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Juggernaut.Case Forearm.Mount

Friday, January 6th, 2017

I thought this photo wouod be a good share for those of you who use mobile devices on duty.

Many users ask, “what if I can’t mount a case to my armor?” Well, the Forearm.Mount with Boa closure system is available for those users that prefer this configuration.


Dutch Military Announces Smart Vest

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Beginning in 2016, the Dutch Army purchased 80 Smart Vests. The Smart Vest is a ballistic vest with an integrated, mobile communication system which includes GPS and Blue Force Tracking, and is a part of the material project, Improved Operational Soldier System (VOSS). With a comms package by the Israeli firm Elbit and battery and GPS systems from Thales Netherlands, the Army plans to begin fielding 5,500 examples of the Smart Vest in 2017.

In the photo below, from the Dutch Army newspaper, a member of C Company from the 42nd Battalion “Limburgse Jagers”, tests a prototype of the Smart Vest, which took place over a three week period. The evaluation results will be shared with the manufacturers for any possible improvements.

As you can see in this second photo, the Smart Vest is in the equipment camo variant of NFP. During the US Army’s Camouflage Improvement Effort, there was to be a family of camouflage patterns developed with three-to-four patterns, all sharing common shapes and geometry. The first would be for Transitional use. Additional bookends for Woodland and Arid environments were to be offered as well as an optional fourth pattern specifically for use with Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment, although most contenders chose to use their Transitional patterns for this purpose. The Netherlands Fractal Pattern program takes a similar approach, with specialty patterns for different environments. Coincidentally, this is the first public photo of the NFP equipment pattern. The combat shirt is a trial version as well, although it is in a Coyote color.

The Smart Vest is powered by the E-lighter, a Fokker developed portable diesel generator, which provides 48 hours of power. Like the Smart Vest, the E-Lighter is an independent subproject under VOSS, with development almost complete.

Kickstarter – TAPS

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

TAPS is a pretty cool idea. It’s is a touchscreen sticker for your handwear, but it incorporates a unique fingerprint for touch ID. TAPS are formulated to stick and stay on almost any surface and guaranteed to work on all touchscreen devices. It’s a simple idea, but offers interesting applications for those who wear gloves all of the time.


Cohort PLC Company SEA Demonstrates Future Soldier Technology

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

Cohort plc company SEA has completed a demonstration of new technologies that could revolutionise the way armed forces operate in combat situations.

The new systems have been developed by SEA and its team partners as part of the Delivering Dismounted Effect (DDE) Research project. SEA was prime contractor to the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) on the DDE Research project and headed a team from industry and academia delivering integrated dismounted soldier systems research to the UK MoD.

The new systems being considered include technologies for weapons, helmets, torso protection and night vision systems using each element as a separate weapons platform.

In particular, the DDE research investigated the technical feasibility, benefits and costs associated with integrating power and data onto the weapon and helmet. All the systems have been designed to meet the challenges required by an adaptable and flexible force dealing with evolving threats and it is envisaged will be part of the equipment and design of the future soldier.

It is also planned that the technologies designed under the DDE Project will lead to enhanced collaborative engagement across multi-national forces and will help the military and government consider the lethality-related implications of females operating in ground combat roles.

The research was displayed at a special event at the Infantry Trials and Development Unit (IT&DU) in Warminster.

SEA Managing Director Stephen Hill, said: “We are proud to have led this vital research project which will bolster the operational effectiveness of the next generation of soldiers.

“There is tremendous potential to increase the capability of weapons and equipment while at the same time improving data sharing and situational awareness between combat forces and their partners. The DDE project will provide a step change in the way our forces approach future combat situations.”

SEA was able to bring to Soldier System Research comprehensive knowledge of military operational environments and in-depth understanding of key technology domains. This has been developed over the past ten years through work on a range of research projects including Urban Operations Study, Future Dismounted Close Combat (FDCC) and Delivering Dismounted Effect (DDE) projects.


MDM – Juggernaut.Case BUMPR

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

This is the upcoming BUMPR Android S6/7 case from Juggernaut.Case. You’ll also see it for the iPhone 6/7. It is a low cost / low frills alternative for those who do not require full environmental protection and external radio connectivity.

This is the rear of the BUMPR.

They’ve also created a QD USB-A Juggernaut cable which allows recharge from within the case for those who don’t need a Glenaire cable.

These are the dust caps which facilitate use of the charging cable.

This shows you the difference between the BUMPR and a fully ruggedized Juggernaut.Case.

Getac Exhibits Line Of Rugged And Ultra-Rugged Laptops And Tablets At Annual Modern Day Marine Expo

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Professional MMA Fighter (UFC) Ashlee Evans-Smith to Sign Autographs at Getac Booth

QUANTICO, VA.—September 13, 2016 – (Booth 3430) – Getac will exhibit its complete line of fully rugged and ultra-rugged notebook computers, tablets and convertibles at the annual Modern Day Marine expo to be held at the Quantico Marine Corps Base in Quantico, VA. from September 27-29, 2016. Military-certified to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, intense rain and drops, the next generation Getac B300 ultra-rugged notebook, V110 fully rugged convertible and F110 tablet represent Getac’s most rugged – and most popular—mobile computing solutions in their respective classes.

In addition to having its line of rugged and ultra-rugged computing solutions on display during Modern Day Marine, professional MMA fighter (UFC) Ashlee Evans-Smith will bring her own brand of rugged to Getac’s booth on Wednesday, September 28 where she will sign autographs and take photos with attendees. A member of the women’s Bantamweight division, Ashlee is currently ranked 13th in the world and achieved her third TKO on September 3rd in Hamburg, Germany.

The Getac B300 ultra-rugged notebook delivers maximum performance and comprehensive security for the most extreme, mission-critical environments. Ideal for military personnel, law enforcement and field technicians, the B300 is Getac’s most rugged laptop, backed by the industry’s best five-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty.

The Getac V110 fully rugged convertible notebook and F110 tablet are perfect mobile computing solutions for military as well as public safety, utilities and field service professionals. Both are redesigned to deliver bulletproof security, best-in-class performance and a full-size touch screen housed in a thin and light form factor. Couple that with a fully rugged design that survives drops, intense rain, heat, cold and dust, and you have the perfect compact touch tablet for pros working in tight spaces and an ideal convertible for others who sometimes need a full-size keyboard.

Visit Getac in booth #3430 during the Modern Day Marine Expo.

Juggernaut.Case Introduces the New SLEEV and BUMPR Products for 2016

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

For years guys have been telling me that they wished Juggernaut’s handheld device cases were more affordable.  Now, they’ve leveraged everything they learned building the program-level cases in order to introduce streamlined variants that you can afford to buy out of your pocket. Check these out.

With more waterproof smartphones on the market, Juggernaut.Case™ introduces two new levels of protective cases evolved from our field-proven rugged hard case. The new cases are an affordable solution for users that don’t need all of the protection of the original Juggernaut.Case™ but still seek impact/drop protection in addition to full compatibility with all existing Juggernaut.Case™ mounts. The new cases are called the “SLEEV” and the “BUMPR”. Both are available with or without cables for connecting to Tactical Radios/Hubs.

While the SLEEV retains the capability to utilize the new QDD (quick disconnect DOOR) and the QD Cable assemblies via the two thumbscrews, the BUMPR is either Cabled or Non-Cabled with sealed access ports to the micro-USB connector and 3.5 mm audio jack. A new low-cost cable assembly for these cases that terminates in a standard USB-A connector allows unshielded data transfer and 5V power to the device from any portable external battery or car charger, etc.

For more information on these new cases visit: www.JuggernautCase.com or download the PDF file at: www.juggernautcase.com/PDF_Files/SLEEV_BUMPR_Release

Tacteris Redefines Military Planning with Release of Maestro Software

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Cost effective, commercial-off-the-shelf 3D planning software for military planners available online

CALGARY, Aug. 23, 2016 — Tacteris has announced the release of Maestro, its flagship 3D operational planning software for military planners. Maestro delivers purpose=built tools and workflows for composing complex tactical operations with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and agility. Licensing options are available for enterprise users as well as affordable pricing for individual planners and students. Maestro is available for download and purchase at: www.tacteris.com.

Maestro is a unique fusion of project planning, 3D mapping, organizational resource management and collaboration in a single, unified platform. Planners can create tactical overlays, orders of battle, and timelines in minutes. “Up until now, technology has been the limiting factor,” said Tacteris co=founder Sundeep Kharey. “Current approaches are partial at best and are inefficient and costly over the long run.” Tacteris has developed proprietary visualization, scheduling, and resource management algorithms offering unparalleled performance, flexibility, and cost=effectiveness in a commercial off=the=shelf package. “Operational planning is a core competency practiced by all the world’s militaries, and how well you do it means the difference between life and death on the battlefield,” said Kharey. “With today’s release, we’re making the essential planning capabilities demanded by professional planners around the world available out of the box.”

Maestro features worldwide 3D map data, NATO symbology, and international language support. A streamlined user=interface makes users productive in minutes without training. A standalone application, Maestro runs on regular Windows PCs without the need for specialized hardware or network infrastructure. Tacteris offers command and control (C2) integration and customization services for enterprise customers. A product of Canada, Maestro is available for international export and is ITAR=free.

For more information, pricing, and free software trials, please visit: www.tacteris.com.