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VTAC Picks Up Tyr Tactical Products

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

VTAC is now carrying the Tyr Tactical line of kit which is made with Tyr’s new PV material.

To order visit www.vikingtactics.com

How to Establish a Win-Win Relationship with a Cut and Sew Shop

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Tom of Bearse USA has a great blog on the cut and sew industry. He writes on a variety of topics but his latest article, “How to Establish a Win-Win Relationship with a Cut and Sew Shop” brings up some excellent points for those considering outsourcing.


Snugpak Adds MultiCam

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Considering the British military adopted a MultiCam derivative camouflage dubbed Multi Terrain Pattern, it’s no wonder MultiCam is becoming a big hit with UK manufacturers. Considering the US Army and Air Force have also adopted MultiCam for operations in Afghanistan under the name of OCP and that the Australians have followed suit, it’s quite simply good business. Oddly enough, MultiCam has done more to unite the English speaking militaries than anything since the adoption of 5.56mm. It seems that only Canada is the odd fellow in this one.

But I digress. UK manufacturer Snugpak has begun to introduce clothing in the MultiCam pattern. Long popular with UK and Allied Soldiers, Snugpak’s loft insulation garments compress well. The Sleeka has begun to show up for sale in a reversible MultiCam to Tan variant. Look for more garments and availability in the US soon.

Source’s MAX CBRN Hydration System Approved for CBRN Use by US Army ADS

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Following a rigorous multiyear testing program conducted by the U.S. Army, Source’s Max CBRN hydration system was found to meet the U.S. Army’s CBRN hydration protection requirement.

“Our goal was to produce a CBRN system that performed like our everyday Source system and we succeeded”, said Source owner Yoki Gill. “Users have been asking us to supply our CBRN systems for several years but we decided to hold off until we could supply an Army tested product. Now we’re ready to go”.

The Max CBRN will withstand a 6 hour chemical warfare agent challenge after 30 days of operational use. It uses the same Glass-Like coextruded construction used in standard Source systems but with a CBRN resistant barrier. All materials in contact with liquid are FDA approved and guaranteed safe. Plug-in drinking valves are offered as an accessory to allow users to hydrate normally when training or for use in non-CBRN environments.

The Max CBRN comes with a choicee of two mask adaptors: Type M (fits M17, M40, M70 and C4) and Type A (fits S10, FM12. and M50/53). Additional adaptors are planned for future release. The Max CBRN will be available as a stand alone hydration system or as a component of Source’s Patrol CBRN 35L cargo pack and our Tactical 3L CBRN carrier system.

Source Hydration MAX CBRN Approved

For unit orders visit www.ADSinc.com/source-hydration.


New North Korean Uniforms Concern South

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Adopted in the mid-2000’s the North Korean Army’s Woodland camouflage is causing some concern for the South Korean military who have begun to notice its use on the DMZ.

As you can see in this photo taken 10 Oct 2010, the uniform strongly resembles the old US Woodland pattern and by extension the South Korean Woodland pattern which was adopted by their military in 1992. While the patterns are similar there are obvious differences in color and shapes.

Tensions being what they are, there is concern in the South that the uniforms are being used by NK Special Forces who are conducting infiltration operations of the South. This is prompting South Korea to step up their timetable to field new “digital” camouflage uniforms to their forces.

After a camo development program conducted in 2009-2010, the Republic of Korea is said to adopt this pattern in 2011. ROK Special Forces have been using a pixelated pattern for several years already and there is some conjecture that they will retain this pattern in spite of the upcoming change to the general purpose forces uniform.

Tactical Assault Panel

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Each newly issued TAP is coming with this instruction sheet. It should give you a great idea of what is going on.

Tactical Assault Panel

Princeton Tec in MultiCam at Extreme Outfitters

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010


In the same tradition as three wise men following a star well into the night, U.S. and allied troops now have a chance to see the light as they deploy far away from home during the holidays.

From the same folks who brought the first initial U.S. shipment of Blackhawk! packs and pouches in the new MultiCam pattern, Extreme Outfitters is now offering Tan Princeton Tec headlamps with headbands also in the new MultiCam print.

Patrons at their Brynn Marr Shopping Center location on Western Boulevard and those who are finding their way to the website at www.tacticaledge.com, are taking advantage of the limited-time-offer discount of 25 percent off retail for the popular Remix, EOS Tactical and Quad Tactical models.

“They’re nice and bright,” said active duty Marine Derek Paquin. “They’re easy to use for multiple purposes.”
The Quad Tactical model has a wide beam to highlight the immediate area up to 35 meters away on the brightest of four settings.

The EOS Tactical model has a narrower beam to spotlight greater distances up to 54 meters on the brightest of four settings.

Both tactical models are waterproof to about three feet, have interchangeable blue, green and red lenses and take three included AAA batteries that power four settings of low, medium, high and flash modes.

The Remix model headlamp features three single-color LEDs, either red or green or blue or infrared, next to a larger white maxbright LED both with separate high and low settings powered by the included CR123 three-volt light.

The new headlamps just arrived over the Christmas weekend, but are only available while supplies last.
“They’re probably one of our top-selling headlamps,” said Extreme Outfitters purchasing manager Zakk Plocica. “They’ll go fast.”

To order visit www.extremeoutfitters.us/ptmulticam.aspx and enter code PTMULTI at checkout.

For more information on these and other specials, or to sign-up for a weekly email newsletter for deals, visit www.tacticaledge.com.

US PALM AirSave Plate Carrier Shingles

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

US PALM has just released shingles intended for their AirSave carrier. The idea was to take the pouches from the AK Attack RACK and make them MOLLE compatible so they could be used on a wide variety of platforms. The resulting shingles are offered as singles, doubles, or triples.

Designed specifically for the Kalashnikov magazine family, they accept US PALM AK30 magazines as well as steel European magazines and even magazines for the Czech VZ-58. While they were intended for use with the AirSave Armor in mind, these shingles are PALS compatible and will integrate with anything out there offering enough real estate.

They are available in Ranger Green, MultiCam, Khaki Tan and Black now from One Source Tactical.