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ColorTAC Provides Clip-On Color Night Vision For The PVS-14

Friday, January 12th, 2018

Night Vision technology has exponentially increased the capabilities of warfighters, law enforcement professionals, and hunters. Being able to see in the dark provides a marked advantage in hunting terrorists, criminals, hogs, coyotes, and other vermin. But even the most cutting edge technology has its limitations. Image intensification devices have always been monochromatic, making the ability to decipher contrast between colors an impossibility… until now. Chromatra LLC was founded by a group of innovative thinkers with experience in electro-mechanical design and military optics. After years of development, their patented Gemini technology is changing everything we thought we knew about night vision systems.


The ColorTAC CVA-14 is a rugged device that clips onto a standard PVS-14 night vision monocular (sold separately). It contains two filter wheels that rotate in sync fore and aft of the NVG. The two color channels are viewed normally through the PVS-14 and the user’s brain perceives the encoded color information in near-true color.


Unlike previous attempts to broaden the color spectrum for image intensifiers, ColorTAC represents the night in near-true color. Earlier attempts to filter color on existing night vision systems failed because they would arbitrarily assign colors to surfaces. ColorTAC represents objects, surfaces, and patterns in near-true colors for increased identification ability. The product is “near-true” color because certain lighting conditions may cause certain colors to appear slightly off their actual. Colors will still appear in the correct hue, but their shade may be just to the right or left of the actual color if it was viewed in daylight.


The CVA-14 works in conjunction with a legacy PVS-14 or MOD-3B monocular. Due to its size, the CVA-14+PVS-14 is not recommended for head mount. Though head mounting it is possible, hand held application like a thermal imager is better. The CVA-14 increases the users’ detection capability by allowing them to better see people or objects that might otherwise blend together in a monochromatic image. This is especially useful in Surveillance and Search & Rescue operations. Color capability also greatly enhances identification of targets. An individual target in a group of people can quickly and easily be PID’d by the color of his/her clothing. The same can be done with vehicles and buildings. The CVA-14 also features a quick swap ability that allows the user to turn off the color and view the scene through the legacy night vision only. This facilitates communication with other team members who may not be using a ColorTAC device, because it allows the observer to see what their teammates see. Tracking (and medical triage) is also easier when blood trails actually show up as red stains. Fast information processing is critical in the defense and security communities. Time is life, and the ability to quickly make sense of what you see can greatly impact the safety of you and your team. It can mean the difference between mission success and mission failure, proactively neutralizing a threat or reactively dealing with the fallout.


ColorTAC works with both green and white phosphor image intensification tubes, as well as infrared lasers and illuminators. While the image is incredible with a standard green thin-filmed tube, it is even better and clearer with an un-filmed white phosphor tube. IR lasers and illuminators show up clear as day. They have a white-ish hue under the CVA-14.


The CVA-14 is a rugged, duty-ready system. The housing is a durable impact-resistant polymer that is engineered and manufactured by Wilcox Industries, a leader in defense industry production. It easily collapses for storage when not in use and installs in seconds without tools. The CVA-14 is powered by two AA lithium batteries and produces a quiet hum while in operation. The hum cannot be heard from more than a few feet away. Operation is simple with a single push button controlling power and pallet swap. A small Color Enhancer lever can increase or decrease color saturation in the image to aid the user in detection and identification.


The CVA-14 marks a revolution in nighttime operations for professionals and civilians alike. Warfighters, law enforcement, and hunters can now see in the dark… in color. The exponential increase in safety, target discrimination, and combat effectiveness cannot even be measured. The world is in color: see what you’ve been missing.

TNVC – Mohawk Mk3

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

The TNVC Mohawk Mk3 is a full spectrum counterweight / storage system for the modern combat helmet. Incorporating operator feedback as well as our staff’s own battlefield experience, we designed the Mohawk Mk3 to be a highly functional, modular accessory for all modern warriors. It provides useful storage and retention of mission-essential gear and will attach to any currently-fielded ballistic or bump helmet with Velcro. Building on the feature-rich Mk1 and Mk2, the Mk3 variant is designed for operators running the L-3 Insight AN/PVS-31(A) Battery Pack. This would include goggles such as the AN/PVS-31(A), GPNVG-18, AN/PSQ-36, etc.

The Mohawk Mk3 is packed full of useful features for Armed Professionals. No other helmet accessory system offers this level of versatility. Shipping now and already in the hands of US SOF operators.



Night Goggles Inc – Night Stalker Shooting Platform

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

Night Goggles Inc is the sister company to TNVC and focuses on distributing and developing products for the night hunting market.


The all-new Night Goggles Inc “Night Stalker” Shooting Platform is the most portable, affordable, and universal tripod and rifle rest combo to date.  With lightweight, durable carbon fiber legs, camouflage pads, leveling ball-head, and state of the art innovation, the Night Stalker is perfect for nearly any shooting situation.  Whether you prefer standing, kneeling, sitting, or prone, the Night Stalker does it all.  You can even remove one leg for use as a monopod or walking stick.  We offer the Night Stalker as a standalone tripod or with the Shadow Tech “Pig Saddle” Rest.  The Pig Saddle will hold virtually any semi-auto or bolt action rifle on the market, making the Night Stalker truly universal.  Night Goggles Inc also offers the CRETAC Picatinny to Arca-Swiss Adapter.  This adapter attaches directly to the rifle and drops into the Night Stalker Tripod for quick setup and less bulk.


·         High quality carbon fiber legs for lightweight durability
·         180 degree foldable (approx. 18.5″ collapsed)
·         Three sections of height adjustment (68″ max height)
·         7.75″ lowest height (center stalk removed)
·         Monopod capable (extendable 15-55″)
·         Quick Lock legs
·         Foam padded legs
·         Spring Hook to hang packs and other materials
·         Non-slip rubber feet and steel spike feet for terrain versatility
·         36mm rotational ball plate allows shooting from all angles
·         Level adjustment knob and 360 degree dial for panoramic shooting
·         QR plate with anti-slide
·         Three built-in bubble vials

While the Night Stalker is developed with the hunter in mind, the features combined with value make it a perfect addition to Law Enforcement and Military Sniper’s kits.  For more information, visit the NGI website at

Night Stalker Shooting Tripod: Tripod Only $138.00

Night Stalker Shooting Tripod: With Pig Saddle $270.00

TNVC Featured In Premiere Issue Of UN12 Magazine

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

TNVC is excited to be included in the premier issue of UN12, a new publication focusing on the customization of guns and gear. The UN12 creative team is responsible for launching one of the most successful industry publications to date and is bringing their A Game to this new venture. UN12 is the shipping code for “Dangerous Goods,” most notably – firearms and munitions. Their goal is to talk about customizing products to improve function and increase the warrior’s capabilities. You will not find straight up reviews of stock production items here. UN12 is all about how professional warriors, competitive shooters, and everyday freedom-loving folks use and adapt gear to achieve success.


UN12 will run a very limited number of collectible morale patches for each issue. They will team up with a specific industry partner to create these patches and include them with specially marked copies of the magazine. The industry partner will also get a number of them to sell in case you miss the issue. TNVC is excited to be the first industry partner for UN12’s patch series. The patch is an exclusive version of the legendary TNVC “Lights Out MotherF**ker” design.

TNVC’s Director of Operations, Chip Lasky, has contributed a feature article to the premier issue of UN12. It focuses on night vision helmet setups for various applications and end-users. Chip will continue to contribute to UN12 with articles about gear setup for professionals.

The first issue will be available shortly through Rainier Arms, with wider distribution coming to a newsstand near you. Congrats to the UN12 creative team on an awesome new product.

Caveat Emptor – Counterfeit Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch Identified

Monday, October 30th, 2017

TNVC notified us that a counterfeit version of their joint venture with Unity Tactical, the Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch has been identified, along with this note.


PSA: We have been made aware of an unlicensed copy of TAPS, made by a Hong Kong Airsoft company. The maker of these copies has since ceased, but we do not know how many were sold. These copies look almost identical except the logos are different and the contact leads are not standard. The laser lead on the fake will not fit standard US lasers. Just want to let you guys know about these so you don’t accidentally buy one on ebay and find out the hard way that it doesn’t work. here’s some pics of the fakes:

Always ensure you purchase your equipment from authorized dealers.

TNVC Wants Your Opinion On New Colors For The MOHAWK

Friday, October 20th, 2017

With TNVC’s release of the MOHAWK almost a year ago, it has become a big hit with so many US Military, Allied Forces, First Responders as well as the US commercial market in general, TNVC is looking for opinions of some new color additions to the MOHAWK line up.

They are thinking about offering them in Woodland, Kryptek, and A-TACS. What do you all think?

You can check out the current TNVC MOHAWK line up here.

TNVC’s Giving Your Smart Phone Night Vision Capability Without Having To Acquire Different Adapters For Your Particular Smart Phone!

Saturday, July 29th, 2017


TNVC has teamed up with Tele Vue, who manufactures some of the worlds finest telescope eyepiece and telescopes out there to bring you their FoneMate Night Vision Smart Phone Adapter System.


Tele Vue’s excellent FoneMate is a universal Smart Phone Adapter that interfaces with many different optics. Completely adjustable, the FoneMate will accept any smart phone with any protective case (from the ridiculously large, to the thinnest models out there), and lock it into a cradle that mates with other optics. Most smart phone adapters are specifically designed to work with certain phones. But FoneMate is the most rugged and universal solution to adapting your smart phone to other lenses. That’s where TNVC steps in.


Tele Vue and TNVC teamed up to develop the ultimate Smart Phone to Night Vision Adapter System. An exclusive TNVC adapter will interface the FoneMate with any night vision monocular that contains a PVS-14 Eyepiece Assembly (PVS-14, MOD-3B, GT14, Etc), providing perfect alignment for crisp photography and viewing on a digital screen. It will even attach to the popular Trijicon Electro Optic line of thermal imaging systems. This is the first system specifically designed for this application and we’re excited to bring this to the market.


TNVC’s President and CEO Vic Di Cosola is also an avid amateur astronomer in which TNVC and Tele Vue have also co-developed a new AFOCAL PVS-14 lens adapter for The Tele Vue line of telescope eye pieces that now allows you to mate your PVS-14, MOD-3 or any other NVD that uses PVS-14 lens systems to telescopes.

We are excited to be working with the most noted telescope and eyepiece manufacture out there. Al Nagler is a legend in the astronomy and glass world, an iconic figure who has been developing some of the best glass for over 50 years!

TNVC Mohawk Sketch

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

It’s not very often we get to see product concept drawings. This one was drawn by TNVC’s Chip Laskey back in May of 2016 for thd Mohawk Mk1. Turns out, he has a degree in Industrial Design.

On Facebook, Chip related how it all came to be. The owner of TNVC wanted a simple nylon counterweight that included storage for mission critical gear. That was the only direction. But from that, the Mohawk series was born. A few sketches and a few concepts based on Chip’s real world experience and that of his bros at TNVC, then they sent the info off to our brother at explosiveopsgear to see if they would sew them. EOG has been making some of the best counterweights available. TNVC didn’t want to compete with a bro, so they asked him to build these exclusively for TNVC and they’ve been killing it.