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DSEi – Caracal

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Caracal International LLC is a subsidiary of the United Arab Emirates company, Tawazun Holding. They have introduced a new AR-style weapon at DSEi. Overall, the lines of the carbine are a little different than what you would find on a US-issue M4 and more in line with what we are seeing with more modern extrapolations of the design.


Named the CAR 816, this piston gun is available in 10″, 14.5″ and 16″ configurations. The adjustable gas port has four settings, Normal, Silencer Hi, Silencer Lo, and Off. It also incorporates a few nice-to-haves. For instance, as you can see rail incorporates a quick release to facilitate breaking it down. Additionally, you can see the flared magwell on the lower receiver.


The grip is a rubberized variant of the USGI grip. Additionally, the break down pins are dimpled, making it easier to use a cartridge or ink pen to break the weapon down.


The nitride bolt design is slightly different than a non-mil spec design owing to the piston operating system and the magazine catch is available in an ambidextrous configuration.


Finally, the CAR 618 features a 1:7 twist Barrel in Cr-Mo nitrided steel.



Thursday, September 12th, 2013

These vests were built by NFM as a sub to Sagem as part of the SmartVest program currently being undertaken by the BeNeLux. Sagem is also working on the next generation of the French soldier system, FELIN.


Underneath these outer vests named LCVA and LCVB, the Soldier wears a fragmentation or soft armor vest. Along with the integrated vest seen to the right, these four vests make up the system which is joined by three packs including a 100 liter 48 hour pack. The packs share an integrated waist belt that can be used with the vests as well as used alone as a cartridge belt.


You will note the 6/12 technology as well as the Tubes which is used as a front closure on this vest rather than a zipper. Awhile back, we told you that FirstSpear had entered into a cooperative agreement with NFM to utilize their technology. This makes them the exclusive
Licensee of these technologies.


Interestingly, these vests feature 6/12 technology on the front and PALS at the rear. This is so a user won’t place any comma devices at the rear and route the cables internally and possibly foul a quick release.


Here you can see the internal cable management afforded by the 6/12.


Above, is a shot of how the plates are carried. Under this concept, the Soldier dons he plates only when needed and can wear a much lower profile frag vest for other tasks.

DSEi – C2r

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

C2r manufactures the TacPad which we’ve written about in the past. It’s a dimmable backlit writing surface.


In addition to the line of TacPads, they’ve also been doing a bit of bespoke gear. One item that caught my eye is a pouch for the audible altimeter. It is designed to fit the Ops-Core helmet. It is fleece lined for comfort and holds the altimeter right next to your ear.



DSEi – Safe Tactics

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Safe Tactics is a Dutch company that provides, equipment, TTPs and training for vertical access such as ship boarding. The firm is made up entirely of former operators and is international in scope.


They work closely with manufacturers to develop products specifically for this application.


For example, this line launcher utilizes compressed air offering up to 5 shots. Maximum range is 40m in the vertical with the grapnel. In addition to several models of grapnel, they also offer a thin, messenger line.


DSEi – Gerber

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Gerber is now shipping the Cortex Compact, a single cell light offering low, high (125 lumens at 2 hours) and strobe functionality. It is water resistant and the grippy Black textured body incorporates a pocket clip. It also incorporates Gerber’s Omnivore technology which will accept CR123 or AA batteries.


DSEi – CTC Defense

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

The MVF-600 is a mil-spec (810-G) modular vertical foregrip. While a standard package consists of a visible or IR laser and 200 lumen light, they also offer modules that provide IR illumination as well as remote tape switching for other weapon accessories such as a PEQ.


As you can see, the modularity is effected by a simple throw lever system.



DSEi – Diamondhead

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Elite Defense showed me a set of polymer Back-Up Sights being introduced by Diamondhead.


Based on their current sights, this new polymer model uses the same diamond-shaped aperture that the company was founded upon. However, unlike current models, the new polymer model is spring loaded allowing them to pop-up when selected for use. Also, rather than a plastic aperture, Diamondhead uses an aluminum aperture for a sharper sight picture. You may notice white markings on the sights. This is a photo luminescent material that is pressed into the material.


Additionally, the rear sight integrates two different apertures for near and far range and the sight can be stowed regardless of which aperture is in use. You can adjust the front sight with a simple-to-use barrel adjust,net and the rear sight is adjusted with a coin or screwdriver.

DSEi – Patagonia

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Patagonia is on hand at the Elite Defense booth and the Europeans are eating it up! They are especially interested in the Jungle Uniform which I wasn’t sure would actually be released for sale due to US military demand.


Already available for Pre-order through Elite Defense, the graphic above shows you what is being offered. If you are looking for details on any of the items, visit the SSD archives at www.soldiersystems.net/tag/Patagonia.