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First Tactical – Tactix Series Pouches

Monday, November 9th, 2015

Last week I attended a media event in Phoenix with First Tactical. Although they kicked off the brand with gloves over the summer, it continues to grow and now includes load carriage. I was surprised to see that the had already begun to offer pouches. The quality of the production samples I examined is high and incorporates several interesting features.


First off, the line of Tactix pouches is designed for use with First Tactical’s Lynx laser cut platform, but they are also PALS compatible. As you can see, the vertical straps are 3/4″ rather than the standard 1″ and weave through laser cut slots.

Additionally, they use a Duraflex buckle which grips on the horizontal bar to keep them in place rather than the snaps or tick seen with other systems.


You may also notice that the zippered opening angles slightly forward.

All of the Tactix pouches I saw were padded, but the padding was removable and held in place with hook and pile tape. Once the padded insert is removed, there is access to a hung mesh pocket along the back wall of the pouch.

Obviously, the padded insert is not only removable but also reversible. One side is the same color as the pouch and the other is a high visibility Yellow.

So far, First Tactical has released 9×6, 6×10, 6×6 and 3×6 zippered utility pouches as well as Medium and Large media pouches, eyewear pouch and 1.5 l water bottle pouch.  The front offers three strips of pile tape so you can place identifiers on the pouch.

Made from 500D texturized nylon, pouches are offered in Black, Coyote and OD Green.

AUSA – Close Up of National Molding’s Rigid Plate Carrier PALS Compatible Sleeve

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

After we mentioned the National Molding Rigid Plate Carrier during Modern Day Marine, several readers were dismayed that they wouldn’t be able to carry any additional equipment on the carrier. National Moldong long ago worked this one out and originally had a very simple laser cut, bikini-style band made from Trelleborg fabric that fit around the RPC. Interstingly, the feedback they received from government customers was to go back to a tried and true Cordura and webbing PALS solution.




Juggernaut Defense – Wedge Radio Dock

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

During last week’s Warrior Expo Juggernaut Defense showed me the latest iteration of their Wedge Radio Dock. It’s based on a system they’ve been using and improving over the past several years. I really like the attachment system that interfaces directly with PALs webbing.


The Wedge.Radio.Dock™ was designed to directly attach any “bottom-battery” style tactical radio to a dismounted warfighter’s kit and provide a battery eliminator interface for connecting larger capacity batteries for extended mission performance. The patent pending PPIP (Polymer PALS Interface Plate) directly attaches to the armor eliminating the need for a radio pouch. The increased thermal conductivity of the radio’s surface allows the radio to run much cooler addressing the issue of overheating radios.


A BOA® closure cable secures the radio up against the PPIP and allows for many radio sizes and thicknesses to be attached. This also protects the radio keypad and display against the PPIP but still allows access to the HMI by simply releasing the BOA® reel and hinging the radio out from the armor, without disconnecting and cables or antennas.


The Wedge.Radio.Dock™ is IP-67 dust/immersion rated, MIL-STD-810G, and MIL-STD-461 qualified. A 24″ cable from the Radio.Dock terminates in a Glenair plug and connects to any Nett Warrior style battery (Li-145 or Conformal style) or to a 25/5590 battery with the X590-C adapter offered by Juggernaut Defense. Voltage input range is 9-35VDC. Compatible radios include: Thales MBITR/MBITR2 (including Mission Modules), Wave Relay MPU-4, Harris AN/PRC-152A/7800T, L3 SIR 2.5 Tac Rover, and Coastal Defense MVR-IV.

Mystery Ranch Says “F U” to PALS

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Mystery Ranch is constantly looking for a better mousetrap and when a military customer asked for a MOLLE compatible attachment system that doesn’t rely on a snap. They looked at several other, available types but eventually settled on this in-house solution which they feel is ultimately more secure when under load. The simple toggle and loop can be used as a belt loop or woven into MOLLE platforms. The Ghillie-Tex toggle is from ITW Military Products and the loop is a 2mm woven cord. The first two inches of the web strap is stiffened to facilitate weaving while the remainder of the web strap remains supple.


The new Mystery Ranch Toggle and Loop is now found on all their MOLLE compatible pouches.

Sneak Peek – Improved MALICE Clips from Tactical Tailor

Monday, November 18th, 2013


During a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest I has to opportunity to visit Tactical Tailor factory where I saw their injection molding machine pumping out 4 new MALICE clips every 45 seconds. But there was something different about these MALICE clips. I asked if I could share a few details and here’s your scoop.


The new design enhancements give the MALICE clip a slightly different look which sheds some weight. The curved design also makes it easier to thread the MALICE clip through webbing. Additionally, TT has changed the formula of the polymer to add strength yet give it a more flexible feel. In fact, the new model has already tested at over 20 times as strong as the current version and 40% lighter.


They’ve also been working to improve how they mount the MALICE clip to pouches. You may notice that here they are using a backer made from impregnated nylon.


Look for new the MALICE clips soon in both short and long sizes.

Tactical Organizer

Monday, July 29th, 2013


This PALS compatible organizer from SHTF measures 16” x 50” and will accommodate up to 200 lbs. it can be hung on a door or wall as well as stored in a trunk. It seems to be simple, yet effective. Available in Black and Green.

Blade Show – Steel Flame

Friday, May 31st, 2013


Steel Flame has introduced these new MOLLE Bands. Made from copper, they take on a great patina and Derrick stamps various symbols into the MOLLE Band which fits a standard PALS bar. They are a little bit of a bear to get in place but once they’re there, they aren’t going anywhere.


In addition to what you see, Derrick shared that he plans to introduce Christian Crosses, Jewish Stars of David and Buddhist Wheels so that wearers can display their religious beliefs. He also mentioned working toward offering unit symbols as well. These are a great morale item whether military, LE or civilian.

Mayflower and Velocity Systems Churning Out Pouches With Helium Whisper Backers

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Here are some photos of Mag Shingles featuring Helium Whisper backers from Mayflower and Velocity Systems.


At today’s range day with Velocity Systems, Mayflower Research and Consulting and Grey Group Training I got a chance to check out some production samples of pouches with Blue Force Gear‘s Helium Whisper backers.


They are doing a great job adapting the Helium Whisper to their designs. What do you think?