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Revision At SOFIC 2016

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Revision gave me a preview of what they’re releasing at SOFIC and I could fill a whole day with everything they’re up to. Don’t miss it!

DSEI – Revision Cobra+ Helmet

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Revision’s Cobra+ Helmet is their component of the UK’s Virtus armor and load carriage system which is entering service later this month. Upon leaving Afghanistan, the UK found itself with armor systems configured for maximum threats. The idea behind Virtus was to provide a modular, scalable system to meet a wider variety of threats.


Since weight on the Soldier is so important; and blast, impact and frag threats are most likely, the Cobra+ is designed for frag and weighs in at just 1050 grams (medium). Comsequently, there’s no pistol or rifle caliber protection. This Polyethylene helmet is based on Revision’s Batlskin technology with their 4-point chinstrap, dial ratchet adjustment mechanism, impact liner, minirails and front mount which accepts not only NVGs but also serves as visor lock and mandible attachment point.

The system also includes the Modular Protective Attachment System with mandible and visor blast shield which both provide frag protection. They offer about 40% of the level of the base helmet.


As I said, the Cobra+ Helmet is a component of Virtus. Below you’ll see some photos of the full system.


The Virtus Scalable Tactical Best vest comes from Source Vagabond Systems Ltd and integrates the Dynamic Weight Distribution System which accepts packs.


SOFIC 2015 – Revision’s Kinetic Operations Suit

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Based on development of USSOCOM’s TALOS program, the Kinetic Operations Suit from Revision Military incorporates a variety of technologies.


Most obvious is the distinctive Armageddon camouflage pattern.  The operator wears the Prowler exoskeleton powered by Revision Sharepack.  The exoskeleton bears the weight of the system as well as ancillary mission equipment. And can be up armored with XSAPI level plates as well as frag protection on the lower leg.  Up top is the Vertical Load Offset System which equates to zero helmet weight born by the operator’s neck.  The ballistic helmet is 100% polyethylene with cutout for use with augmented vision systems. The ensemble also includes a scalable armor vest that goes from 18% vital area chest coverage all the way up to 60%.


Revision Acquires Panacis

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Canadian company Panacis has been making quite a bit of buzz over the past 18 months or so with their battery products for military applications; particularly the SharePack. Looks like they caught the eye of Revision which has been doing quite a bit of work in the Soldier Systems arena.



Montreal, QC (February 25, 2014) -– Revision Military, a world leader in protective soldier solutions, has expanded its capabilities by adding power management to its roster of integrated technologies, through the acquisition of Panacis, an Ottawa-based company focusing on Lithium ion rechargeable energy storage systems.

Advanced, electronic battlefield equipment such as networked radios, night-vision systems, GPS, smart phones and laptops, while increasing situational awareness and capability within smaller units, comes with the challenge of sustaining power for these devices, ideally without the weight and complexity that numerous types of batteries present.

“The opportunity for an integrated power management system that provides flexible storage and power management that can be easily adapted to a wide range of mission scenarios is extensive” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO of Revision. “We are pleased to add power management – the ability to store, deliver, harvest, and share energy – to our roster of technologies in support of fully
integrating electronic equipment while lessening the battery burden on soldiers”.

Revision has been working collaboratively with Panacis on several projects, including reviewing power support for the “Prowler” Human Augmentation system and development of a conformal battery housed on the helmet developed for Natick under the HEaDS-UP ATO program, among a number of other initiatives where next generation energy management is crucial to soldier performance.

“We are delighted to be part of Revision Military and are looking forward to bringing our technological expertise, intellectual property, engineering strength and global program experience to provide highly efficient energy management and storage systems to the warfighter”, said Steve Carkner, founder and CTO of Panacis. “We welcome the opportunity that Revision offers to further commercialize our current products as well as new product ideas in support of Integrated Soldier Systems”.

“The expertise the Panacis team brings to the Revision portfolio of capability will allow Revision to offer a much more complete solution package to both users and partners such as Prime contractors” said Richard Coomber, Revision Military’s VP of Integrated Systems. “By integrating power, data management and protection in flexible ways Revision aims to become the solution provider of choice on a range of platforms. The history the Panacis and Revision teams bring in working together means that we can hit the ground running and deliver on our current projects and the exciting new ones our team can tackle, many of which are already in the pipeline”.

The acquisition is effective February 21, 2014, and the energy solutions team will continue to operate from Ottawa.

Revision Awarded Contract for SPS Integrated Head Protection System

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Essex Junction, VT, USA (January 8, 2014) -– Revision Military, a world leader in protective soldier solutions, wins a contract for PEO Soldier’s Integrated Head Protection System (IHPS) Soldier Protective System (SPS). The 2 year development-to-acquisition program is to refine the U.S. Army’s next generation helmet system, a contract worth an initial $783,000 with additional options valued at $15 million.

Revision IHPS

Revision’s IHPS small arms helmet serves as the foundation for the company’s proposed head protection system. The helmet’s optimized shell design contours the shape of the wearer’s head, increasing their area of coverage and protection while reducing system weight and unneeded space. The system weighs less than existing combat helmets and includes upgradeable mandible and visor protection. It also features an innovative retention and netted suspension system with dial-in comfort settings and high-impact ballistic padding. The suite includes modular ballistic armor plates that can be applied to the helmet’s exterior for an increased level of protection.

“Revision is proud to have been selected as a development partner for the U.S. Army’s next-generation head protection system,” explains Jonathan Blanshay, CEO of Revision. “With lineage emerging from NSRDEC’s HEaDS-UP Program and our history in protecting the soldier, the IHPS is a tailorable protection suite that will increase survivability through capability and technology. The use of next generation ballistic materials and progressive manufacturing techniques has allowed for increased protection at a lighter weight. We’re proud to provide a solution that ensures soldiers’ mobility on the battlefield while allowing them to tailor the system to their mission.”

PEO Soldier’s intent for this program is to conduct iterative human factors testing leading to ballistic and non-ballistic testing and the eventual fielding of an initial quantity of 7,000 systems to a U.S. Army Brigade, prior to moving into full rate production. The Army intends the IHPS SPS system to be their next, widely fielded head protection system.


AUSA – Revision

Monday, October 21st, 2013


We stopped by Revision and they showed us a couple of technologies that they are adapting for use in USSOCOM’s TALOS (Tactical Assault Lightweight Operator Suit) program. The Prowler was developed with Canadian firm B-tema and serves as a lower extremity enhancement exoskeleton. Revision is also working to offer armor panels for the Prowler that will protect the legs and in particular the femoral artery from threats.

“Revision is committed to developing next generation Soldier protection. Two key technology programs that were launched at AUSA this year are the ‘Advanced Head Protection System (AHPS),’ and the ‘Prowler Human Augmentation,’ system.

The AHPS is a rifle round stopping helmet, with full maxillo facial protection, integrated electronics, integrated heads up display to Android, and pneumatic liner system that meets the new 14.1 fps impact requirement. The AHPS was developed in concert with the US Army Labs Natick.

The Prowler, is Revision’s Human Augmentation device. It increases a soldiers metabolic reserve while preventing short and long term injuries. The Prowler allows our soldiers to be more lethal on the objective while increasing deployability through reduced injury. The Prowler, has been tested by SOCOM and CANSOFCOM, and is under contract with the US Army Labs Natick. Shown to provide a 33% mechanical advantage, the Prowler proves to be the next human augmentation system.

Both systems are continuing to be innovated in support of several DoD and international programs as well as SOCOM’s TALOS program.”

Revision also showed us their .30 protective helmet solution that was originally developed for the US Army but is being adapted to the TALOS requirement. The Advanced Head Protection System will incorporate a .30 protective mandible and visor as well as the pneumatic, adjustable padding system and dual ratchet-style adjustment already available from Revision.



SHOT Show – Revision

Friday, January 18th, 2013


Their latest helmet is the Viper High Cut PE is a polyethylene helmet that is just under 800 grams. Weight is a serious consideration for Revision and all of the liner parts and their NVG mount is their own design. This is just a sneak peek so look for a full report soon.

Don’t forget that SSD readers have a 30% discount on many Revision products by using code SOLSYS.


Batlskin – Coming Soon from Revision

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

The other day we told you about a new helmet under development for the US Army by Revision Military. Now, we know the internal development has been under the name Batlskinâ„¢ at Revision’s Composite Center of Excellence . Here are a couple of concept drawings to give you an idea of what they are up to.