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Velocity Systems Introduces Accessories for Arc’teryx LEAF Khard Series of Packs

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Velocity Systems has created the next generation of accessory inserts for the Arc’teryx LEAF Khard series of packs, including the new Khard 60, capable of carrying configured carbines. The size and configuration of the Khard 60 offer some new options.

Khard Accessories 1

You can see there are some new accessories that haven’t been offered before including a PALS panel.

Khard Accessories 2

This is just the first phase. Phases 2 and 3 offer even more options.

Khard Accessories 3

Below you can see photos of two sample loadouts (Khard 30 and 60) to give you an idea of the possible. Naturally, the pack/accessory combination is modular, so how you use them is up to you.

Khard 30 Loadout

Khard 30 Loadout

Khard 60 Loadout

Khard 60 Loadout

Mayflower RC – Multi-Purpose Patrol Vest

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014


Mayflower’s Multi-Purpose Patrol Vest (MPPV) is designed for patrolling situations where armor isn’t required. Resembling a hybrid of a chest rig and older-style LBV, the MPPV features a front center zip for ease of doffing and donning and a mesh back panel sized for up to a 3-liter water bladder. I realize that chest rigs and vest-style yokes have been combined before so don’t bore me with commenting with a long list of other examples.

The MPPV is fully adjustable via ITW G-hooks and shock cord. The MPPV has 4 integrated magazine pouches sized to fit up to eight 5.56 magazines or four 7.62×51 mags; two of these pouches feature small frontward GP pockets sized for small items such as a compass or GPS (great for patrolling!). The side GP pouches are sized to carry 32oz Nalgene bottles or smaller items, and feature PALS webbing on the front and sides for additional pouches and other PALS-compatible accessories. Also included on the harness and back panel of the MPPV is an abundance of one-wrap Velcro for cable management.


The MPPV uses ULTRAcomp laminate extensively throughout the vest to decrease weight and increase durability. This also helps mitigate water absorption in wet weather.

The Multi-Purpose Patrol Vest is available now in MultiCam and Coyote Brown.

Mayflower Introduces New Helium Whisper Assault Back Panels

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Mayflower Research and Consultinghas introduced two new, purpose built, Helium Whisper assault panels consisting of the Type 1 Mod 2 and the Type 2. Like I said, they are purpose built and designed to accommodate the minimum amount of equipment for short duration dismounted missions. It’s all about the application and associated load. Both are PALS compatible and while they were designed for use with MRC vests, they will adapt to a wide variety of platforms. Just a note, both panels in Coyote Brown and MultiCam are on the shelf now, but Mayflower promises additional colors to follow. Naturally, these are made in the USA.

Type 1 Mod 2 HW


The Assault Back Panel Type 1 Mod 2 HW features a redesigned main body to carry a greater variety of 50-70 oz water bladders; the upper zippered pouch is designed to hold the SOCOM issued NVG protective insert, the bottom pouch is designed as a re-moveable medical pouch.


The re-moveable medical pouch features internal elastic retainers, a flat Velcro external pouch and elastic on the bottom to hold a tourniquet.


Type 2 HW


The Assault Back Panel Type 2 HW has a main body has been designed to carry a 100 oz/3L water bladder; the top row of pouches is designed to carry four flash bangs or four 40mm grenades, the upper zippered pouch is designed to hold the SOCOM issued NVG protective insert, the bottom pouch is designed as a re-moveable medical pouch. The re-moveable medical pouch features internal elastic retainers, a flat Velcro external pouch and elastic on the bottom to hold a tourniquet.


Sneak Peek – Hodge Defense Universal Bag

Friday, May 30th, 2014

The Hodge Defense Universal Bag was developed by Mayflower Research & Consulting who also created a new sling for use with the Hodge Defense AU-Mod 1.


HD 1

It works as a rifle case for carbines with 16” barrels or shorter when have both sides closed or you can open one side and carry a longer rifle. It also works as a case for optics or any other elongated piece of kit (antennas, tripods, etc.)

HD 3


When folded flat it also serves as a work station at the range; if you’ve got $2500-3500 in a carbine and good glass, you don’t want to lay it on the ground. This bag has got you covered.

HD 2

Haley Strategic Partners Introduces the D3X

Monday, March 24th, 2014


If you own a HSP Disruptive Environments Chest Rig (D3CR), then you want to check out this new line of accessories. The D3CR Expansion System (D3X) was built around end users who needed to quickly adapt to situations where posture could flip between overt/low signature to covert/low visibility.

The System has 3 specific components:

The Double Magazine Wedge provides two additional rifle magazine pouches without significantly impacting the depth of the rig.

The Holster Wedge is an envelope of Velcro covered Cordura panels in which an end user can run a holster, ideally with loop on the exterior of the holster body. Optimized for G-Code OSH holsters, the system will work with most any holster with loop on the exterior of the holster body.

The Multi-Mission Hanger is a drop down pouch with a loop interior suitable for storing med kits, NVGs, breaching equipment and other vital pieces of equipment.

Attaching seamlessly to the hook panel on the back of every D3CR, the components can be used individually or pancaked into a Holster/Hanger or Double Mag/Hanger combo. These components will work on the stand-alone rigs, as well as when clipped into any plate carrier using the Velocity Systems Swift Clip Attachment System, ideally armor carriers made by Velocity Systems and Mayflower Research & Consulting.

Available for order at

In Canada via Rampart International

In the UK via Tactical Kit

Mayflower Offers HK417 Magazine Carriage Options

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Mayflower Research & Consulting offers several carriage pouch options for HK417 magazines to integrate MOLLE or as inserts for pocket systems.

417 Triple Magazine Placard

First off, the 417 Triple Magazine Placard is a quick attach/detach placard allowing the end user to quickly change weapon systems without removing the rest of his equipment (radio, med etc).

417 Magazine Insert

The Double HK417 Magazine Insert is designed to be used in-conjunction with the APC or LPAC/LPAAC in either the front kangaroo pocket or as an insert into the standard cumberbund pocket.

417 Single Open Top Magazine Pouch

The HK417 Single Mag Pouch, Open Top incorporates an adjustable shock cord retention system. The front of the pouch has two rows of MOLLE webbing to attach additional pouches.

417 Triple Open Top Magazine Pouch

MRC HK417 Triple Open Top Magazine Pouch
The HK417 Triple Mag Pouch, Open Top holds three HK417 20 round magazines with an adjustable shock cord retention system. At the front of the pouch are two rows of MOLLE webbing to attach additional pouches.

Now, all of these pouches integrate the PALS compatible, Helium Whisper backer. Berry Compliant, Mayflower pouches are offered in several colors including Black, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, MultiCam and Desert Digital. Check for availability.

A Winning Combo – Mayflower and Velocity Systems

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013


Our friends at Mayflower Research & Consulting remind us that winter is here. This is the Velocity Systems Assaulter Smock and Mayflower 24Hr Assault Pack V.2, both in Kryptek Yeti.

Winter’s Coming (In The Literal Sense)

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Winter’s Coming. Are you prepared?


Here you can see the Mayflower UW Gen V Chest Rig and the Velocity Systems Overwhites, both in Kryptek Yeti.