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Sneak Peek – Paladin Custom Packs

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

Here’s a shot of what’s coming from Australian brand, Paladin Custom Packs. That A-TACS IX looks pretty good and they’ve got some interesting features.  What say you?

From Humble Beginnings : The Gleasons and Mystery Ranch

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Mystery Ranch has posted a really cool interview of founder Dana Gleason and his son and co-owner, D3. They each give their perspective on the brand and its stuff you aren’t going to hear unless you get to spend an afternoon at the Ranch.  Definitely worth a read.

Eyes On: Gryphon EDC 3 Pack

Sunday, September 18th, 2016


The Gryphon EDC has been one of US PALM’s most popular items for some time. They’re now on the 3RD iteration of the pack, with a number of changes and improvements to the Gryphon v2, and of course from the original. The Breach-Bang-Clear gang got a couple of Gryphon EDC 3s in a few days back, in anticipation of the Trails Found event happening now in the Dragoon Mountains of Arizona.

Among the most current changes US PALM’s “Tactical Jay and Bob” (Rob Anderson and Brandon Finch) have made:

  • Reinforced Access Points [RAP’s]: custom made Hypalon pre-slotted patches to allow for internal pocket access for wires [PTT], drink tubes, etc. to run inside the hollow shoulder straps and not fray at the openings. They have an agency that runs their radios and phones in the internal side pockets, with a power supply, and then run their PTT wires and switches between the pockets and then out the should strap.
  • Lined back of main pocket and admin pocket with loop fastener for a multitude of accessories
  • Updated the mesh back material
  • Changed the zipper pulls from gutted paracord to “Bump” cord.
  • The biggest change to the pack is apparently an overall “tightening up” of the design and a return to the original dimensions, as well as an eye to an upcoming hard-wired series of pouches that would tie a power source (like the Anker 20000 mAH) with a radio, phone, GPS or other piece of electronic equipment inside.

    The Gryphon EDC 3 is made in the USA. More in the coming weeks after we get the chance to work with it for a while.

    Basic specs:

  • Main and Admin Compartment
  • EDC Pocket, Multi-Function and Internal Sidewall Access Pockets
  • Back Panel Access
  • Hydration compatible
  • Spacer Mesh for breathability and comfort
  • Materials: 500d Cordura Nylon
  • Armor option (Threat Level Protection when armor added: Tested to NIJ-06 IIIA Standard)
  • Volume: Main Compartment: 25L (1,550 in^3) / Total Pack: Approx. 30L (1,850 in^3)
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs (41.6 oz) without armor / 4.1 lbs (65.9 oz) with XL IIIA Soft Armor Panel
  • You can find the full spec sheet online right here:

    Check your social media feed of choice for hashtag #trailsfound16.

    I’ve Got To Say, This Pack Is Truly Awesome

    Friday, September 9th, 2016

    This closeup photo offers a better view of the “prayer rug” pack from BRAVO Woldwide including the dark blue webbing.

    You’ll also notice a PROOF Barrel in there.

    Introducing The BRAVO “War Rug” Collection

    Sunday, August 28th, 2016

    Many of you may know Berto from his DEFCON endeavors but he dabbles in a lot of stuff including the BRAVO line of photography bags. He created the line with his partner for the best reason ever; necessity. They just couldn’t find the camera bags they were looking for. As you know, Berto has a serious creative streak and for his latest run, came up with the War Rug pattern based on Afghan prayer rugs festooned with the weapons of Jihad. Add it up and you’ve got great functional designs and a great looking bag. I first saw the pack at an event in Utah in late Spring and wanted to buy one from him right there but it was a prototype. I’ve got to say, the pack that arrived in the mail doesn’t disappoint. He’s also offering MultiCam Black for the more traditionally minded.


    Los Angeles-based BRAVO is back with the second drop of their latest collection for the latter half of 2016 and as per usual, it delivers. This new pack of goods — the “War Rug” collection — strays from the normal program just a bit with the addition of a towel created in collaboration with Beech Brand.

    The “War Rug” collection consists of some of BRAVO’s best offerings including the Sierra Block I backpack and the Range tote bag, as well as the aforementioned towel. Each piece boasts a very meaningful Afghan war rug print which blends ancient traditions with the tools of modern warfare as it has impacted the region throughout history. By incorporating scenes and paraphernalia that surround the rug maker’s’ lives, symbols of war have come to figure prominently in their craft. The BRAVO war rug print design juxtaposes images of events and dynamics that profoundly affect and alter the world we live in.


    In addition to the overall striking nature of the print, each piece boasts BRAVO’s high benchmark of quality found throughout all products. Both bags are comprised of highly durable materials: a weatherproof 840 denier nylon in the case of the Sierra Block I backpack; and a cotton/polyester blended textile for the Range tote. Both bags also feature extra strength nylon straps, Duratuff ™ compound material and other features that ensure your bag makes it through hell and back.

    Now, as for the towel created in collaboration with Beech Brand, this “War Rug” towel improves upon the functionality traditional beach towels thanks to the brand’s Beech Shield technology. Beech Shield is a revolutionary antimicrobial technology that helps to prevent the growth of of a wide array of odor and stain causing bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, and algae. It’s designed to stay activated for up to 100 washes and is environmentally friendly, so don’t hesitate to run it through the rigors of beach life.

    The BRAVO “War Rug” collection is available now at

    PRVKE 21 Everyday Carry Bag On Kickstarter

    Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016


    WANDRD’s PRVKE 21 is a EDC and camera bag. It has a variable storage capacity of 21 to 25 liters thanks to its roll top design, and has a variety of additional features, including:

  • Magetic tote handles
  • Tri-fold laptop sleeve
  • Removable, padded waist strap
  • Removable camera cube
  • Customizable molded foam dividers.

    LBT Inc – Three Day Assault Pack V2

    Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

    LBT has just released the Version 2.0 of the popular 3 Day Assault Pack, now with a detachable front section similar to the LBT-1562SF medic pack, the 2.0 will have the option of running a slick version or modular version. Comes as a set with a main and front pack. I like the piggyback concept which looks great for travel.  Even better, get it at its introductory price for the next week.

    Overall pack: 20H x 14W x 9D / Apprx 2520 cubic inches
    Main pack: 20H 14W x 6D / Apprx 1680 cubic inches
    Front Pack: 14.5H x 13W 4D / Apprx 754 cubic inches

    Offered in MultiCam, Black or MAS Grey.

    Crye Precision Releases EXP Pack Family

    Monday, August 15th, 2016

    At SHOT Show, Crye Precision introduced their EXP series of packs. Offered in 1500 (H: 18.75” (27.75” Extended) W: 12.5” D: 7.25” (11” Expanded)) and 2100 (H: 21” (29” Extended) W: 12.5” D: 9.25” (12.75” Expanded)) cu in sizes, the EXP series is a low profile option. It is a panel loader, with a generous zipper which extends beyond more than three sides in order to open the bag completely.  

    As you’ll note from the dimensions, these are like Transformers, there’s more than meets the eye. Thanks to some well hidden zippers, the packs will expand in volume to accept larger loads.

    -Full perimeter (lay-flat) opening allows easy access to contents and offers all the benefits of both a top-opening and side-opening bag
    -Fleece lined pocket fits medium to small sized tablets (H: 11” W: 8”)
    -Top access laptop storage (H: 12.25” W: 19.75”)
    -EXP™ PACK MOLLE INSERT (sold separately) for attaching pouches and gear
    -Integrated expansion feature adds 500 cubic inches of volume
    -Extends to carry items up to 27” long (29″ for 2100 model)
    -Molded back pad with integrated air channels
    -Internal PALS webbing on inside walls
    -Internal mesh divider separates front compartment and main compartment
    -Convenient briefcase style side handle
    -Removable sternum strap
    -Removable 3D formed frame sheet
    -Removable waist belt (2100 only)
    -Radio/H2O port at top of bag (2100 only)

    Offered in Black, Gray, Ranger Green and MultiCam.

    Additionally, they’ve introduced a MOLLE Insert (mentioned above) which is a rigid skeletonized plastic frame that accepts PALS equipped pouches. It slips right into the pack’s main compartment and includes two lashing straps in case you want to lash something to it.

    Made in USA from US materials.