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Look At The Surprise That Came In Our Package From HSGI

Monday, January 26th, 2015


High Speed Gear sent along one of their proven TACO Mag Pouches, but the real surprise is what was contained within. HSGI has started to manufacture their own polymer MOLLE-compatible mounting clips. Dubbed HSG Clips, the clips are flexible, are secured using a button snap closure, and are made in the USA. Look for HSG Clips to soon be included with HSGI’s line of load carrying gear.

New Products From HSGI

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

HSGI has released three new products in time for SHOT Show.

Slim Grip SureGrip® Padded Belt

The Slim Grip SureGrip Padded Belt is a modular padded belt system which represents the next generation of the HSGI padded belt family. It features the same performance of the original system, but with a lower weight and reduced profile. It can be purchased either as a stand-alone sleeve, or with a 1.5″ Cobra belt with inner Velcro.


· 0.75″ thick and 3.0″ tall

· Neoprene padding creates a “gel like comfort”

· Adds a level of grip that is unlike any other low profile belt system on the market

· Two access ports at 3 and 9 o’clock positions for the attachment of subloads like holsters and mag pouches directly to the interior belt

· Assembled with a removable HPDE stiffener to add stability and to help install a Velcro® lined interior belt

Micro Grip SureGrip Belt Liner

The Micro Grip Belt Liner turns any 1.75″ rigger’s belt or 2″ duty belt with inner Velcro loop into a padded belt. To apply, take the outer belt off of the inner belt, apply the liner, adjust the buckle, and wear the same belt over layers securely and quickly. Sizes are determined by the length of loop Velcro® on HSG belts, but will also match up with other brands.


· 0.25″ thick

· Neoprene padding creates a “gel like comfort”

· Adds a level of grip that is unlike any other belt system on the market

High Speed Gear SureGrip® Sling

The HSGI SureGrip Sling features a padded neoprene pad and unique application of a side release buckle, making it both comfortable and versatile.


· Mil Spec 1” webbing with durable hardware.

· Neoprene pad slides free on sling, but can be secured in place if user requires.

· Unique application of side release buckle allows easy length adjustment when used as a two-point sling.

· Sling comes with no attachment hardware but HSG offers IWC components to provide conversion from 2 to single point application of sling.

Pad is also available to purchase as a stand alone option to retrofit other popular slings on the market.

Woodland Is Back!

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Woodland is making a massive comeback thanks to HSGI, B5 Systems and Tactical Distributors who have teamed up to introduce several new products to the market. Although woodland camouflage has been all but abandoned by the US military it continues to remain popular due to its effectiveness in the environments it was designed for. Even the US Army Jungle School continues to issue woodland hot weather BDUs to its students and MARSOC CSOs use it for certain applications.

MARSOC Advanced Sniper Training Course

Below is a short press release from High Speed Gear who have introduced several of their most popular items in woodland camouflage complete with woodland pattern webbing.

photo 1

B5 Systems has also introduced exclusive, woodland dipped versions of their popular firearms accessories, including stocks, grips, and forends.

Additionally, Tactical Distributors has an entire category for woodland items on their site.

HSG Woodland

SWANSBORO, NC – 17NOV2014 – We’ve settled the camouflage debate!!!!! A large portion of our product line is now available in M81 Woodland Camo, based on military and shooting sport customers demand. However, instead of just producing in the vintage fashion, High Speed Gear® commissioned our webbing provider to produce, jacquard M81 Woodland webbing to match the Cordura®. No more olive drab PALS covering the pattern, everything matches, and High Speed Gear has this exclusively.

The Woodland pattern was the default camouflage pattern issued to United States military personal from most branches of the armed forces starting in 1981 with the issuance of the BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) until its replacement in 2006.

High Speed Gear® is dedicated to building the best 100% Made in the USA, Battle Proven Tactical Nylon Gear™. Our products are designed for the highest level of comfort, functionality, and versatility. Satisfaction is guaranteed for all of our customers, whether military, law enforcement, or responsibly armed citizens. Our products are user driven and have been designed based the operational experiences from a wide variety of end users.

For more information, please visit

To order these woodland camo products visit Tactical Distributors.

AUSA – HSGI’s New Rigger Belt Mounting Option for TACO Pouches

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014


HSGI has introduced a new Riggers belt which integrates AustriAlpin’s D-ring buckle.


There’s also a new mounting option for TACO pouches that relies on Velcro one-wrap to put them right in the belt.

As an added bonus, they also previewed a new TACO handcuff pouch.


LBT Partners with HSGI to Offer Mission Adaptive Panel with TACO

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Back in May, during Warrior West, we showed you the first images of the Mission Assault Panel System developed by LBT Inc along with Chris Costa. Right away guys started asking if LBT could incorporate HSGI‘s popular TACO ammunition carrier into the design. The two companies started talking and the impossible happened. During Warrior East, LBT will unveil this new collaboration with HSGI.


LBT sent us this statement:

London Bridge Trading is proud to announce that we are partnering with High Speed Gear to offer a Made in the USA Assaulter’s panel with Double Decker TACO’s® that is compatible with the new MAP (Mission Adaptive Panel) System designed with Chris Costa. A modular version is currently in the works as well to retrofit your existing LBT-6094. We at LBT feel that ultimately, by working with HSGI on this project, that we’ll be able to insure that the end-user will receive the highest quality product from the collaborative efforts of two companies deciding to work with one another manufacturing gear in both our Virginia and North Carolina communities.


Tuesday, May 6th, 2014


Last week, I had the chance to visit HSGI’s new production facility in Swansboro, NC along with Tactical Distributors. I love visiting American factories, especially those that support our military, law enforcement and first responders and it was a great opportunity to meet the people behind the brand. This visit was no exception. HSGI has a great management team but, as with all manufacturing, the real magic is on the production floor. What a great group of people. Everyone I met was friendly and fully engaged in the work at hand. It’s a relatively small staff compared to some factories I have visited but the HSGI crew have made up for this by cross-training employees to serve more than one function when needed. This allows them to concentrate additional workers on surge requirements. For example, during the visit, there were several extra folks tying TACOs is anticipation of last week’s release of two new styles, the HCM and Extended Pistol Mag TACOs. Both Todd from TD and I even got to try our hands at the process. HSGI also built special edition versions of a new production belt for us. You’ll see these soon.

It was a great visit. HSGI is a well established company that continues to innovate, all the while building quality, affordable products made by Americans. Please enjoy this video produced by our friends at Tactical Distributors (and keep an eye out during the video for some previews of upcoming HSGI products).

HSGI Launches 2 New TACOs – Extended Pistol Mag and High Capacity Mag

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Yesterday, I spent the day with Swansboro, NC-based HSGI. Not only did I get to tour their new factory but they put me to work stringing some of their new TACOs. Why would they need me to help out? Because they are launching two new variants today and they wanted to make sure they wouldn’t go on back order. Below, you can see that my hand’s are moving so fast that they are just a blur.

Fast Mover

But seriously, I put one of each together to get an appreciation of how they are manufactured and assembled.


The first is the Extended Pistol Taco® Universal Mag Pouch. Designed to accommodate most extended or high capacity pistol and sub gun magazines as well as large flashlights, collapsible batons and other survival equipment.

Dimensions: 1.75”H x 1.2”W x 6.25”L


The next is the High Capacity Magazine TACO. It’s designed to lock large capacity rifle and kalashnikov style shotgun magazines in place. Fits many radios as well.

Dimensions: 3”H x 1.2”W x 5”L


Both are offered in Black, Coyote, OD, MultiCam and more.

In Case You Needed Another Reason to Love HSGI

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014


M. Boisvert lost his leg along with the use of his hand in Fallujah while serving with the 1st Mar DIV FOX CO. Raiders.

He reached out to several companies to make a wrap for his prosthetic leg. Several said they would, but it just never panned out.

He reached out to High Speed Gear and our Production Manger Darrell made his wishes a reality.

Bosisvert now shoots as much as can and wants to compete. I’m sure he’ll chime in. Posted with his permission.

Source: High Speed Gear on Facebook