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Warrior Expo – Spec-Ops Brand FR Recon Wrap

Friday, July 10th, 2015

The tubular Recon Wrap offers 8 functions in 1 product that can be worn in several ways and replaces the bandana for camp chores.

While the standard Spec-Ops Brand Recon Wrap is extremely popular, it is not FR.  Owner Jeff Wemmer has always been a great friend to the military and wanted to introduce an FR versions for folks using it in an operational environment.  Wemmer worked with DuPont to produce the Coyote dyed Nomex knit.  It’s been on the market for awhile but it’s something I thought many of you might be interested in.  The FR model is Coyote but the standard version is offered in a variety of colors including MultiCam print.

Warrior West – Spec Ops Brand

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Spec Ops Brand has updated the venerable T.H.E. Pack. It’s been around for over 10 years and it was about time for an update. With a new moniker, Ultimate Assault Pack, the Original Tactical Holds Everything pack will still be offered for customers who want the same model they’ve been using for years but I like the enhancements.


For one thing, they’ve introduced a PALS compatible Grid-Lok panel to the outside accessory pocket. spec Ops Brand has also streamlined the sternum strap and made two major internal changes.


Thanks to a zippered compartment you can now insert and take out the frame sheet much easier. Additionally, the water bladder pocket has been moved to the main pack compartment, away from the wearer’s back so it won’t shift the load depending on how full the bladder is.

US4CES Family of Camouflage – Spec Ops Brand

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012


This is a Spec Ops Brand T.H.E. Pack in US4CES OCIE pattern. It is not yet for sale in this camo scheme.

Spec Ops Brand Debuts Messenger Bag

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Spec Ops brand continues to expand their repertoire with their new T.H.E. Messenger Bag. Available in a standard as well XL sizes, I think the thing I like most about it is that it is designed to work with with their other products like the Multi Position Holster. And so you know, Grid-Lock is PALS-compatible. You can check out most of the features on the graphic below.

T.H.E. Messenger Bag debuted at SHOT Show and is available soon from

Shoulder Pocket Walletâ„¢ from Spec Ops Brand

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Shoulder Pocket Walletâ„¢ from Spec Ops Brand

Spec Ops Brand listened to Soldier feedback about needing a wallet that would fit into the shoulder pockets of their ACU. More than just another simple ID card holder, the Shoulder Pocket Wallet™ has two exterior ID windows as well as a third interior slot. Additionally, the wallet will fit a message pad or passport. The bi-fold design zippers shut to secure contents and the “Dura-Lastic” organizer holds pens, markers, as well as standard size USB thumb drives. There is also an internal zippered pocket to protect your challenge coin.Finally, the wallet has an integral “pull-tab” to facilitate removal from an ACU shoulder pocket. It can also be used to carry the wallet around the neck.

Shoulder Pocket Walletâ„¢ from Spec Ops Brand

The wallet is made in the USA from 1000D cordura and available in UCP, Black, and Coyote. Like all Spec Ops brand products, it is guaranteed for life.

To order visit Spec Ops Brand. Spec Ops Brand products are also available from many military outfitters.

SHOT Show Day 3.1

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Spec Ops Brand

Spec Ops Brand displayed their latest addition, the Gun Belt which was transitioned from their Professional Hunter line where it found its genesis as the PH Utility Belt. Originally conceived as a sturdy belt for big game hunting, the the Gun Belt utilizes the concept of a belt on a belt to improve stiffness. This is a great alternative for those who require a gun belt but don’t want the added weight, bulk and heat build up associated with many padded belts. It is available now in four sizes in Black, Coyote, and Foliage.

Spec Ops Brand Gun Belt

ITW Military Products

ITW released this new product at SHOT. Envisioned as step one in a multi-faceted waterproofing system, the Individual Clothing & Equipment Protection System or ICEPS is designed as a cost effective alternative to commercial products often used by Soldiers such as zip-loc bags. The current cornerstone of this line is the X-Proof protective bag which incorporate a closure with a one way valve. This allows you to put clothing and equipment in the nag and then bleed the air out of the bag. The current ICEPS kit consists of one waterproof pack liner for the three day assault pack, two Roll-Vac equipment bags, and two personal equipment bags. Look for a full report soon.

ITW X-Proof


The Eagle/Waterpoint Yote will be available by March 2009 and although considered a different product line than most Eagle products the Waterpoint Yote is the same bag. It just includes a water reservoir.

Crye Precision/Texcel

Crye Precision approved the new version of the Texcel webbing in Multicam. In previous variants, the dark brown has appeared black.

Crye Precision/Dry-Fire

Dri-Fire is poised to begin printing their fabric in Crye’s Multicam. Dri-Fire is an FR fabric that is more durable than Nomex yet is one-third the cost. Additionally, Dri-Fire provides both moisture management as well as anti-microbial protection not found in Nomex.

Tac 15 Crossbow

For the AR-15 owner who has everything, I introduce the Tactical Assault Crossbow. The Tac 15 crossbow is designed to fit on any AR-15 style lower receiver and throws shafts at an amazing 412 fps. Additionally, it incorporates Vibracheck Backstop string suppressors as well as Picitinny rails. The hand crank cocking mechanism provides for 30 second reloads.

TAC 15 Tactical Assault Crossbow