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SOF Select 19 – Mystery Ranch All-Terrain Maneuver Cold Weather First Pack

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

The ATM CWF was created in response to renewed NATO SOF interest in mountain and arctic warfare.

It’s a modular system, scalable from 80-120 liters. It can be configured with a simple flap lid, daypack lid and extra large dapyapck lid as well as three removable MOLLE pouches.

It also features a specialized frame and hipbelt for pulling akios.

It will be delivered in 330D Cordura in Alpine MultiCam. Additionally, they’re using 3/4″ webbing to help keep weight down. Buckles are Grey.

Available immediately for contracts from Mystery Ranch.

Competition Shooter Pack ~ AttackPAK

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

AttackPAK has created custom products to give our war-fighters the edge.

AttackPAK’s newest custom design is based on our Multi Purpose Carrier and Bison bags. Shaving weight by getting rid of rows or pals/molle and using lightweight fabrics made for a truly innovative system that is the lightest method to carry your gear & your weapon. The design eliminates pounds of parasitic weight found in other leading packs to reduce the war-fighter’s burden. Here is the newest custom designed that weighs 3.5 pounds with belt, ExoSpine™ and bags.

Shooter Bag

Custom design for a shooter participating in the ‘Competition Dynamics Sniper Challenge 2019’ this offering comes in at an astonishingly light 3.5 pounds!

Shooter Bag

A versatile method to carry your long gun and gear. List a couple of features

Beaver Tail made out of durable Centurion Fabric

Draw String Hydration Pocket x2, to keep the weight closer to your center of gravity

Attachment points for our Go Bag Lid

Designed with Capacity

MPC (multi-purpose carrier) with Bison bags, and go bag lid

The Bison Kit is the original modular version that was developed for EOD to carry the PLT-5 comfortably. It can be combined with a Predator Assault pack to act like a “Crew-cab”, but weighing 4 pounds less. The investment for the entire kit is about $800, and will configure to 6 different load bearing options. If you were to buy the same 6 pack capability from other vendors, the cost will be over $1,600.

Weight saving. Better ergonomics. Less fatigue. Cost savings. Ditch the enemy on your back.

AttackPAK is ready to design gear for your team. Link up with us at SOFIC. Drop us a line at


S.H.A.D.O. Pack 24L

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

PDW’s Next Gen Adventure Daypack


For Summer 2019 Prometheus Design Werx introduces their next generation of S.H.A.D.O. Packs in a new 24L / 1465 cubic inch volume size. Completely upgraded and updated for 2019, this daypack is designed for the well-equipped global adventurist. The 500D Invista Cordura® used is an ideal balance of ruggedness and lighter carry weight. Ample pockets, modular accessories and the total feature set gives the S.H.A.D.O. Pack 24L tremendous user versatility and capability from use in the backcountry to EDC, and almost anything in-between. Comes complete with removable Gear Trap™, 3-Stage ToF Belt™, EDCO Panel™, Admin Panel, and multi-purpose frame sheet.

The Prometheus Design Werx S.H.A.D.O. Pack 24L is the first model in their next generation of nylon soft-goods and will be available in All Terrain Brown and Universal Field Gray.


The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“This new gen SHADO Pack 24L represents a total refresh of how we approached our nylon soft-goods. We engaged a new manufacturing partner that had far reaching and impressive modern production capabilities, extensive experience in producing top tier technical alpine and mountaineering packs; and also presented us with experimental prototypes [made for a group we are unable to mention by name], which honestly kinda blew our mind. For the first time we were able design a pack from the ground up without constraints. Previous to the SHADO 24, we designed what we wanted, but then based on our previous factory’s limitations, prohibitive costing, and/or inability to grasp our design requirements, became a reductive process of removing features/details. Not this time, not with this pack. Users will be able to see and feel it with the SHADO 24. The quality of make, attention to detail, fully rendered features, made to spec materials from top to bottom, etc; it’s all there. We categorize this as an ‘adventure class pack’. It’s ultimately designed for a user who chooses to engage in a lifestyle that is as multiplied as they are, not subject to limits, and makes their own way.”

The new PDW S.H.A.D.O. Pack 24L will be available for $198.00 on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 12:00 noon PT via their website,

Mystery Ranch Jump Pack System

Monday, May 20th, 2019

A better approach to the traditional H-Harness.

Here is the complete line of MYSTERY RANCH jump packs. Developed several years ago working closely with the MFF community, the packs cover the gamut of sizes. The smallest of the line up is the JUMP RATS, a rapid-access trauma bag, then JUMP KOMODO assault pack at 45 liters, followed by the OVERLOAD, weapons carry pack, and finally the 80-liter JUMP MOUNTAIN RUCK – standard issue for several elite units, domestic and International.

MYSTERY RANCH has always focused on making packs that carry well first and foremost, then balance between lightweight and durability relative to the end users’ needs. The jump packs are constructed so they carry weight just like their non-jump counterparts, with only a 4 ounce weight penalty.

Characteristics of each jump pack come down to construction details.

See these packs, as well as other Mystery Ranch products at SOF Select, this week in Tampa, Florida.


Sunday, May 19th, 2019

AttackPAK is an emerging leader in load-bearing systems. Their patented Integrated Load Carriage System (ILCS) is poised to be the new state of the art for the military.

Designed with maneuverability in mind, the AttackPAK system improves ergonomics through weight distribution, which relieves stress. The design eliminates pounds of parasitic weight that is found in other leading packs. They are also using lightweight modern fabrics and patented ExoSpine™ to reduce the war-fighter’s burden. AttackPAK has created custom products to give our war-fighters the edge.

The Team will be attending SOFIC to meet partners and develop custom designs. Below are a few designs that showcase their capability, as well as how they incorporate the latest technology.

Integrated Load Carriage System

The ICLS is the foundation of the AttackPAK system. 1 belt and 1 frame, fitted to your size, can be used with all of our packs. The core components are our patented ExoSpine™? and our proprietary belt. The belt gives ergonomic fit to the ExoSpine™ and load allowing for load transfer. We developed the only backpack with independent suspension. The ExoSpine™  and belt allows unrestricted mobility. They are not connected. The main advantage of the ICLS is that it redistributes the weight of a combat load off your shoulders and spine so that it can be properly carried by the strongest part of the human body, your legs. A key feature is the Quick Ditch. If you need to Ditch your Pack you still get to keep your 1st Line gear. AttackPAK’s Load Carriage System allows you to arrive at the ‘X’ less fatigued and less stressed.

Ounces equals pounds, pounds equal pain. Parasitic weight is like bringing a bag of rocks to a gunfight. AttackPAKs are designed to eliminate the unnecessary parasitic weight. Here is AttackPAK’s newest custom designed kit that weighs less than just about anything out there, even when you include the belt, ExoSpine™? and bag.

Pulse Med Bag

The newest addition to our line of products this light weight Med Bag is made from Cubic Tech fabric for durability and weight savings. It cuts a 1 1/2 lbs of parasitic weight off of the leading med pack weighing in at 4.5 lbs. Built with customization in mind.

Designed for the Team Medic, Pulse Med Bag interior can be organized and customized to your preference. Equipped with a placard interface, splint shelf organization, and instant, full splay access to all of the contents. Organize your med supplies for quick and easy access when you’re in the field.

Ditch the enemy on your back.

If you want to see the gear, understand our system then link up with us at SOFIC. Drop us a line at

Check Out The New Mystery Ranch Military Catalog

Sunday, May 19th, 2019

Here’s your first look at the new MYSTERY RANCH Military Catalog. Stop by to see their entire line in person at SOF SELECT, Booth #4 at the Westin across from SOFIC this coming week.

To get your copy, visit

CATOMA Switchblade Modular Pack System Assigned NSNs

Saturday, May 18th, 2019

Catoma’s Switchblade Modular Load Carrying System uses the framesheet, shoulder straps, and waistbelt from their Chief Patrol pack. There are several pack components which can be attached to the frame, depending upon the mission.

System Overview:

Switchblade M240 2-Man Team Pack System (NSN: 1095-01-679-5467)

– M240 Gunner Pack Kit — NSN: 1095-01-679-5475

– M240 Asst. Gunner pack Kit — NSN: 1095-01-679-5480

Switchblade 81mm Mortar 4-Man Team Pack System (NSN: 1095-01-679-6268)

– Mortar Gunner Pack Kit — NSN: 1095-01-679-5616

– Mortar Asst. Gunner Pack Kit — NSN: 1095-01-679-6303

– X2 Mortar Ammo Bearer Pack Kit — NSN: 1095-01-679-6350

Switchblade 60mm Mortar 3-Man Team Pack System (NSN: 1095-01-679-6247)

– Mortar Gunner Pack Kit — NSN: 1095-01-679-5616

– Mortar Asst. Gunner Pack Kit — NSN: 1095-01-679-6303

– Mortar Ammo Bearer Pack Kit — NSN: 1095-01-679-6350


The pouches:

Check out the Switchblade system in person at SOFIC in booth #1812.

Warrior West 19 – Kelty TAA Nomad

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

The Nomad is a Trade Act compliant luggage backpack for multi-day trips.

It integrates a generous, zippered and padded laptop compartment with multiple pouches to organize your gear.

The main compartment features an elastic cross-strap to keep your items secured as well as a zippered see-through compartment.

The shoulder and waist straps are stowable so that it can be carried as a suitcase.

The Nomad is only offered in Black.

Kelty products are available for agency and unit order through ADS.