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Wilcox Industries Modular Fire Control System

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Wilcox Industries

With this sight, Wilcox has combined the simplicity of the leaf sight with a laser range finder and anti-cant device. Due to the flight characteristics of currently fielded 40MM rounds even small aiming errors are amplified into big misses. Additionally, environmental conditions such as barometric pressure and temperature as well as the inclination of the weapon system can have a significant impact on the range to target, and ultimately accuracy.

Wilcox Modular Fire Control System

The Wilcox Modular Fire Control System (FCS) is designed for use with the HK GLM (M320) as well as both the Colt M203 9” QD and 12” Barrels. The FCS Laser Gimbal automatically articulates the aiming laser to indicate the proper weapon elevation necessary to match the trajectory of 40mm grenade in flight to hit its intended target when the operator lases the target. After establishing the actual range to target, the ballistic computer takes real time data from built-in sensors and gives the shooter the additional capability of establishing a more accurately compensated range to target, designated as “Ballistic Range”, for a first round hit capability. The Ballistic Range Indicator blinks, indicating a good fix of the target. The grenadier can then verify by touching the remote pressure pad. Pressing a second time rotates the Laser Gimbal and articulates the Aiming Laser to the proper angle to engage the target. The grenadier then simply aligns the laser to the target and fires. A double tap cancels the process to start over. This complete operation can be accomplished in a couple of seconds.

Wilcox Industries Modular Fire Control System

Note the integral leaf sight designed by H&K with 50m graduated increments.

A mode selection knob found at the bottom right of the control panel allows the operator to select from eight possible modes of operation:
– IR Laser High with Range Finder
– IR Laser Low with Range Finder
– IR Laser Low Only
– IR Laser High Only
– Visible Laser and Range Finder
– Visible Laser Only
– Range Finder Only
– Off

The details are awesome. Even the objective lens of the FCS features an anti-reflective coating shrouded with Tenebraex honey comb for off angle flash protection. Naturally it mounts to any Mil-Std-1913 rails and is fastened via two thumb nuts. It weighs in under 20 oz and is waterproof to 1.5m. It is powered by a single CR123 but we do not have any date on battery life yet. The Modular Fire Control System comes standard in Black but may be special ordered in Tan.

For more information and a list of retailers contact Wilcox Industries.

All photos courtesy Wilcox Industries.

Any Situation Always Prepared High Protein Meal Replacement by Never Quit Industries

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008


NQI recently sent us some samples of their Any Situation Always Prepared High Protein Meal Replacement. Tasty, mmmm…chocolate, how can you go wrong with chocolate? They have also developed a mocha flavored mix and it should be available soon.

The well designed packet is its own drink pouch. You simply tear off the top, open the resealable strip and pour in 10-12 oz of water. Then you shake vigorously holding both the top and bottom of the pouch and voila; a tasty beverage. No mess, no fuss and you can drink on the go.

ASAP provides 325 calories per serving. The chart below covers nutritional information.

ASAP Nutritional Information

ASAP is not only fantastic as a meal supplement when all you are eating is MREs but it is perfect for an E&E kit. In fact, most of the users we spoke with are purchasing them for go bags. One issue such potential users need to keep in mind is shelf life and NQI publishes some very specific guidance.

Deg In Fahrenheit Shelf Life In Months

90 ………………………………………55
80 ………………………………………76
70 ………………………………………100
60 ………………………………………130

Price is reasonable. A case of 20 packets goes for 59.95.

To order contact Never Quite Industries.

Advance Tactical Camera Available Now from US Cav

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Seeing is Believing with the Advanced Tactical Camera
New rugged and lightweight device aids training and provides accountability

US Cavalry

Radcliff, KY (March 7, 2008) – U.S. Cavalry, the world’s leading multi-channel distributor for Military,
Law Enforcement and Homeland Security communities, now carries the lightweight and ultra-portable, Advanced Tactical Camera from Pacific Concepts.

The crucial record of events in any use of force scenario can prove disastrous if you aren’t armed with the unbiased eye of a video camera. Now video capability is portable! Weighing only 7 ozs., including batteries, SD card and mounting, the Advanced Tactical Camera (ATC) is ready to attach to your weapon or helmet.


Anyone who has used a digital camera will be instantly familiar with the operation of the ATC. Using a 2Gb SD media card, the ATC can record an hour of VHS quality video (640 x 480 resolution) at 30 frames per second. Included cables allow you to download video straight to your computer or simply connect to a television and use the camera for playback. Two AA batteries provide up to 2 hours of capture time.

Although consumer video cameras of this type do exist, the ATC was engineered specifically for military
and law customers to withstand the harsh recoil of a weapon. Totally self-contained, the device is also waterproof up to 10 feet and offers protection against sand and other debris from internal O-rings.


The Advanced Tactical Camera is a perfect and inexpensive tool for training and accountability in real mission deployments. The ATC has already been put to use in a number of exciting ways, such as: cell extractions, high-risk warrants and less-lethal encounters. Additionally, it has been used by the military on the southern U.S border as well as in Afghanistan.

The Advanced Tactical Camera is in stock and ready for order. To see video demos of the product and for additional technical details, visit: US Cav or call 1.800.200.9455.

Reed Knight Presented Top 10 Army Inventions of 2007 Award

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Knights Armament Company

Titusville, Florida: On Thursday June 12, 2008 the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Material Command and the U.S. Army Vice Chief of Staff awarded C. Reed Knight Jr., owner of Knight’s Armament Company of Titusville, Florida one of the Army’s “Top Ten Greatest Inventions of 2007” award in a ceremony held in Arlington, Virginia.

The award was presented to Mr. Knight for the M110 7.62mm Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS) that was Type Classified by the Army in 2007.


Knight Armament Company initially won the Army program to develop and field a new sniper rifle system during 2005 in a hotly contested competition against some of the bigger and well known names in the gun industry. However, Knight’s ability to beat all others during months of rigorous army testing was partly due to the maturity of their existing design- the Mk 11 Mod 0 Sniper Rifle System officially adopted by the U.S. Navy for the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) in 2000. That was when Knight’s had less than 100 employees and was located in Vero Beach, Florida. But since the Gulf War has ended, they have moved to Titusville Florida, creating 350 new job opportunities; while greatly expanding their production capability by about 10 times.

“When we read the Army’s SASS requirement prior to the 2005 competitive selection, we knew that we were already close to achieving what the Army wanted by modifying the rifle we were currently building for USSOCOM,” so said Mr. C. Reed Knight Jr., “so we designed and incorporated some new features that the Army advertised they needed.” But what is really neat about this award is that it’s the result of thousands of soldiers voting for our rifle. Nine other items also received enough votes to make this top ten ranking, but Knight’s was totally privately developed and funded whereas many others were government funded-and Knight’s was the only rifle selected.


The completeness of this “kit” was another advantage Knight’s was able to gain through its many years of supporting this type mission with specialized sniper rifles for other elite services, accessories designed for tactical dominance, state-of-the-art night vision solutions, and sound suppressors to name a few.

The M110 SASS delivers precision, rapid fire on targets,and enables execution of operational missions not possible using the current weapon system.High capacity, ammo configurable, quick change magazines enable suppressed, increased rate of fire precision lethality against personal targets and light material targets. This capability allows for more rapid and focused engagements on several targets with multiple follow-on shots. The SASS is the first U.S. Army weapon system that integrates a quick attach/detach sound suppressor to aid with Warfighter survivability.

More information on the entire line of Knights products can be found here.

Norotos Releases New Mount

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Norotos AKA2 HMA MountNorotos AKA2 HMA Mount

Norotos just released the new AKA2 HMA mount, their latest in an evolutionary family of helmet mounts for Night Vision Goggles. The AKA2 was developed by Norotos using Internal R&D Dollars and not to satisfy a Government solicitation. Their goal was reduce NVG “wobble” to almost zero. The second goal was to develop a “universal” mount. As most of our readers know there are currently three types of mounts to attach NVGs to helmets: 1-hole, 3-Hole and Ratchet Strap. This will help control manufacturing costs and assist the end-user who may change Night Vision Systems during a rotation to theater.

Norotos AKA2 HMA Mount
Using two different sockets the AKA2 HMA mount is compatible with PVS-7 and PVS-14 as well as the PVS-15, PVS-18, and PVS-21. The sockets can be swapped out at the touch of a button. In addition to its versatility, the mount also features vertical adjustment, tilt adjustment, and eye relief.

Norotos Universal Shroud
The Universal Shroud can be fitted to a MICH/ACH, LWH, or CVC in three different ways:
1. Navy-style 3-hole
2. Army-style 1 hole
3. Optional ratchet strap

For more information contact Norotos.

Name That Jacket Contest Details

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Wild Things

See the entire article here.

The owner of Wild Things Marie, is looking for your help in naming both of these jackets. The winning entry will receive a jacket as prize.

Contest Rules:

– One entry per contestant

– Name BOTH jackets

– Marie decides the winner

– Winner will be announced here

– In the event more than one contestant submits the same winning entry date of email will decide the winner

– Winner receives a jacket as prize

– Only one winner for the contest

– Contest ends 31 July, 2008 at 11:59 PM

– Send all entries to: Marie Meunier-Bouchard.

For more information on their entire line go to Wild Things.

Off-Duty Part IV – Arborwear

Sunday, July 27th, 2008


We have been wearing Arborwear for years and we aren’t alone. Although designed for the arborist, their hard wearing clothes have had a cult following in the contractor community for quite some time. Additionally, they have been a favorite of military personnel who do not wear uniforms due to mission requirements. Some brands stand out in a crowd, Arborwear doesn’t.

The one place Arborwear does stand out, is in the fit department. The entire Arborwear line has a very distinctive fit and nothing else we have ever tried has been as comfortable. While other brands offer freedom of movement with stretch fabrics, Arborwear does it with design. Their trousers all have a large gusset which was designed to ensure freedom of movement for lumberjacks who spent a great deal of time climbing trees. Additionally, unlike some brands, Arborwear takes great pains to ensure a consistent fit between styles as well as production runs.

Arborwear Tech Pants
Arborwear Tech Pants

In particular, we prefer the Tech Pant, a cargo style work trouser. They are offered in three colors: Forest Green, Driftwood, and Dark Grey. Although many would feel the Forest Green color is a bit deep for most applications, the Driftwood resembles Flat Dark Earth and blends in well with many other earth tones. Unfortunately, the Dark Grey is almost Black and picks up a great deal of lint due to the soft fabric so they may not be the best color for tactical applications. The Tech Pants have a soft hand and are very comfortable. You wouldn’t know that they were made from Nylon. The Tech Pant is the trouser of choice for range work around Soldier Systems Blog. However, the entire line is made up of the most comfortable and durable work clothing we have found.

For more information contact Arborwear. Additionally, AFMO has Arborwear on GSA.

Darn Tough Vermont Socks

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Darn Tough

A relative newcomer to “tactical” hosiery, Darn Tough Vermont makes one heck of a sock. For over 30 years the Cabot Hosiery Mill in Northfield, Vermont has made socks, but for everybody else. Five years ago they decided to launch their own brand and within a year the “Darn Tough Vermont” brand hit the market. They immediately began to work with members of the military to develop socks that meet the unique demands that service members face each day.

They have a sock for everything from PT to mountainous cold weather environments. They have filled both individual as well as unit orders for both conventional as well as special operations forces of all services in addition to Federal law enforcement agencies.

Three components make Darn Tough Vermont socks stand out: premium quality yarns, exacting manufacturing standards, and unique knitting techniques. Merino wool is their material of choice. They can be worn in almost any climate and will keep the end user comfortable no matter how hard he sweats. Additionally, Merino is naturally anti-microbial, suppressing the growth of foot fungus, is warm even when wet, and naturally Flame Resistant. The consumer line is knit with 100% 21.5 fine gauge Merino wool from New Zealand but any of the socks can be manufactured to Berry compliance. For example, their Army Aviator sock on the RFI program is Berry Compliant as well as the Marine Corps sock.

When we spoke with Darn Tough Vermont they made an excellent point. The modern Soldier wears and carries over $11,000 worth of equipment. So why would you provide low-quality footwear? The foot is the foundation of the Warrior and our Warriors deserve the best.

Darn Tough Model 1466
Merino Wool Micro Crew Cushion

For more information contact Darn Tough Vermont. Additionally, the entire Darn Tough Vermont line is available on GSA.