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SOF Select 19 – S&S Precision Rhodesian Vest

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

S&S Precision has unveiled their new Rhodesian Vest which is constructed from a waterproof laminate, backed by Tegris for structure.

The Rhodesian Vest is modular and scalable. The shoulder straps can be attached via split buckle or direct mount. Padding is optional. You can also see a horizontal MOLLE Panel for the front, although there is a hanger Admin Panel also available.

Here you can see the ergonomic rear harness construction. There is also hydration carrier available as well.

Finally, above you can see the waterproof bag which features PALS webbing at the front and tuck tabs at the rear as well as an oral inflation valve at the side. There is also a waterproof zipper which covers 3/4 of the side circumference.

SOF Select 19 – Zodiac Recon ATX 5″ by LALO Tactical

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Combining a knit upper with LALO’s LALO Off Road Traction Pods sole. It also features a built-in sock liner which covers the ankle, designed to keep debris out, making this shoe “jumpable.”  

The shoe also features Trek Dry bamboo moisture-wicking, H2O shedding antimicrobial upper lining and Multi-density EVA construction with EVA heel counter and carbonized heat transfer toe cap.

Available in Black Ops and Coyote Brown. Ships Fall 2019.

SOFIC 19 – Power Reaper Scavenging System from Black Diamond Advanced Technology

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

The BDATech Power Reaper allows users to recharge system batteries while simultaneously powering a BDATech hub system. The Power Reaper can charge the main battery under a variety of different conditions from multiple types of power sources including vehicle, battery, solar cell, or wall adapter.

SOF Select 19 – Kryptek Operator Pant

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

This is the latest version of the Kryptek Operator Pant.

The big change is the addition of the parent pending charge pouches which feature loops to hold the charges in place.

They’ve also updated their integrated kneepad, introducing a pronounced curve, adding padding to the rear.

Limited to military and LE customers. Coming soon!

SOF Select 19 – Mystery Ranch All-Terrain Maneuver Cold Weather First Pack

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

The ATM CWF was created in response to renewed NATO SOF interest in mountain and arctic warfare.

It’s a modular system, scalable from 80-120 liters. It can be configured with a simple flap lid, daypack lid and extra large dapyapck lid as well as three removable MOLLE pouches.

It also features a specialized frame and hipbelt for pulling akios.

It will be delivered in 330D Cordura in Alpine MultiCam. Additionally, they’re using 3/4″ webbing to help keep weight down. Buckles are Grey.

Available immediately for contracts from Mystery Ranch.

SOF Select 19 – AMP Fixed Downlead by Ops-Core

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

The Ops-Core Adaptive mission platform communications headset was recently selected by USSOCOM for issue (left in photo).

There’s a new version now available. It features a permanently fixed downlead and comes with a headband installed making it the first effect replacement for many legacy comms headsets.

Offered in all AMP colors, with or without Near Field Magnetic Induction earplugs and different cable connectors.

SOF Select 19 – Blue Force Gear Introduces Woodland ULTRAcomp

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Blue Force Gear is exhibiting a version of the upcoming PLATEMINUS Ver 4 made from the new Woodland camouflage pattern ULTRAcomp fabric.

Not only does Blue Force Gear use the laser-cuttable ULTRAcomp material for their own products, it is also available for other manufacturers.

SOF Select 19 – Lost Arrow Project 3-Season Uniform

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Patagonia’s Lost Arrow Project is displaying a prototype 3-season uniform. The idea is to offer a single, multi-environment, multi-season uniform solution since there have been so many calls for hot weather, jungle and swimmers specialty uniforms.

The challenge wasn’t so much in the cut of the uniform as the material. LAP selected a board short-like material which dries quickly, is highly breathable and very durable.

The concept consists of three pieces, a common pant along with Combat and Field shirts. Wear either shirt based on preference.

What’s more, unlike existing cotton-based uniforms, it can be integrated with the other components of their Military Alpine Recce System clothing.

Currently undergoing user trials in multiple environments, LAP plans a commercial launch in 2020, integrating user feedback.