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London Bridge Trading Company Announces New URL

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

London Bridge Trading Company gets its name from London Bridge Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It can be a bit of a mouthful and has been referred to in industry as LBT for years. To help make it easier to find on the web, they have announced their new web domain;

LBT CEO Doug McDougal said, “LBT has been in business for 26 years, so it is natural for the company to mature over time. This domain name change exemplifies how our brand is ready for the future.” I have to say, that I personally have been a customer for 20 of those years.

LBT currently offers over 4,000 products and plans to further increase their catalog as the year progresses.


Thursday, March 24th, 2011

We’ve written about HIGH GEARâ„¢ here on SSD in the past, but this new article published yesterday by ADS tells a lot more of the story about the gear and how it has already been kitted for use as the MACK (Modern Army Combatives Kit) as well as how it can be assembled as a custom solution for any organization conducting combatives training. In addition to the fighting suits, HIGH GEARâ„¢ also offers the Decon Zone Sanitation System which can decontaminate not only your combatives gear but also anything that picks up germs and mildew. We’ve talked about it before and in our opinion, wider use of the Decon Zone would result in a healthier force.

HIGH GEARâ„¢ components are Berry Compliant / Made in USA and produced by London Bridge Trading Company. Agency or unit orders can be handled by ADS Inc.

Make sure you check out the article at to learn about HIGH GEARâ„¢.

Visit Tactical Distributors at SHOT Show

Friday, January 7th, 2011

TD will be located with True North brand in booth #26307.

TD is the sole commercial offeror of new US Army issue Gen III ECWCS. We are hoping that at SHOT Show they will announce that they now have Gen III in MultiCam (OCP).

High Gear M4 Padding Kit ADS

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

London Bridge has just unveiled a new addition to their popular High Gear line. The M4 Padding Kit was designed for the Special Operations Combatives Program and provides padding to the barrel (including front sight triangle) and forearm which can have sharp edges if it is a modular rail as well as the stock and magazine. That’s right, you can train with your magazine inserted into the magwell so that training replicates real life scenarios.

It is cost prohibitive for military units or other agencies to procure the number of specialty inert weapons to accommodate large-scale combatives training. This new padding set allows you to use your issue weapons without fear of injury to the trainee or damage to the weapon. It makes an excellent addition to already in-service Modern Army Combative Kits (MACK) as well as a supplement to other systems.

LBT M-4 Padding Kit

ADS offers the full line of High Gear products to Government clients.

LBT Releases MultiCam Specialty Catalog

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

London Bridge Trading Company has released a mini catalog detailing their MultiCam offerings.

London Bridge Trading Company MultiCam Catalog

London Bridge Launches New Website

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

In order to celebrate their 25th anniversary, LBT has lunched a new web presence which features expanded content, podcasts, product information sheets and access to the full line of products.

London Bridge Trading Web Site

Visit soon.

LBT Purchases HIGH GEARâ„¢ Brand

Monday, January 11th, 2010

London Bridge Trading Company, Ltd just announced that it has purchased the HIGH GEARâ„¢ brand from Blauer Tactical Systems USA LLC.

London Bridge will produce and distribute HIGH GEARâ„¢ training suits including the Close Quarter Combat Chest Guard, Marking Cartridge Ready Suit, Decon Zone sanitizing system, as well as training gun and knife. Additionally, LBT plans to expand the line in the future. Blauer Tactical Systems will continue to provide training services.

Look for the full line of HIGH GEARâ„¢ at Be sure to visit LBT at Booth #14872 at SHOT Show.