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S.O. Tech Sniper Sale

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Starting today at Noon until 31 August, S.O. Tech is sponsoring a sales blow out that includes a majority of their Sniper items. In addition to individual items they are also offering “Bundle savings”. Sale items are marked down between 30-35% but when customers buy a group of bundled items (Sniper Bundle #1, #2 & #3) they will save an additional 10-15%.

S.O. Tech Sniper Bundle #1

For example, Bundle #1 includes a Mission Go Bag, Carry Handle Pad, Sniper Mag Shingle, as well as Sniper T-shirt and Symbology Patch.

Full details will be unveiled today on the S.O. Tech website.

More on Galea

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Information on the new Dutch combat helmet continues to trickle out of the Netherlands. The article from the Dutch Ministry of Defense reveals Galea to be a component of Project VOSS (Verbeterd Operationeel Soldaten Systeem) or Improved Operational Soldiers’ System, IOSS in English.

Dutch NBC Mockup

A translation of an informational piece released by TNO

“TNO has developed a new multipurpose helmet for the Defense Materials Organization (DMO). The helmet’s design is based on operational experience from recent deployments such as the current one in Afghanistan. When/if all the tests are completed successfully, the Galea (Roman word for helmet) will begin issue by 2011.

The new helmet stems from the Verbeterd Operationeel Soldaten Systeem (VOSS in Dutch or Improved Operational Soldiers’System, IOSS in English) and offers some tremendous advantages. The Galea weighs less, has a better fit and offers better protection. The helmet consists of multiple detachable parts, and the intention is that the dressed down variant has a friendly, approachable appearance. This benefits contact with the local population when out on patrol.

Galea weighs 1100 grams, almost half the weight of the current helmet, which has been in use since the 1990’s.

The helmet fitting form has been improved professionally, resulting in a secure fit on the head. New as well is the ergonomic mount for night vision goggles and the helmet may possibly be equipped with an air conditioning system, situated between the helmet and the head.

It is also fitted with separate neck, jaw, and ear pieces which cancel out noise at high ambient sound levels. TNO is currently researching how it can improve the protection of neck, throat, and face even more. The first test run of Galea helmets will be evaluated in the field later this year. The design itself has received several awards at a innovation summit in Prague.

More wearer comfort, more flexibility, and better protection are core components of Project VOSS. In addition to the helmet, a smart vest and a communications and combat information module are also being developed under the project. The goal is to improve and harmonize the battlefield capabilities of the soldier as much as possible. His gear is no longer is a collection of individual components, but a lightweight, wearable system in which the components needed are integrated as much as possible.

5500 frontline troops have been selected for participation in VOSS which is an evolution of the Soldier Modernization Program (SMP), which started in 1998.”


Monday, July 27th, 2009

I attend a LOT of trade shows. I have become somewhat jaded, and when I am asked by friends and industry peers if I have seen anything “neat-o” I often say, “No, same stuff from last show”. That is why I scour the fringes of the trade show floor seeking out companies who don’t yet have enough points to sit at the big people table. And sure enough, virtually every show, I run across something both cool and completely unexpected. This OR Summer market was no exception. Granted, there was lots of interesting and innovative gear at OR but there can only be one “Most Innovative Product”. For me, it is the Flipanzip Interchangeable Zipper Slider.


It is so simple to use I figured it out the first try. The threaded fastener is held under tension with a spring and controls the connection between the top and bottom bodies. This allows you to replace broken sliders. Additionally, when used as a slider you can quickly clear fouled zippers arising from misaligned teeth or loose material. The latter often happens with puffy cold weather clothing. Additionally, the fastener can be tightened completely to keep a zipper from accidentally opening which could be very useful on packs.

The Flipanzip currently comes in two sizes. One accommodates 8, 9, and 10 coil as well as tooth zippers. Conventional or invisible, makes no difference. The other fits 6 and 7 zippers. Additionally, the Flipanzip is available with a dual pull option so it can be used with sleeping bags or reversible garments. Word is that the military is very interested in the technology, so hopefully we will see it integrated into US combat equipment soon.

Visit Flipanzip on the web.

OR Part IV

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Murdock Webbing Company. Inc.

Murdock Webbing's New Multicam Elastic

Murdock featured their Jacquard woven digital camo webbing as well as elastic. The new Multicam elastic is fantastic and they have begun to integrate company logos into the design.

Full details are available at www.murdockwebbing.com.

Watershed Maritime Tactical Products

Watershed MTP Patrol Pack

Watershed Maritime Tactical Products has a great lineup of waterproof bags, packs, and pack liners that are on issue to US forces. They recently added Multicam to their offerings of Coyote, Foliage, and Black.

Watershed MTP/Granite Tactical Collaboration

Watershed also unveiled a collaboration with Granite Gear. The new waterproof packs combines Granite Gear’s popular suspension with a Watershed MTP Kodiak Pack.

Exum Mountain Guides

Exum Mountain Guides was walking the show and discussing their XMS3 (Exum Mountain Systems Safety Survival) course offerings. They provide several standard courses including multi-day mountain movement and avalanche training. Visit www.exumguides.com for more information.

Ground Soldier Ensemble for Army SOF

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

According to Wired’s online defense journal Danger Room, InsideDefense.com broke the story earlier this week that the Army is going to field a “Brigade’s worth” of the Land Warrior II system now known as the Ground Soldier Ensemble or GSE at the request of a “Special Forces Commander” at Fort Bragg.


Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Gerber Legendary Blades

Gerber was handing out samples of their “new” Shard which closely resembles the Artifact but without the blade. Also, “new” is a relative term as they have been handing out samples at several shows over the last year but are just now releasing it to the market. Gerber claims it is airport friendly and I put that to the test. On my flight out of Salt lake City I put it in the bin with my other pocket litter and it went through security just fine. A simple pocket accessory, it features a bottle opener, nail puller, and phillips head.

Gerber Shard

Sea to Summit

While most products being shown at OR won’t be available until January 2010 at the earliest, there are a variety of products you can get now. One example is the Alpha utensil set from Sea to Summit. A more economical alternative to titanium flatware, the Knife, Fork and Spoon set is made from hard anodized 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy in a smooth matte finish and comes with a mini carabiner to hold it all together. The individual utensils have hexagonal holes cut out of the handle to reduce weight which provide three different size hex wrenches (3 mm, 4 mm & 5 mm). Available from Sea to Summit.

Sea to Summit Alpha Set


A lightweight, conformal design with puncture resistant soles make this Finnish footwear a show in for use in wet environments although several athletes have been conquering marathon events in the shoes. The Panka (seen below) in men’s and women’s sizes as well as the men’s Niesa both feature a lace up design, heel strap to assist with donning and a removable liner for drying.

Feelmax Panka

Feelmax footwear will be available soon through OTE.


Based on the popularity of the television show Man vs Wild starring Bear Grylls, British outdoor clothier Craghoppers developed a clothing line a couple of years back. Earlier this year, they conducted a direct marketing campaign for fans which laid the groundwork for the release of the 2010 line here in the US and Craghoppers’ first time exhibiting at OR.

Bear Grylls Reversible Tracker Top from Craghopper

For more information Craghoppers on the web.

CP Gear’s New Youtube Channel

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

CP Gear has launched a Youtube channel featuring informational videos of ever 50 of their products.

Check it out at www.youtube.com/cpgear.

SOFIC 2009

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

We were recently presented with an opportunity to share some great coverage of the 2009 Special Operations Forces industry Conference with our readers. Thanks to Sal Palma.

Admittedly, great fascination and glamour surrounds the special operations community. Players are known as operators, and SOF has become media celebrities. In many circles, the SOF community draws more support, admiration and envy than sports figures, politicians and movie stars – deservedly so. However, this has not always been the case, and few know that SOF, as it is today, exists because of the work and vision of former Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, then a Republican Senator from Main, and Senator Sam Nunn a Democrat from Georgia.

The entire article can be found at the jump.