Suits and Joseph Lacdan, Army News Service

TacJobs – Regulus Global Seeks International Sales Operations Director

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020


Lifeline between the organization and the international sales force. Responsible for knowing the issues, communicate them succinctly and accurately to internal and external customers and departments, and follow them through to resolution. Must maintain strong and trusting relationships with clients to ensure we provide superior customer service with a solutions- oriented approach and rapid response. Demonstrate assertive follow-up skills and work in close collaboration with cross functional departments and co-workers to ensure client satisfaction. Management of people, expectations, and strategy and effectively communicate that strategy to Division and Company Management


• Work with outside sales force, oversee projects and opportunities with outside agents • Manage International Division with market focus on MENA, LSA and Pacific

• Manage Division P & L and develop and implement a Strategic Sales Plan

• Work with current and future distributors

• Develop partnership and joint ventures on various project development • Coordinate with in house compliance team

• Work with end-users to provide quotes and solutions

• Travel to vendors or customers for problem solving

• Work with inside sales to fulfill client orders and client support

• Work with finance to make sure deals are financially able to be completed

• Work in collaboration with compliance department to ensure outside sales team is

compliant per order

• Update pipeline reports

• Plan Division budget inclusive of trade shows budget for the year

• Work travel expenditures and budget for the year for business development

• “Running of the Division” to include staffing, budgeting, managing sales cycle, etc. • Train, coach, and develop team members


• Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) from four-year college or university; or five years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience is preferred.

• A proven track record of success that includes administrative management, facilities, creative problem-solving and business partner experience is desired.

• Requires critical thinking skills, communication skills (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills.

• Remain calm and professional in stressful situations.

• Friendly, courteous, service-oriented, and flexible and enjoy working with a variety of staff.

• Detail-oriented and work effectively under pressure while meeting all applicable deadlines.

• Recognize problems, identify possible causes and resolve routine problems.

• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with internal and external organizations, groups, team members and individuals.

• Ability to gain the respect and confidence of other team members.

• Have a high level of energy, positive attitude, and possess a selfless attitude for the benefit of the firm.

• Foreign language skills not necessary but a plus.

• Keen understanding of world markets, customs, cultures, and basic economies.

• Understanding and background of global supply chain.

Send resumes to [email protected]

GM Selected to Provide Infantry Squad Vehicles for US Army

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

In what many would consider an upset, GM Defense was selected to provide over 1,000 Infantry Squad Vehicles to the US Army. They beat out SAIC/Polaris and Osh-Kosh/Flyer both considered incumbents.

The Polaris DAGOR is in service with the 82nd Abn Div and the Flyer developed GMV 1.1 is in use with USSOCOM and the 173rd Abn Bde.

GM Defense LLC, Detroit, Michigan, was awarded a $214,297,869 firm-fixed-price contract for acquisition of the Infantry Squad Vehicle, installation kits, ancillary hardware and logistical support. Bids were solicited via the internet with three received. Work locations and funding will be determined with each order, with an estimated completion date of June 24, 2028. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Detroit Arsenal, Michigan, is the contracting activity (W56HZV-20-D-0066).

The GM ISV Is powered by a 186-horsepower, 2.8L diesel powerplant and six-speed automatic transmission, the nine man crew is protected by a Roll Over Protection System which serves as a roll bar, but can be stored for air transport.

Based on their successful Chevrolet Colorado midsize truck architecture and its ZR2 and ZR2 Bison variants, this GM truck could make the beginnings of an entire fleet of commercial off-road vehicles to handle the US military’s dat-to-day tasks in a similar fashion to the Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle programs of the 70s-00s.

Below, is the US Army announcement.
Infantry Squad Vehicle to ‘motorize’ IBCTs

DETROIT ARSENAL, Mich. – The Army today announced it has selected GM Defense, LLC, Detroit, Mich., to produce the Infantry Squad Vehicle, or ISV, to motorize Infantry Brigade Combat Teams. Delivery of this modernized capability is slated to begin with the 1st Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, as the designated First Unit Equipped next winter. The contract is valued at $214,297,869 and the Army intends to purchase 649 vehicles.

It is based on the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 architecture, which will derive 90 percent of its parts from commercial-off-the-shelf components.

The ISV program provides IBCTs an additive lightweight vehicle to move Soldiers and their equipment quickly over complex and difficult cross-country terrain. ISVs will provide greater mobility to IBCTs, as they are designed to move across restrictive terrain, allowing Soldiers to close on objectives with less fatigue and greater readiness. The Army can deliver the vehicle to the field by airdrop or helicopter, which increases the flexibility of Soldiers on the move.

This is the second important production contract award for Army light tactical wheeled vehicle modernization programs of record in the last year. The Army announced in June 2019 the production contract of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle. JLTV is modernizing the Army’s and U.S. Marine Corps’ light tactical wheeled vehicle fleets with a leap-ahead balance of payload, performance and protection.

“The Infantry Squad Vehicle meets the challenges we’ve faced to give our IBCT Soldiers greater mobility and increased survivability,” said Chris Stone, the Maneuver Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate’s deputy Army capability manager – Infantry Brigade Combat Team at Fort Benning, Ga. The CDID is the Army’s proponent for generating and validating the operational need for the Infantry Squad Vehicle.

“As the Army’s newest light tactical vehicle, ISV will allow IBCTs more flexibility and a greater advantage getting to the objective,” he added.

The ISV’s basic operational capabilities include:

Nine-man squad carrying capability

Payload of 3,200 lbs.

External sling load by a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter

Internal load/external lift by CH-47 Chinook helicopter

Low-velocity air drop by fixed-wing C-130 or C-17 transport aircraft

Exceptional mobility over all terrains

The comprehensive team responsible for bringing the ISV program to production contract award involves not only Army acquisition professionals, but also relevant stakeholders representing the Army’s funding and testing communities, Army Futures Command, and Forces Command. Soldier evaluation via user-acceptance efforts has been a key element of the ISV program from the outset, and has helped compress the time it takes to field a modernized capability that meets infantry Soldiers’ needs.

“The Infantry Squad Vehicle program has focused on meeting the Army’s emphasis on enhancing Infantry Soldier mobility and survivability by rapidly fielding modernized capabilities. Our product management team for Ground Mobility Vehicles undertook a great challenge to develop a strategy using experimentation and technical demonstrations to streamline the ISV acquisition process,” said Timothy G. Goddette, the Army’s program executive officer for Combat Support and Combat Service Support, or PEO CS&CSS, headquartered here.

“Using an innovative acquisition approach through an Other Transaction Authority — a flexible, collaborative tool designed to speed acquisition and modernization — the ISV team awarded the production contract for this capability in 16 months. Using normal acquisition processes, it could have taken as many as 36 months,” Goddette explained.

The ISV acquisition strategy was structured to promote the highest level of competition possible, including affordability. Due to competition, the program office will realize a reduction from the original independent government cost estimate for the program. This provides best value to American taxpayers. What’s more, a senior Army officer who has commanded at all levels in an IBCT was tapped to serve as the ISV program’s Source Selection Authority.

According to Steve Herrick, the Army’s product lead for Ground Mobility Vehicles, PEO CS&CSS, the next steps in the ISV program include GM Defense delivering eight ISVs to Aberdeen Test Center in Maryland within four months. “Following delivery, our program office, along with Army testers, will execute an aggressive and tailored testing plan,” he said.

Herrick went on to explain the Army will conduct tailored production qualification testing to address the vehicles’ ability to meet the performance specifications in areas not previously tested. This will also build confidence in areas already tested, he said. The ISV will also undergo transportability certification, which includes low-velocity air drop and helicopter sling loading. Next summer and fall, the Army will hold an initial operational test and evaluation.

“The program office is marching toward delivering ISVs to the first unit, the 1/82nd at Fort Bragg, approximately eight months after the contract award,” Herrick added. “We are excited about the commercial nature this product brings to the Soldier, and in the future, we could possibly see greater leaps in technology and concepts to include reconnaissance or electric vehicles.”

By Rae Higgins, Program Executive Office for Combat Support & Combat Service Support

TYR Tuesday – IDTOUR VTS |Virtual Trade Show| Shield & Dolly System

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

Episode Three of Innovate or Die® Tour Virtual Trade Show #IDTOURVTS is here!

Episode Three:

IDTOUR VTS |Virtual Trade Show| Shield & Dolly System

New episode launching every Tuesday.

New CQB Level 3A Shields Launch: Summer 2020

Patent Pending Shield & Dolly System Available Now:


Our mission has always been about protecting those who run towards the threat.  To that end, we created the Innovate or Die® Tour and Mobile Showroom. Over the past couple years it has allowed us to meet you face-to-face, gather your feedback and answer your questions.

Life has been put on hold for many people around the world, but you have not stopped risking your safety and health against all the threats we face today.

We can’t wait to meet you on the road again.

Thank you to the men and women of the armed forces, first responders and health care professionals who continue to put their lives on the line.  You haven’t stopped working and neither will we.

Episode One:

IDTOUR VTS |Virtual Trade Show| PICO-DS & DSX Plate Carriers

Episode Two:

IDTOUR VTS |Virtual Trade Show| The Ultimate Range Bag

Mack Defense Headquarters Relocates to the Mack Customer Center

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

ALLENTOWN, PA (June 25, 2020) – To better serve customers, as well as enhance its capability to support military and government contracts, Mack Defense has relocated its headquarters to the Mack Customer Center (MCC) located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The move, which was recently completed, also provides Mack Defense additional working space and access to other MCC amenities.

“The Mack Customer Center is an outstanding facility and presents our company and the Mack brand in a way we could not replicate at our previous location,” said David Hartzell, president, Mack Defense. “We have easier access to a number of unique features at the MCC, such as the test track and industrial space, while still retaining the robust security requirements that are required when working on military contracts.”

Military and government contracts often include classified information, which requires additional security measures. Mack Defense worked with the U.S. Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) and the MCC facility team to ensure the required physical and technological security requirement are in place.

In addition to meeting security needs, the new space also offers prospective customers a more complete representation of Mack Defense and its capabilities.

“When hosting current and prospective customers, the MCC facility paints a completely different picture than our previous location, demonstrating the wide range of solutions we can offer our customers,” said Hartzell.

Mack Defense’s move was timed specifically to utilize the enhanced capabilities available at the MCC to support the current active contract with the U.S. Army to provide heavy dump trucks. Mack Defense was awarded a firm-fixed-price $296 million contract in May 2018 from the U.S. Army to produce up to 683 M917A3 Heavy Dump Trucks (HDT).

Mack Defense has relocated its headquarters to the Mack Customer Center (MCC) located in Allentown, Pennsylvania to better serve customers through enhanced ability to support its contracts. The recently completed move also provides Mack Defense additional working space and access to other MCC amenities.

Mack Defense, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mack Trucks, is responsible for the sale of heavy-duty trucks to federal- and ministerial-level customers globally. For more information, please visit

US Army Doctrine Smart Card

Monday, June 29th, 2020

New from the U.S. Army Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate, Graphic Training Aid (GTA) 19-10-007 “Doctrine Smartcard.”

Analysts from the Center for Army Lessons Learned, having observed numerous iterations of the Mission Command Training Program’s Warfighter Exercises and Combat Training Center rotations, have identified key doctrinal areas that most junior Soldiers and leaders routinely reference. These include areas relevant to Army planning and Army offensive and defensive operations. This quick reference aid aims to help Soldiers quickly identify and reference key doctrinal terms and steps in high operational tempo training environments. Download yours today at